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Dragon Quest Swords on Famitsu

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Thanks to the amazing tag team efforts of Charlie and Mimas, Slime Knights has some great Dragon Quest Swords updates for you, straight from Famitsu.


Take a look at the Famitsu link for the pretty pictures, and then take a look at the amazing unofficial translation by Mimas, reproduced below:




*July 12, 2007, the door to adventure will open!!


“Dragon Quest Swords The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors” is an interactive action RPG where, by lightly waving your Wii remote, you can fight monsters. Now that it has been decided that this title will go on sale July 12th the expectations for this game have rocketed. Soon we will be able to have an adventure where we slice with the Wii remote. So we are delivering you information on the castle town Alsword where the adventure takes place. This is the base of your adventure. Here you can buy equipment and items, spend time with the comrades you journey with. On top of that you can gather various pieces of information here. Prepare yourself fully in this castle town before your journey!!


Caption: Shopping in the castle town


Caption: When you buy something at the store point your Wii remote at what you want. The merchants explanation of the item will appear!


*The base of the adventure is “Alsword Castle Town”


The rising tower is the impressive Alsword castle. Spreading out from it is the castle town of Alsword. Here there is an item shop, an inn, and a church to help back up the player on their journey. And sometimes it might be nice to look at the beautiful scenery of the town to calm your soul.


Caption: The beautiful castle town


Caption: This is the most beautiful castle town in the series. In the inn's bar the bartender is gossiping about the main character's father, but.......!? Also, on the gentile slope of a hill there is a church. Can you write in the book of adventures (save) there?


Pic with Bartender: Really, your father is energetic, despite his age it is all about wine and women.


Caption: Buying equipment and tools


Caption: You can obtain equipment and items in the castle town of Alsword. Buy what you need to equip yourself for the journey ahead. Also, stores sell items. It might be a good idea to exchange the items you find in your adventure or that you've acquired to much of in exchange for gold so that you can save up for more powerful equipment.


*Finally we head off on adventure! Your great sword will howl!!


When you have finished equipping yourself, head off on the adventure! Swing the Wii Remote and fight monsters. Here we introduce the new system, “Point lock.” This is a convenient feature where you can lock on to a particular place so that you can be sure to attack it. It is sure to be useful in tis new interactive battle!!


Caption: Be sure to hit the place your aiming for! Point Lock


Caption: Move the Wii pointer wherever you like, and you can lock on to the place you want to cut. For example, if you want a thrusting attack while it is powerful it is hard to hit where your aiming. But this will make it easy to attack the monster your aiming at. On top of this you can also use it to slice back at an enemies attack to counter it!


*Choose your comrade!


In this game you can bring along one comrade for the journey. There are three characters who can become your comrade. They're each unique so choose the comrade your bringing based on the situation and then head off on your journey.


Caption: Choose your comrade based on your goal


Caption: The three comrades all have different spells and areas that they are good at. You should choose the comrade your taking based on the conditions of the journey and the opponents you will face.


Caption: The all purpose warrior for attack and defense- Dean


Caption: Dean is the prince of the kingdom of Alsword. He can use basic spells, so he is likely to be active in both healing and fighting. While he is also a prince he tells you the reassuring words that “If you need help I'll come running.”


Dean: When you need my help, if you call I will soon run to you.


Caption: With powerful spells he will help his son-Baudo


Caption: Once called the Hero, he is the father of the main character. Having lost his right hand he can no longer use a sword, but he can back up his son with various attack spells from his powerful magic. But according to the bartender he has eyes only for wine and woman.....?


Caption: Using healing spells she will support the main character-Setia


Caption: Setia is a girl who once served as a priestess at the towns church. For that reason she is good with healing magic. She will heal the main character's wounds at the battle front. If she is around it seems that you can sit back and watch with ease even in a battle with powerful monsters. Since she is the only female in the party, you'll want to journey with her as long as possible!?


Setia: I do happen to be a priestess so I can use healing magic.




There you go, a closer look at the characters and the gameplay. To rant, rave, and praise, head to the dedicated forum thread.



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