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New Avatars, from DW4:Renaissance


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Thanks again for another great collection of avatars (sorry I am a little behind ;))



The latest collection of avatars by the Brasington Lane Software Planning Graphics Team (Friede Genner, Indogutsu Tenbuki, Kunio Hiroba, and Felix G. Trapper)


Some words about the sprites...


brasington-monk01.gifbrasington-monk02.gif (two of 24 shown)

The 24 "Monk" avatars in this collection represent the twelve schools of Utsudo: Bishamon, Daito, Danzan, Enma, Fudoshin, Hakko, Iwama, Jikoku, Komoku, Susanowo, Tenji, and Zocho. Each school has one of six different-colored uniforms, and fighters from the six highest-ranked schools wear a special hat to show off their honor. From each of the twelve schools are two sprites: old master and young disciple.


brasington-behemoth1.gif (one of 4 shown)

Behemoths are gigantic, omnivorous beasts who have lived since the prehistoric age. They are believed to be the species from which all other mammals evolved. As their descendants gained dominance over all living things, the Behemoths were gradually driven into the underworld, where they coexisted with dragons and demons and eventually became able to use powerful magic.



The warlord of waterfowl, Lord Quackagawa, made his debut appearance as a crude MSPaint drawing in a Flash movie made by Indogutsu Tenbuki. He was later re-drawn in the style of Akira Toriyama for "Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance," and appears in the game as a joke enemy.



Meet Technobabble, Psychobabble, and Religious Babble. These three original Slime variations started out as a joke between Indogutsu Tenbuki and his IRC friends. Inspired by the inventive Slime designs in Slime Morimori Dragon Quest, which will sadly never see a non-Japanese release.



Indogutsu Tenbuki put together this sprite of a Red King in response to a recent thread on the Dragon's Den about the Red Slime protest on Dragon-Warrior.com. Like most of Brasington's sprites, the Red King uses realistic color samples taken directly from DW7.


Visit the Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance site for more information


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I know double post, but I didn't want this to be in the news post. I love the other babbles, espcially techo- and psycho- those are awsome. :thumbsup:

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;) Technobabble and Religious Babble!! And that Red King always puts mine to shame....
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