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What would you like to see in this game


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List 'em.


I want:


A day and night system

A continuation of the Zenithian saga, so we can finally get a sequel/prequel to DQ4 in english outside of emulation (you rom hacking bastards)

Wifi that allows you to actually co-op and fight together

More Puff Puff

A job class system that's similar to DQ7

Allow the dual-cartridge system to let you continue your game with only one DS (meaning you don't need to chase down a friend with a DS or get another DS to continue your game from cart 1 to cart 2)

Extra quests and features that update all the time via the DS wifi

Build your own town like in III and VII.

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I would like to see cursed equipment that's worth equiping.


Actually, we had that in DQ8, there's a sword that the hero can equip that's cursed, but he's immune to curses anyway so he can equip it just fine.

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