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Grand Monster Tourney Announcement!


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Happy Release Week everyone! I hope you all are in the process of playing (or getting) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. This has been a great week for Dragon Quest fans... and for Slime Knights members it will be even greater. Today I am proud to announce the Grand Monster Tourney, a tournament that will pit monster versus monster to find the ultimate Slime Knights monster trainer!


The Hunt detailing all directions will be posted on Monday, but here's your chance to get a head-start on the tactical planning. The rules for the Grand Monster Tourney are as follows:


  1. Members will create monster teams of three to fight in a series of single elimination poll battles in a dedicated Hunt. You have one week to create your team.
  2. 16 of the top fearsome threesome will be chosen and placed in the Grand Monster Tourney's single-elimination bracket.
  3. Teams will go head-to-head in dedicated polls where members choose the winner based on design and strategy.
  4. At the end, only one team will be given the title of Grand Monster Team. The owner of this team will win a special prize (to be announced).

On Monday, you can begin creating your team. How do you create it? Well, take a look at the eighty monsters featured in the Slime Knights Monster Sets. Pick six parents from the sets. (You may pick the same monster more than once.) Breed them in your own creative way and draw the three children monsters. (The bred monsters cannot be monsters found in the Dragon Quest world; they must be of your own creation!) Those three children monsters will make up your team. Spend this weekend thinking up of the best combinations so you can create the ultimate team.


May the best team win!





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;) A shame I lack Joker at this time, oh well still though this tournament sounds like a hoot.
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