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Crystalist Legends

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In the not too distant future many things have evolved, Technologies have been upgraded, Robots replaced people and people no longer had to work for a living, People have learned how to live longer, dieases that killed in the 21st centeruy were cured, Cancer was a thing of the past, Many extinct plants and animals were ressurrected and places in zoos and in the wild to repopulate the planet, the world has become less polluted, and space travel is as easy as driving a car. New planets were found and coloninized and the people were happy. Everything was looking good for the people and nothing could be better. Because of this The people were care free and defenceless, Even the omnesient controllers were blinded by peace. All thought they were safe....


....They were wrong....In a time now catorized as The End era, everything was wiped out. The only records that were ever recovered told the people what might have happened. Something horrible that was never forseen in a millenia.


On a day like every other the people did as always, Piolts went to work to piolet the Mechs, Children played, everyone else was in the splender of a delitful summer morning. The council was in meeting discussing hoe to improve the third district on the northern end of the city. Then out of nowhere the sky was suddenly blacketed in the darkest of darkness ever seen the sun was blocked and the planet was blind. Earth was doomed. A giant explosion rock the galxy and a bright flash lit up the cosmos. All that we know is that most of our technology came from Earth and was on earth. Now we were stuck with no memory of how to work machines and no way to rebuild what was lost, The remaining of us humans that were sent for exploration of space went to find a new world, a place where we can live and try to discover what had happened to mother Earth and how to prevent it, We have entered a new era for men.


The only thing we could call this ang is The Genesis era.


In this era we have found a planet that we have so named Jenova. Over the years people have begun to cope with the planet and have started to live peacefully. So of the technology From earth survived THE END era and are currently in use. The newest problem in not with where we live but the people. Some of us have started to gain unexplainible ablities that have changed us. these people are highly dangerus and hunted down so this can't spread some ablities help us and the others..we exterminate. We call These people The Crystalists.

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(LETS GET IT STARTED!!! :biggrin: )


In the dark corridor that streched before him, the only thing that Jacis heard was the moning of the people behind the door and the laghter of the people patroling the halls. Their were many doors that lead to many rooms in this corridor and none of them looked to pleasent to him. As his escort pushed him down this corridor Jacis looked for a way out but saw none. Their were nowindows along the wall and none of the doors lead outside. For the first time ever Jacis felt trapped.

Suddenly the escort stopped in front of a door. It took him a while to get the keys out, but when he did he opened the door with a creak. Feeling threatened Jacis tried to run but was stopped.

"Oh no you don't." said the escort grabbing Jacis."Get in the room and stay there, HE will be here shortly,hehehe, then you'll be in big troble,hehehehahaha." said the escort leaving Jacis in this room.

Jacis could have escaped if he wanted to. He could have used his abilities to melt the wall and run, But he wanted to keep them a secret so he sat there. It seemed ages before Jacis heard a noise outside, it must be HIM.Just then the door swung open and HE walked in. HE sat down on the other side of the table and opened a folder. He frowned at Jacis and began reading more.


"Do you have a problem with this place" HE said. "Everyone else shows up ON TIME, and every day. This is the first time this week you have even bothered to show up, AND you then get in a fight as soon as the bell rings. As your principal, I don't know what i should do with you.For now, you are suspened all next week, I don't want to see you around my school, or beating up my students!" HE the principal said


After that was finished and the pricipal left, Jacis Left the school. He had work to do, this is why he barely goes to school anymore. All his friends left him and he has no one but his boss to talk too. The only reason he got in a fight is because that stupid quterback had started it. All Jacis did was finish it.

When he got to the smith he found it was closed today and no work for him. So he headed home, and when he got there he saw something he had not seen in over ten years. It filled him with emotions he forgot he had, as soon as he saw it ghe ran to the door. Yes, it was true. SHE was here, his only real friend. He ran inside and who lay on the couch but HER.

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"Another hit?" Crescent said cleaning off his katana.


"Yes another hit, this time its the leader of The dominion Of sabers." A man in all red clothing said.


"dominion of sabers?" Crescent said pausing for a second.


"Do you have a problem with my task? It should be no problem for one of the high ranking members of WoW"


"Remember WoW dosn't have many members remaining, only 12 of us."

"Very true........ so that means you deny?"

"No, this man is also the Leader of SORK......... I want to se that gang crumble."

"Very well, your pay will be given om completion of the mission."


"As I expected, so how do I find him?"

"He will be staying in a contested city nearby for refuling on his transports, I sugest you hit him there."





Crescent grabed his ammo off the table and proceded to walk out the front door. His base of operations was an old church, no one came or went, just Crescent when he pleased. The man he got his missions from, he is the leader of an orgonazition called C.A.C.G........... They usually hit high ranking goverment officals, the corrupt ones and the local gang leaders. They hired 3 members of WoW (wolvs of Wereloft) Because they are the best at stealth tatics. Many Years ago the goverment put out a warrent for the arrest of every member of the WoW. Out of 76 members only 12 escaped among the 12 are the best of any bonty hunters/Assassans on the planet. The members that were cought were all killed, sence that the remaining members have made it their duty to weed out corrupt officals. Also after that desastor no new members have joined the group. Crescent and Lobo (Leader of wow) agreed that the wow would end with the last 12. Crescent pondered this on his long walk to his destonation.

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There she was, the woman whom he could consider his only friend. They had been together for as long as he could remember, until one night. On that night she had told him of her ablities and how she was leaving to try and control them. She had left when he was asleep and left him a note saying she would return. She was truthful, she had returned. when she saw him she got up and walked over to him.


"What has happened to you Jac? I see that you are lost without me, i've heard of wht has happened over these last few years. Please talk to me." Krystal said in a mothering tone


"Where have you been? Why did you not let me come with you, there is nothing here for me, NOTHING! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!" Jacis said.


"I had to leave, and it is time to tell you the truth. the truth about everything about who we are and why now you have to chose. " She said


"Chose what?" Jacis said


"It is time for us to leave the people here know about us. If we stay we will be killed. The reason I left is because they were chasing us. we've not much time. You must chose whether to run with me or to stay here and continuue to live the way you have been. You are a crystalist. Your abilities are not normal and they will come for us."She said


As they spoke three shadows outside arrived at the building. They were dressed in black and had high tech weapons. They listened to the conversation the two inside were having. Suddenly the man in front stood up.


"Heh, so the boy is one of them too." He said.


"Sir, what is the mission?" the second one said


"We were sent here to capture the girl, the boss has been after her for a long time. i guess we can kill the boy." the captain said


Then they climbed through the window and began to creep up on Jacis and Krystal. Suddenly She turned around. The three men were agile and silent and were never seen. She took something out of her bag. It seemed to be a necklace of some sort. When Jais touched it his body began to glow.


"Wh-What is this."Jacis said


"This necklace holds you true ablility in it, it modifys you power tenfold. I have one too, in fact these are the only two in the world. They are arcane objects the were made on this planet at the begining of the Genisis Era." Krystal said.


Just then the three men had sprung their trap. They netted Krystal And stunned Jacis. The three men thought about what to do with him. Finally the captain made his desicion.


"I'll take the girl, you can do whatever you want ith the kid." He said as he left.


As the two men started for Jacis the stun wore off. They were about to shoot him when their guns began to melt. Jacis stod up and grabbed the molten weapons. In an instant he had made a sword. in two quick movements the men were dead. Jacis ran into the street to stop the third man's escape. Nobody was outsie. His decision was now clear to him. He had to use his power to free Krystal. Something nagged at him as he was packing a bag. Who were those men, why did they want Krystal, and what is a crystalist? He then left his only home and the city he never left before was soon out of sight. He had to find Krystal. No matter what. She was his only family.

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"Ceilos! Look what the hell you did!"


Ceilos walked up to the tipped over soup pot and looked embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Anguista. I must have hit it with my shoulder. I'll

stay later after work and clean this up. And I'll lock up."


"You better Ceilos. Well, you are a klutz, but you get the job done.

I'll trust you to lock up."


Ceilos watched his boss, Mr. Anguista leave. Ceilos picked up a mop and bucket of water and watched his boss walk out the door. Ceilos then threw the mop in the corner and set the bucket down. He rose his hands in the air and mad the soup float. While concentrating, Ceilos attemped to pick the pot back up, but ended up with the soup crashing on him. Celios mumbled and agaiun commanded the soup into the pot. Ceilos grabbed the key and locked the door when he turned and saw an unscruplulous man.




"Is this Ceilos bauer?"


"Yes... what is it."


"Got a special little job for you. And its at the right price to little dude."


The man pulled out some money, about 1,000 dollars and handed it to Ceilos. Ceilos put the money in his pocket, and walked to guy to his apartment. Ceilos walked in just to grab the Spiritus, his rifle, and a frying pan, and wlaked back outside.


"Ok sir, whats your job..."

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Watching a room of complete darkness, Kliman saw a robed figure in the centre of a large emblem on an illuminated floor. The emblem was familiar; the man, however, was not. The man, tall and broad, with trimmed white hair, looked dignified and important, and had a staff in his raised hands. He stepped forward, mumbled something that Kliman could not make out, and silently collapsed on the ground in a heap.


The emblem suddenly emanated a bright white light, engulfing the man on the floor, and Kliman watched, hoping to see what would happen afterward.


Then he awoke from his dream. He sat up. This time, he thought, it must be extremely important.




'So, is the first time you've come to Kliman for help?'


'Well, yes, I recently heard about him because one of my neighbours' friends came to him when they had an infection, and they said he worked wonders!'


'He tends to do so... I have no idea where he learned it from though! Anyway, this is the place.' Iminla knocked on the door to Kliman's house. The short, frail man at her side apparently had a wound on his leg that needed to be looked at, because it had grown worse over time with an encounter he had with a poisonous plant.


'Thank you for taking me here, young lady. I picked the right villager to ask for help.'


'No problem. I was just out taking a walk anyway. Kliman's a good friend of mine, anyway. Enjoy your stay here!'


Iminla left the man at the entrance to Kliman's house. The door opened slowly, and a man of immense height and seriousness appeared at the door. 'Can I help you, sir?'


The man with the wound looked up. 'I believe so. Are you Kliman, the compounder?'


The tall man's eyes flickered straight forward at the name, and with his eyes half shut, looked down. 'Absolutely not - I'm his father. Come in...' He turned to his left. 'Kliman!!! You have a client!'


Kliman's father swung the door open, and the short man entered slowly.


The man immediately entered what appeared to be a clean and tidy living room. He sat down, and rolled up his loose pants' leg, revealing the blackened skin beneath it. Kliman's father's eyes widened at the sight, and he left the man alone.


A moment later, a young man with a very warm smile entered from an adjacent room. 'Hello, sir. My name is Kliman. It's nice to meet you. So what're you here for today?'


The man looked at this youth, somewhat surprised that he has so young. He was also rather dressed up for simply going being at home. 'I've got this wound here, and I'm not sure what it is... it started to appear on my skin sometime after I had been in a forest... I probably got pricked by some plant... but it's starting to hurt more and more.'


Kliman looked at the wound and bit his lip. 'Well, I'll see what I can do... this is unusual. There aren't many forests around here. I'm not familiar with this... so do you know what I'm going to do? I will send you to the tavern to enjoy yourself for a few hours... while I go out into the forest to the east. I was actually heading there anyway with a friend of mine. Hopefully you'll be alright?'


'That should be fine. I passed by the tavern earlier, and I can see myself out. I'll return just before sunset then.' And the client left the house.


Kliman sighed. The old man had clearly wandered too far into the same forest that he himself was about to enter. It was reasonable to suppose that the man had met with a sting from an insect. But why hadn't he noticed the tingling feeling that normally accompanied a sting? Surely he would've known...


In any case, Kliman was heading to the forest with his friend, Iminla. She enjoyed their walks, and always liked being surrounded by flora, so he always invited her along. She was his greatest friend, though he wanted them to be more than just friends, but the thought of losing her kept him from taking that risk to see if the feelings were mutual.


'Kliman? I'm going to meet your mother at the church. So we'll be back in a while, alright? Be sure to lock the doors when you leave.' His father slammed the door and seemed to be storming off in the direction of the church, probably angry as usual. There was no reply from Kliman; there wasn't even any time to reply. Not that he would've anyway. Once he'd made enough money, Kliman planned to leave home, anyway. Staying in this town was definitely not on his list of long-term goals.


Throwing on his vest and slinging his carrying cloths on his waist, Kliman stepped outside. Then he realized that he'd forgot his PRIMAS crest.


PRIMAS, the Possession of Rifles Initiating Mass Ammunition Supplies, was a small group within the town that was strongly opposed to any sort of mechanical weapons, especially ones that required ammunition, such as guns. Kliman was a part of this small group, mainly because he disagreed with using the earth's resources, which he saw as tools to help people through his curselifting and compounding, being used as weapons - as instruments of war. Though he wasn't a believer in legend, it seemed logically that in history, populations had been higher, and as a result of people not sharing the goals of PRIMAS - to eliminate and prohibit guns - population had fallen drastically. It seemed logical, anyway. Not that I'm in real danger of guns anyway, he thought as he arranged his crest on his vest, so that it was right over his heart.


And he opened the door to meet Iminla and restock his ingredients.

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He was completely lost. A few days ago Jacis came across a small town and began to look for Krystal. He went into the local tavern and began asking around. One old man said he saw a man in black carrying a large sack that seemed to move. This old man told him that the man in black went west into Blackthorn Forest. He then gave jacis a map and with a smile left.


Jacis then procedded to the forrest. He could see how it got its name. These trees were the steangest things jacis had ever seen. The trees were black and upon looking in, it seemed as if the whole forest was always covered in darkness. The trees also had five foot thorns coming from the trunk. Jacis knew these were poisonious so he had to make sure not to touch them.


While the feeling of foreboding was very strong Jacis knew he had to go in. As soon as he entered Blackthorn he knew this forest was strange. It seemed to enclose upon him. He was not more than fifty feet from where he was and he could no longer see the entrance. A couple of hours later he was lost, but he kept on going east......




When Krystal awoke she found herself in a large bag. She tried to rember back to what happened, all se could remember was talking to Jacis and she was about to tell him of his past. She was also going to give him that necklace the old man gave her. Then all she remembered was a sharp pain on the back of her head and blackness. They must have captured her! that mean they must have killed Jacis,no he's too strong for that.


She had to get out. The captain was having trouble and had to stop. his forest was a tricky place. As he set the girl down he saw a flash of light from the sack. all of the sudden the bag split open a thr girl roes up. he had tried to grab her but only managed to push her to a tree before an arrow of light hit him in the chest and he felt his heart explode. The last thing he saw was what he thought to be an angel.


When the man pushed her she fell back on the tree and scraped her arm on a thorn. When she killed him she began walking east. An hour later she heard footsteps. There were two people walking toward her. As she armed herself she felt dizzy. she feel and soon she grew tired. The last thing she heard before she passed out was thr footsteps, she let out a small yell and fell asleep

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"Ok sir, whats the mission?"


"Ceilos, my name is Aris Kristatos... that sword will not be nescessary for you mission."


Ceilos was confused, but none the less, interested with this Aris.


"Let me explain. You will be dealing with PRIMAS. We need you to go into the neighboring town where they are, and help me and my men attack them. You see, they want to close our armory..."


Ceilos now frowned at him and got angry. "Aris, I don't know who you think I am, but I'm no terrorist. Now, I don't agree with PRIMAS either, but you must understand. I'm a mercenary and assasin for hire, terrorist is not part of that."


Aris pulled out a hand gun, which Ceilos drew his sword and smacked the gun away.


"Ceilos, where did you get that sword... the Spiritus."


"My dad, a dying gift before he departd for the Angelic Realm."


"That sword doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the ancient royal family."


Ceilos punched him and walked off. "Well, I'm going on a journey, I'll send a letter to my boss later."

Ceilos now hired himself to deliver PRIMAS a message

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'It happened again,' Kliman said as they passed into the outskirts of the forest. 'I don't understand what's going on with me. These visions just keep getting weirder all the time. This time, all there was was darkness, a man who was dying, and a crest that just seemed to... exist. I don't know how to explain it, but it seemed really important somehow.'


Iminla stopped, brushed herself off, and gave Kliman a reassuring smile. 'Don't worry - these visions you're seeing are a gift! So you didn't know him at all, I suppose?'


Kliman ducked to avoid a low, rotting tree branch. 'No idea. He was old, and dressed very noble-like. And I wouldn't call it a gift - these visions are troublesome, you know.'


Iminla climbed over a fallen tree, and stumbled as she nearly tripped over an old stump. 'Well... whatever you say.'


'Yeah. And I say- AH! Ouch!' Kliman rubbed his forehead in pain; something had landed on him when he wasn't ready for it.


'Oh, Kliman! Haha! You need to be careful! We're so close to your herb patch now. ... Are you alright?' Iminla was leaning in front of Kliman to examine what had hit him, and Kliman, now wincing in pain, resisted the thought of looking directly downward at his friend's body. Iminla bounced back up, holding a very petite weed. 'It's no wonder it hurt so much... you're allergic to these, and the effects of their pollen work almost instantaneously!'


Seeing that it was just a common herb, Kliman felt a little more calm. 'Yeah, I told you that, remember? ... But hey, I'm glad you remembered. You actually listened to my compounding lectures.'


'Well, yes, what if something happened to you? You couldn't just cure yourself, now could you?'


'Hopefully you'll be there if that happens...' Kliman often thought about expressing his feelings for Iminla here in the forest, but then second-guessed himself, thinking that only a compounder would find a weed-ridden forest a romantic area. Even though... forests weren't too frequent a feature around this area. But this time, he was hinting at something else. He knew that Iminla would catch on.


'I know how subtle your comments can be... do you want my help with your reaction this time? Just say pleeeaaaase...!'


Iminla took far too much joy in making Kliman work for his cures. '... Please.'


Iminla stepped close to her friend, and took his hand - making Kliman's heart pound a little bit with hope - and his headache faded away instantly.


Iminla's power... the ability to transfer the pain of someone to herself. Kliman smiled at her, and as Iminla's headache faded because she was not allergic to the plant, they continued.


They entered a clearing, and found an empty bag, and a grotesque scene. A dead man, his blood anywhere but in himself, lay near the centre of the clearing. Kliman and Iminla froze.

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Everything seemed dead, the buildings vacent, the street half destroyed, rubble everywhere. Crescent hated this planet he missed Earth so much, he didn't know why but he missed it even if he had no memories of it or had never even seen it for that matter. But he always felt home sick, he always felt like he didn't belong. The came across a shady looking building, an old train depo. It was no longer in use but he could make out the stench of desal fuel, and human scents. "Damn she isn't here yeat" He thought to himself. "guess i will have to do this alone" he said to himself again pulling out his sword. The wind picked up a bit and he lowerd his sword feeling the cold breez and letting it run through his hair. He pulled his hood up and croutched down, then like a spring he jumped almost 50ft into the air and landed on the roof of the building. Looking down he could make out 17 men and through his enhanced scences he picked up another 5 stationed in various spots. the leader of the Dominion of sabers was speaking with someone. He was dressed in brown robes and had black hair, gree eyes, and a gun half visable at his side. "just a pistle form the look of it". Crescent thought to himself. He listend in to try and pick up on the conversation.


"Earth? what did you find out?" The man in robes said sowing intrest.


"Nothing yeat but it seems that creatures have started apearing on the planet" The leader said.




"Yes strange beasts........ We though we could find humans on the planet but so far any trace has been wiped clean. If we are ever to figure out what happened there I will need more funds."


"I figured that you would say that, just I wwould like to go and see thies findings for myself."


"Very well, just it will be extreamly dangress, we will need to heavly guard you. The creatures there so no remorse."


"I could have guessed that"


Crescent wanted to learn more, the man he needed to assassanate seemed to have an interesting goal. Crescent had always wanted to go to Earth but at the same time he wasn't sure on what to do.

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Jacis emerged from the forest without finding a trace of Krystal. When he came upon a traveler he had learned that somehow he turned north intead of east, so he went back into the forest. After three days of relentles serching he had come upon a dead body that was dressed in black, like the men he killed earlier. After looking some more he had found a sack that was torn open. He knew it must be her, but no matter how hard he looked he could find no trail of her. So he went north to the village he saw earlier. It wasn't really a village but a tavern and a couple houses, but jacis had just enough money to spend the night and buy a three days ration.

when he left he began to wander around looking for clues. on the third day of his wandering he came across a ruined town. As he wandered this town he had begun hearing voices. He heard them speaking of a weird planet called Earth. he had no memory of it, but they seemed to think that all mankind had come from there. He figured that these were just crazy bums and was about to ask them if they knew anything about a girl. when he came around thew corner he knew he made a mistake. soon they all converged on him.

"What are you doing here little boy" one thug said


"I think he's lost" said a second


"lets rough him up" said a third

"Wait. Why are you here" said a man in brown robes.


"I have no reason to tell you you have no use to me" Jacis said


"well now, I guess you think your tough. Well your gonna have to pay to get through now." The leader said


" I have no money or food. Let me pass or you will all die."Jacis said getting angry.


"Have it your way, rough him up boys." The leader said.


The men converged on jacis some more, pulling out guns, chains and pipes. Jacis grabbed two guns and formed swords. The men were a bit fritened by this and there leader backed away. Jacis began dodging the men while grabbing more metal and made his swords bigger and bigger. When both swords were about ten feet long he began slicing the men down. after about a minute all the men were dead exept the leader. jacis dropped the swords and began walking toward this man. As he did someone jumped off of the buliding in front of jacis blocking him from the leader. This man was not really a man but someone like jacis. Krystal called them...us...Crystalists. This man was one two.


"This man is my hit" He said

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Ceilos began to walk through the forest looking around the calmness of the scenery. Simple woodland creatures caught his eye, but nothing more. Ceilos thought about what Aris said about his sword, and how it scared him.


As ceilos was walking, he notices a dead man who died a very violent death, and notices two people on the otherside of the clearing. Ceilos looks at them and yells "Who did this?"

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Kliman's heart gave a little jump, as he whirled around. At first, he'd thought it was the dead man speaking, but the voice had come from- Do I know this guy?!


It was the eyes that gave Kliman a feeling that he had seen him before. Maybe he'd had a random dream about him, before. If so, it was his self-appointed duty to make sure that this guy, who looked about his age, knew what he had forseen about the future if he wanted to.


He cleared his throat. 'We don't know who did this. We were just coming through this forest to get to these herbs here. I'm Kliman, and this is Iminla. ... Iminla?'


He whirled around. Iminla had taken off past the clearing.


The young man examined the body more closely. Kliman noticed he was armed with a strange sword, and... a frying pan? 'You don't... you aren't going to... use... that? On him?' He took a step closer to the person.


The young man, who had been kneeling over the wound as if to inspect it, stood up and faced him. 'I'm not a cannibal! My name is Ceilos. I'm trying to get to a nearby town so that I can deliver a message.'


'A town? If you mean Centrile, then you going the wrong way, and... well, I'm from there. I'm a compounder... but, um... this might sound strange, but-'


'Kliman! Kliman, you need to help this girl!' Iminla said, struggling to carry a girl who appeared to be in her late teens like themselves. She got to the clearing and set the girl down. She was breathing, and had some scratches on her, but was unconscious and wounded. 'Oh, uh, I'm Iminla. Nice to meet you.'


'I'm Ceilos. It's good to meet you too. Do you know this girl? She looks hurt.' Ceilos looked intently at the girl, with her eyes closed. She was absolutely beautiful, but it was the wrong time to be so preoccupied with her looks.


'Oh, geez. I'll grab a few plants, and then we'll be on our way. I can help carry her, too. But Ceilos, will you come with us? I have something I want to tell you, too.' As Kliman said this, Iminla looked over at him with an understanding look. She knew what he must've meant.


Ceilos looked a little confused. 'What is it?'


'Just come with us to Centrile, and then I'll tell you. This girl looks like she's in bad shape, and she needs immediate attention.'


With a questioning look, Ceilos lifted the unconscious girl up from the ground.

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Ceilos looked at the girl, and boy was she pretty. Ceilos just smiled and

examined Kliman, noticing a badge that stated clearly on it the letters PRIMAS


"Kliman, you're part of PRIMAS, aren't you?"


Kliman didn't answer at first, so Ceilos asked again.


"Yes, I am."


"Kliman, then I have to tell you something."


"First, explain the frying pan."


Ceilos looked at him funny, but laughed and said. "I just can't go anywhere without the

frycook's best friend, the frying pan. And since I'm on this subject, I bought the gun, and my father gave me the sword. Its a pretty neat sword, because of the fact that the blade can't be seen."


"Well then," Kliman said. "Ok, now your message?"


"PRIMAS is in danger. An armory owner by the name Aris Kristatos is thretening to attack PRIMAS Headquarters..."

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Iminla seemed a bit taken aback by this. 'Somebody is planning on attacking the headquarters? But why? We're entitled to our opinions!'


'I was supposed to carry it out for them. Let me explain - I don't know anything about why Aris wants to attack them, or how. But I am a mercenary, and I turned down the mission. I just thought I would let PRIMAS know before it was too late.'


They had made their way out of the forest, the unconscious girl in tow, but only after moving the dead body into someplace other than the clearing so that it could be dealt with by nature.


'I should probably head to the capital, then...' Kliman said, more to himself than the others.


'Kliman, you can't! You have your patients, and you have to take care of this girl.' Iminla didn't know the way to the capital, and neither did Kliman, and Ceilos likely didn't either. If she did, she would go herself, but...


'Then I'll awaken this girl, and deal with that old man, and then go.'


Iminla didn't look impressed. 'She doesn't look well at all. What if she needs your help for a little bit to get her back to feeling normal?'


Kliman shook his head a little. 'But... I need to warn the institution, and the main source of it comes from the capital... If I can awaken her, which I'm sure I can pretty easily, and she still needs help, can't you help her? You know a little bit about compounding, from what I've taught you.'




'Um, Kliman, I could probably go, if you wanted me to.'


Kliman quickly gave Ceilos a quick scan. Then he looked to the side in dismay. 'The head of the institution wouldn't believe you... you're not a member. You'd need either myself or Iminla to go with you... shoot... you're SURE that he's planning an attack?'


'Positive. Nobody really knows that I'm a mercenary, and so if they do... well, it's serious business.'


Iminla seemed to be as panicked as Kliman. 'Kliman... if they attack headquarters, then they could be planning to come to Centrile for us!'


Kliman's voice remained calm. 'Not if I can help it. It's a ways to the capital, but I've walked there before to cure some clients, and I'll do it again. I'll just bring this girl with us when we go, after she's awakened. As long as she's with me, I can make do with the surrounding plants to keep her on her way to recovery. Iminla, will you come too?'


'Well, of course, I mean, this is really serious... Ceilos, what will you do?'


'Waking her up shouldn't take too long, honestly. If you want, you can stay at my place if you want to come with us. Or did you have someplace else to be?'

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"I'll go. There is something I need 2 confront Aris about..."


Ceilos's thoughts went to his sword. Aris said it belonged to a royal family, and said that it was stolen.

Ceilos's dad was an archaeologist, and was very secular until the end of his life. Ceilos picked up on the bit of atheism left by his dad. However, It was when Ceilos's dad was on an expedition to the Clorindale Ruins

far to the north, on the tundra. There, not only did his dad find Spiritus, the sword, but proof of the Angelic Realm.


According to the findings, the Angelic Realm was where the dead who held goodness in their hearts go to.

It was believed by the people who came to Jenova from a far away place called Earth. It said that earth became to challenging to the "Authority", and was wiped clean of life, the only remnants were sent to Jenova.


Ceilos's dad gave Ceilos the Spiritus two years ago... It has been Ceilos's dream to obtain funds to

explore Clorindale Ruins.


"Ceilos, what are you going to do?" Iminla looked into Ceilos's eyes. Ceilos looked back at the girl.

"I'm going, I need to help in anyway I can."

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Crescent listend for a whyle longer, it seemed the launch to earth was going to be made a public event. Crescent figured it was for poblisity, the return to a world lost so long ago it seemed unreal. The launch itself was to be held in Legfor coast, it was far to the south, a large turest attraction. Also the weather condishons for the launch would be perfect in only 2 weeks. This didn't give them much time and they would be rused, Crescent knew this and also knew it would make it that much easyer for him to get onbord. Crescent would have to get moving, the roads would only take him as far as the forest of death as he liked to call it. The thorns on the trees, if pricked you would die in a matter of minutes. He jumped down off the train station un detected and made his way down the road. After some time her came to a more populated part of the city, it all seemed dead the people like zombies........ they all seemed so lost, as if this planet this place was draining them. Crescent never liked it on Jenova he never liked being anywhere for that matter. Soon he came to a transport heading south to a small town near the forest. He jumped on and payed the driver. an escort of armord vechols came with the transport, Crescent knew that it was dangress but could the creatures on this planet really be getting this bad. He grew up here and had never once been attacked without warning from the creatures that liver here.




On the drive to the small town crescent began to think about Earth. " This place, it sounds so...... so much like home......... so familliar." Crescent had never been to earth nor had he ever herd of it in detal but for some reason he could picture it perfectly in his mind like he had lived there or something. He could see the animals, the trees the citys, cars, planes....... then he saw tanks, guns, bombs, death. He jurked his head back and started breathing heavly. "Was that a dream?" he thought to him self sweat running down his face.



The ride only took a day and they were at the town, Crescent jumped out the back of the transport. The guards seemed tired and alot of them went to the inn and local bar. A few went to see the local doctor, but they soon found that he was not in, apparently he had gone into the forest to find some herbs or something of that sort. Crescent made sure all of his weapons were well hiden and walked into the inn, the stentch of exost was bufferd by that od smoke and beer. He didn't mind the smell so much and proceded to sit down at the bar.


"A scotch" he said to the bar tender


"Right away sir" She said with a cheerfull smile


"Thankyou.........."He said staring blancly at her.


"Is something wrong?" She said a little embarised.


"no I was just wondering...... with all of the men in here dose it ever get hard to handle? I mean with them being drunk and all?" He said looking around


" No not at all, most of them are members of PRIMAS and they are good people...... also Ralph over there keeps an eye on things." She said with a cheerfull smile again.


He looked over to see a very large man about 6'8 with a basterd sword at his side playing cards. "I see..... this this PRIMAS, what are they like?"


"Not much to tell, they are against guns for one thing..... so the guards outside wont get a worm welcome from them. but I think they will go easy seeing they are protecting civilans from the beasts out there." She said leaning in a little. "O yes your drink, here you go sir"


"Thankyou for the info" He said lowering his head a little and looking at his drink. "so I am going to need to lay low around thies PRIMAS guys less they make a big stink about my gun." He thought to himself. He downed his drink and looked to the bar tender. "another"

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Kyarasu looked over his shoulder, a few people were staring at him, **I should leave quickly, I don't want to draw too much attention..

(Note: Whenever theres a ** it means hes speaking in angelic.)


Kyarasu slowly rose and walked towards the tavern door. He felt awfully tired, no. He was not drunk, he didn't drink. He didn't even know what these glasses of liquid were, perhaps it was the atmosphere.


Kyarasu leaned to the right and accidently bumped into a man with short spikey hair (*cough* Crescent). As he fell over his wings accidently burst out. Kyarasu quickly got up to cover his wings, "**I'm sorry"

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"you better watch yourself, your kind are hated by many............ I would be more carefull if I was you" Crescent said in a deep agrovated voice.


The man said nothing and just staired blankly at him. "I don't think you should be here, there are to many guards in this town today.... they might make an example of you." Crescent said looking back down to his drink.


The man seemed somewhat confused "Dose he know what I am?..... no maybe he is confused. But why wouldnt he allert anyone, unless he....... he is one of them to." He gatherd his thoughts and sliped by Crescent and ot of the INN.


Crescent stood up and turned on the radio, and just as he thought the launch was being talked about on every station. He was amused at how easy they were making it for him, and how easy it would be for him to go to earth. No matter what he did Earth was never far from his mind, it was like that feeling you get when you are in love, it will never go away. He took another look around the INN. A strange feeling came over him and he felt compelled to go outside. He exited the bar and waled up the the town gates, and off in the distence he could make out faint figures. He quickly reached for his rifle scope for a better look. He examined the creatures closly there were alot of them, 50 maybe 60. They were the wild creatures of this planet, but they seemed enraged about something. Soon a few guards joined him and watched the figues take shape. The broght their guns up and turned off the safties. Crescent broght out his rifle and put the scope back on and watched carefully. The creatures were only walking. some of them looked like dogs, others didnt look like anything, just sharp fangs and an evil look to them. more guards joined them and pulled the armord vechols in front of them and formed a fireing line. Alot of the towns people were screaming at the to put their guns away. They were members of PRIMAS no doubt about that adn no one was willing to put their guns down, they would deffend thies people even if they didn't want it. Crescent on the other hand didn't care about them but knew that if he didn't help that he might die befor he could complete his mission. So 15 guards and Crescent readied their guns.


"You civilian, what are you doing?" the caption of the guard said.


"making sure I live......." Crescent snaped at him


"Thats good enough for me" The caption seemed to find his attatude amusing.

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As Kyarasu quickly strode out of town, he caught many suspicious looks. Ignoring them he quickly slipped past a sleeping guard and out into the outskirts of town. **...That man.. thought Kyarasu as he dissapeared behind the trees, No, I shouldn't think about it too much, I should continue searching for the Angelic Realm, to take my revenge...


Hours later, Kyarasu soon came to a patch of flowers, they gleamed a bright red, their green leaves blew in the calm wind. It was silent here, no sign of monsters or animals. The area was surrounded with large trees with insects crawling up them. In the center, Kyarasu noticed a small tablet. It had an ancient language ingraved in it, but Kyarasu understood it. **....My language.. Kyarasu silently walked towards the tablet and bent down to read it.


After examining it for awhile Kyarasu stood up, "**Is it time?...Has he really done it?....." He stood there for awhile, lost in his thoughts. "**...I must go quickly."

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Having arrived at Kliman's house, and not finding his parents there, Kliman, Iminla, Ceilos, and the unconscious girl made themselves comfortable in the living room, while Kliman applied some herbs to reawaken her. His other patient from earlier came and went as time passed, and Kliman received some money as payment, as usual.


'... You get a lot of payment for just using a few herbs. That's more money than I got for a few potentially dangerous missions I've done...' Ceilos said, a bit incredulously.


'Well, people don't know how simple it is to compound, and I've found that when it comes to their health, most people will pay whatever you want them to.'


'So you exploit them?'


'No, I make a living, and keep people healthy. These tools don't come cheap, and the "extra" money I get, if you will, goes towards provisions for long trips, such as to the capital. I don't charge a distance fee or anything like that, so I'm not making as much of a profit as you might think.'


'Plus,' Iminla chimed in, 'You don't charge people that much for curselifting, which takes a great deal of energy to do.'


Kliman nodded. 'That's right. I figure, there's not often an easy way to determine if they're still cursed, because the symptoms are often not testable. Every so often I'll get some unlucky fellow who tried his chances with a woman who turned out to be a witch of sorts, or something, and those cures are often visible right away... but sometimes-'


'Why are they?'


Kliman took a moment to gather his thoughts. Then he laughed. 'Well, the last guy that was cursed due to a situation like I just described - him hitting on the witch - well, she made it so that his hands were directed constantly to his... well, yeah. It was pretty embarrassing for him, but upon lifting the curse, you can easily see that, presto!, he's looking back to normal with his hands.'


'I remember you telling me about that customer... from the sounds of it, he deserved what he got,' Iminla said with a small smile.


Kliman looked at her. 'Yeah, he was annoying. But some curses-'


'Although you shouldn't call them witches. You and I could just as easily be called a witch or warlock... the term isn't exactly a nice one. We're just people with special powers. I know I tell you that all the time, but it kind of is derogatory, you know?' Iminla tended to be very politically correct, and hated to hear negative things said of groups or cultures. She appreciated everything and its differences, and that was something Kliman appreciated about Iminla, even if he sometimes had a slip of the tongue.


'Right. Sorry. Anyway, Ceilos, as I was saying, some curses aren't too visible. For example, this book over here... I've never cured anything like it, but it says that there's a curse that might make you extremely unlucky in certain circumstances, or have an irresistable attraction to someone or something you wouldn't normally, or even be compulsive about a certain thing, even without an obsession - examples here are changing clothes or switching handedness or whispering... so you see, even though the client is cursed, when I cure them, there's no proof if they've been curselifted or not. So I can't charge them much, especially since the potential is there for me to make a mistake in the curselifting process.'


Iminla blinked a few times. 'You're too professional sometimes. Or maybe just wordy.'


'Or logical?' Kliman snapped. 'He asked a question, and I gave him an answer.'


'Hmm... well... it's getting late. Maybe I should head to bed. I'll meet you guys here in the morning?'


'Okay, good night!' Ceilos shut the door behind her as Kliman tended to the unconscious girl's wounds some more.


'She should be awakening shortly... she must've been exhausted. I hope she'll be able to walk. Where did she come from, do you think?' Kliman said. Iminla having left, Kliman took off his PRIMAS badge, his armguards, and his vest, and sprawled out on a comfortable seat in the living room.


Ceilos sat down across from him. The unconscious girl was lying in Kliman's bed, in the adjacent room. 'I'm not sure. There was that empty bag, and the dead body...'


Kliman shuddered. Medicinal as he was, he still wasn't too keen about death. 'Well... she could've been in it. But... if someone else saved her, why would they leave her a ways away from where they killed the man? ... And if nobody saved her, why did she allow them to put her in the bag in the first place? She would've been the one to kill the man in that situation. So, she must've been taken by surprise.'


Ceilos was impressed. 'That IS pretty good use of logic. So you think she was kidnapped? And what about that body? It looked very... well, taken care of. Who has the power to do that?'


Kliman clasped his hands together. 'Maybe it was her... Ceilos, maybe she's like me. I... I see visions of the future when I sleep. About other people, and their futures.' He waited for a response, either positive or negative, from Ceilos.


Ceilos simply nodded his head. It was acceptance.


'I've seen you in a dream before. ... I... Well... do you want to knwo what it was of? If I tell you, you may be able to change it before it occurs. Because if you don't, it will. They always will.'

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**I wonder where this forest will bring me to next? thought Kyarasu as he wandered throughout the forest.

The path Kyarasu had followed was pretty narrow, there was poison ivy growing at the sides, but they didn't seem to affect Kyarasu hours later after he touched them. The sun was about to set, and made the sky an orangey colour. When Kyarasu looked around him, there were white orbs wandering aimlessly around. **Souls of the dead? No, Wandering Souls, souls that have been forced out of the living being's body forcefully...I shall put them into eternal sleep. He thought as he formed a sword out of his hand.

The sword was double-edged and the blade was a purple with pale green. The hilt was red had a blue orb attatched to it at the bottom. It wasn't long before all the Wandering Souls were wiped out, "**Now they can be reincarnated." Kyarasu said.

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Ceilos looked at Kliman after he heard of the dream. Ceilos didn't know why he

said that, but with everything Ceilos was hearing for the past two years, he believed



"Well, if it was about me. It must have something to do with Clorindale Ruins."


"What!" Kliman must not have heard of the Ruins left behind from the knowledge lost from the

people of Earth.


"And if its about Clorindale Ruin, it must be about the Angelic Realms."


"Ceilos, honestly you don't believe in that."


"Kliman, when earth did an unforgivable act, the Authority blocked the sun, bombarded the old planet with rays, summoned creatures to punish mankind. I mean, then they came here. Kliman. It could happen again. Whatever the act was, it's gonna happen again."


"Well..." Kliman paused as if to remember something. "I did se a ruin in the dream with a sigil and a man

in robes..."

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"The creatures I....... I remember seeing them on earth. Wait how can I remember that i have never been to earth!" crescent thought to himself. He pulled his thoughts back to the matter at hand.


"I don't see many towns foke, and its getting late."

a guard said

"You mean other then the group protesting us over there?" the capton replied

"Go see if the doctor is back from the woods yet this gould get very messes very fast."


"Here they come, open fire!" The captopn screamed as the creatures picked up speed. The fireing squad started mowing them down one by one. Limbs flew everywhere, the creatures screams and gunfire led alot of people to come out of their homes. "Hold the line!" The capton yelled as the creatures started to take them on the right side. Crescent put up his rifle and pulled out his katana. "A full moon good" He tought to himself. He jumped between the guards and the monsters and started slicing away at them. one vertical strike missed a creature and went through the armor plating of the vechol like a knife through butter. ge continued to try and hold off the increasingly agressive creatures, but they seemed endless. People behind them did nothing but scream, it made concentration so much harder. "I'm out of ammo...... what! ahhhhhhhh!!" The air was filled with nothing but screams and blood.




"I think I hear gun fire outside, Primas isnt going to like this!!. I am going to give them a peace of my mind!" kliman said a little agrovated. "I don't mean to cut our conversation short but there might be some wounded as well from thies lunatics."



"It might be the guards.... ok lets take a look but I do need to talk to you morre about this, the same thing could happen here."


The 3 of them walked out into the night and their jaws droped, they all were stuned at the sight of the battle if only for a molment.





"Get the hell out of the way!!" Crescent screamed at the civilians gathering. He turned back to the beasts just in time to ketch a claw across his face and arm. "$#!&!" He jumped back then charged at the beast and cut it in half. "How many are left out there?" He yelled to the capton. "It looks like 20 or 30 more!" He yelled back. The remaning guards and crescent finished off the last of the monsters.


Crescent waled around and made sure the corpses were desposed of. "Heyy I seen you used a gun...." kliman said "SO?" Crescent said staring blankly at him. "Guns protect people" "Guns also kill" "Wake up the the world you little pe......" A claw riped out of crescents mid section and he fell to the ground. "Medic...." he soon passed out.

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'Kliman, what's going on out here?' Iminla said, running up to her friend. THe commotion had, of course, startled her as well, and so she came to be reunited with her friends. She had no parents, and was in fact quite self-sufficient. 'And-ah! What is that thing!? That's no dog!'


Ceilos took out something that looked, to the others, like a sword handle. 'We have to take care of this demon!'


'Uh, okay. Let's see...' Placing his right index finger on his PRIMAS badge, and raising his left hand to the sky, Kliman performed a Shine Seal on the dog-like beast. Rays of light materialized from within the beast, expanding outward with a golden glow. The beast gave a frightening howl, but was not incapacitiated. Ceilos gave the sword handle a quick swing, and to the other two's astonishment, the beast collapsed.


'What was that? Do you have an invisible sword or something?'


'Not... exactly. What was it you just did? I thought you were a compounder.'


'It's just a curselifting move... Shine Seals are normally performed to cure curses related to forced depression, evil, and non-life. It extinguishes a portion of the inner soul.' At Ceilos' raised eyebrows, he continued. 'So yes, it can defeat the goodness in a person as well... but if someone is cursed, they usually will make that sacrifice. Sometimes they don't, though. All it takes is a little energy and a little willpower.'


'Why place your hand on that badge?'


'It's all symbolic. I'm not using a gun, so I suppose it's just to remind me that I should be proud to use other means to accomplish the same tasks.' He looked at the guy in front of him, somewhat irritated.


'Umm... do you know at all what's going on here?' Iminla asked them. Ceilos gave her a small apologetic smile.


Kliman shook his head in confusion. 'I have no idea! This isn't the capital of PRIMAS... but there's this randomly huge battle going on here! Look at all the casualties...'


'You said the headquarters of PRIMAS was at the capital, right? I don't see Aris anywhere around here...' Ceilos eyed the battle warily.


'Can you help some of the injured?' Iminla asked, looking at the man in front of her, who was breathing, but was bleeding excess amounts of blood. Kliman took a step back.


'Yeah, I can help them. But really, a lot of these people wouldn't survive even if I had the time to look and tend to their wounds. Nothing's instantaneous, you see.' He scanned the area, then continued. 'I suppose, however, that if many of these people are receiving similar wounds, I could tend to many of them efficiently.'


'But what about going to the capital? You're the one that knows the way, not us!' Ceilos said, a little bewildered at Kliman's decision.


'I... I'm first an foremost a compounder, then curselifter, then PRIMAS member, then.. I guess, a seer. The town would go absolutely berserk if I didn't help as many people as I could. It'd be bad for business.'


'... That shouldn't be your motivation...' Iminla grumbled, giving a sidelong glance to Kliman, who rolled his eyes.


'I know. I have no other real motivation though, I guess. Umm anyway, help me bring people into the inn. Who should we start with? ... How about that person over there?' Kliman said, pointing to a distant guard.


'What about this guy? He's right here, and he looks a lot lighter than that guard.'


'He has a gun...' Kliman protested.


'I don't care if he has a gun! He's a human being, and you're going to help him!'


Kliman shifted his gaze away from Iminla to the unconscious person in front of him. 'Alright... alright. Iminla, please go to my place and get me some herbs that will help fight infections. They're... to the right of my bed when you walk in through the living room.'


He and Ceilos lifted him up and carried him to safety as Iminla ran off to fetch the ingredients. 'This... is craziness. Is there anything else I can do?' Kliman shook his head.


'There's a lot going on... we'll put heading to the capital off for now, but I guess I can tell you everything I saw in my dream to pass the time while I'm helping people.'

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