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Demon Wars III

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"well I never did like him, he was always disapearing in the middle of fights and you never knew what he was planning." Zex said as he worked on the window.

"I know how you feel but, still he was a good alli" Leon said as he watched Zex put the finishing tuches on the window.

"I am going to be gone for a bit I need to get this sword fixed."


"for how long?"


"Maybe a week"


"A week where do you need to go?"


"Well the wolvs of wereloft crafted my sword so it is them who must fix it."

"Wait? arn't the wolvs a myth? I read about them but i thought they were not real."


"No they are very real.... actually my father was one of them, no only am I traviling there to fix my sword but with luck they will help in our war effert"


"your father was part of them??"

"Well yes, but he died many years ago when I and Dante got into a big problume with about 100 horks..... him and Dantes father the Lord of the dragn clans to the north died to save us and the lands from the horks."


"It seems strange how a member of the Wolvs of wereloft and the dragon king of the north could be defeated by the horks alone."


"I know i know, but I have questioned it many times but I know that they are dead and there is nothing I can do about it. I am heading to the north west about 30 miles noth of haydens palace. I will return with help or alone either way I promis you I will be back." Zex said as he turned down the road. "Take care of the princess for me would you Leon I can't have her folowing me and getting killed or something like that."



-------------------------------------------Haydens palace-------------------------------------------------------


Dante woke up, it was still dark out He could feel his wings now in full form. His mind was full of memories of Him and Zex but not of what they were doing, he just knew his face. He could feel something on his tail bone it was comming off of it, It was an actual tail to Danted amazement. He swong it around just a bit. He did not understand where it had come from but he somehow felt as if it belonged. He left his room and went to find Hayden. Eventually he foundhayden but they spoke no words, the damn necromance stood next to him. Dante hated him so much, but he never knew why really. He had that thing about him the kind of person you just hate for looking at you. Hayden said nothing he just stood up and walked over to Dante, he motioned for the guards to move in.


"Lord hayden?" Dante said as he looked around at the Royal guards moving in on him.


"You are getting to powerfull Eather so I sugest you give up now and let me destroy you."


Dante looked around knowing he could take on the guards.


"I see my lord but you seem to be mistaken, my name is Dante."


"What did you say to me!"


"I said my name is DANTE, you peace of crap!"


The guards all came around him, his coat riped open and his wings spred knocking 2 of them down. He quickly drew his sword and stabed the 3rd guard. Then he looked to the 2 on the ground and spred his hands out. "Dragon flames!" They both burst into fire. Hayedn watched as his guards burned to death. He stood up and the necromance got behind him. "I remember now, you Necrin! you are the cause of all of this darkness! you need to die. Get out of my way Hayden!" Dante roared.


"Eather thies will be your last molments!"

Hayden drew his sword and faught with Dante, Hayden was indeed stronger then dante. But as the battle raged on it was increasingly evodent that Dante wasn't willing to give up. Dante launched attack after attack on hayden some seemed to do more then others.

"you are foolish!"


"Damn you to hell Hayden!"Dante srcramed as he continued his attacks with no end in sight.


"Stop this madness Eather" Necrin yelled


"you!" Dante said as he pushed hayden into a wall and went after the General.


"Freez!" Hayden said as Ice shards coverd Dantes feet.


" you will pay for what you did to me maya and Thomas! you will pay!"


Dante broke the ice around him and broght his sword down over haydens chest making a large mark in haydens armor. "ill give you that to remember me by. "Boom" dante yelled as he launched off a blinding light and burst through one of the windowns in the throne room and took off. Dante was heading back to Kaptora to find Zex.


"Lord Hayden are you ok?"


"Coward, i would have killed him... no matter he is not witout his wounds" Hayden said as he sat back down.

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A while passed. Lily had been entertaining more than ever at the tavern, and Leon had been healing some of the wound. It gave him a good chance to practice some skills, get to know people, and restock his item supplies. He also took the time to buy himself a shield, leggings, and a nice vest to better reinforce him for battles to come. So now, instead of his dark cloak being over his white shirt and pants, he had on, today at least, dark green leg protectors and the light green vest over his white clothes. He attached his (Leon was colour-coordinated this day, so dark green) small shield to his right arm and it covered his elbow protectively.


On a morning after Zex had left, Leon decided he'd take Lily to see something he figured she'd enjoy - the Machtium pool he had visited much earlier. He knew she needed or wanted a break from the attention she'd been given. He didn't want too much to be drawn to her anyway, in case unwanted ears picked up her location.


So, in his new attire, well-rested and ready to go, he left a note on his kitchen table for anyone doing repairs or looking or him to read:


If you're reading this letter, Lily and I aren't back yet. We decided to go to the Machtium pool (to merely sightsee, not to harm it, of course) for a change of scenery. The pool is to the west, through the cave, and after travelling by the edge of the crescent forest, into another cave, should you really need me or her for any reason. Zex, too, has left town, and won't be back for some time. Garrison also left of his free will, but to where, I know not. Thank you for working on my house! Jaune and I do appreciate it.


- Leon




'So this pool is of a magical substance?' Lily asked Leon as they walked along the path. Lily, at least, was becoming better on her feet and was usually able to keep up to Leon's overhasty pace.


'Yeah, it's really great. I just figured that since you like magic, you'd like it there. It's very peaceful... very tranquil. I didn't have much time to sit and think there, but we have a lot of time now.'


Just then, a Lethal Gopher emerged from the ground!


Leon quickly took care of it with an electric blast of his gun, and it fell over easily.


'Ha, I had some of those knock me out a while ago. I guess I'm getting better at battling,' Leon noted, pleased with himself. He had also bravely returned all of his books to the library, and had taken out some new ones that seemed pretty difficult.


As they continued walking west, Leon reflected on his previous night. He was fairly sure that he could now harness whatever was inside him for a few brief seconds of spellcasting... but whenever he tried to do it, he felt incredibly drained and had to stop the power. He hoped that someday he'd learn to cast the spells he was able to cast- like Revive- on his own and without the power of whatever was inside of him. He had also received the feeling that this 'spirit', as he called it, was no longer making itself useful to him automatically as it had been during the fight with Drackor. During the battle with Vigroz, Leon had almost been disappointed to learn that the spirit hadn't assisted him in some way then also, but... well, if he could still use its power some of the time, he wasn't complaining. He wasn't too worried about what it was, in fact. If it was helping him - if it was symbiotic with him - then there was no reason to be worried at all, he figured.




Jaune felt a tingling feeling. She tried to raise her head, but found that her arms and legs had been stretched and spread so far apart and forced down - she was on her back - that she couldn't even see what was happening around her.


So she stared ahead as she felt an increasing nervousness... what was she wearing? She couldn't tell. Where was she? ... She couldn't tell that either. She didn't feel safe; she felt trapped. She didn't know why she was being touched or tampered with, but she knew it couldn't be good.


Then her muscles tensed... every muscle in her body stiffened. What was happening to her?! She tried to scream out for help, but was too paralyzed with fear and an increasing physical numbness that she couldn't bring herself to make any sound. She was being tied down with some extremely resistant material, clearly... no matter how hard she shook, she couldn't free herself.


'Stop... you.. have no right to-' Jaune woke herself up from her rest in an abandoned Machtist planet residence with a moan. Arriness and Xenatu, already awakened, looked at her with very questioning demeanors in their eyes.

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;)"One more test? What do you mean Running Moon?" Ryu asked the spirit of his departed friend. "You must conquer your self doubt and to do that you must fight yourself..." Running Moon said as a third Imposter suddenly appeared. But before doing anything, the monster immediatly transformed into a perfect copy of Ryu. The only exception was that the Imposter didn't have any cuts on it's body nor was it's clothes torn due to constant battling. "If you can conquer this last test, then you will have defeated your inner demons. I know you can do it Ryu." Running Moon said as the battle soon began. The Imposter started the fight by charging at Ryu with full force. "Is this the best you can do? No wonder you couldn't help your friends in battle. You are nothing but a target, an anchior but don't worry, soon you're misery will come to an end!!" the monster said as it began to pummel Ryu. But soon Ryu managed to counter the assult of the Imposter. With a swift kick he managed to knock his clone away from him. "You're just a copy of me." Ryu said as he charged his "twin" head on. However the Imposter dodged the oncoming attack and followed up with a kick to the chin. "You're right. I am just a clone of you but since I am a clone I know what moves you will make before you even make them. You could say that I know you even better than you know yourself!!" the clone said as it resumed it's assult. Much like the last round Ryu took a few punches and kicks but soon kicked the clone away from himself. "Are you going to do this every time?" Ryu asked, "You forget that I have a pretty good idea on what you might do too. After all you are just a carbon copy of me and nothing more. Ryu said as he soon went on the offense. The Ryu clone matched attack after attack by copying the moves that Ryu made.


"Is that it? I thought you knew yourself better than this!!" the clone said as it kicked Ryu into another bunch of trees. Ryu soon arose from the last attack. "I'm... just getting started... Ryu said, breathing slightly more heavy than he was. Fatigue was starting to show itself on Ryu. But the young forest dweller was not going to let a false version of himself defeat him so easily. Once he got to his feet the clone of Ryu made it's move. It charged towards Ryu, ready to strike hard and fast all Ryu did was stand and wait until the moment was right to counter. "No more self doubt. This monster is not really me but a foe who is representing my lack of confidence. A trait that is now a thing of the past!!" Ryu thought to himself as the attack was about to strike him. But before the assult could connect, Ryu picked up the Imposter and slamed it head first into the ground. Before it could make another move, Ryu then picked it up by the leg and tossed the clone a few feet away from the indenture the slam made. "So..." the Imposter said as it was catching it's breath, "You have some moves after all don't you? "You noticed huh? Well thank you for that compliment. Though it's just as empty as your true form. Ryu sarcasticly replied.


"Why do you bother to fight against who you really are? You know you are nothing more than a spineless coward and so does everyone you know." the clone said mokingly. The Imposter had hoped to exploit Ryu's own self doubt and fear as a weakness but much like the two Imposters before this one, it prooved futile. Ryu responded to the clone's tauntings with a swift kick on the nose of the clone. The force of the kick was strong enough to break the false Ryu's nose and to the horror of the clone, Ryu's assult was only begining. In the same mannar he used against the other imposters, Ryu started punching and kicking the clone around in a similar mannar as Juna. Though the attacks weren't as powerful as Juna's they were more focused and controled in comparison. The clone desparatly tried to land an attack of it's own but it was to no avail as it only gave Ryu more openings to exploit. The Imposter then shoved Ryu away long enough for it to get away and catch it's breath. Ryu just laughed silently to himself as he watched the clone make a hasty withdraw. "I wonder if all shapeless demons like that thing are really this easy? Ryu asked himself as he stared down his opponent. "Explain....this to me..." the Ryu clone demanded as it was catching it's breath, "What...exactly are....you fighting....for?" "I'm not just fighting to avenge the death of my friend but I am fighting to protect my tribe, no the world from the vile forces of Hayden" Ryu replied, "You are nothing more than a minor obsticle standing between me and four other brave souls from accompishing this task." "You have big dreams don't you?" the Imposter said as it was in stance, preparing for another round of combat, "But your dream comes to an end here and now!! the clone said as it charged towards Ryu head on. Ryu, in anticipation of this move charged towards his clone also.

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;) Both combatants charged at one another in hopes of landing a blow or two in. As soon as both Ryu's met face to face, each landed focused punch in the abdomens of one another. The force was strong enough to knock then a few inches away from one another and cause them to struggle for breath. The clone of Ryu was no longer in "perfect" shape since it was now covered in various bruises and it's clothes were now stained with it's own monsterous blood. Ryu also looked fatigued from battle with various bruises and cuts along with the tattered clothing. "So...." Ryu spoke to the clone, "Are you going back to mimicing my moves now?" "Heh, I could ask you the same thing." the clone responded. Both fighters were rising up and preparing for one another's next move. Both Ryu's stood in anticipation, waiting for one ot the other to make a move. Both fighters waited for about five minutes when finally the clone decided to make his next move. Ryu, somehow, anticipated the aforementioned move and instead of the clone's attack connecting, Ryu counter attacked by tossing his assailant a few feet away then after Ryu went offensive. The clone didn't have a chance to react after recieving blow after blow, before long the Imposter's weariness was begining to show. The fake Ryu was struggling to rise up after Ryu's assult. "So, have you had enough yet?" Ryu asked as his opponent was trying to rise up. The clone remained silent and attempted another attack.


The Imposter wasn't the only being suffering from weariness, Ryu also was suffering the slings and arrows of fatigue. After three battles in a row it was only natural for the warrior to experience exhaustion. But Ryu wasn't going to allow tiredness to stop him from winning this battle. When the impersonating beast was about to pounce, Ryu once again countered with an attack of his own. This one was the last blow that sent the clone into another nearby tree. Ryu then decided that it was time to end the battle. He jumped towards the clone and then with as much force as the young forest dweller could muster, he landed a kick in the chest of the Ryu clone. The attack had caused the creature to loose it's form and revert back into the shapeless demon that it once was. "No more dount." Ryu thought to himself,[/color] "My fears end here and now!!" With that Ryu focused his attention on the Imposter, then he launched a punch, again, with as much force as possible. The attack had landed in between the eyes of the creature and with that fatal strike Ryu had managed to defeat yet another Imposter. But not only did the young man defeat three fairly strong monsters but he managed to destroy the inner demons that had been haunting him since the death of his freind Running Moon. With the last imposter destroyed and the final test completed Ryu had become more confident in his combat abilities. Just then Running Moon had spoken up.


"Good Job my old friend Running Moon said, "It was a bit of a struggle but you managed to conquer your inner demons. Now you can defeat anyone or anything that stands in your way." "Yes. Hopefully now I'll be more effective in battle after this strange experience." "I'm sure you will be. After all, those skills you had realized will be of invaluable help. Even if you manage to loose your weapon. You have prooved to yourself that you do not need a weapon to beat any enemy that may come your way. Running Moon explained. "Why did you appear to me anyway if I may ask. Ryu asked, curious as to why this event happend to start with. "As you know, many in our tribe experiences one of these dreams or visions as the Elder calls them. Running Moon said, "Sometimes in these "Visions" we have something will be revealed to us. These things could be something about ourselves or a quest to prove our manhood. That my friend is what you call a "Vision Quest". "A...Vision...Quest? So this is all just a dream? Even my injuries?" Ryu asked, perplexed at what his friend had said. "Yes Ryu, this all just a dream, but what you have learned has given you the confidence you need to continue with your fight against Hayden. After that is the point of the Vision Quest, for someone to learn more about themselves" Running Moon said.


After the conversation, Running Moon's spirit soon started to disappear but before the aperition disapeared completly Running Moon gave a last word towards his friend. "Ryu, good luck against the hordes of Hayden. I know you and Juna will be victorious... Running Moon said as his spirit disappeared. With those last words Ryu had awoke from his dream and noticed that the sun was rising. With a newfound sense of courage, Ryu picked up Juna and then proceeded along the path to his and Juna's next destination.

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Zex came across a familyer road, it lead past Haydens palace to the north but it was still a 2 day walk. He figured that looking Demon in all he wouldn't have a problume with any of haydens minions. After a few hours of walking many soldgers of haydens army could be seen off in the distence on hourseback heading twords Zex. He was ready for a fight but so many could be a problume, about 20 of them. They came closer with lightning speed but to his suprise they road past him. It seemed like they were chaceing someone. Zex didn't mind tho he was just happy, he could continue with no problumes.





In flight it took Dante only 17 hours to reach He came across the front gate to the city which was destroyed during the seige. To his suprise the humans were in control of the city again. The whole time he was hoping that the Generals in this city hadn't killed them. so it looked as if they were dead now. Dante came up to two of the human guards who tried to turn him away.


"Demon you are not welcome here." one of the guards said.


"O really my mistake" Dante turned around and started to walk away then quickly turned and punched him in the face then jumped up and drop kicked the other guard. They both fell to the ground out cold."I never did like killing, feel lucky you cought me on a good day" He said as he made his way inside. He had known the location of Leons house from his last fight and thought that would be the best place to start looking for him. Guards bared his path as he took them down 1 at a time, not killing any of them. He finally made it to leons house. it took him a good 3 hours because of the constent attacks. It was morning now and Dante opend the door and peered inside, there was nothing save a note. It read

If you're reading this letter, Lily and I aren't back yet. We decided to go to the Machtium pool (to merely sightsee, not to harm it, of course) for a change of scenery. The pool is to the west, through the cave, and after travelling by the edge of the crescent forest, into another cave, should you really need me or her for any reason. Zex, too, has left town, and won't be back for some time. Garrison also left of his free will, but to where, I know not. Thank you for working on my house! Jaune and I do appreciate it.


- Leon


He figured that Leon would be his beast lead on Zex and he knew the location of the caves. He figured leon would want to fight him based on his past actions, and he didn't really want to hurt the kid but he would if it needed to be done. He walked out of leons house and took off twords the caves. it didnt take him very long and he managed to fly to the entrence. He stood outside hearing a battle inside, he walked slowly watching as a yung girl was being taken captive and he saw leon preparing for battle. Dante was intrested in seeing leons skill and decided not to jump in unless it got messy.

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Leon decided to use his common strategy. 'Bounce!' he yelled, forming a wall of light in front of him. 'I swore to Zex that I wouldn't let you be captured...!' He startled himself, realizing that at this point so far, he was so attached to the demon that he was trying to save her more because he had been entrusted to do so than how he felt about Lily at the current time.


But he didn't know her too well. He'd always had Jaune, the female, around to talk to, and with no brothers or any real friends, he'd found himself with a role model, a friend, and, he thought distractedly, almost a brother. So he didn't want to let him down.


Leon fired a blast of electricity at the Doom Cult Magi, frightful and large as it was. It had been casting insanely powerful spells, so perhaps that was its strength. It didn't seem to do much harm.


The beast sent forth a huge fiery ball of searing heat, and Leon's wall protected him. He felt himself being pushed against, but when he pushed back, he felt the orb release back into the beast. Leon was proud.


He got another idea - he collected a handful of Machtium, let it pour into the head of of his gun, and, pulling the trigger, felt his gun suddenly explode around his arm (he shielded his eyes with his right hand and his cloak) as it shot a brilliant laser beam at the beast, dissolving it. The light in the cave faded, although Leon's eyes were quite dazzled.


'This stuff is powerful... but it felt wrong to use it. And... my gun! My gun...!' Leon said. His arm was numb and burnt from the explosion.


The beast, in its agony, roared and screamed, and with a mighty swing of its claw, hit Leon into the wall where he hit his head and fell back. It emitted an icy pulse, and Leon felt his Bounce spell shatter. He couldn't focus well enough to cast a healing spell. But somehow, if he could, he needed to protect Lily from the beast that had captured her.

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;) Meanwhile, on another portion of the World, three other warriors had continued along the road to their next destination. One was the Large muscular swordsman named Thorr reveered as the "Lion of the North, Thorr's skill with a sword could potentially rival that of even Thomas's. Then there was Scarlet who's beauty was as esqusite as was her skill with a sword. Finally there was the young dwarf, Crispin. Who's purpose for traveling with Thorr and Scarlet was to see the world. Little did this trio of adventurers know that Hayden's minions had been watching over them along with Juna, Ryu, Leon and the others. Hayden's General, Serefinis was standing on a nearby cliff watching the trio walk along the path. "So...this is the trio that Necrin was worried about?" the general said to herself, "The large guy looks like he could appreaciate a good dance as would that dwarf. The female sword fighter however, might present a slight problem. Heh heh heh, though she's nothing compared to me Serefinis said as she slowly drew her sword.


This female warrior for Hayden was once a dancer who along with several other young men and women were driven from their home town of Aptiva which was once destroyed by invaders from Northrend a few years ago. Serefinis not only lost her friends and her family in that struggle but she also lost her means of support. After wondering around the world for a few months she had come accross Hayden and his right hand man, Necrin. Along with them were a few others, two being the recently defeated Drackor and Vigroz. "My dear, you seem to be quite, meloncolic..." Hayden had said in a seemingly soothing voice. "You don't know the half of it. These soldiers from some place called Northrend destroyed my home. I have nothing but the clothes on my back. Serefinis replied. "I see..." Hayden said, "And I am sure that you desire to get your revenge on the kingdom of Northrend correct?" "Wha?! How did you?!?! the young girl asked, dumbfounded by Hayden's statement. Hayden just smirked and responded to Serefinis' question "My dear Serefinis, I know lots of things and I can make your desire come true." "You can?!" Serefinis asked eagerly, "Can you grant me the power to crush those who destroyed everything dear to me?" "Of course, but in exchange for this power, you must agree to serve me from now on." Serefinis didn't hesitate one second to accept Hayden's offer and soon she had kneeled before her new master as he then proceeded to grant the young girl amazing abilities. Serefinis had quickly established herself as a General who enjoyed confusing her foes with her amazing dances and soon she was going to demonstrate her abilities on the unsuspecting trio of travellers.


Meanwhile, Thorr and his compainions were walking along the path to thier destination all while Crispin was simply taking in the scienery. Along the horizon you could see mountains in the distance along with trees. "Blimey," the young dwarf thought to himself, "You sure wouldn't see anything this lovely back in the mountains..." "How are you holding up back there? Is everything alright?" Scarlet asked politly as Crispin was gazing out at the horizon. "Oh, uh yeah everything's fine." the young dwarf replied, "Say, Just where are you two heading anyway?" Crispin asked curiously. "We're on a training mission. Sometimes His Magesty sends us on these missions to improve our skills." Thorr replied sternly, "Now let us be on our way." Soon after the group's disscussion, they soon discovered a young girl with long blue hair wearing what appeared to be some sort of Armor for dancers. Unbeknowest to the trio, the young girl was really Serefinis, Hayden's general sent to destroy the three adventurers. "Excuse me young lady but you're in our way. Either move out of the way willingly or I will move you myself." Thorr said hastily. The young girl just giggled at Thorr and walked towards the large knight.

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Dante cracked his knuckles as he came around the corner. All eyes came on him, a General of Hayden’s army. He walked between Leon and the beast.


"One of Hayden’s men I see, well you have no business here general"


Dante didn't saw a word; he just turned to Leon who didn't know what to do. To Leon he was most likely thinking this was the end. He drew his sword still facing Leon.


"I am warning you, if you touch any of them humans aren’t the only thing Hayden will have to worry about."


"No I won't lay a hand on them, they have information I need." Dante said waving his sword around in front of Leon. “So if I kill them your people will be angry you say?"

"Yes..... Wait wh-----" The creatures head split in two and Dante’s sword slammed into the ground.


Dante turned to lily that was still trapped in the web. He ripped the sticky webbing off of her.


"Heal-all" Dante said his eyes lighting up green as the magic made its way through the cave.


"You are Leon correct?"

"Yes and you are....... Eath...... ummm Dante?"


"Yes... I am Dante, where is Zex I need to speak with him."

"Why should I tell you? Even if you kill me I won’t sell him out!"


"Relax Leon, Look into my eyes and know that I have no more hate, know that my mind is no longer clouded by that which is dark. You must understand that I am free from that lunatic, and I have the scars of my past now."


Leon listened to him and without even needing to read his mind he felt a change. He didn't want to give up where Zex was going but he felt that he could trust Dante now, even after they were just saved by him.


"Well he said something about the wolves of were loft."


"Oh no....... that’s not good."



"Well the wolves of were loft are slaves of Hayden and his Necromancer as are a few humans sent to kill you..... Actually what happened to Thomas did he get here yet?"


"Thomas came and defeated all of us after a previous battle..."


"It's good that you are still alive... but look your 2 friends the ones Ryu and Running moon are also targets of Hayden it seems his taint has washed over all of this land..... He is even after 2 knights and a dwarf, I have never herd or seen them but I guess he found them a danger."

"Wow, do you know if my friends are ok?"


"I don’t know, but all I do is they will have a hell of a time coming back here." He said turning his back to Leon and lily. "Thanks, I will go and bring zex back alive for you..... And I will end my pathetic life trying to stop Hayden, this is my only wish in life now...... to see him dead."

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Dante having left, and Lily having fallen asleep, Leon exited the cave with the elf in his arms. He took off his cloak and carried her in it, having decided that he'd battled enough for now, and that he didn't want to hear any more of the thoughts of Kaptorans. His thoughts of Lily immediately ended, without his power 'channeled' through anything, and he felt at ease.


Going over the course of events... it seemed that he'd been able to read minds ever since he fell unconscious on his way to retrieve Machtium for Jaune. He wondered what exactly had taken place, or what was in him allowing him to grasp at such powerful spells, and allowing him to read the minds of those nearby.


'Return!' he cast. Without his unique cloak, he felt that his magic spells took much more time to cast. This wasn't really the case, though, as he only believed this because his cloak contained the books for a few spells he still didn't know by heart.


And they flew to Kaptora, where Leon lay Lily in Jaune's bed, and went to work on building a better gun. At least, should he ever need to fight in the long time it would take him to build the gun, he had retrieved Vigroz's staves, and he was sure he could count on townspeople and, now without his mechanical weapon, the Machtists as well to help him out.




The paths were winding toward the interior of the city. There were several routes to take, several houses to explore, and much information to be gathered.


It seemed that this city, at whatever location in space Jaune, Xenatu, and Arriness were at, was a much larger one than it had seemed. There were no outstanding features, although the architecture and odd light made things very interesting.


The monsters were unlike any they had experienced before. Everything just seemed... unnatural. What they fought was either non-living things come to life, or just... demonic creatures that shouldn't exist (as Jaune described them).


All of the human-like people they had come across had all been killed by the same methods, it seemed. None of them told any story at all about their lives or their deaths.


'The thing about that dream,' Jaune said, as they walked, 'was that... well - you see... I remember some things from when I was really young. And I of course remember things about my life recently. I even remember turning seventeen years old. ... But I don't remember ever being twelve or around there. Nobody remembers me... my parents died when I was young, so they couldn't tell me.'


Arriness spoke softly. '... That might be why you decided so willingly to take in Leon... isn't it? I always thought it was weird that he lived with a woman that wasn't in any way related to him. I mean, foster parents aren't entirely unusual, but... you know.'


Jaune nodded her head. 'So, Arriness... are you and Leon on good terms? I'm just curious... I always wonder if Leon has friends his own age or not. He doesn't talk too much about his own life to me.'


'Well, I was never on great terms with him, honestly. But I can honestly say I wasn't one of the ones who made disliked him. I always thought he was a pretty smart guy, but my Machtist friends were constantly picking at him. I would've hated it - I always try to put myself in others' shoes. I never did anything to stop them, though... Leon always seemed like he wasn't bothered by their taunts. He... I don't know why people are laughed at because they're different - just because he doesn't believe in the same religion I do doesn't make him less human... just because he wears that same cloak every day doesn't make him unclean, poverty-stricken, or ignorant... I don't understand it. So even though we never talked much, I've always thought of him as a friend of sorts, I guess. He's got loads of defensive magic. Did you know that?'


Jaune said she did. 'It's too bad... I always thought the younger generations were more tolerant... but I guess not. Leon hasn't had any problems that he's come forth with, but I have noticed that he sticks very close to those he does have trust for. Did something happen... to make him that way?'


'I... I think I know exactly what it could be. It happened right before he quit school last year, in fact... let me tell you the story... it happened like this...'


Arriness began to tell his story as they went along the path, slowly approaching the center of the city.

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;)"Hehehehehe, aren't you a bold, uptight fellow?" the young girl said seductivly. "Wha? Who do you think you are?!" Thorr asked demandingly as the woman walked past him and took notice of Crispin. "Wow, aren't you a cute little boy? Serefinis said as she looked at Crispin. "Not to be rude or anything, but I'm not a little boy. I'm a dwarf, though I don't look it, I'm really 76 years old." Crispin said shyly. The young dwarf had obviously never known "feminine attention" and thus was taken off guard when one looked at him. Especially one that wasn't even a member of his own race. "A dwarf huh? Since your 76 you'd probably be the equivelent of a 15 year old human give or take a year or two. Am I correct?"" Serefinis said, replying to Crispins statement. Scarlet however was distrusting of this person, "Something's not right here. Who is this woman and just why are Thorr and Crispin blushing? Crispin I could possibly understand but Thorr's not the type to be so easily taken by anything, especially these dancer types." Scarlet thought to herself. Thorr also had thought something was strange about this sudden appearance of a dancer. He knew that dancers worked in various pubs and bars and such but why one was out here this far away from town was beyond him. Unlike Scarlet however, he disregarded the fact that this person was just on her way and only happened to run across the group. Crispin however had become completely taken with the young girl. "Say I'm on my way to Northrend to apply for a possition as a dancer at the local pub could either one of you two handsome men tell me where exactly Northrend is?" Serefinis asked, "Scarlet and I happen to be from Northrend and to get there just continue along the path and you should reach the castle. Thorr said in his usual cold demenor, "Now then, if you'll excuse us, we'll be on our way. "Wait, don't leave yet. Would you mind if I showed you some of my dancing routine?" Serefinis asked as Thorr and the others started to proceed ahead. "Thanks anyway but we really must go." Thorr said. "Oh come on..." the young girl said as she walked back towards Thorr, "It won't take long, I promise."


"What harm could it do Thorr? I've never seen any sort of "dance" before let alone one done by a human. So why don't we check out her routine? I'm sure it's pretty good. Crispin said, curious to see the girls dancing. It was obvious that Crispin had been lured in by Serefinis's seductive charms and Thorr just grunted and finally agreed to Crispin's request. "Fine, try to be quick about it though." Thorr said impatently. With that said, Serefinis then began her dancing routine. It was much more refined in comparison to the various tavern dancer's repitoire. Various twirls and spins and leaps in the air had Crispin mesmorized and even Thorr was somewhat impressed with the girl's talent. Scarlet however, was lost in thought to really pay attention to Serefinis's dance. After a couple of minutes, Thorr and Crispin were meserized after whitnessing Serefinis's dance. Soon after she was finsihed dancing she soon walked over to Crispin and stated whispering things into his ear such as "You're such a cute guy" and what not. Once she was done, Crispin just sat dazed and unable to move from his spot. Serefinis then walked over to Thorr and like with Crispin she also whispered random things in his ear and again, like Crispin, Thorr was dazed and unable to move from where he was at. Scarlet the realized that something was terribly wrong, "Now I KNOW something's up. I have never known Thorr to fall for such trickery as that." she thought to herself. "Heh, Men are such gullible fools..." Serefinis said to herself as she then looked towards Scarlet.


"Your from Northrend right?" Serefinis asked. "That's correct. Now as for you, who exactly are you and what did you do to my friends?" Scarlet asked demandingly as she had reached for her sword. "I am General Serefinis of the Army of Hayden, the Demon King. And as for your friends over there, I simply hypnotized them with my dances." the General replied. "As for you my "friend" you and your nation will fall by the might of my sword. After all, it's only fair that I destroy Northrend since your people destroyed Aptiva!!" "Aptiva? That was well over 20 years ago and those were people who had plotted to usurp the goverment. There were very few survivors of that conflict You'd have to be nearly 40 and yet you look so young..." Scarlet said, bewildered as the General's statement. "The power for Hayden IS amazing isn't it? Not only do I not age but I have the power to crush you and anyone else who is foolish enough to defy Lord Hayden." After making her statement, Serefinis then drew her sword and charged towards Scarlet. Scarlet was no slouch when it came to sword play. She had her sword drawn and was ready for anything that Serefinis had to throw. Both swords clashed as each fighter began exchanging one impressive swor manuver after another. As for Thorr and Crispin, they could only sit and watch the battle obliviously due to thier hypnotic state.

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;) Scarlet fended off any oncoming attack that Serefinis had thrown at her. The General however wasn't beaten just yet, in fact she was just getting pumped up for the battle ahead. The general focused energy into her two fingertips and then fired a neon pink bean at Scarlet. The young warrior was taken off guard by the attack as the beam had struck her on her upper arm. Luckily for Scarlet the attack wasn't as strong as she had originally thoght. Thankfully though Scarlet was right handed and was able to continue the fight despite the minor injury she sustained. "Damn it...I've got to watch out for those random attacks...." Scarlet said to herself. "Are you going to surender already? Just when I was hoping the battle would get get to." Serefinis said sarcasticly. "You're more foolish than I thought you were. As a commander of the Knights of Northrend I will not surrender to scum like you!!" Scarlet said as she suddenly went on the offense. Serefinis was temporarily caught off guard when Scarlet had made her sudden attack. But soon the General had regained her composure and then began to match every move that Scarlet was making. "Damn she's good. She matches every move I make, thus making it impossible for me to land a blow. But she had to have some kind of weakness to her..." Scarlet thought to herself as she was searching for any form of opening that would give her the upper hand. However it was to no avail since Serefinis just relentlessly made one attack after another and before long, Scarlet soon found herself on the defenisve once again. However Scarlet could not keep up with the General's relentless swordplay for long and with another sneak attack, Serefinis sent Scarlett flying a couple of feet away from her comerades. Once Scarlet regained her composure, she was preparing herself for Serefinis's next attack. The General however decided to use another one of her magical attacks, once again she found herself in the same position she was in before when she launched her pink beam attack. This time however she had formed a small, dark gray, sphere of energy. She then launched the spell at Scarlet and like last time the spell had hit it's target. Scarlet's armor had been slightly damaged as a result of the spell.


Feeling a bit overconfident, Serefinis decided to launch another spell again by using the same mannar of possitions she used to cast her last two attacks. It was then that Scarlet had found the weakness or opening that she was looking for. Serefinis however, had already had another spell prepared and had launched it. "MERAMI!!" the General shouted as she launched a large fireball towards Scarlet. This time however the General was ready and managed to dodge the spell. To add to this sudden turn of events Scarlet had managed to land a punch to the face of Hayden's Minion. The punch was strong enough to break Serefinis's nose and thus cause some bleeding to occur. "You...Vile Harlot!! How dare you vandalize my face?!" the General said in a rage as she had punched Scarlet in the abdomen, causing the warrior to drop her sword and fall to her knees in pain. "What is this? First you punch me and now you bow to your knees to me? Heh, you need to make up your mind little girl." Serefinis said sarcasitcly as she had started to physically assult the young warrior from Northrend. Scarlet had soon found herself the victim of various kicks and punches and worst of all she was unable to fend off the assult. "You and your people will pay for the genocide you committed. One by one I will destroy you all slowly and painfully. the General said as she was pummeling relentlessly on Scarlet. The young warrior had then made a desparete move to try and prevent being beaten to death by Serefinis. She had punched the general in the abdomen much like what Serefinis had done to her. The General was stunned for a few seconds which only allowed Scarlet a couple of attacks before the General could counter attack. Soon the battle had reverted back to the first round only instead of both combatants using swords, they were using thier bare hands. It had become obvious that both fighters were equal in strength but in reality Serefinis was holding back most of her true power. She had felt like "toying" around with her opponents before completely obliterating them. Scarlet however was unaware of what exactly she was up against but she wasn't going to let this person get away after threatening her and her friends. "I wish Thorr and Crispin hadn't fallen for this woman's little "routine" I could really use thier help right now..." Scarlet thought to herself as she was fending off Serefinis's attacks.


The General then became board with just fighting with hands. So she then leaped a couple of feet away from Scarlet and then starting firing off various spells at her desired target. She started off firing of multiple Blaze spells at a fairly rapid pace. Scarlet tried as best as she could to avoid the spells but no matter how hard she tried to dodge, some of the fireballs had managed to hit their target. Again like the last three spells Serefinis used on Scarlet, they had proved to be much less effective in comparison to her dances and physical attacks. And since Serefinis's opponent was a female it was fairly obvious that the General's dances were not going to affect Scarlet so the General decided to have some fun by firing off various spells at her opponent.

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;) Scarlet had spotted the same opening that was there when Serefinis had casted spells before so the warrior decided to utilize the opening again by attacking her in the same spot. This time with a swift kick to the abdomen which not only caused a great deal of pain to the general but also caused her to drop her spell and damage her leg some. Scarlet then decided to redouble her efforts to defeat this nusiance once and for all and she decided to get round three started by going offensive. Much like what Serefinis did to Scarlet earlier the young fighter did the same to Serefinis. Scarlet started to pummel the dancing General relentlessly hoping that continuous attacks would have similar results for her that it did for Serefinis.



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Leon had always been relied on for his smarts. Everybody came to him for help, regarding any subject. I always relied on him for help regarding world history; he was really good at it. He always seemed like he didn't belong at our education level. It was if he were above the rest of us. However, this was never the case when it came to things like our physical education classes - I always felt bad for him when we played team sports. Leon has a great head on his shoulders, but he has honestly never seemed to be too strong physically, you know?


I guess I'm not the best source of Leon's experiences, as I wasn't really part of the driving forces of his story, but often after our classes he would basically be tortured by some of the older or bigger jerks. I remember overhearing a fight that went on... I was changing in a separate area than Leon was, but we could all hear everything that was going on, you know?


'Hey Leon, did you ever learn how to actually play sports?'


'No, I didn't. You guys never offer to show me either, so why are you asking?'


The bully then commented on something that'll remain in my head alone, and then all of a sudden we heard a shove and something hit the wall. Me and a few others ran over to see what was happening. Not surprisingly, it was Leon on the floor.


That's when Leon yelled, 'Heal!' and then got back up.


'Haw! You call that magic? I'll show you magic! Bikill! ... "Heal"... you're a sissy.' ... And, yeah, I've changed some of the conversation, because I don't like repeating bad words. Anyway, he increased his strength and starting... he starting hitting Leon, yelling at him and stuff.


I know I possess Healing magic. But I was a Machtist, and he wasn't. That guy also was, too. ... I didn't make a move to try and stop him... I didn't want to be the next victim of whatever outlet this guy needed.


Well, the next day, that guy actually had the nerve to go over and have Leon answer some arithmetic questions for him. The thing is, though, is that Leon had no problem helping him whatsoever - I always have found that weird... you know?


Leon had always had a thing for this one student, I'm fairly sure... he never really knew how to express himself, though. That's the feeling I got from him. 'Hey Leon... could you help me with this problem?' I think she was the one he most willingly helped. She'd always be so happy and energetic around him. I was a little jealous, I admit... then again, I was usually less vocal than Leon. I know I'm a follower, and I grew up a little later than the rest of my friends, so I've never been too outgoing, you know?


So that was Leon's life at school, basically. I guess eventually the torturing stopped. Leon's a pretty tall guy, right? Not as tall as me, but as he learned spells like Upper and SpeedUp he began to be able to avoid any trouble, you know? So eventually there was going to be a party for our class... but Leon didn't know about it. Yet, at least. The students hosting the party were handing out their invitations to everyone at school in our year, and Leon, off by himself as usual, found himself suddenly surrounded by pretty much the rest of his peers. I was there... and the hostess of the party happened to be the girl Leon liked.


She- she handed him the invitation. 'Leon, there's a party at my place tomorrow. I just thought I'd let you know...'


My heart sank when the girl's friend spoke up. 'But you're not invited, because nobody wants you to be there. In fact, after this year is over, we'll be moving on to bigger and better things in the world.'


And then a snobby guy who was right beside me: 'We've got to thank you for everything you've done for us. You made life so much easier for us! Hahaha!!! ... What? You didn't think that we were actually looking for some sort of... friendship or anything from you, did you?'


'I think he was! Hah! You can't take a hint? Nobody ever talks to you if they can help it. You're just different - you're weird... you don't call yourself a Machtist, but you cast spells. And you only cast defensive spells, too. What sort of a loser are you? Yeah... you think you're cool or something?'


Leon's face was stony. I knew he wasn't going to allow himself to cry or anything. I almost felt like crying myself at the injustice of it all. This wasn't my opinion... I did consider him a friend! I wanted to speak up, to stop it all, but I didn't want to be the sole defender of the social outcast...


Anyway, Leon didn't say anything. I think his voice wasn't quite the way it normally was because he might've been about to cry. They all just left, including the girl he'd has his crush on and who didn't say anything, including the jerks, and including me.




Arriness looked at Jaune, and met her eyes. '... Two days later, we were told Leon had left school. We'd still see him around Kaptora sometimes, but we never talked to him again. All this time, he'd thought that we were his friends, and then one afternoon we just crushed his hopes and spirits with the truth. I always wanted to say hi to him, or come and talk to him, anything to let him know that I wasn't part of the majority that felt that way... but I kept making excuses not to do it, you know? I can imagine why he wouldn't open up to anyone anymore after that... that betrayal. And that's my story... I'm so sorry, Jaune.'

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Zex came across a familiar road and clan flags, the wolves of werloft were down the road not to far. Soon he came to a small castle, it was mostly wood but the Keep was solid stone. Wolf demons much like Zex were all about, 3 guards came to meet him.


“Zex you have returned! Elder Sreok and Darkerd want to see you.” The guard said as he looked Zex in the eyes.


“They know I am here do they?” He said glaring into the guard’s eyes. His eyes told a dark story, they had no shine in them, like his soul had left his body. Zex rested his hand on his short sword from the paladin.


“This way Zex, please follow us.”


Zex fallowed them into the castle amazed at how much it had changed since his fathers rule. He looked around and everyone was hard at work making weapons and armors and such. He peered over at one of the shields; the insignia was not of the wolves of wereloft it was different. He knew he had seen it somewhere but he couldn’t put his finger on it. One of the guards steeped in front of him. “Pleas this way lord Zex” They continued through the town and Zex began to see that there were no women or children around, just the men the warriors. “Where are all the citizens?” Zex asked looking around confused.”


“We needed to get them away for their safety old friend.” Sreok steeped out of the keep doors to greet him. “They would have been hurt.” Darkerd said coming from around a corner. They were both very tall about 8 ft most of the wolves were about this height. They had black robes on baring the Wereloft crest. “So you are here about your sword are you not?” Darkerd said looking at the handle of Zexs sword. “Yes” He said pulling out the cracked peace with it. Sreok motioned to the blacksmith to take it. “It will be fixed by morning, would you like to pay your respects to your father in the tomb?” Darkerd asked kindly. Zex felt something was off but he couldn’t place it. “After I get my sword back I will see him, he always wished me to become a fine warrior I think you understand” Zex said looking around. “Yes of cores feel free to roam around and talk to the guards, enjoy yourself.”

Zex did just that but he knew something was wrong, Darkerd never liked his father and Sreok was a bit to nice. Zex decided to go talk to the caption of the guards, Duncan. Duncan had taken care of him after his father’s death and trained him. He figured that Duncan would be his best bet in figuring out what was going on in this town. He found the armory and went inside. 2 Guards bared his path “Halt you may not pass.” They said in tangent. “I am here to see Duncan now more or ill do it for you.” “Is that a threat little man?” one off the guards said holding out his sword to Zexs neck. “No it’s a promise” Zex knocked the sword out of his hand then punched him in the lower stomach and threw him into the other guard. He went inside leaving them on the ground. Duncan was sting in his chair filling out paperwork. He was in shining silver armor he had his trademark sword with him. It was 4 feet long and was plated with gold. He looked up at Zex and stood up. “Zex it is good to see you! Come here!” His words were joyful but his soul screamed a different tone, one of fright and warning.

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Jaune, Xenatu, and Arriness found themselves at the centre of the city. It was similar to a town square in that it was mostly open space, only here there was rubble virtually everywhere, and there was an odd fountain that looked extremely out-of-place directly in the middle of it all. Certainly, it wasn't uncommon for fountains to exist in town squares, but to this date the party hadn't seen any kind of liquid in ages.

Wondering what the massive fountain was, as it loomed over them, towering high above any other structure in the area, they peered into the massive bowl that was the bottom.


'That's...!' Jaune said, startled.


'Machtium!' finished Arriness, mystified. He channelled it throughout the area... so the entire city centre was surrounded in the safe light zone.


Xenatu was standing behind the others. 'So Machtium exists on this planet too? How interesting...' he commented as he rubbed his forehead. Suddenly, he let out a yelp of pain. 'My head! Ohh...'


'Sir! Xenatu?! What's wrong? Is it the messages?' Jaune said, turning away from the pool to face him.


'They stopped repeating... I... I heard a voice just after they stopped!' Then, his eyes widened as they looked past Arriness' head and into the sky beyond the fountain. 'Everyone, duck!!'


Suddenly, a small beam of light came crashing through the middle of the fountain, cracking only that area apart. Everyone leapt behind the fountain. A second later, they heard a roaring, ear-piercing, wailing sound. 'Light doesn't make a sound...! Even if it does travel faster than sound!'


She peered around the fountain, and went speechless with fright. Arriness and Xenatu stood up beside her.


There stood a figure - a replica - of the human-like fallen members of this city. Except, this human's skin was as black as night. It wore white robes, just like all the rest of them, but this... thing... had no pupils in their white eyes, made all the more prominent by its midnight face. It had very delicate and petite features like the city's population. And, most horrifying of all, it had a strange, unique gun unlike any Jaune had ever seen before. It was only holding loosely onto the handle, didn't have a finger on the trigger, but none of them obviously trusted it. It tilted its head to one side, and suddenly the three of them visualized words in their heads.


" *@##(%^*$ - +_ \_; ;>+#@$({^+ '# " ... Needless to say, Jaune and the others did not comprehend what it said.


'Is it hostile, do you think?' Jaune asked, her hand on her gun, but not menacingly.


The figure in black raised its arms majestically, gun in hand. Jaune's grip tightened a bit. But then he pointed it at himself and then slowly set it down on the ground. He took something out of his robe and placed it on the ground, but closer to Jaune. The object was no bigger than a marble, but it seemed to have an odd quality about it. It was a deep red and shined in the eerie light of the planet.


Jaune, understanding what he meant, stepped forward with her hands up after laying her gun on the ground as well. She walked up to the red object, took it in her hands, and stepped back, looking at it.


The black figure tilted his head once more. In Jaune's mind, she read: 'Greetings. Do you understand me?'


Shocked, Jaune nearly dropped the device. Whatever it was, it was allowing her to understand. She also felt other, unclear words in her head. But, she responded, 'Yes.'


'Can you understand it, Jaune?' said Arriness in wonder.


'Yes... I can understand what is being said...'


'Good. I have something important to say to you, and I must say it quickly. We are in danger.'

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;) As Scarlet struggled with Serefinis, on another portion of the world Ryu, still carrying the unconcious Juna, proceeded towards the Nedarburg Harbor and to the ship in which they used to sail to the island to begin with. After a few exhausting hours of walking and lugging Juna's unconcious form around, Ryu managed to return to the harbor but to his horror he noticed that the ship he and Juna used to get to the island had been completly decimated. "Great, our only means of getting out of here has just been destroyed..." Ryu thought to himself as he took note of a couple of palace guards walking towards the docks. "HEY YOU!!! GET BACK HERE YOU TERRORIST!!!" one guard shouted as he charged towards Ryu as he spotted the young forest dweller. "Now's lets see if I can take these bozos down myself." Ryu said to himself as he begun his assult. The Battle didn't last long since Ryu had made short work of the guards. To make matters worse Ryu had stole one of the uniforms of the guards and then threw them into the water. "Heh, this uniform is a bit big, but it will have to do." Ryu said to himself as he picked up Juna and proceeded to the shipyards.


Once there he began to search for a ship that was sailing towards Neward. However most of the individuals he had talked to had said that no ships were sailing to Neward or Kaptora due to Demonic Activities. Activities such as Kaptora's invasion and the attack on Neward instagated by General Drackor. Ryu, feeling a bit irritated with not being able to find a ship layed the uncoincious Juna down behind some crates and then sat down next to the passed out warrior. Ryu had thought to himself about all of the events that had occrued and all of the battles that Juna and himself had experienced. He had wondered to himself just what exactly Juna was. Juna was able to use powers that not even most demons can wield in addition to his unusal strength. The battle with Galpa had raised even more questions when Juna had suddenly gone berserk and in addition to ripping the bloated beast to pieces, destroyed one of the castle towers. "Just what exactly are you? You can easily decimate a beast like that Galpa guy but when someone like that woman comes along, your just a sitting duck. Sometimes I just don't understand you..." Ryu said to himself silently. Once Ryu managed to get his "second wind" so to speak he resumed his search for a ship that can take him to Neward. This time, he had managed to locate a potential vessel, a crusty old sea captain who had went by the name of "Gold Beard" was the captain of said vessal. "Excuse me captain but I am in need of your ferrying services." Ryu had asked the old sea salt, "To be exact I need you to take me and my friend here to the town of Neward. What do you say?" The old sea captain looked at Ryu and replied, "D'yarg!! Ye wish to sail to Neward? What for? Heading to Kaptora or something?" "No. The chancellor had me asked to pick up some important cargo in Neward. Ryu replied. "Ye know of the dangers that lurk within the Neward/Kaptora reigon do ye? Ye know that the Demon King's forces have occupied the Kaptora area, as for as I know anyway." the old sailor has said. Ryu responded with a nod and then the old seadog had responded once more, "Well, if ye wish to sail to the port of Neward then it will be 50 gold. After all, I'll be needin a new cutlass since this one be on it's last legs." "That'll be fine." Ryu said as he managed to get fifty of the two hundred gold he had stolen earlier.


Ryu had almost forgotten about the gold that he had managed to steal durring one of the last battles he and Juna had been in. With the transaction executed, Ryu, along with his incopacitated companion, boarded the old sailor's ship and sailed off towards Kaptora in hopes of finding Leon and the others and to restore Juna back to health.




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