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i like yur avatar happy healr

Like so?   I made the black transparent, so it should look fine here.

im just posting here so it isn't at 666 total posts anymore.

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Not to bother you again, KZ, but I've got another DQ Avatar request.

This one was actually proposed by Stepchan, who also planned out the basic features.

We're trying to do Marisa Kirisame from the Touhou franchise.


Marisa: Body type 5(I assume she's not tall, but type 3 can work too), Hairstyle type 7, Hair Color type 5, Face type 2, Skin color type 1, Eye color type 4.
That's what he's got for basic features.


But how would you do attire?

So far, I've got Witch's Hat, Maid's Dress, Kiryl's Trousers, and Brouhaha Broomstick.

What else am I missing?







PS, If you've got any spare time, a Sakuya Izayoi avatar [knife included] would make me insanely happy.

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Can anyone help me find (or make) a 'Secret of Evolution' GIF to use as my avatar? (any version; NES or PSX/DS)


I found this one, but it is too big and doesn't animate correctly when I set it as my avatar.


I also found this one but I don't like it, because the animation is not good.


(It was my old avatar)


Any help will be appreciated.

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Like so?


I made the black transparent, so it should look fine here.necrosaro_animated_clean.gif

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Anybody out there with the artistic chops to make a cartoony drawing of my eponymous dog of Zahan? 


I'm looking to make, or have made for me, a golden lab in 3/4 profile, with the Golden Key in his mouth, and the Erdrick Emblem on a dog tag on his collar.


Please, any interested parties, PM me or respond here.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can, regarding any compensation if at all, and further details, if needed.

Edited by The Dog of Zahan
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