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Suddenly a gunshot was heard and Kyarasu got shot in the shoulder. "Hehe! What have we got here? You don't look like a human, what are you?" A black haired man with tanned skin said.

He was wearing a mustle shirt and was still pointing his shotgun to Kyarasu. "**What? I'm sorry, what are you saying?" Kyarasu replied in the angelic language.

"What is that? Some kind of made up language? Speak up, boy!" the man fired another shot, but this time Kyarasu caught the bullet in his hand.

"..." A bow-shaped weapon formed as Kyarasu took a posistion as if he were about to shoot, "**If your going to keep doing that then I'll have to kill you."

"Wh-what are you?"

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>>>Aris's point of view<<<

"Ah yes, and that is the PRIMAS base, eh Lucren?"


"Yes Mr. Kristatos, however, ground attack is not possible, maybe something arial."


"But that could take days, reinforcements can come by then, maybe even Ceilos.

Damn him. He doens't know what that blad'll get him into, especially if he meets

that blade... the one of the Moon."


Aris turned around and noticed a strange, living black gel with purple chunks moving around the camp.

Aris paid no attantion until he heard blood-curdeling screams from behind him. Aris turned around

and noticed that the gel ate half of his troops already. Aris began to run towards some water and entered it.

The gell swayed up to the banks of the water, but stopped and squealed.


"Chaos..." Aris dove underwater and escaped the beast.



>>>Ceilos's point of view<<<

Ceilos swung his blade at another creature and slew it in one hit. Ceilos was surrounded

by three of the creatures and attepted to spin in circles, but Spiritus was pulled right out of his hand,

and went right next to Crescent's blade.


Quick thinking made Ceilos notice a barrel of water, which he commanded to splash at the demons. Ceilos ran like hell back to his blade, but couldn't pull it free.


"What the..." And Ceilos was pinned to the ground by one of the cretaures

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Alarmed at Ceilos' being pinned, Kliman immediately set down the wounded gun-user and turned back to his ally. 'Don't worry, I won't let you die!' he yelled with a ferocity that astonished even himself to a slight degree.


Kliman immediately ran up to the beast and, concentrating, raised his hand above his head, put his thumb and index finger together, and made a motion that could be compared to a dramatic version of adding a pinch of salt to a mixture. Immediately, the beast's fur burst into flames; Kliman had performed his familiar Ignition Seal. Yet, to his astonishment, the creature did not get off of Ceilos.


'Ahh.. get off of me!' Ceilos yelled, using his arms to defend his head.


Thinking frantically, Kliman reached into his herb bag and pulled out a small brownish weed - he let it catch fire, and then he quickly reached around the beast and slammed the smoking herb into the beast's nostrils. It immediately keeled over, and Ceilos was able to get up.


'Drowse Herbs... they always prove themselves! The smoke they give off, if inhaled, causes the brain to work its sleep-inducing glands instantaneously. It works great,' Kliman said, as he helped Ceilos off of his feet. He went over to the unconscious man, and also picked up his sword to carry with him. It was an interesting weapon to behold, at the very least, and, feeling his arms growing ever more tired, told Ceilos to get his sword and come inside the inn.


Shutting the door with his foot, Kliman first noted that the innkeeper was nowhere to be seen. Since he knew the keeper, he wasn't too worried about being 'caught' helping people so much as his concern for the inn itself. Slowly opening a room he figured was vacant, Kliman set the gun-using guy on a bed. His bleeding wasn't as bad (Kliman had decided wisely to apply some herbs before lifting him, but mostly so that he wasn't soaked in blood) as it had been, but applying pressure soon made that stop too. Using medicinal plants, herbs, and spices as quickly as he figured out what was wrong with the man, Kliman managed to get him in decent shape fairly quickly. Having been wounded but patched, the compounder supposed that his patient would awaken fairly soon.


Looking around and listening carefully for anyone, Kliman first looked down at the unconscious guy, with his spikey hair, and then thought of his badge... he considered his actions for a moment, looking back from the patient, whose shirt and trenchcoat he had taken off out of necessity, to the bandaged, unconscious man. He took a look at the pendant on the sleeping man's neck... 'W... O... W... what does that stand for?'


He placed the pendant back on the man's chest, then turned to the trenchcoat. He felt a pang of guilt and disappointment with himself for a slight instant - what he was doing was extremely unprofessional - but then decided to ignore his feelings. He felt around the coat for a while, until he felt a cold surface. The man's gun. He removed it, but decided that since it was too large to fit in his items, that he would stash it at his house later on. He'd just say that he didn't know what happened to the gun; that he never saw it again. 'Still... should I be doing this?'




Iminla took the last of the supplies besides Kliman's bed. His parents still weren't home, and the girl seemed at peace in Kliman's bed. With delicate features, Iminla thought, she looked... far too beautiful. It was almost sickening. Just as she gave one last glance to the unconscious girl, her eyes opened wide suddenly.


Iminla stood, shocked at the sudden awakening. '... Who are you?'

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Ceilos kept pulling at Spiritus, but it didn't come off the katana. Ceilos then looked at the unconscious man and said, "Well, it didn't magnetically pull my blade until he let go of it.


Ceilos placed the katana back into Crescent's hand and just as he thought, Spiritus came loose. Ceilos

imediately. Sheathing Spiritus, he then noticed Kliman pull out a gun and hide it.

"You condone stealing?"


"PRIMAS has a strict policy against guns. Its only been so far that I didn't say anything about yours."


"Then if u get weird around them, then take mine."

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Crescent woke suddenly and felt around on the ground. "My sword?" He thought to himself. "No matter I can feel it nearby...... there" He reached out in the pitch black room and felt the handle of his sword.


"He moved!" A voice sayed. It was nearby and he knew that. "Its not dark in here........... blindfold...." *sigh*


Crescent removed the blindfold and looked at the two figurs standing befor him. The kid from PRIMAS and some other guy, he didnt look the same as the PRIMAS kid. Crescent noted that the primas kid kept eyeing his coat, Crescent leaned over watching him tence up a little. His gun was gone, but he said nothing and slid his coat on watching as the kid let out a sigh of releaf apparently thinking he did not know of the gun missing.


"My name is crescent, and one of you must be the medic of this town." He looked to both of them. "And you...... you are being mis directed, swords are just as dangress as guns....... but I see my argument has novalue to you. But I will let you in on a little secret" He leaned in close to the Primas kid "My gun has never been used to kill a man, but this sword holds the blood of thousands of corruped officals." Crescent put his head down for a secound. "Primas.... that sounds familiar, I think I had a mission form them a long time ago if i do recall..."


"Thats a lie" The primas kid said as he jumped up.


"now now calm down, I don't ask who my clients are, as a bonty hunter I just do as i am told...... and no I am not following blindly, you are. I am resoncable for your freedom, hell if it wasn't for me PRIMAS would have been gone long ago. I killed many people who tried to shut you down. I do not agree with you or what you do but I will deffend to the death your right to do it." Crescent said looking into his eyes.

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Kliman, never one to be easily intimidated, saw that despite their differences, both he and the gun-user, who evidently knew his gun was missing, had a similarity that stood out. 'First of all,' he said, his voice becoming more professional and calmer as he spoke, 'my name is Kliman. I am no medic, so to speak, but I am a self-and-study-taught compounder, and a curselifter. There is no purpose from hiding this from you, I suppose, though I would hope you would only use it if you needed to.'


Kliman tossed the man's gun back onto his coat, his eyes matching and never leaving the other's. The other man's gaze did not sway, either. 'My name is Kliman. And I am no blind follower of an organization; I try to keep my decisions based on logic and not belief or spirituality. I, for one, joined PRIMAS after a great deal of research. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but long ago, we - humanity - lived on a foreign planet, and- what?' To Ceilos, Kliman looked a little vindictive at seeing the injured man's eyes widen, then narrow suddenly.


'I know. The place was called Earth. You don't need to tell me.'


'Then this makes my explanation much simpler. Tell me, why would humanity need to flee earth?' Kliman said, his voice remaining unemotional and his expression remaining calm.


'I... I don't know. There's no way you could know, either.'


'Then is it not logical to suggest, or suppose, that humanity was forced to abandon its earth, which had been destroyed by its creations?'


'There were more than just humans on earth - many of the creatures and plants we see around here were supposed to have been there, too.'


Kliman paused for a second, turning to the man's trenchcoat. 'Well, I believe that it is because humanity would not stop seeking out ways to destroy itself. And guns wound be merely the start of the technological development. ... I came to these conclusions on my own, after researching at the capital's databases. They contain-'


'Information from all over, all about the world, and everything. I've been to the capital before,' the man said, keeping one eye on Kliman while examining his bandages.


'Do not interrupt me. I am explaining how calling my blindness is inaccurate. As I was saying, I researched this and came to my own conclusions - the ones I suggested to you - on my own... before I had heard of PRIMAS. I joined them in the capital later that day, in fact.'


The injured patient was silent, and his eyes flittered to the ground in front of his bed.


'I too fight for justice. But it is not in the sense that you would consider fighting. ... Every patient that I heal, such as yourself, makes their own decisions. While I admit you were not my first priority for receiving treatment, regardless of your personal choices, I still, in a sense, defend your right to perform the actions you wish to choose. Many patients of mine make foolish, irrational mistakes, sometimes several times in a row. When I have a repeat client in for, say, poisoning, it may frustrate me, but it is his choice to go where there is the threat of poisoning.'


The man looked back into his eyes. 'But you get...' his voice trailed off, but he still didn't look away. Something about that made Kliman's professional demeanor end.


'... You get paid, too, right?'


'Yes. I rarely speak without thinking, but it just came to my mind. It... wasn't really a good point, though...'


Kliman rolled his eyes. 'And you said that PRIMAS had hired you before? ... Why... would they do that? That seems illogical to me. And a bit hypocritical.'


'I told you... guns can be used for good. And like I said, I've killed tons of officials that have gone corrupt. That doesn't mean I've killed them all.'


Kliman felt a little unnerved, and he knew his face showed it. 'Alright, you - I've got to leave for a moment... my friend should be here by now, but she's not. I can give her a minute more. I still want to talk to you. You can't get out of that bed.'


The man raised his eyebrows. 'And if I want to, will you stop me?' He got to the edge of his bed near his trenchcoat - Kliman made a move towards him - and stood up. He immediately buckled, and Kliman caught him, and placed him back in his bed.


'... No, I mean you can't get out of bed because you'll kill yourself if you do. Your wounds are mending at an incredibly fast rate, but they won't be perfect for a little while. So just stay there, okay?' Kliman said, giving him a sarcastic and forcefully painful pat on the shoulder.


Ceilos looked at the two in front of him, and sighed to himself. 'What does Kliman know about me?' he wondered.

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"Should I till him what his preshious PRIMAS hired me to do?..... Should I tell him what I realy am? obviously this componder knows I am healing alot faster then a normal person. And earth, i wonder if he has any bussness to go there? Maybe I should ask him about my memories of a place I have never been to? Memories of a distant war, memories that don't seem like they are mine. This is almost as if the memories beling to another, I grew up here and yet I remember Earth. " He thought to himself as kliman walked out the door. He layed back in his bed looking at his gun. "This gun has blood on it but never a fatal wound, this gun has been used on people but never as a killing shot. PRIMAS feard someone so much that they wanted me to kill them. But I can only wonder if I am the one following blindly now." He thought back to when he first her of the shuttle going to earth. "I didnt take that shot, am I the one following blindly now? Why do they want that man dead, well it's of no matter I am going to earth and I am going to figure this out."



He layed back again and closed his eyes wondering if he could trust Kliman, altho a member of PRIMAS he did have alot of knoldge. But what he cant seem to realize is that guns dont kill people do. If all we had were swords it would just change the means of out destruction. an the creatures that attacked it reminded him of earth. It reminded him of the battle there, was it humans fighting humans or something elece?

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Ceilos watched Crescent as he looked around. Ceilos was still worried about Kilman's knowledge, and the weird reaction of Spiritus with that katana.


"Where did you get that katana."


Crescent was silent. Obviously he didn't want to answer.


Ceilos decided that something else had to be done. "Place your sword next to the bed."


Crescent eyed Ceilos, but obliged. Ceilos pulled out his sword and as soon as it was out, it flew towards the katana, not moving.


"Now, how did you come across such a strange sword?"

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As Kliman approached his house, he found himself wondering if he had been a little harsh, or even sounded defensive, to the man whose name he still did not know. The door burst open in front of him, and there stood Iminla, her dark, almost-purple-looking hair looking a little out of place, and the other girl, who was apparently no longer unconscious.


Kliman found himself fixed on her for a brief moment before he realized he might be being a bit rude. He offered his hand. 'I'm Kliman... it's nice to meet you. Are you feeling better now?'


The girl nodded. Kliman noted that she appeared to be his age... then lost the thought as he took back Iminla into his thoughts. 'Did you get everything I asked for?'


Iminla nodded. 'Here you are!' Kliman opened his herb bag and Iminla stuffed everything inside of it.


'Thanks a lot,' he said with a warm smile.


They hurried back to the inn together. Kliman was impressed with how the girl was able to keep up with them. 'This is Krystal.'


As they approached the inn, Kliman, noting the decline in the battle - slowly, at the least - suddenly found himself faced with one of the beasts he had helped saved Ceilos from.


'Okay... there's no one else around for a little ways - we'll get this one too! Be careful!' He raised his hands (and realized he had forgotten his armguards, not that they were important, but Kliman was rather meticulous about his travelling getup) and concentrated on the area between his hands. He mentally formed a triangle between his two hands and the rear of the beast. Suddenly, sharp winds were generated in the zone he had mentally formed, and the sheer force of the winds propelled the beast into an imaginary wall - the wall he had formed with his V. The beast's soft skin tore, and pieces of flesh were carved from it at intense speeds. They quickly continued back to the inn with the materials in hand.

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The man dropped his gun, fear consumed his face. He stood there for a few seconds and dashed away. Kyarasu looked at his bullet wound. Blood spread across his clothes, it still hurt a little. He tried to get the bullet out of his body with his powers, but the bullet was too deep. Suddenly, a pain shot up his right arm. "Augh!" he scowled as he clenched his arm.

"**The bullet was poison- ungh..." Kyarasu's vision started to blur up, his head was dizzy from the poison. Then everything went black.

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Finally of of the boat and on the docks. Draconis took a minute to let his eye adjust to the sunlight because he had not seen it in two months. After he was ready to move he had begun to leave the docks and head into the city when he noticed three men behind him, following in the distance. he had been to Telphan before and knew what kind of people lived here. these men were starnge and seemed huge. He lead them down two streets and finally into an empty alley.


"Bout time you stopped" one of them said.


"You forgot to pay us for transporting you across the ocean." said the other cohort.


Their apparent leader just stood there waiting as if expecting Draconis to attack. When he did not, the man became flustered. Draconis just stood there facing them. then he spoke.


"I paid the captain for my crossing." Draconis said in a voice so deep it sounded demonic,which frightened the cohorts.


"Aye, you did< but you forgot to give us a tip. Pay up or we'll rough you up and take it ourseleves." sauid the leader.


All of the men stood waiting for an answer. The stood for five minutes without any movements. The men grew impatiant and soon antzy. Finnaly the Lader gave the command to attack. The men rushed Draconis but when the got five feet away, he vanished. All of the sudden one of the cohorts was lifted into the air and thrown into the sea nearby. The second cohort tried to flee but when he turned to run, was slashed in half. The leader who was all alone tried to hide, but all of the sudden all the items in the alley began to float. Very slowly they all converged on him and with a blood curtling scream was crushed.


"Nusences, I'm on a mission. Don't even try and stop me" Draconis said.



Jacis left the ruins and decided to head southwest. He had heard trhat their was a monster attack on a village nearby and wanted to check and see if any assistance was nessasary. along the way he spoke to many people about what had happened. They all said that the demons killed and injured many and the village only had a sole light healer. Thinking one of the injured might be Krystal he decided to go.



tis all for now, you can still use Krystal just be sure to keep her close

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After getting nowhere with Crescent, Ceilos took Spiritus and left to see if Kliman needed anything.


"Kliman, hows the girl?"


"See for yourself."


Ceilos look in front of him and noticed that the girl has recovered. Ceilos bowed and

offered his hand. "I'm Ceilos




"Nice to meet you at last."


Kliman noticed Ceilos blushing a little. Ceilos glanced at his frying pan. "Hey, hows bout I cook something, for all of us.


Kliman replied "Sure, I'm starved"

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Jacis was starving. He had forgotten to ration his food and now it is gone. It had been three days since he had began to head southwest to the village were the monsters attacked. As he wondered he came upon a city bustling with many people. As he wonded the city Jacis began to scope the area. Each gate had at least six guards and every street was patroled by groups of three guards each. Jacis knew he had to blend in order not to draw attention. He also knew that he must buy food. As he went along the shops he also picked up a traviling cloak to hide his apperance. After paying for the food and cloak ha stumbled across a bar. Deciding to get a drink before leaving he entered the bar. As he entered, he noticed that this bar had dancers. This was unusual to him but the patrons didn't mind. As he made his way to the bar he kept a close eye on everyone, especially the unruly guy at the end of the bar. When he ordered his drink he noticed a large guy (who he presumed to be the manager by his clothing and attitude) leading a girl to the unruly man. As he watched her he sensed something familiar about her. She seemed to be almost like krystal. She began talking to the man and soon lead him to a back room. It then donned on Jacis that this might not be as "good" of a bar as he first thought. When he paid for his drink and begun to leave he noticed her walk out alone. He saw her give the manager a pearl and he then noticed the streched skin on her stomach. In his old school there were a few girls that were just like her.


"So she's a mermaid" he thought


As she handed the manager the pearl she also spoke a little to him. Jacis couldn't hear but then he noticed that the manager stroked her tail and patted her behind. Seeing the look upon her face he thought he should go and have a word.....


Draconis left the city and began heading toward the city to where he had found info on a boy who could control fire. The city was named Geram and when he got to the place where the boy lived he noticed that the house was inundated with guards. As he tried to leave one of the guards stopped him.


"You might want to leave or i will have to arrest you for suspicion." Said the guard eyeing Draconis

"What happened here" Said draconis in an agrivated tone.

"All we are allowed to say is that there was a kidnapping" Said the guard still eyeing Draconis


As the man spoke draconis used his power to read the mans mind. He read What the man was thinking and what was still in his memory. he read what was belived to had happened. They thought that whoever took The residents had headed east into the forest and how they found debris from a burlap sack. Then he read how the man thought that Draconis was too suspicious to just let go.


As he tried to leave the sargent walked over and stopped them both. This man seemed susicious to Draconis. He smelled of blood and burnt flesh. Smellimg this frighted Draconis so he turned arouned and saw the the moon was full and it was also blood red.


"What seems to be the problem deputy" The sargent said.


"Nothing Sir, I was just letting this man go." the deputy said


Soon Draconis could smell everything from the burnt flesh and blood to the colonge the sargrent was wearing. Then the bloodlust had begun. He felt himself changing and had tried urgently to leave, if he didn't all these men would die. The full moon was rising and Draconis couldn't control his powers anymore. He had tried to leave again.


"Just a minute, why are you trying to leave so urgently. Trying to hide something? y'know all the witnesses said they saw a man dressed in all black leaving the sceane of the crime. i think you should stay a while......" The sargent started


It was too late. Draconis couldn't hold it any longer. He had transformed into a werewolf and attacked the sargent and the deputy. he then went into the house and peoceded to slauter all of the other soldiers. soon he caught the scent of a woman , a boy, and a man heading east and proceded after them.



"Thank you for the meal" Krystal said


After everyone was done she proceded to pick up the dishes but was stopped by Kilman.


"you're a guest, i'll take care of these. You need to rest and gather some strenth." he told her


" I can help, I'm completely healed." she said sitting down.


Soon she grew flustered and went to go back to her room she noticed an area outside full of wounded people. she thought her powers would be able to help some people. She then went to the front door and began to leave when she was stopped by Iminla stopped her.


"Where are you going, you should lie down." Iminla said worried.


"I was going to see if I could help some of the wounded, plese don't stop me, I'm fine I can help some of those people." Krystal said.


"If you insist, I will accompany you then, just to make sure you are safe." Iminla said


Both of the girls walked to the tent. Iminla was going over anyway to replace bandages and ointments. As they walked past some of the wounded Krystal looked around in horror. The men were bleeding and infections were starting. some were even dying before her eyes. Soon they came to a certain tent and opened it. Laying there was a man still clothed but covered with bandages. none of the cuts were fatal and Krystal began helping Iminla change the bandage.


"This is Crescent, he's still badly hurt but nothing fatal. He'll be up in a couple of weeks. Though Kilman dosen't like having him around" Iminla said looking at the man


Krystal was also looking at the man. He didn't seem to have an evil aura around him and he seemed to be nice in his sleep. Krystal thought about what Iminla said about how that healer doesn't like him. In a way, he reminded her of Jacis. Just then she felt weight in her pocket and pulled out to necklaces. She made up her mind then and put one on, putting the other back in her pocket. She then knelled over Crescent and touched his chest gently. After concentrating she began to heal him using her abilities. Iminla in shock ran to get kilman. Just as she was finishing The man she was healing woke up.


"uuh......."Crescent mumbled looking up at krystal.

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Kliman finished washing the dishes after a short while - he had always prized efficiency, and his ability to prepare food and clean it up had been nearly perfected by demand over time, as an increase in customers meant less time for himself. Ceilos' meal had been great, and Kliman reflected over not only how odd a combination a mercenary and chef was, but how he had actually taken the time to do the dishes while his entire town was in grief.


'Let's go. I'm kind of worried about Krystal and that other guy. And there are many more people to heal... and we don't have much time. We need to get to the capital as quickly as possible.'


Ceilos, who had been drying some of the dishes off and on while relaxing, stood up. 'Do you keep a list of things to do in your head? You don't seem to ever get... you know... fazed or... distracted.'


As Kliman adjusted his clothing and put on his armguards, he restocked his supplies in his room. Already, they were depleting again. 'If I were to forget something I needed to do, it would become lost and would be neglected. If I keep a running list in my mind, we can get everything we need to do done without wasting any time. In this case, that would save the most lives. Coming?'


And he shut the door. Ceilos quickly dried his frying pan and hurried after him.


Kliman entered the inn again, and ran into Iminla right away. 'Kliman! It's Krystal...!'


Kliman looked a little unnerved. 'What happened?'


'She... she has healing powers too.'


'Really? Just like yours?' Kliman's eyebrows were raised. If it were true, it's no wonder she felt fine so quickly.


'No, she didn't seem to be affected at all by using her powers. I mean, I don't know for sure, but...' She grabbed his hand, almost too casually (Kliman wanted to think), and dragged him to the guy Kliman had healed before.


Kliman burst into the room after Iminla, and the man and Krystal were there, silent. Krystal looked a little tired, perhaps, but still beautiful, and the man had his eyes darted away from everyone.


Ceilos silently shuffled in. There was a slightly awkward pause, as even Kliman didn't know quite what to say.


'So... it looks like you two are doing well,' Iminla said, lamely.


'Is your name Crescent? Iminla said something about a Crescent, and so I had to assume it was you,' Kliman said, looking over his body and examining the bandages, none of which were soaked in blood at all.


Crescent's eyes seemed to flicker at him for a second before returning to their previous position. Iminla mumbled, 'you have identification, you know...'


Kliman, deciding to ignore the silent treatment he was getting, turned to Krystal. 'What powers do you possess?'

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Crescent looked over the the calander on the wall knowing he had not much time remaining till the launch. He stood up and went over to the raido and switched it on. The stations were still flooded with chatter about the launch to a place called Earth. Crescent could spell the fresh scent of pine trees. " pine..... how the hell do I know what pine trees are? wait what are they..... this is the smell of pine?" He thought to himself knowing that there was no such plant in existence on this planet. By this point everyone in the room was looking at him.



The man they called Ceilos was back in the room and looking at his sword again. "This sword..... I got it from my father, its been in our family for a long time..... it has some relation to the phases of the moon from what i can tell" He looked to everyone in the room. "I see you all have powers, I hope our paths never cross again on one of my missions, I might be forced to kill you. Let me show you all my powers." Crescent held out his hand and a small black orb formed. "Feel the darkness in all humans hearts, feel the pain, feel the suffering. I wish to end that all." The ball expanded covering the room, no one could see. "Eye of the wolf" Crescent said softly. his eyes changed to a bright yellow and everything was clear as day to him. His voice became darker and sounded somewhat demonic. "People are living in a corrupt world, politics rule us all. I am going back to earth to learn the truth about us all. Humans still live there, they can ell us the truth and I want answers!"He looked to the floor "Wait how the hell did I know that?" The room went scilent. None of them could see a thing but they all stayed scilent. "I am crescent of the Wolves of Wereloft, remember my name. It will be the name of the man who frees this world." Everything was scilent again. It was soon broken as Crescent ran oput the door. It seemed that the darkness not only coverd the house but the whole block as well.


"What the hell........."Ceilos said confused "Earth?"Kliman said with a spark of intrest in his voice. The darknees soon faided and Crescent was no where to be found.

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Ceilos looked around for Crescent, but found nothing. "Well, at least that explains the swords."


"But where..." Kliman was as surprised as the rest of them.


"Phases of the moon, but what about what happened to Ceilos's sword?" Iminla looked puzzled.


"Maybe something is at Clorindale Ruins to the north. After I'm done stopping Aris, I'm going to

the city of Clorindale and getting permission to enter the ruins. I should be allowed, since

my dad explored that same ruin. You guys can come along if y'all want" Ceilos now had more missions needed to be finished than he ever wished.


"If only I could just go back to the restaurant, but its not that simple anymore."

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'He knows more than he appears to,' thought Kliman. 'I hope our paths do indeed cross again... I wonder if he really does possess the power to kill so easily as he made it seem...' 'I'll be right back. I need to ask the innkeeper if the town is alright, and if the wounded can remain here...' he paused, and looked at nothing in particular out of the corner of his eye. 'I guess I should also find out if my parents are alright.' And he left the room.


Iminla had had quite the day. First finding the dead body and Krystal, then coming home to an attack on her town, and soon leaving to head to the capital to support Kliman on his journey to save PRIMAS from the impending attack Ceilos warned them about... and in return, she supposed, it might be fair if they joined him on his quest through the ruins to investigate whatever it was he was talking about. She didn't really understand his situation, but at this point, there was a lot she was unsure of. Then there was also Crescent, with his cryptic warnings - warnings that, she felt, were a little ominous and hard to ignore.


'Krystal, you should come with us too. Did someone attack you?'


Krystal smiled. 'Yes, I was kidnapped... at least, that's what I remember. ... I don't know why,' she added, 'Oh - I never really thanked you all for saving me... especially Kliman. I must remember to do that.'


Iminla smiled. 'Well, I'm sure he knows it's appreciated. Tell me, do you know what happened to a man we saw in a clearing a small ways from you? It was... a gruesome sight.'


Krystal's smile flickered away almost immediately. She dropped her gaze for a second, then returned it. 'Sorry, I don't remember. Shouldn't we be going? ... On second thought, where exactly is it that we are going?'


Iminla and Ceilos filled her in on the situation, and just as they finished, Kliman returned, breathing heavily. 'Alright... let's go.'


He looked at Iminla, who had a questioning look on her face. He knew what she must've been wondering.


'My parents are okay, of course. They wouldn't leave without giving me a hard time, are you kidding? And of course they're fine with me leaving. I stole some food from our pantry, though... just in case we get hungry. It shouldn't take us too long, all things considered, to get to the capital. That is, if we go uninterrupted.'


Ceilos' face remained unreadable. 'Uninterrupted... I wonder what the chances are of that happening...?'


'Krystal. You've got to come with us. I understand you can heal people, but I'm not completely sure that your body is up to par. I mean, health-wise. I mean, that you've recovered correctly- that is to say that your body is functioning as it should... like.. your wounds are gone...' he trailed off, feeling his face go red and his eyes searching the ceiling for something random to take his focus off of his patient's body.


Krystal seemed to not notice. 'Yes, I will accompany you. Although, Kliman, as much as I can thank you for helping me, I assure you, I feel fine. Perhaps you just did everything in your power to help me, and so I was healed faster. But please, pay my previous injury no regard.'


Kliman knew he had an obviously impatient look on his face. 'Should we go? The innkeeper should be able to manage with the help of the townspeople.'

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+Aris's point of view+

Aris woke up in the spring, looking around at the scenery. That beast of darkenss was nowhere to be found.

"I wonder... could that have been the Harbinger of Death... Chaos?"


Aris walked out of the spring and looked around. He pulled out a cell phone and dialed his reinforcements number.


"Kristatos Shipping and Armory?"


"We need more men."


"Aris, we said not to attack!"


"No... we've been attacked by the ultimate creature ever to exist... Chaos..."

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+Ceilos's point of view+


"Kliman, exactly what is the capital like?"


Kliman looked at Ceilos weirdly. "You never been to the capital?"


"Yeah, never set foot in it, never seen it..."


"Well, its very big, one of the biggest cities on Jenova. Buildings go up for almost twenty to thirty stories into the air, and the PRIMAS building is so grand."


"Can't wait till we get there." Ceilos and Kliman ooked at each other.


"So Ceilos, shall we go?"

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Kliman, Iminla, Ceilos, and Krystal set off towards the capital, giving them ample time to think about what had happened and get to know each other. Kliman led the group by pointing in the general direction that they had to go, and spent the first while pointing out herbs and plants that seemed commonplace but were actually potential compounding ingredients. The others weren't always aware of which plants he was pointing to, however, and so couldn't exactly follow along.


'It's easier if you have a compounding book,' he said, when Iminla complained that the useful Fireweed, that supposedly was good for hypothermia, chills, or stiffness, looked too much like normal grass from a distance.


'Yeah... he's pretty crazy. He's memorized so many things from all his books that he reads. I mean, I read a lot, but not compared to Kliman,' Iminla said, looking at Ceilos and Krystal.


Krystal smiled. 'So what is your profession, Iminla?'


Iminla thought about it for a bit. 'I don't really have one... I take care of myself in my home, and that's about it. I do all my cooking and cleaning, and I have a garden to grow lots of vegetables in.'


Ceilos seemed underwhelmed. 'You survive off of a garden? How do you make money? What if the vegetables die?'


'There are a few friends of my late parents who donate animals, too...'


'But what if they die? What if they get sick?'


Iminla stopped for a moment. 'Then... I cure them.'


'How do you cure them?' asked Krystal, walking gracefully along while looking directly at her.


'I don't know... I use the same means that Kliman does to see visions. I guess I was just born with it...' she kept walking, but was mumbling. 'I can absorb the pain of another into my own system... My target's conditions will be transferred into myself, and the target will be healed. Cuts or scrapes will not appear, but will take a mental toll on me instead... Just... don't tell anyone about it. I don't tell many people, because without other people I don't think I could survive. And if people knew of our abilities, they might feel threatened... or... something like that.'


'That's why I don't often interfere with what I see in my visions,' Kliman said. 'It's because we're different...'


Kliman thought back to Crescent's parting words... maybe there was some truth to them. The capital was still a while way, but he urged them to walk faster than normal, or else it could be too late.

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Ceilos looked around, the speed made him worried. Ceilos glanced at the sky and noticed that the sun was going down. "Guys, the sun's going down, lets make camp here."


Kliman and Iminla, and Krystal agreed and began to set up camp. Ceilos pulled out his frying pan and began to cook some wild game he caught earlier. Kliman and Iminla gathered herbs just in case, and Krystal just rested. Ceilos looked around. Somehow, the setting was uneasy. Beautiful glade in the woods, a small creek nearby... seemed to quiet. It reminded Ceilos of the legends about the Grendel, a dragon like creaturr native to the woods near Capital City. Sure, its a scientificly proven beast, but it supposedly had incredible abilities over fire and earth...

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Crescent had just eaxited to woods looking on the capatal city, he still had a long way to go to reach the coast but something was un nerving about this city. something just seemed off to him. He passed the guards with out much truble and made his way through the streets. The smell of fuel filled the air, but there was not a mass transit in this city nor many moterized vechols for that matter. Crescent felt a bit uneasy about this, fumes this concentrated could have only come from a large sorce of fuel. The city did not house enough large machines for this much of a stench anyways. Eventually Crescent came to the central park in the town it was very large, maybe a diamator of a 1/2 mile. The park housed many animals and people, they sat in many of the benches and some were swimming in the lake, it seemed nice enough. The city itself was massave with many tall buildings, one notable was a needle tower it stood much higher then any of the other buildings and could see for miles around. Crescent made his way to one of the local bars, apparently it was a favorite of the military of the city.


Crescent felt at home with the war torn vets. He sliped into a seat in the corner and orderd a drink. As time passed he herd of many stories none of which helped his cause but they were interesting, many of them involved the animals attacking with no sign of agrovation. One story did ketch his ear though, it seemed that many truck loads of metals, engin parts and fuel have been shiped into the city over the last week.



Crescent soon picked up on another conversation of even more interst.


"Did you hear about sork?" a soldger sayed to his friend


"Yeah, it seems that the higher ups have made some sort of deal with them?" the other soldger sayed a little anoyed at the fact.


"Yeah to protect our city I guess, they were going to work together on some project." the first man said in a softer more depressed tone.


"Are you going to the Coast to watch the shuttle launch?"


"no its a waist of time, my cosen was working on the project he says its a death trap."



Crescent stood up slowly to not draw to much atenshion to himself. "Intresting, so the launch at the coast is a fake, but then where could they possably have enough room to launch such a craft" he ponderd as he walked out the door and into the park.

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Kliman knew he was experiencing yet another vision. When he tried to yell out, he couldn't, and the people in front of him did not seem to realize he existed. He was in some sort of dark, cavernous, tomb-like room... he knew it was a tomb because on the dirt floor lay larger mounds of shapely earth boxed in by wood. He was in the centre of the large, open room, surrounded by, it seemed, six of these tombs - he thought to himself that they reminded him of a small, crude raised garden of sorts. The room appeared to be hexagon-shaped, with each tomb placed evenly near each side. This was definitely not a natural formation, as the walls were smoothed out to near perfection.


Kliman was witnessing a young woman standing over the tomb directly in front of him. The woman had her back turned to him, and she wasn't saying anything. He just saw her shoulders silently quivering; perhaps, he thought, she was crying.


Still wanting to see his surroundings, Kliman turned to the south. All he could see past the grave was a long, black tunnel. Then, looking down, he realized that there were names written on the wood panels on the graves surrounding him; each name was written so that it faced the centre of the room. Kliman turned slowly, making sure to remember each of them. The only one he could not see was the one the woman was blocking. While none of the names were familiar to him, he thought it might be important to remember them all regardless...


Then, willing himself to step towards the woman so that he could see who she was crying over, he stopped as she turned in his direction for one moment, looking around, checking, as if to see if anyone was there. Kliman panicked, and the next moment he woke up on the ground where the group had set up camp for the night. He thought he could see Ceilos keeping watch, but, feeling a little rattled, he couldn't say for sure. The night seemed peaceful, at the very least, and he wondered how long the peace would last.


Iminla lay near to him, though not too near, breathing softly in her sleep. Kliman wondered how, or why, or for whom she would end up going to a place like that to see. In that second the woman had checked around her, Kliman knew right away that he had just had a bizarre vision that involved Iminla. He wasn't sure if he wanted to tell her of it or not.

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Draconis woke up in the alley of a small town, he thought back to what had happened last. The last thing he remembered was talking to those two guards, then the full moon. As he tried to move his head began to ache. When he got up, it felts as if his head were a gong that was being rung. Soon he foung it hard to move so he decided to sit down near the stream. Again his thoughts went back to his mission to find the boy and the woman.

"Hmph......serves those guards for not leting me go, but still......were could those two be? Forced transformation takes alot out of you" He thought to himself right before he passed out


Jacis was walking toward the manager to have a word with him about the mermaid when everyone around him started yelling a screaming. He began to look around when he saw that the mermaid girl had collapsed onstage. Immedately he ran over to see if she was okay, she looked veryly sickly so jacis decided to pick her up and move her backstage. This was easier said then done, when jacis got onstage everyone began thowing things at him to get him off, He even had to fight a group of men while carrying her. Finally they reached her dressing room and he laid her on the bed. He found a pitcher of water and splashed it on her face. Soon the color came back to her face and she woke up. She stared at him for a moment and tried to get up.

"Who are you he asked, helping her up." Jacis asked

"Aquallia" she answered


"Well I'm getting you out of here, ive seen how they treated you. You don't deseve it." Jacis replied


Before she could say anything he scopped her up and carried her to the door. Whe he opened it he found a mob of angry people lookinf at him. As fast as he could he reached over to a silver framed mirrior and melted it into a dagger. Seeing this the men charged, and with a couple of quick slashed five of the men were down. the others backed off just enough so that Jacis could make his escape. When they left the other attened to the wqounded and no one followed Jacis. soon they were outside and jacis let her down.


" your welcome" Jacis said, as he began to walk away

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"Ah, Kliman, your awake."


"Ceilos, I had another vision..."


"Hmmm.... a lot of strange things tonight..."


Suddenly, twigs broke and a short but powerful snort was heard. Ceilos grabbed his sword

and readied it.


"Grendel????" Ceilos sqeked a small wimper, knowing Grendel's power. Suddenly, it came forth, a large shadow, horns, strong body...

And it was a deer. But in the calm of the revelation, A draconic beast (think like a dungeons and dragons wyvern) swoops down and eats the deer.

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