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Mystic Journey


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OOC: Kk, I'll try my best.


IC: "Kyler, get you arse in here and help you father," said Kyler's mom. Kyler

put his Stone Sword back into his sheath and walked inside the store.


"Go, help your Dad by delivering these arrows to the Church of the Holy God and Goddess." Kyler was handed a bundle of arrows with iron tips on them and was ushered outside by his mom. Kyler walked around the small town, the first thing he noticed was that the plants were a bit weaker looking than they usually were. That was the way things lookd for a while now.


"Kyler, what in the God's name took so long?"


"Well, this blasted church is a long way from the shop. Why do you need arrows for anyway?"


"The number of monsters has increased tenfold. Sure, an old man like me, the priest, can take on a simple Slime on our own, but now, there are more powerful monsters, and the worshippers need more protection. Of course, monsters do not set foot in from of the statues of the Holy Creators. Anyway, my child, take those arrows to Felix over there"


So Kyler took the arows to the strong head of the Order of the Divine Moons, a group much like the Templars of DQVIII.


"Um, Felix, here are your arrows that you need."


"Well then. Thank you young man..."

Suddenly, the bushes russled as a group of Dancing Devils raced into town...


OOC: Tried my best.

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Don't worry, i dont think i coulda done any better, im not ...THAT good at RPing...actually im worse than i was before.... T_T i need to RP more.

(please look back to signups, i changed some things and added a few skills)


Klaius: Gaaah!!.....


??????: It's no use, you humans are pathetic.


Klaius: *pant pant*


??????: I think you should just give up, look at you.


Klaius: No...not aft-UGH.....after...you......HYAAAAAH!!!


Klaius lunges at ?????? but ?????? smoothly dodges the blow and laughs


??????: You cannot beat me fool!


Two swords formed in both of Klaius hands.


Klaius*struggles to stand up*: I wont give up now....heh...I already told you.....That....If i cant kill you, i'll at least die TRYING!!!


Light surrounded Klaius as he healed himself.


??????: No matter, i am a demi-god, and i will DESTEROY YOU!







Now that wasn't very good =(

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Kyler: Whats happening... I never saw real monsters outside a farm before!


Felix: Take the field, just slash at them. I'll help you in a minute...

*Felix takes the arrows up the guard tower to Andrew*


Andrew: I'll see what I can do. There are a lot of them.


+Kyler slashed at one Dancing Devil. Dealing a good blow+

+Dancing Devil does a Sultry Dance, but Kyler does not catch the Dancing Bug+

+Dancing Devil2 attacks Kyler, and deals a fair blow+


Felix: Kyler, watchout!


+Felix does the GigaSlash, killing two of the five Dancing Devils+

+Kyler let out a scream... "SIX-STAR SLASH!!!!!!!" Smites the enemies with lightening Swords+


Felix: O my Goddess... What was that?


Kyler: I don't know, but get me to the inn... NOW!

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[ Later ]


Klaius:....ugh.... Dangit where am i?


Wiping off the dirt from his clothes, Klaius stood up and looked around.

He saw that he was on a beach, the water splashing against his feet.

There were mountains close by and palm trees swaying.

He searched the ground and saw some cracked coconuts.

When he looked again he found weird footprints leading to the mountains.


Klaius: Someones recently been here....


As Klaius made his way into the forest he saw a glimpse of a blue blur that sprinted by him.


Klaius: Someone...no someTHING is here... and its definetly watching..


- 4 Hours Later -


Klaius: This is hopeless, i haven't found a town yet or heck, a village.... And these weird blurs...


Klaius: Gah! *SLURSH*


Klaius jabbed his left katar out and it stabbed into the monsters guts.


Klaius: ...Ew.....Holy crap.. is that ....yellow blood? Oh god thats disgusting...*takes out a cloth from his pocket and cleans his Katar*


[ 8 Days Later ]


Klaius: I haven't eaten in 2 days...All i HAVE eaten were some berries 2 days ago...*grumble*


Still surrounded by trees he made his way through some and found out that----


Klaius:.... i didn't have the rest there after all...I WAS AT THE EDGE OF THE FOREST!!! *pissed off*

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" Hello do you sell any food here? " said Klaius practically starving.

" Why yes, and we also have useful tools for adventuring, " replied the Shopkeeper looking at Klaius, " Um, excuse me but are you okay? your limbing. "

" Er, Yeah im alright. " Klaius tried to smile a bit to show that he was okay, he felt dizzy then... *BOOM*

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*the ground began to shake*

Kyler: What... That blast was close...


Felix: Yeah, I'll go check it out!

*Felix leaves the in, to find out that the explosion was at the nearby town. He enters the Inn*

Felix: There was an attack in the nearby village of Verde. I think the monsters are to blame again, young shoot. Omniheal... there, we are fully healed. Now come!


*Kyle and Felix ready their arms. Felix looks at Kyle's sword with dissatifaction*


Felix: That sword is worthless. I'll buy you a real sword... Lemme go to the shop.


*Just then, after Felix left. A young girl raced in.*


Girl: Are you the inn-keeper? We need help in the village.


Kyler: I'm not the keeper, but Felix and I will help out.


Girl: Don't trust Felix. He is not as he seems. Trust me, do you really want to help Lord Satanael?


Kyler: What!?!


Girl: Ignore him, we need to get to Verde...


-Meanwhile, in a dark, abandoned temple-


Felix: My lord, all things are in order. The Stone of Verde will fall into our hands like the Stone of Rojo.


???: Good, for I am glad to see some sort of satisfaction, especially after that human invaded my realm.


Felix: Kyler, a Son of the Stones, is my pawn. He will lead us to the next stone. Having Him lose power, great Sidoh.


"The Sidoh": Excellent. When you get to Verde with him, reveal your true form Satanael. Lets hope you do not fail like Belial at the hands of Sir Lorikson, another of those cursed Children of the Stones.


Felix: Of course, my master.


-Back in Edinville-


Girl: Ready to leave? The walk is a days journey through the woods, and monsters have increades in number and in strength.


Kyler: What ever you say...

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Thump! "OW!" yelped Klaius rubbing his head, " Huh? where am i? Wheres my weapons?....WHERES MY CLOTHES!!" ( no hes not naked, someone just um.."switched his clothes" )


"Sis, i think i heard yelling from the guest room" said a girl tugging on her sister's dress. Sighing, the sister replied, "Stay here Yimine, i'll be back," and walked off towards the Guest Room.

She walked up to the door and swung the door open.

"Hello? oh your awake!" the girl said sticking her head in.

"Eh? A girl?" murmured Klaius, "Wheres my stuff?"

"Oh!" replied the girl, "Your weapons are in the living room...and i replaced your clothes because your other ones were stinky."

"...My clothes...er.."

"Ah! Sorry i didn't look! sorry sorry sorry!!!" the girl apologized, blushing.

" oh, its okay. " replied Klaius. phew...

GRUMBLE! Went Klaius's stomache, "Er, it appears that im hungry...do you have any food?" he asked.

" Oh! We were just preparing a meal for you! " the girl replied.

" By the way, Whats your name? "


[ Oh yeah, when do you wanna meet up? ^_^ ]

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"Oh, im so sorry, i forgot to introduce myself!" said the girl.

"Ah, its okay." Klaius responded.

"My name is Mauri and my younger sister Yimine, is in the kitchen." she said.

"Well, its nice to meet y- AGH!!" Klaius suddenly knelted down and grabbed his ribs.

What....Why is-....Wait a second..


"TAKE THIS!" Klaius thrusted at the demon (look at 3rd post in story)

but instead took a blow to the ribs.

"Humans..Haha...That punch infected you with poison!" the demon laughed, "It will begin to spread in 6 days..."


OOC: i dont wanna put a swear in here so im replacing Damnit with Dangit =D though it sounds less....ish ish...of something...

IC: Dangit!! That bastard!!! (bastard isn't a swear right? -_-)

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-In the Forest-


Girl: Oh, my name is Alexandra, if you must know, but the people back at the village call me



Kyler: I'm Kyler, nice to meet you.


Alexandra: I know who you are, my dad gets arrows from your shop.


Kyler: Strange, our fathers meet, but we never layed eyes on each other till now. By the way,

Why do you think that Felix...


Alexandra: Is a servant of the Demi-God Sidoh, well, my brother was a worshiper til he sacrificed himself by slitting his wrists with a Demon Knife. The Stone of Verde reacted violently to that, shooting a gust of wind that has begun to kill the land. Look out, a Horny Hare!


+Kyler struck the Horny Hare, inflicting a decent amount of damage.+

+Alexandra casts Crack, hits the Horny Hare with icicles, killing it off.+



Alexandra: Here is the village of Verde, as you can tell, we love building high, and the color green.


Kyler: Hmmm, thats cool. Hey look, a great deal on Copper Swords.

*Kyler wnet off to haggle for a Copper Sword, and for all his money, and his Stone Sword, he gets it.*


Girl: Alex, it that guy that fell from the sky...


Alexandra: Mauri, lets go to him... wait. Kyler, we need to take care of somebody. If you want, you can go to the Shrine of the Stone. Its near the heart of the village.


Kyler: Nah, well all go see this guy that fell from the sky.


Mauri: Alright, but he is different. He does not have pointy ears, and he is built differently. I think he is an outsider...

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*the Party races towards a smaller house towards the back of the village. Along the way, Kyler noticed a cave turned shrine. A green glow came from the cave maw.*


Mauri: Thats the Shrine of the Stone of Verde.


*they enter the house*


Yimine: Oh, your back. Oh, hi Alex, whos your bowfriend?


*Alex and Kyler blush*


Alexander: This boy, who happens to be my friend, is Kyler. Say hi.


Kyler: Um, hiya...




Kyler: Cor Blimey! (haha, he acts like Yangus)

*enters the Yangus Cor Blimey pose*


Mauri: Forgive my sister. The man is in here.


OOC: Take over from here man.

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Kyler stepped inside the room, "Hello?" he said.

"Oh hi!" responded Klaius from the bed.

"I heard you fell from the sky"

"Oh, yeah, its a long story, i dont feel like telling it right now"

"Mauri said that you fell down 2 days ago, shouldn't you be better by now?"

"Um, about that, i took a blow to the ribs which infected my body with poison...i dont know.....it will spread in 4 more days and if i dont cure it soon my body will dissolve and i will die." explained Klaius.

"By the way, whats your name?" asked Kyler changing the subject.

"Klaius, yours?"


"I noticed," said Klaius, "That you guys have pointy ears...do you happen to be elves?"

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-Kyler was in silence. He never heard the term elf before. He just thought that all people were humans-


Mauri: I know, maybe the Stone of Verde can help us out!


Klaius: The what!?!


Alexandra: Of course, that stone is super intelligent, but not like God's or Goddesses's. I'm sure it can help.


Kyler: Thats good, and the shrine is not far...


*Kyler, Alexandra, and Klaius walked out of the house and into the previously mentioned shrine. They

walked about fifty feet until the cavern started to glow a pulsing green. In front of them, was a green orb*


Alexandra: *praying* Oh Great Stone of the Creation. You can heal, so I wish to you that you can heal

this outsider... Huh? why isn't it working!?!


Felix: I made a wish to it first, now orb *praying* BLAST THEM


+The Stone of Verde casts Kaswoosh, amplifying it with Godly Power. The group takes severe damage and is blown back about ten feet.+


Alexandra: It couldn't kill us, maybe there is enough children of the Stone here. Kyler, do you know a Smiting skill...


Felix: Smiting, not the...


+Alexandra casts Crack on the Stone, dealing no damage+


Kyler: SIX-STAR SLASH!!!!!!!!


Klaius: Woah! What the hell!?!

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(UUUH BY THE WAY!!! Klaius is not a man..hes a teenager >_>)



The swords fly into the stone and the stone stops firing.

The stone reforms and remains calm again.

"WHAT? IMPOSSIBLE!" in rage, Felix thrusts his arm towards the group.

"Whats this supposed to- AAAH!!!" the group is thrown back.

"I wish i had my bow..." Klaius sighed.

"Damnit! You wont have the Stone of Verde!" Kyler rushes up to Felix but is pushed back again.

"Well, i guess i'll have to make do with this then.." murmured Klaius forming two swords in his hand.

"Wh-What is that?" Alex stammered.

"My special weapon, now then....."

....I hope hes not stronger then that demon....or im screwed

Pointing the sword to Felix, Klaius said, "I'll have you know, i am very skilled in swordsmanship...

especially when dualing, so you better watch out!"

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Sorry this took so long. Had to take care of a few personal problems.


Felix: Then lets duel!

+Felix attacks Klaius. It is a near-deathdealing blow+


Klaius: Ungh... I don't think I can tak another one of his attacks.


Felix: Hehehe... I though this could be more of a challenge. You bore me HA!

I might as well finish you off quickly.


Alexandra: Please, STone of Verde!


+The Stone attacks Felix and kills him+


Kyler: Extreame! Wowsers! What a stone... fit for a God!

Now lets place Klaius next to the stone...

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*Klaius is placed next to the stone. Kyler notices that the stone is about 1 foot in thickness, height and depth, and that it is a perfect circle.*


Klaius: I feel it... leaving me...


*Kyler looks at where felix fell, but sees nothing but a Copper Sword*


Kyler: Hey guys, where did badass go?


Alexandra: Looks like I have to 'splain a few things here... but where should I start...


Kyler: Well, maybe at the beginning.


Alexandra; That'll take to long, cause the beginning is the literal Beginning.

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"Ah, that feels better now" said Klaius standing up and wiping off the grass, "Hmm? Whats a Copper Sword doing lying on the ground?"

"Weren't you paying attention?" replied Alexandra.

"I think your deaf" laughed Kyler.

"Sh-shut up!" Klaius stomped.

"Well anyway, let me explain." announced Alexandra.

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Alexandra: Okay, in the beginning, when the Golden Eagle, Ramia, flew the vastness of the universe, he created a peaceful world called Vantanellen. That is where we "elves" come from. You see, Sidoh tried to destroy all of us who dared oppose him, and with the God and Goddess, we stood firm. So stones according to each of the divine colors of Ramia was magically made as well as a stone made by God. They were enough to seal the powers of the Demon Lords, but we were left without a home because of it, so in ships that could sail the vastness of space, we came here and settled, but it seems that Sidoh wants another shot at becoming eternal ruler of all things.


Kyler: So I'm not of this world. Wow, I'm an alien! I though aliens would have tentacles and multiple eyes, but I look exactly like Kalius.

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"And im a natural being of this planet" said Klaius.

"How come we look the same?" murmured Kyler.

"You have pointy ears" stated Klaius poking Kyler's ears.

"Stop that!" shouted Kyler.

"Anyway," sighed Alexandra, "Lets return to Mauri's place."

"Right" replied Klaius.

As the party walked down the path back towards the town, if you listened carfully a rustling of the bushes could be heard.

"Hmm?" said Kyler turning around.

"Whats wrong?" asked Alexandra.

"Nothing, i thought i just heard rustling," replied Kyler, "Must be a raccoon"


"Hehehe...Finally, the plan is falling into place."

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Back at Mauri's place.


Mauri: Thank Goddess you returned, Drakys have taken over the attic, please kill them.


Kyler: Cando, Klaius, you wanna help?


Klaius: Sure, it'll do me some good.


In the attic.


+Kyler hits a Dracky and kills it+

Kyler: I still find it hard to believe that I'm from another planet. It seems crazy to me.


+Klaius kills another Dracky+

Klaius: I ahve no problem, except for the pointy ears.




Klaius: Oh my gods, don't do that.

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"Well, your the one who's always bringing it up" stated Kyler finishing off a Magi-Drakey.

"Whatever, lets just finish this" said Klaius as he took a block of wood and thwacked it onto a Drakey's head, blood splattering, "Ew..."

Just as Kyler had hacked the head off of a drakey, a gigantic drakey came bursting into the attic.

"Whoa, what the heck is that?" shouted Klaius.

" No clue " replied Kyler lunging towards it.

The large drakey casted Blazemore before Kyler could hit it.

"AUGH! IM ON FIRE!" cried Kyler running around the attic.

" STOP DROP AND-" -THWACK-. The Drakey had hit Klaius before he could finish what he said.

"Ouch!" scowled Klaius.

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"Ouch," said Klaius sitting up, "That drakey was...weak, but it was helluva strong."

"Well, we're done here, lets go head to Alex and Mauri," Kyler sighed.

As they stepped down the stairs to the main level, they could hear a conversation going on.

"Wonder who that could be?" said Kyler.

The door flung open as a man with black hair, a roughed up tunic with a belt attached to it. On the belt was a rusty knife, what he wore on his legs were torn up pants and sandals.


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Kyler: Who are you?


Big Man: I am Zeke... excuse me, I am Alexandra's sister.


Klaius: Phew... for a second there... I thoug were were going to have another problem on our hands.


Zeke: Well, I am heading to Azul, and Alex here told me about the previous two stones, Rojo and Verde, so I decided to assist y'all to Azul... its a big city though, so don't get lost.

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Klaius had just put his bow into his pack and all his other possesions when Kyler had called out, "Klaius! Come on! We're going to leave without you!"

Klaius sighed, he grabbed his pack and walked out of the door.

When he left, a dark voice whispered, "Sire, We've located them, we'll have the Klaius kid brought to you alive by tommorow, i promise."


The entrance door opened slowly as Klaius walked out of it, the group nowhere in sight, "Where di- AUGH!" Klaius jolted as Kyler jumped out of nowhere.

"Jeez, Klaius, come on.....They're waiting." said Kyler pointing to the town entrance.

"Fine, just dont scare me like that next time" replied Klaius.



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