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Dragon Warrior: Rise of the Heroes Fangame


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Dragon Warrior: Rise of the Heroes is an upcoming game done in RM2k3. Here is what one of the programmers had to say about it.




"Dragon Warrior: Rise of the Heroes is an up and coming rm2k3 game. One thing to note, you will not need rm2k3 installed on your computer to play it. I strive for authenticity with this game, and for this reason everything is customised. Everything from the talk window, to shops, to menus and the item system, to the battle system. This game will definately appeal to diehard Dragon Warrior fans, you will even see some familiar quest items from previous games.


The Story itself revolves around the roto trilogy. Zenethian legends speak of the great hero and his friends saving the world from the ruthless Necrosaro. Now, a new evil has swept the world. Much has changed since that time. Prophets are saying that more then one hero will rise to defeat the evil power that is Kotikell. Kotikell knows this, and he seeks to destroy the heroes before they are strong enough to destroy him.


In the Alpha version of the game there will be a single chapter. This chapter of the game will be for testing pourposes only, but it will still include some story elements. An Alpha release of the game will be ready by October.


According to prophecy, there are many heroes, but only one can lead them. This is the leader of heroes, the destined one. They are all chosen by the gods at birth to be the great heroes, but one must lead them. That one is named Recin. In the Alpha chapter, you will play as Recin. Upon your town being attacked, your close friend casts transform, and transforms into a replica of you. Kotikell is tricked into thinking he has killed the destined one, and he leaves your destroyed village. Now you must venture out, and seek the other heroes (dw4 refrence anyone? Dont worry though, this is the only direct story ripoff you will see, and dont worry because its in the alpha chapter, so it wont be in the final version).


When the game enters the beta stage of development, the Alpha chapter will only be discarded. In the beta stage the game will be in its final development. In this stage, it is currently planned to make it into 4 Chapters. One for each group of the heroes. Each Beta release (1.0 to 5.0) will house a new complete chapter of the game, and will support save files from previous releases. Note that the version of the beta will go up to 5.0, and there are only four chapters. In version 4.0 all the chapters will be there, 5.0 will come to pass as any suddle bugs are fixed, and new things are added, possibly some story elements changed too. After 5.0, the final version of RotH will be released.


The battle system is obviously as you guessed, a custom battle sysetm. It could not be done any other way, for authenticity reasons.


One more thing to note, the music in this game is direct mp3 rips from the dragon warrior 4 rom (nsf file). A few from dragon warrior 3 and 2 are there also. Be on the lookout for a Rise of the Heroes website soon."


They do have a website up and running now:


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