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Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick on BYOND


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If you haven't already make sure to check out Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick on the BYOND game system. Here is some info from one of the authors.


Do you think you know BYOND Dragon Warrior games? Think again with Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick!


The most complete and active Dragon Warrior game on BYOND with 40-50 players on at a time, 100 for special events such as Tournaments, Guild Wars, Monster Town Invasions and RolePlaying.


Both close to the original games yet tailor made for online play. Battle in full 4 person parties, even 8 if you include tamable monsters. Over 30 catchable monsters in all.  Fight up to 6 monsters at a time out of a range of over 60 monsters. Tired of fighting monsters? Then 4v4 PvP is for you, test your strength and strategy against human opponents.


No real level cap with players currently reaching the range of level 140. Learn almost all of the classic spells and skills along with SoE original and more powerful spells, keep learning spells even until level 90! All in dungeons sometimes even larger and much more challenging than even the hardest bonus dungeon in a DQ game.


Make your character anything you want  with custom icon coloring to heighten character individuality. Make one of 9 classes, including Thieves to steal, poison and use boomerangs and even original to SoE classes such as Bards to heal HP/MP walking outside of battle. Want more? Buy and design a house, join a guild, or just kick back with a few brews and chat about Dragon Quest. All of this on a Stable 24/7 UNIX server on a 6mb direct line. No lag at all!


The game has been around for 2 years and is still being updated a few times every week, and this is all still only the beginning with SoE2 in Alpha development and coming close to a public release.


Download BYOND at http://byond.com. Play the game at: http://games.byond.com/hub/SoE_Team/Dragon...hadowsOfErdrick and finally Visit our website for info on all of our projects at: http://www.8bitdream.com/http://www.8bitdream.com/

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