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Breaking News!

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Breaking News! This just in…. The culprit has been identified!


Last night, as loyal Knights Sharjeel and rpggamer79 were making their rounds of the royal palace, they noticed strange noises coming from Timotarou’s living quarters. As they speedily approach the door, they hear Timotarou yell “King….King… Slime!?!” As they open the door, they see none other than a King Slime, who is casting a spell with Timotarou as his target! But it wasn't Our Royal Highness, King Slime...


Loyal knight Sharjeel charged the scene, shouting “What is the meaning of this? Is that King Slime 2? But how?” as rpggamer79 rushed to the aid of Timotarou. Rpggamer79 shot KS2 a menacing glance, and after helping Timotarou to safety, joined Sharjeel in attacking KS2.


King Slime 2, who was able to effortlessly dodge their attacks, caused them to over-balance and fall. “When I am done with this one, you too shall perish, just like that wretched Slimenia!” he yelled. Timotarou, baffled, asked “But… but why!? What is this madness!?” King Slime’s response came like a roll of thunder, “Madness!?! This is VENGEANCE! Vengeance for the mockery that was made of my rule, and vengeance for welcoming that fool, King Slime, back with open arms! How DARE you all forget about me!”


As Timotarou, Sharjeel and rpggamer all attempted to rise, they saw a menacing glint in KS2’s eyes as the shadows welled up at them like monsters. As their hearts began to burst from their chests, a blinding white light filled the room. The Goddess had appeared!


KS2, seemingly prepared for this, was able to escape out of the room with the shadows that he had summoned. The Goddess had saved our loyal knights’ souls, but immediately disappeared as KS2 ran off, perhaps chasing after the villain Slime protected by his shadows.


For their protection, Timotarou and fernsocc have been moved to a top secret location for their protection. King Slime was not immediately available for comment.


We're all left to wonder:

"Where has The Goddess gone?"

"What were the shadows that enveloped KS2?"

"KS2 seemingly wants to destroy the kingdom... Why?"


King Slime 2 is considered an EXTREMELY dangerous Slime. If you know anything about his whereabouts, you are instructed to contact the Royal Guard immediately. King Slime is offering a handsome 1,000,000 MM reward for the capture of KS2. Be on alert dear knights, for the return of KS2 can only bode ill for the kingdom!





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