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Opening Trials of the Goddess

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Slime Knights:


For quite some time, I have been looking over Slime Knights silently. Before today, I have had little need to interfere in either King Slime's loving rule or in the fantastic efforts of the community. For these past many months, you have done me proud.


However, as the second year anniversary of Slime Knights grows near, great danger looms beyond the distance. We will be confronted with a powerful force whose only goal is to see the hard work of the Slime Knights tarnished and dismantled. While I cannot divulge what exactly is in our near future, I plead with you to be prepared for failure is not an option. For this reason, and this reason alone, I have been speaking to King Slime during the hibernation, and we have come up with the "Opening Trials of The Goddess".





The "Opening Trials of The Goddess" will be presented to all Slime Knights the week after The Awakening. While The Awakening will be a time of celebration, a time of glory... I fear that it will be marred by the desires of this unspeakable force that we will be presented with.


I cannot share much more with you, for fear that our efforts be thwarted before we have a chance of implementing them. I would not dare disturb your communal tranquility with an announcement such as this if the matter were not as grave as it is. For this, I apologize.


For now, I leave you with this:

Be wary, be safe, and pray for the survival of the Dragon Quest cause.





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