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Slime Knigts to go Open Access to All


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Slime Knights is going full access after this week and will be open to all, no more filling out apps and waiting to see if you are accepted.


From King Slime at Slime Knights

Slime Knights is up to 1900 members and is growing strong. However, the past two months of exclusivity are about to end.


As you know, the Slime Knights has been an exclusive Square-Enix community that required all members to fill out an application and be accepted by the king of the Slimes. Next week, we will be removing the application and allowing any would-be heroes to test their skills with the best of them.


This is where you heroes, the biggest and best fans of Squenix and Dragon Quest, come in. Our utmost priority is to keep the quality of this community at its current peak. Any departure from this could hinder the success of Slime Knights and Dragon Quest VIII. I want to emphasize the fact that I am always available through e-mail at king_slime at slimeknights dot com.


So your king kindly asks you to please welcome the new members with open arms and to keep the honor of being one of the first Slime Knights deep within your heart. Let us make this community the great success it is destined to become!


Your very grateful guide and leader,

King Slime.


Source: Slime Knights

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