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Itadaki Street to Be Released June 21

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It's official. Itadaki Street DS for the Nintendo DS will be released in Japan on June 21. Check out the official JP site for some great pictures of characters and battle maps.


As a reminder, Itadaki Street is a board game series originally created by Dragon Quest designer Yuji Horii. The games are similar to Monopoly; players roll dice to advance around a board, purchase unowned property they land on and earn money when opponents land on the player's property. In addition, players can buy and sell stocks of a block, affecting the value of properties within it. Players can level up by collecting icons around the board and returning to the start position. Up to four players can compete to win each board.




So far, 11 characters have been announced for the game: Slime, Jessica, Ryuuoh, Pudding, Bianca, Angelo, Yangus, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi. Also, 4 game boards to play on have been revealed: Castle of Torodaine, Death Volcano, Giant Demon’s Statue and Yoshi’s Island. Neither Nintendo nor Square Enix has announced bringing Itadaki Street DS outside of Japan.


If Itadaki Street DS hit North American shores, do you think the title would be a must-have or a must-pass? Get to chatting in the dedicated board thread.





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