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Fangs of a dieing world

Forgotten Wolf

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My name is Wulf I was once a normal person well as close to normal as one could be. I was made fun of allot, and beaten up countless times. This was the world at that point. Myself I was into card games, computers, computer games, outdoors, and many other things I was talented at. I found that I was alone from a young age, I only had my sister who stood by me and made me feel like I was a real person. she always took care of me when I was younger, and she was the only thing keeping me alive at that point. If she seen me now i know she would be very disapointed in me. But she will never know because she died a long time ago murdered by that which she held so high in her life. Then I had my best friend the dragon master himself but more on that later all that matters now is that I killed her, I killed them all, I killed my best friend and my closest ally, I killed women and children, none of them meant anything to me. I brought this world to its knees I did so much and I did not care. Let me tell you my story and maybe you too can understand why I now stand alone in this world why I killed all of them and why this power in my body is so corrupting, why I cant brake free and why it made me kill the ones I love the most!



I was 15 and so depressed when it all began, I was looking for a way out of my life I hated it so much I would have done anything. I was in school when the thoughts first crossed my mind. I remember that it was strangely dark outside for the time of day. I had just gotten out lunch with my cloths covered in food that had been thrown at me earlier. I was late to class again but that was because after I got out of lunch i was ambushed by some punks. They are all dead now...... that was one of my first kills, but that doesn't come until later, much later.


"Hey Wulf you fag!" one of the boys yelled. I turned to look in his face he wasn't much taller then me with short black hair and preppy cloths such as American eagle and that same old $#!& you always see. It made me think about the goth kids and how nice they are and how Ironic that was. They never once game me a hard time in fact they always seemed to be willing to help. I know now it was because they know that it feels like to be an outcast and do not take kindly to being made fun of or seeing that.


I turned too face the three of them I knew what was coming I also knew of the knife in my pocket and how easy it would be to drop them right there. Something, a voice told me to take it out and stab them, it wasn't even from inside either but an outside force. I ignored it and decided to go with a fist fight. If it had been a 1 on 1 I am sure I could have had them on the floor but I ended up a blood mess there. They took my money and left. I layed there in the halls for a short time It seemed like forever I didn't care that much. shurly people knew it happened and did nothing. I guess I started to lose faith in them all at that point. That voice in my head only grew from that day.............

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I guess most people view this sort of thing as Isolated incodents that could never spread to much more then some kids picking on each other. I always said that I didn't care at all but in truth at that point I did. I killed allot more people that hurt other then anything, thats not to say I didn't kill the inocent. My home life wasn't much better to tell you the truth, I always hated letting people know the facts of my life because I hated pity. Raziel was one of the only people who knew the full extent of my pain. But I think I am getting ahead of myself so i'll continue.


I pulled myself up off the floor looking down at the crimson pool that had formed there. I didn't really think about it much as I slid across the walls down the hall into my classroom. "where the hell have you been!" the teacher yelled to me. I just looked at him shruged and sank into my seat. I hated school it was like they didn't care about anything but themselves, I thought I cared too much at times. I just listen to the lecture about old greek gods and all of that stupid $#!&. I never really paid much attenshion to that stuff anyways. I don't think I listen to many things. I never was at peace I can tell you that I was always looking over my back for many reasons. I never trusted anyone for all the same reasons, they all loved to act like they were your friends until the right time when they stab you in the back to get ahead. Class went by normal with eyes on me. I can't even seem to remember what I did to cause all of their eyes to be on me. They hated me, maybe it was because I knew enough to stand for what I believe in and not back down to them. Class ended as usual with the same old $#!&, the kids falowed me outside and attacked me again, but this time that voice came back again.


"do you want power?" it said inside of my head more or less.


"power? what power?" I responded feeling rather stupid that I was talking to myself.


"The power to make things right" It said in an increasingly dark voice.


It was only then that i noticed that time seemed to stand still I thought I was dreaming. I knew I was awake however and I knew that this was real. "The power to make things right?" I responded.


"Yes the power to make everything better, I hear you say that you want to end your life as you pray to your god." He said laughing a little. "and has he answered you?"


"well......... no" I responded timidly. "But that dose not mean I am going to listen to a voice in my head!"


"Very well" the voice responded as it vanished.



I found myself with the kids again "What the hell are you looking at!" the same kid from earlyer said to me. His name was nick I knew enough about him as it was. I made it my busness to know about everyone that hated me about their friends, family, what they did, and where they went. I wanted to take revenge one day. I would have never had the currage if I had not gone through with this. They made me eat the pavement in a manner of speaking. I felt my mind slip across the knife again but I did nothing. They kicked in my ribs and in the face, they hated me for not reason. Children are so cruel at times. After they were done they stole my cloths and left me with nothing but boxers..... a fun walk home that was. I hated them all so much, I hated my life , and i hated ever god damn $#!&ing human at that point.

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...this is funnny.


Lol im kidding. The world needs more $#!& like this. maybe then they'll realize the fact that it really happens. Also why.

Columbine was a mystery to some people. Pathetic.

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I never did make it home that night, instead I met someone I did not expect...... or more or less the voice did. I was walking home down the same street I always took cutting across peoples backyards etc. When I felt something strange in the air, I would be lieing if I said I was scared. In truth I was excited and I have not the slightest idea why, or I didn't at the time anyways. Everything around me seemed to darken and a beast appeared before me gigantic in stature at the least 7ft tall. I could not get a clear look at it until it spread its blackend wings and peered down at me. The creature was covered in scales and had eyes as black as the night. its face looked more reptile then anything. It felt as if it was looking into my soul, there was a small pause and then it spoke.


"I have found you." It said in a deep overpowering voice.


"I need your help" I said not knowing how the words came out of my mouth.

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