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Rossa turned towards Melara, "So tell me, please, why? Kara never told me why it is you're doing this."


Melara looked over and simply gave Rossa a weird look. Rossa then felt in about a minute what felt like a half hour lecture.


"The primary reason is that infighting between the various groups that live on this world has resulted in any that have special abilities dying out. People here have been going around and making a concerted effort to wipe out others with "special" abilities. At the rate it's going, Konoha will be the only place such beings do not live in secret. Even that might not last long. Thus I devised this plan for increasing the variety and number of special bloodlines. Granted the plan won't directly solve the root problem, but it will at least delay things long enough for the problem to be remedied by other means."


As she listened Rossa saw various events that had happened in the past related to the current situation. When Melara was done Rossa looked around with a dumbfounded gaze.


Elsewhere, someone was watching the fight with envy.


Tenten muttered to herself, "this is unreal. Neji is one of the best and he still hasn't been able to win. I can't even come close to what Sakura's already done."


Kara quietly appeared behind her and walked towards her. "Hello there. I see you're feeling a bit left behind."


Tenten, "I just can't seem to keep up with them, it's like I'll always be second rate compared to people with that kind of power."


"I can show you something to help with that," Kara replied. "It will give you a kind of power that even Neji Hyuuga would envy."


"Erm.... what's the catch?"


"The catch is you have to hold still for a few seconds." Kara then touched Tenten on the forehead before releasing a short burst of energy that washed through Tenten. "There just look." Kara held up a mirror in front of her.


Tenten looked at her reflection at a sigil on her forehead that seemed to be fading. But when she focussed on it she suddenly felt something wierd, she saw the reflection in the mirror, but she also saw the mirror itself in a way she didn't quite understand. "Wha?.."


"You'll understand soon." Kara said as she vanished.

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A ways away from where Tenten talked to Kara, Janik Cryint silently made his way to the person he'd picked out. "Hello there," he said to his target.


Ino turned around suddenly to see who it was. She felt a chill as if the air around him was somehow colder than elsewhere. "Um hi, who are you?" Ino said timidly.


"Call me Janik," he replied. "My what pretty blue eyes you have, cold as ice. You remind me of my sister."


"Um thanks," Ino replied.


"Yeah it's too bad she's not around, otherwise I could introduce you," Janik continued. "Hmm, you know I just thought of something that'd be the next best thing."


"Um, what's that," Ino said.


"I could give you her powers," Janik replied. "That'd be a close second."


"Um sure," Ino said as she wondered how that was possible. Ino then held still for a second as Janik used Biotransmutation on her. "So what happened to your sister?"


"She went looking around the Mist Village," said a voice behind Ino.


Ino suddenly turned in shock to see a woman like a female version of Janik.


"Don't worry about it. Just remember not to avoid heat." Jana said as the two suddenly left.


"Huh? What did she mean by that?" Ino wondered. "Although it does suddenly feel kinda warm out here."


Meanwhile, Tenten stood wondering about what had just happened. "That was weird, I was seeing the mirror itself. But how?" Tenten paused and looked around for a while. As she looked around, she felt like everything she was seeing had a sort of clarity to it she'd never noticed before. "This is really weird," she thought again. "This is wood, it looks like wood, and yet it somehow looks more like wood now. What am I seeing that I couldn't see before?" Tenten then looked at the side of a building. "This building looks like wood, except for that one patch on the side. Wait..... that part is metal, but it's painted to look like wood. How can I tell?" Tenten then took two peices of paper out of her pouch, one ordinary peice of paper, and one soaked with explosive than only looked like ordinary paper. "Oh, now I get it," she thought. "I can see the compounds that things are made of. If I look closely I can see the explosive that this one peice of paper is soaked with. If I concentrate, I can even see the fingerprints I left on it when I took it out of my pouch. I see what that weird lady meant now. Neji can't do that. Neji can see chakra patterns and he can see things that are far away, but he can't see the actual material that something is made of."

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News of what had happened to Sakura had reached the Kazekage by this time. The Kazekage had carefully weighed the options and had decided the best course of action would be to send a single agent to investigate, Temari. Since then, Temari had made her way to the outer limits of Konohagakure.




Meanwhile near where the people had gathered to watch Sakura fighting Neji, the various people who had helped with Melara's plan gathered together for one final discussion before leaving.


"So what's the Total?" Melara asked. "I did a variation of a Toman's abilities."


"One Cryon," Janik said.


"I did a Saura Variant," Kurona said.


"You didn't make the person look like you, did you?" Melara asked.


"That's what is different," Kurona replied. "Normally Saura, such as myself, have the scaly form as their default form. I changed that to make this person have the same abilities as a Saura, but have a normal human appearance as default."


"That should be interesting," Melara said.


"One Djinn, and one Ragnarok," Karfa said.


"Phantasma did a Burning Skeletoid Mutaxin," Kara said. "I beleive she had an ulterior motive though. It's more than that Phantasma is a Burning Skeletoid herself, but this "Tsuchi" has a very strange set of genes. I cross referenced them and they aren't even all Mutaxin genes. My best guess is that she was testing something she planned to use later. I suspect that she was trying to create a genotype to give to someone in particular. Possibly someone she'll raise as an heir."


"Heir???" Rossa suddenly said.


"Phantasma is a very reclusive individual," Kara replied. "But regardless of that, she is not known to have any descendants, but it's just speculation. It may be that she's trying to fix a defect in her own genetic structure."


"Wait a sec," Karfa suddenly interjected. "Defect?"


"Even I don't know why she wears the armor," Kara said. "The only times she been seen in public without it, were times where she was engaged in a fierce battle. It may be intended to help her control her powers."


"That's really fascinating," Jana said. "But we're supposed to be leaving not talking all day."


"I don't see a problem," Karfa retorted. "I don't think anyone can see us."


"Regardless of that," Jana replied. "I have things to do. As for me, I found a few people living near the Mist village and explained to them that they'd be better off living somewhere that they could use their (unknown to them) newly augmented talents. Their natural abilities left them as fragile as normal humans so I changed that a bit."


"And last, but not least," Kara said in a grandiose tone. "We have Melara."


"Um what.?.?...." Melara stammered as Kara broke out in a wide grin.


"That's right," Kara replied. "I decided that a Reglavorkian would be kinda redundant (Tomans are very similar to us) so I used your abilities as a base instead of my own."


"Um you mean my mother?" Melara said.


"No," Kara replied again. "You are a hybrid with strengths your mother lacks."


"Okay then..." Melara said quietly. "Ten should be more than sufficient. Lets go before somebody notices.... Never mind." Melara then disappeared and left Kakashi to continue staring as the others disappeared one after another as well.


"Wait a second," Kakashi said. "Who are you people and why are you here?"


Kara looked around to see that herself, Karfa, and Rossa were the only ones left. "well a short version is that Melara-hime decided the clans dying off was a serious issue and that she needed creative assistance to help her remedy it. Goodbye."


"Have fun now," Karfa said with a huge grin before the three disappeared.


"Now I'm even more confused than before," Kakashi said. "Among other things, Why did she say Melara-hime?"

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Sounds nifty. Actually now that i think about it, simply getting training from a living Hyuuga elder(grandma or aunt maybe?) would be good. A Byakugan user would make an awesome medical ninja.

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Wait... I haven't done a new section since... JUNE!>?!?!?!? :ws-slimedead:


Well here's the latest one:


Hey what's up?" Naruto said from behind Kakashi.


"Um..." Kakashi started as he jumped in surprise. "Well you didn't see it I guess. It seems that Sakura's transformation wasn't the only one. Find the rest of the Genin and have them meet me in the Hokage's office. This is gonna be an interesting week."


About an hour later, they were gathered in Lady Tsunade's office. Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno, Neji Hyuuga, Tenten, Rock Lee, Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Naruto Uzumaki, Choji Akimichi, and Nara Shikamaru were gathered there, as well as Lady Tsunade, Kakashi Hatake, Yuhi Kurenai, Asuma Sarutobi, Might Guy, Anko Mitarashi, and Ibiki Morino.


"All right," Tsunade began. "We're here to find out as much as we can about certain individuals that visited this village recently." Tsunade paused to look around at the varying levels of confusion among those listening. "First up," Tsunade said as she help up a picture of a young woman with metallic bronze skin. "This is Melara. Melara was responsible for transforming Sakura to her current state. What else do we know about her?"


"Well she was responsible for the others coming here," Kakashi said. "But she didn't specifically invite most of them. Most of the individuals who did show up appeared to be from rival clans the way they talked with her. The ones who she actually did invite actually seemed to be of an allied clan rather than her clan. Then again we know nothing of her clan, so it's mostly speculation. As for why, all I know is that she knows about how many of the ninja clans have been wiped out recently. Apparently this was her way of correcting that."


"I noticed something," Neji said. "When she told Sakura to beat me up, I noticed the sword she wore on her back. The way she moved and acted, it's like she was so used to it being there that she didn't even think about it."


"Well that's not much," Tsunade said "But, it does tell us that she's skilled with a sword. anybody else?"


"Sakura," Ibiki Morino asked. "What was you encounter with her like?"


After Sakura repeated what had happened, "I see," Morino said. "I think she manipulated you into doing it. It sounds like she'd been planning this since before she met you. I think she was in the woods looking for somebody to do that to."


"Wow.." Tsunade said. "I can't disagree there. That seemed odd on it's own, but with what we know now, it does seem impossible that it was a coincidence. Next we have Kara." As Tsunade said this she held up a picture of a very tall massively built woman with green skin and hair and wearing a metallic mesh.


"Well," Kakashi started. "All the others seemed to know who she was, even if they'd never met before. They also acted somewhat deferentially towards her as if she was someone important. She also refered to herself as being a Reglavorkian, but I don't have a good idea what that means. There is one small clue though, she said that Tomans were similar."


"Well I know something about her," Tenten said. "She talked to me about me feeling inadequate for a short while and asked me if I wanted to be something more. I guess, she must have specifically picked me out for some reason. There was one other thing I thought odd. That thing she's wearing it's not cloth. It's metal mesh almost an inch thick, as casually as she wears it she'd have to be incredibly strong."


"Maybe it's something like training weights?" Guy said. "although I don't really get the point of having your weights as your clothing. That suit she wears would have to be 300- 400 pounds."


"Nothing else?" Tsunade asked. "Okay next." Tsunade said as she held up pictures of two ninja dressed in blue. "What do we know about them?"


"Apparently Melara wanted them to come," Kakashi said. "But that's all I've got."


"The guy's name is Janik Cryint," Ino said. "Apparently his clan has ice powers. The woman is his sister, but they left without telling me her name. She did mention something about having visited the Mist Village though. Other than that all I know is that the abilities he gave me are typical of their clan."


"Okay then," Tsunade said as she held up two pictures of the same person. One picture showed a normal looking person dressed in a black leather jacket, the other showed a woman with green scaley skin and a pair of large wings sticking out of her back.


"Apparently her name is Kurona," Kakashi said. "And she's something called a Saura. Apparently she can switch between those two forms."


"Nobody else?" Tsunade asked after looking around for a second. "Alright then, moving along." she said as she held up several more pictures.


"Let's see," Kakashi started. "The guy in brown is named Karfa. Karfa might be a "djinn". The with Red hair and green skin is Rossa."


"That's not much there," Tsunade said. "There was one other person mentioned as having been here, but we don't seem to have any pictures or her at all."


"Susanna la Phantasma," Kakashi said. "It was mentioned that she wears some sort of armor constantly, and that she's something called a "burning skeletoid mutaxin", but that's it."


"So that's all we have about our guests themselves?" Tsunade asked. "Not really a whole lot."


Oh and I've thought of a very funny way to add Jiraiya....

Visualize Jiraiya's reaction to spying on an attractive woman while she's bathing, only to see her change into an 8-foot scaly human form with bat-wings.

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Alrighty.... more story!


"Well then," Tsunade continued, "Now for the next part, the list of people they changed while they were here."


"Immediately before they left," Kakashi started, "Melara said 'ten should be more than enough'. That probably means that there's a total of ten people who were given special powers. So far all we know is that Ino Yamanaka, Tenten, and Sakura Haruno were changed. Kara mentioned the name of one of the others as 'Tsuchi'."


"This isn't much," Tsunade said, "But we must find these other seven ninja, so that we at least know where they are and what they're capable of."


"How are we supposed to do that?" Naruto asked. "We don't know anything about them."


"I was getting to that," Tsunade replied somewhat angrily. "This is going to be a difficult task considering that we don't know where they are, but its better for us to become familiar with what little we do know about them. There's only Seven so this won't take too long. Kakashi?"


"Let's start with the one we know the most about, Tsuchi. I'm sure most of you have met someone with that name. It's not really rare. However, we don't know the person's full name, or whether Tsuchi is their real name or an alias. So we can't really guess as to who it might be." Kakashi then paused to look around as the others slowly nodded their heads in agreement.


"Alright, it was mentioned that this individual is a 'Burning Skeletoid Mutaxin'. That seems to be a descriptive name. 'Burning' likely indicates the individual has considerable skill with Fire Jutsu. 'Mutaxin' is similar to the words Mutant and Mutation. Taken together with "Skeletoid" this might indicate the individual has some sort of abilities based on their bones or an appearance that resembles a skeleton. That's it though. Well there is one more thing. The person who visited here was said to have used her own DNA to transform this individual. However that doesn't really provide much useful info, as we don't even know what they looked like."


Kakashi paused for a bit to let that sink in before continuing.


"Next, we have this." Kakashi held up the picture of Kurona. "Kurona reshaped someone in her own image, but claimed to have made it so the person normally has the form of an ordinary human. As for their abilities, we don't really know anything beyond the fact they can change between two forms. The way it was mentioned seemed to suggest that it took some effort. The second form is around 8 feet tall, that combined with the musculature would seem to indicate an unusual amount of physical strength. The wings would suggest the ability to fly. But beyond that we have nothing."


"Wait a second, I thought you said she used that Bio-Transformation technique," Sakura suddenly said.


"Well, yes, but it seems Melara's list of invites was sent to people with, by her standards, extraordinary abilities," Kakashi replied. "We have no reason to beleive that these people will be able to use their new abilities to the extent the one who gave them did. And we certainly have no evident that they know anything more than a few basic jutsus that go with it. In your case you were shown several ways to use your new abilities through a Genjutsu, but, while solid techniques, they aren't anywhere near the level of technique that Bio-Transmutation is. What Melara said about it suggested that, even as powerful and skilled as she is, it took her many years of training to learn it. See?"


"Oh right," Sakura chuckled nervously.


"Anyways," Kakashi continued. "The other five we have far less information about. Three of them were said to be from the Mist Village, but considering the reputation of the Mist village, they were most likely hiding to avoid being hunted down. Thus they are unlikely to have any significant attachment to the Mist Village. Also we know that these three already had Kekkei Genkai abilities. The ice ninja who modified them claimed to have upgraded their abilities instead of giving them new abilities. While we don't know what exactly that entailed, we do know that she did it to make them tougher than normal people, something they weren't already. And last we have a 'Djinn' and a 'Ragnarok'. We have no idea what that means. Nothing that was said gave any significant evidence about it at all. Just one tiny hint that the 'Djinn' isn't a normal Djinn and looks like a regular person, but with the same abilities. No evidence at all as to what abilities they are. And that's it. Every last bit of information we've been able to collect."


"All right then," Tsunade said. "You all know what you need to do." She said while gesturing at the group. "Make sure you are at the top of your game constantly, we can't take any chances here. You three especially," she said, now pointing at Ino, Sakura, and Tenten. "You need to work on learning what your new abilities can do."

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The next day, Tenten started practicing by playing a game of tag with Lee and Neji.


"Well, her new Dojutsu ability is certainly useful," Neji thought. "But I should still be able to keep up with her easier than this. Even Lee is having some difficulty and he can normally run circles around us." Neji suddenly looked around with a start. "Where'd she go? I looked over at Lee for a second and now I've lost her."


Neji moved over to where Lee was, "I lost her Lee."


"You couldn't follow her even with the Byakugan?" Lee asked.


"Afraid not," Neji said while gasping for breath. "She managed to move too fast." Neji then did a double take at Lee as he realized that Lee wasn't visibly exhausted.




Elsewhere, Ino was practicing her newfound ice abilities.


"That was pretty good," Shikamaru said. "You made some senbon and Shuriken and managed to hit a target with them. Your aim could use a bit of work, but that was certainly a decent effort."


"I don't get it," Ino said.


"You don't get what?"


"Everytime I make something out of ice and throw it, it makes my vision kind of blurry, like I can't focus on what I'm looking at."


"Do you mean like double vision?" Shikamaru said.


"Wait, that's it!" Ino exclaimed. "It's not like double vision, it's like I'm seeing things from two perspectives at once. Let's see..." Ino's voice trailed off as she started to focus her chakra into creating another Shuriken. This time Ino closed her eyes as she held it in her hand.


"That's it all right. It seems that I can see through a peice of ice that's been infused with my chakra."


"Well that sounds useful, though it'd probably be a bit of a pain to control."


"No kidding," Ino replied. "Hmm. Now if I throw it while my eyes are closed...." Ino then focussed on the shuriken and threw it towards the target. Halfway to the target, Ino focussed her gaze through the shuriken on Shikamaru. At that point the shuriken suddenly changed course and flew towards Shikamaru instead.


"Hey! Watch it," Shikamaru said as he blocked it with a Kunai.


"Sorry, I'm still getting the hand of this."


"I gotta say, though. That's a pretty neat trick," Shikamaru continued. "If I hadn't been watching your shuriken closely, I wouldn't have caught it in time."


"Thanks," Ino replied. "I wonder just how far I can make one go."


Ino then formed some ice into the shape of a Kunai and threw it between several trees. Shikamaru watched for several seconds as she concentrated on it, and then suddenly dissappeared.


"What in the world just happened?




Elsewhere, Jiraiya was looking around outside the village for anything out of the ordinary, when he spotted a young woman bathing in a stream.


"Hmm, It'd be irresponsible of me to not check to make sure," Jiraiya thought with a chuckle.


After he'd watched her bathe for another minute or two, she startled him by stretching, then stretching farther than a normal person could.


"What the?" Jiraiya started to say as the woman suddenly grew over two feet taller and sprouted a pair of large wings from her back. He suddenly froze to avoid making any sudden movements that might give away his position. But the woman started to look around trying to find him anyways. She sniffed at the air a few times and made a few handsigns before she dissappeared. Jiraiya started to move away slowly, hoping that she hadn't noticed him yet. But as he turned to walk away he found himself planting his face against a set of wet scaly abs.


"Lord Jiraiya of Konoha," the woman said. "I am Kinuyo Wakamura of the Smoke village."

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It's been a YEAR since I updated this???? -_-'


Anyways.... You can has UPDATE!



"Now where am I?" Tenten wondered to herself as she looked around from the top of a large tree. "Hmm, I must have run farther than I thought. This area is outside the village and in the general direction of the Sand village." Tenten said as she focussed on scanning the forest around her. "Hmm, there's a person running through the forest down there. I can't quite make out who it is from up here. But there's a faint glow of chakra moving through the forest at a pretty quick speed." Tenten mumbled to herself as she started to climb down the back of the tree.


Meanwhile, Ino Yamanaka suddenly found herself staring at a tree miles from where she'd been training. She quickly moved out of sight as she heard several people. A small group of sound ninja quickly moved into the area as if they were looking for something or someone. Ino looked around quickly to try to figure it out as the sound ninja ran around franticly trying to find someone. Just as Ino was starting to make sense of what was happening, she suddenly noticed one of the Sound Ninja behind her. She quickly tried to jump out of the way as he threw several kunai at her. Ino tried dodging out of the way, but felt a sharp pain as one of the kunai hit, severing her right wrist. Without looking at her arm she held it close to her side as she quickly ran up the tree. Ino whirled as she dodged around the tree and threw a swarm of ice senbon needles back at her attackers.


Elsewhere, Jiraiya was staring in shock at a sort of ninja he'd never expected to face in battle, a Smoke Ninja. Jiraiya straightened and cautiously took a step back as he realized this green skinned woman was tall enough that she'd have to kneel in order to look him in the eyes.

"Um, hi there," He said nervously. "Nice day isn't it?"

Kinuyo made a few quick hand signs and changed back to her normal form, but wearing her clothes.

"Wha--How did you do that?" Jiraiya stuttered.

"As if, first you're gonna tell me why you were looking for me," Kinuyo replied.

"Um, what makes you think I was looking for you?"

"You weren't surprised to see me," Kinuyo smugly replied. "You looked nervous, but not like you'd never seen someone like me before. The only people who know I can transform like that live in the Smoke Village. You, however, are from Konoha, the Leaf Village. So you must have found out a different way. I want to know how you knew."

Jiraiya stood there and stared blankly while thinking, "I wonder if she was this smart before. She'd have made a decent Ninja simply with brains alone if that was true."


Meanwhile, Tenten was closing on the person she was looking for. She'd tracked the glowing outline of chakra for almost a mile now and was getting very close to it. But just before she moved close enough to see who it was, a sharp gust of wind knocked her off her feet. She quickly rolled to get her balance as the other ninja ran towards her. She faced her attacker and braced herself just in time to avoid another blast of wind. Tenten abruptly stiffened as she suddenly recognized her attacker. "Temari?? What are you doing here?"

"I heard something strange was going on," Temari started to say as she readied her fan for another attack. "And it looks like I was right!"

Tenten quickly jumped out of the way as a blade of wind sliced into the tree. "Hey! What gives?"

"You couldn't possibly be who you're pretending to be," Temari angrily replied. "But I'm gonna find out who you are one way or another." She said as she hurled another barrage of wind blades at Tenten.


Elsewhere, Ino was desperately trying to escape her pursuers. A patch of ice had formed where her right wrist used to be and the pain had disappeared, but she was still forced to do her fighting with her left hand.

"Okay, where are they now?" Ino thought as she ran down the trunk of a second tree. "There were four. I seem to have taken one out with that flurry of ice Senbon. There's another behind me, and a third trying to close on me from the right. That means the other probably circled around to the left." Ino thought as she quickly created an ice kunai knife in her left hand. Just then, she spotted the guy to her right about to close to within arm's reach. Ino quickly stabbed him in the chest with the ice Kunai as soon as he got close enough. Ino immediately felt an odd chilly sort of tingle as she suddenly knew that the guy to her left had suddenly appeared directly behind her. With no time to think, she spun and punched him with as much force as she could muster, with her right hand.

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