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Monster Hunt 11: Metal King Slime

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Another hunt appears! Command? Check out the first hunt thread to get all the introductory information on how to hunt on Slime Knights! Following is your brief for the next hunt. Beware, this is a very difficult hunt for one of the most elusive monsters in the Dragon Quest world:


SK Brief #:

11DQM-J ID #:


Monster Name:Metal King Slime

Description:Travelers who happen to encounter this monster can't help chuckling. And if they're fortunate enough to defeat it, they can't stop smiling. Family:





Breed Mix:

(Metal Bubble Slime + Metal Bubble Slime) + (Metal Bubble Slime + Metal Bubble Slime) SK Hunt Available? Yes

SK Hunt Hint:

While they are hard to find, Metal King Slimes love chatting about a good birthday party. If you find this monster with a message reading "You found Metal King Slime", please submit the URL of where you found it through the dedicated hunt mission. Do not share this URL with others, for fear of massive MM penalties.


* NOTE: Locations are taken from the non-localized version of DQM-J. Therefore, these names may change.


Good luck, hunters!





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