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Hello, Slime Knights.


Boy, it looks like lives are getting busy with the summer right around the corner and everyone either on Spring Break, graduation, work vacation, or some other hoo-ha that takes up too much of your time. I want to wish everyone who's doing something exciting this season a very big congratulations and well wishes.


Two things before I get you back to your regularly-scheduled programs:

  1. It seems that even though activity has slowed down on Slime Knights, that attention-hungry bugs surface here and there. Worse yet, when I try to see the bugs in action, they disappear. Therefore, if you witness a bug -- particularly the updating problem on the front page -- shoot me over a screenshot of the issue. That would help us greatly.
  2. We're a little over a month until the Awakening, and plans are in motion to make the event a huge one. We've done instant prizes and giveaways in the past, but the week of June 01 should be interesting... very interesting. XD

Speaking of the Awakening... If you want to share your excitement for the event, check out the forum thread and leave your thoughts.


- King Slime



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