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Kyarasu jolted upright, he was sweating. His whole body was. Where was he? Light shone brightly through the window, odd, it was night and yet there was light, maybe the window was made that way. Kyarasu clambered out of the bed and looked around, there were several empty beds beside his, maybe someone found him and took him to the INN? Kyarasu sighed and came down the stairs, the Inn was made out of wood. As Kyarasu finally got down to the first floor, the Inn keeper immediately said, "Oh! Your awake, a girl with blue hair came in earlier and brought you here, you were badly injured and was unconcious, are you feeling any better?"

"A girl with blue hair?" Kyarasu replied.

"Yeah, she was wearing clothes like yours, only shorter."

".... Thank you, I have to go now."

"Come on, at least rest up some more, your wounds haven't fully healed yet."

"I'm sorry, but I am in a hurry." He quickly said as he slid out the Inn's front door.

It was morning now and the sun shone brightly.

As he looked to the right, at the bar, he noticed a man and an odd looking girl, like a mermaid. Odd... Kyarasu thought as he headed towards the east side of town, but not where the two were, he was heading out. And he had to be stealthy, and avoid them, he didn't want to be suspicious.

I should be wary of the girl Then Kyarasu slipped into the shadows..

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Crescent knew something was terribly wrong in the city Just he didn’t know where to start. The smell of fuel, the fake launch, the part shipments, SORKS involvement here. Also the Primas Head Quarters was in the area. It was getting easier to pick them out as time went on. Most gave him dirty looks if they saw his gun, well most of the city did actually. The guards and war vets were the only levelheaded people in the town. Crescent entered the park and sank into a bench, he leaned his head back looking to the sky. He couldn't help but feel alone, a sense of yearning filled his mind. Earth seemed so far away now, but he knew the secret was under his nose, he knew that there was just a peace he was missing. This city, Sork, PRIMAS, Earth, the animals acting strange and attacking. He wanted to make a connection, a connection to this place he had never been or known, this place he has memories of. It seemed as though he had known this place his whole life like the place he is now is nothing more then a shadow of something grater, a place with no meaning. He stood up and walked across the park to the trade district he thought he might find something useful there. He found a nice chain mail vest which he put under his cloths and Some shoulder pads that extended about 4 inches past his shoulder covered in spikes. He figured if anything he could charge at someone and give them a face full of spikes. It was not to long before he became bored and decided to go up to the needle tower for a better look around.


He had just reached the top of the tower and dark clouds were forming off in the distance. An ominous sign most of the time. He let off a low pitched sigh and continued to look around.

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Kliman, Ceilos, Iminla, and Krystal, now all awake, stood around the dwindling fire, which was the only source of light in the darkness of the night. The hideous fiend that stood before them was almost completely silent, with the exception being the noises it made while snapping apart the deer's carcass.


Iminla took a step towards Kliman. Before she could say anything, Kliman put a finger to his mouth and his hand out towards her, motioning for her to be quiet. Ceilos slowly took a small step towards his possessions, and Krystal looked more bewildered than afraid.


Without warning, the beast known as Grendel tossed away the pieces of the deer, and lunged at Kliman.


'Holy sh-AH!" he yelled, as he tried to stand his ground, but instead finding his knees slowly buckling downward from the force applied on him. Iminla felt a rush of wind a moment after the beast had rushed by her, and now faced the beast helplessly.


'You guys, this is not going to be easy! Please, if you can help us...! I wouldn't normally be so willing to put two women in danger...!' Ceilos said, as he drew the sword the others could not see. He prepared to strike, but didn't want to hurt Kliman in the process.


Kliman, his hands occupied on keeping the horrendous beast's face away from his body, found himself unable to perform a Vortex Seal. He also found that the beast's rough skin was causing his fingers to scrape and bleed. A wave of nausea swept over him, but he held on, thinking of the consequence the deer faced.


Suddenly, and for no reason known to Ceilos, at least, the beast's legs ruptured and split open, and nearly crumbled into bits in front of his eyes. Iminla still stood, now holding a tree branch and a rock, waiting for an opportunity to strike, and he himself hadn't done anything. He looked at Krystal, who had her fists clenched and was looking somewhat angry.


'Krystal, did you...?'


'Quickly, Ceilos, who knows how much longer Kliman will be alright for?'


Ceilos nodded, and started hacking away at the beast, who, still eerily silent, seemed to be winning against Kliman. Kliman's knees were shaking as they touched the ground, trying to support themselves.


'Iminla... please help me!'


Iminla, aware of the pain she probably was about to feel, stepping cautiously and nervously up to Kliman from behind, and placed her hands on his head. Concentrating, she managed to successfully transfer Kliman's physical and mental pain into her mental weariness. Kliman, now fully refreshed (although immediately feeling pain in his hands from Grendel's skin), concentrated on making a Vortex Seal - with one hand on each side of the beast's head, the immense wind force the generated between his hands' area slightly tore up its face, but even better for Kliman, it released him in its defensive reaction, allowing him to escape.


Ceilos saw an opportunity and decided to muster as much energy as he could into his weapon... filling his blade with his spirit, he drew a great wound in the beast, and it leapt back and flew into the air. Wounded but still living, it retreated back into the darkness.


Iminla collapsed on the ground in front of the fizzled fire. 'What... was... that?'


'Whatever it was, it's not dead. It could come back any time now, or anytime later... is everyone okay? That was pretty close...'


Ceilos looked like he knew something about it. Krystal appeared to be looking at Iminla and her state. Kliman looked at Ceilos... 'You called it a Grendel?'

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Jacis, looking at this girl clinging to his arm reminded him of himself whenever he saw Krystal. For as far back as he could remember she was always there helping him. Maybe this is what lead him to his decision. He thought about it for a while and then Finally agreeded with it.


"I will take you to anywhere you want to go." he said trying his hardest to be nice


"I..I..I have nowhere, the inn was my whole life. There's nothing for me now"She said tearing up and beginning to sniffile


" Well then I don't know what to do with you, right now im on a quest to save...." He began


"TAKE ME WITH YOU!!" She pleaded begining to sob


Seeing her cry made Jacis feel strangely, he didn't know what to do. She did seem very alone but he didn't know how to help. He knew it was dangerous and she would get hurt. If only Krystal was there to help him. This was very strange to him, he was so confused.


"I..I don't know, Its very dangerous and you might get hurt or die, Im not that skilled at protecting people all i know is how to take care of myself......besides i couldn't really afford to pay for the food for both of us.... And if you get sick i can't really stop to let you heal..." He was still argueing within himself but she suprised him.


"I don't expect you to do any of those things for me.I too can take care of myself. I just....just don't want to be alone." she said clunging tighter." I can even make money for the both of us along the way." She said


" If you can do all of that then why do you need me.All i know is fighting and defended, plus some grunt work and blacksmithing. Why would you need me?" Jacis said, but he already knew the answer.


" I know, How about you be my bodyguard, i'll worry about the money and you worry about protection. Then we will both be helpful to one another and we don't have to split up." She said hopeful.


" I still don't know, but i guess i have no choice. if i'd say no you'd squeze my arm off." He said trying to laugh.


For the first time he saw her face light up and she smiled. Then she began pulling him out of town saying that she was already sorry for slowing him down. As they were leaving the sun was rising and they soon spotted the next town. They had to stop and to Jacis' worst fear he ran out of money for food and herbs.


"Don't worry." Aquallia said cheerfully " i'll gey us some more she said as she began walking toward the town square, To her it looked like a giant stage."

"what am i getting myself into" Jacis thought



Draconis began walking around this town trying to find signs of the boy or the woman. Everyone he talked to didn't know anything about either one soon he came upon an inn that was very lively for all the wrong reasons. When he opened the door he saw why. five men were all laid on the floor with slashes on their arms and chests. Draconis read the mind of the only awake man on the floor. He saw the boy melt down a mirrior into a dagger and defend himself from these men. the boy was also with a younger looking mermaid whom was unconsious. Draconis knew that this was recent so he went over to the man.


" Who attacked you." he demanded


" So...Some kid with weird powers, he kidnapped my star dancer. He's a monster. He had...." The manager was babbiling.


"I don't care...WHO DID THIS TO YOU, WHAT WAS HIS NAME!!!" He asked


"I do..do..don't know." He said passing out.


Draconis left the inn and continued looking about. soon he found trace of a boy and a girl heading toward the east exit. When he got there he found some people who confiemed this. So then Draconis headed east, and behind him the sun was setting.

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When Aquallia left to make money, Jacis Began exploring the town. only when he had begun his explorations did he figure out where he was. He soon came upon rows of tents with injuried people in them. Then he looked out upon the fields he saw the carcusess of many beasts. Jacis knew that a battle had waged here. Jacis walked around and talked to the townspeople and learned the whole story.


Tey told him how the beasts came out of nowhere and charged the village. The people had very little time to defend themselves and were almost annialated. Then the calvary arrived from the next village over and the monsters were drove back. When all was done many were injuried and many died. The injuried were taken to tents so that Kliman could heal them. He was the best healer around and helped all of the injuried.


As the villger spoke of this kliman, Jacis wondered who he was. Jacis asked the villager where he lived so he could meet him. When he finnally got there he knocked on the door and no one answered. Jacis began looking arounf the place only to find a man in a tool shed.


"Are you Kliman?" Jacis asked


"No I'm his father, what do you need?" Klimans father asked


"To speak with your son, where is he?" Jacis asked

"He went to the capital with Iminla and some healer girl. oh and some other kid." He said


"healer girl...that might be krystal!" jacis thought hopeful


"When did they leave." Jacis asked


"About a week ago. It'd be hard for you to catch up. Best get out of here then." He said walking toward the house


Jacis ran through the town looking for Aquallia. She wasn't at the square and any place nearby. He then went to the inn to see if she was there. About halfway he saw her and began running to her. About fifty feet through the alley he was ambushed.


"Ive been looking for you boy." The attacker said standing up.


"Wh..What do you want. I haven't done anything to you." Jacis said


"Hmph, don't lie. You and your friend destroyed our organization. You destoryed the whole team. Since then we've been after both of you, now i got you." He said


"What....organization?" Jacis asked


"you really don't remember do you, this will make killing you that much sweeter. Oh and look the sun is setting." He said


" Wh..." Jacis said


Then he saw what the man meant, the sun WAS setting and this person was changing into a monster. As fast as he could Jacis ran to aquallia. He had to protcet her, thats what he was hired for. He grabbed her and ran. For some reason this person instilled terror upon Jacis and somehow Jacis knew this.


"Whats going on, stop pulling me!" Aquallia said


" We have to run no time to explain." Jacis said screaming


"But, why? Whats going on?" She said looking back.


She then saw why, behind them a beast was charging them. It was catching up at a fast rate and soon pounced on Jacis. Aquallia tried to pull it off but got slashed along the waist. She fell back on the ground. Jacis was defenceless, The beast was slicing the cloak and tried to slice his back. Just then a wave of water blew the beast off Jacis. When jacis stood He had glashed on his arms but the red trech coat was unharmed. Aquallia stared in bewilderment but soon concentrated on the monster. she blasted it with wave after wave of water but it was still up and charging Jacis. Jacis grabbed a sign and melted it to a sword and began slashing at the monster. soon the monster backed off and pounced at jacis again. Aquallia got close enough to blast the monster of course but was hit with a flying object from nearby. She fell unconsious at jacis' feet. Seeint this enraged Jacis so much that he charged the beast. The beast stood up and lunged at jacis hitting him so hard that jacis lost balence and fell head first to the ground. The beast then decided to transform back into a human.


"Hmph, maybe you have truly lost your memory, Antrilis. In that case let me reintroduce myself, I am Draconis demious omtrilion, or in other words your doom bringer." Draconis said with a smirk


"Wh..What did you call me?I think you've got me mistaken..." Jacis said bleeding from the mouth.


"Ha, I don't think so little little Antrilis. I could never mistake you for what you have done to the family." Draconis said


"Family. What family?" Jacis said trying to stand now

"little little antrilis, my little brother. Have you forgotten allabout The Family, our little organization YOU DESTROYED!!" Draconis said.


"little brother? I didn't do anything ive always been in one town. I can't have. All i am is a blacksmith. Ive only ever had Krystal!" Jacis said


"Speaking of that hows Big Sis been? Weel anyway enough chit chat, now you die!" Draconis said pulling out a knife.

" But first, This little annoyance dies." Draconis said pulling up Aquallia by the hair, waking her up.


Jacis tried to run to her but couldn't. He took a couple of steps and fell. Just as he did the glyphs on his body began to glow and his trenchcoat fell off. Seeing this Draconis dropped his knife and threw Aquallia, who scrambled to stand up. All the sudden Wings burst from Jacis and he began to fly. Draconis transformed into A wearwolf again and jumped on Jacis. Jacis threw Draconis down and flew feet first nto him. Seeing this frightened Aquallia, over the last week of traviling She never thought Jacis could do this, He was too nice. Jacis began using his newly formed claws to slash at Draconis. Fearing defeat draconis broke free and ran.

Jacis began chasing but Aquallia stoped him.

"DON'T DO IT!! THIS ISN'T YOU!!!" she said grabbing him

"Calm down its alright, we'll fing him after we find Krystal." she said in a soothing voice


Jacis began to transform back after hearing her voice. Soon he was completely back to normal and Aquallia covered him with his trchcoat but not before looking at the glyphs. She wondered what to do and for a second she thought she heard Jacis ay something about the Capital. Soon the villagers came out and saw what happened. They grew angry and chased after them. Aquallia grabbed the unconsious Jacis and began dragging him outf town toward the capital, if he wanted to get there she would help him.

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Arriving at the capital safely, Kliman, Iminla, Ceilos, and Krystal found themselves in a massive maze of small streets, and constant chatter amidst the citizens of the town, of which there were many walking the streets.


'So where is the location of the PRIMAS Headquarters?' asked Ceilos. He wondered how much time they had before something terrible happened. He didn't know what to expect, really, and so wasn't as prepared as he could've been to take action against the forecoming events.


'Um, it's a ways over here... kind of isolated, not too grand.' Kliman was a little surprised at how many people there were about town, as when he'd been here previously, even during the same time of day, it was certainly not as busy as this.


'But you know where it is, right? And how to get there?' Iminla seemed to be more concerned than she was before now that she was in the city. Knowing her nature, Kliman knew that she was more worried now because if such an event were to occur here, there could be many innocent citizens involved. There were certainly more people than Iminla had ever seen before.


Kliman, leading them to the headquarters by the fastest route he knew, passed rows of towering buildings, townhouses, and other residences, as well as the main marketplace of town. He almost went too quickly that Iminla and Krystal fell behind, but taking a moment to turn around, he saw Ceilos nearby, but the women pausing everywhere to make room for shoppers. 'We've got to move faster. I'm sorry, but please, if there's someone in the way, don't be afraid to push and shove or something.'


'But one can't just-'


'No, Krystal, I think he's right. A little rudeness here and there might save them in the end, you never know! Who knows how the attacks are supposed to unfold!? Ceilos doesn't, and he's our only source of information on this.' They were talking while walking at a brisk pace, with Kliman returning to be a steady pace ahead of them.


It was a warm and rather clear day. There was probably going to be a shower or small storm later, judging by the clouds in the distance, but Kliman wasn't too worried about that. He needed to know what the man Ceilos was speaking of before was up to, and he needed to relay the information now.

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Ceilos was getting disoriented winding his way through the streets. FINally, Kliman stopped at a decent sized building.

"This is it..." Kliman let everyone in. Kliman then led them to the boss's office. Ceilos noticed that eveyone was looking at him. Ceilos just stood there silently and thought ~Wow, such low technology. This job will be easy to do, but little pay~

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Kyarasu woke up, once again, his surroundings pitch black this time. Why do I always end up like this? He cursed under his breath as he got up.

He looked around, then up. There was a tiny hole at the center of the ceiling, light entered the cave, only faint though. As he searched his surroundings, he could make out the shape of something... A skull. The cave was full of them, leaves rustled beneath his feet as he clung to the wall, looking for a way out. The cave was like a dome.

There were spider webs and blood spread across the wall. And every step he took, echoed for a long time.




I searched every inch of this cave, but there's nothing to be- The wall he was leaning on suddenly fell apart.

Kyarasu quickly leaped back, the cave was crumbling, and he had to hurry. And fast.

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As Kyarasu clambered out of the hole, he waited for his eyes to adjust to the even darker cave. Then he heard something breathe...it was low... then he felt it on his neck, he turned around, but nothing was there...

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Draconis watched jacis and aquallia from a distance. He knew that jacis was strng but he was never told how strong. Still injuried, he then transformed back into town and collasped in an alleyway. Unable to move he thought about what had traspired earlier with Jacis. If Jacis was telling the truth then Draconis had no right to interfear with his life. He too, didn't like what he did and Jacis made him envious. Why Didn't He do what Jacis did? These thoughts kept running through His head until he passed out.


Jacis felt a drop of water hit his head. It was just one drop, then another, then another, then another. He layed very still he tried to remember what had happened. As he awoke even more his whole body began to ache, especally his back. His head was throbbing. It was all most unbearable. Then he heard a faint sound, he also felt pressure on his chest. Then he heard another sound and he tried to move his arm. All at once he heard a small gasp and weight about him. When he opened his eyes he saw a girl hugging him lightly crying.


He tried to get up but was stopped. When she stopped him his memories came flooding back to him. He rememered who this girl was, and everything up until he tried to save her from Draconis but fell.


"Hi" He said


"Don't "Hi" me!!" She said soobing even more." I thought, That guy killed you." she said burying her face in his chest.


"So did I" He said grimly


"Wh-Who was that guy?" She asked


"I don't really know" He said. "Anyway, lets get some sleep" he said lying down


( My new char. coming up in the next insatllment, heh i'm lazy)

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