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Dragon Quest Swords Info, NPCs and Mini-Games and Gameplay Video


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Source: http://www.nintendojo.com/infocus/view_item.php?1183665990

New Dragon Quest Swords Info

Japanese magazine Famitsu has a few Dragon Quest Swords details to share. One, the Square-Enix action RPG will feature "cooperative" attacks between the player and the player's AI allies, allowing for powerful unison-style attacks. Two, the game will feature some of the mini-games originally found on the TV plug in game Kenshin Dragon Quest, including a famous game called "Time Attack Slime 100" where the object is to slash 100 slimes as fast as possible.


Also a new gameplay video from JeuxFrance.com


I have added the video to the DQ Swords Movies page.


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;) Interesting. Especially that Slime Mini Game. Which incedenly reminds me of that Whack a Slime game you've got here on the Den somewhere.
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Ahh, awesome! You can move around freely when in towns! :)

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Just me Or does Swords just look Great

This looking better with ever Update on the game

I like how your Party pops out on sides do there thing why your doing yours xD

Wii needs More clasic RPG on it anyway Super Paper Mairo is Cool but its like 90% Platform xD

Something I wonder tho

Is Battle Turned based or Real Time

From Vid seems Real Time but doesnt show alot of one battle really show if is or not

I dont remember or recall anything saying if be eather of the two >>

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