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Kingie's Monthly Hibernation Review: April/May

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No doubt about it. The second half of the hibernation was much more exciting than the first. Seems to me that Slime Knights is tired (Get it, tired? Ha!) of sleeping and is ready for the mysterious Awakening. Just beyond the cut is Kingie's Monthly Hibernation Review for the period of April to early May. If you haven't been visiting Slime Knights, shame on you. Earn some merits by reading up on what you have missed.





The Announcement

So there you have it straight from SQEX's mouth: Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker and Dragon Quest Swords are headed to North American shores. Not one, but two Dragon Quest games that will be ripe for the picking in under a year. Make sure your DS and Wii are ready for some DQ loving and make some time for gaming this winter! What does this mean for Slime Knights? What will we see after the Awakening? Let speculation run free because I'm not giving any hints.


The Goddess Trials

Unfortunately, all this good news has been overshadowed by some mysterious announcement by the Goddess. What is this danger She speaks of and what does this mean for the future of Dragon Quest?


Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest IX has also been getting some updates from the Land of the Rising Sun. New details have surfaced about gameplay and online capabilities. Dragon Quest IX is currently slated to come out in Japan later this year. A North American release has yet to be announced.


Square Enix

Fernsocc has been running around Slime Knights teasing us that he has some surprises up his sleeve for after the Awakening. Don't ask me about these surprises, because to be honest, I haven't a clue...


Badge Updates

Badges have been awarded to all members who successfully picked the correct title that North America will see next on store shelves: Dragon Quest Joker. To all the winners of the Luck Shoes badge, congrats! Those who voted incorrectly received the Dung badge. Congrats to you too? Stay tuned for some more badge updates as the Awakening draws near.



It's coming! Pop the date in your calendar. June 01 is the day of the Awakening, so you better be prepared for the best party Slime Knights has ever thrown! Expect some nice surprises and some great events to help usher in this new age of Slime Knights! If the Goddess is correct though, this party may have to be cut short should doom be around the corner. Be wary, Knights.


Your guide and ruler,



King (Kingie) Slime




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