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Goddess Save the King

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The royal palace has been infiltrated by what appear to be evil monsters. The newly-created Palace Security Special Operations Highly Elite Task Force (PSSOHETF) was overrun this morning by monsters that attacked out of the shadows.


At this time, it is still uncertain who is controlling these monsters, or whether they have any relation to the recent return of KS2.


In the meantime, King Slime is arming himself. He has removed the legendary Beast Care Guide from its sacred resting place, and he is using it to create his own legion of good monsters to help thwart the attack.


Since yesterday's events, The Goddess has not been seen while King Slime has yet to make a public statement to his followers.


Until further notice, Slime Knights are advised to remain home with their doors locked and the windows tightly fastened. If you notice any suspicious and shadowy movement, contact the PSSOHETF!





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