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More DQ VIII Demo News


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Thanks Plattym3, I didn't think to post this. :thumbsup:


King Slime on www.slimeknights.com reports:


A slight frenzy is brewing regarding the DQVIII demo and its release. Allow your king to explain.


squenixchic -- part of the Square Enix staff -- revealed on the forums some general details about the demo. These details still hold true:


    The demos should be done by the end of [August] and arriving at our warehouse. From there, we'll be shipping to Shonen Jump and to most of the retailers.


    We're also working on a functionality on our official site, where you can sign up to get a demo mailed to you. And, if you get a friend to sign up the same way as well, you get one of those clear little slime figures mailed to you as a thank you.


    I don't know which method would be the fastest though.




The Shonen Jump issue that features the DQVIII demo hits newsstands on October 04. However, the demo will be sent only to Shonen Jump subscribers. Subscribers will begin receiving the issue a few weeks before.


Information that I have just received today from Squenix places the demo on retailers' store shelves in "early September."


There's still no official word on anything regarding Slime Knights and the demo. However, you can be sure that you will know as soon as I do.


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