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Mystic Journey


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As they fought, Klaius cussed under his breath at the difficulty of hitting them. Kyler had slid under one, put it sword up and sliced it's body in half as it jumped over him, Zeke just simply pounded one as it leaped towards him, Klaius took his bow out and, with perfect accuracy, sniped one in the head.


"Wow, your bow skills are really nice, that was a perfect shot in the head!" exclaimed Kyler.

"Hehe, thanks, I'm known for that where i come from." replied Klaius.

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"Will you guys quit talking?" interuppted Zeke, "Let's go!"

"Right!" Klaius and Kyler said in unison.

They walked down the road when suddenly an arrow shot out of nowhere.

It went straight for Klaius' ribs but he quickly twisted to the side, bow at hand.

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"Hunter arrows, don't worry. Legend has it that a monster not of this valley that can produce barriers of great strength entered around here and reproduced. We cal those flightless birds, barrier monsters."

Zeke, picked up the arrow and noticed burns on it.



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"I dont think thats a hunter arrow" said Klaius, "You'd better let go before- oh wait...too late."

The arrow flared up and a barrier of blazing hot fire surrounded it, burning Zeke's hand, "AUGH!" he cried, dropping it and taking out a bottle of water.

"Told you" said Klaius, "Everyone, dont move or make a sound."

"Right" they all said in unison.

Everything fell silent as Klaius readied his bow.

"Zeke, duck! Kyler, move to the side! Alex, jump!" Klaius shouted as four elemental arrows went flying straight at the party with extreme speed.

"Everyone! Jump to the side, lie straight down, and wait." ordered Klaius as a STORM of flying arrows straight over them, which could possibly shoot someone in the head, standing up. Klaius shot out his arrow, it was as fast as lightning, the head of the arrow was poison and the rest of it was flashing with lightning, to increase speed and spread shockwaves across the ground when it hit.

"Now, remain silent." he whispered to the group.

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"Ready?" whispered Klaius, "Roll to the bushes!" As soon as Klaius called out, they rolled and another storm of arrows came flying.

"Remain silent, dont make any sudden movements or touch anything, and follow me." Klaius said, going towards the way they WERE going.

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