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Demon Wars III

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"Leon! thank you but how did you?" Zex said but Leon had allready known the question "I don't know" Zex fell to the ground on hand on the soin the other clentching his chest. "Le......on you have ....... antadote? I am a half breed you do remember, that poisn dosn't sit well with me." Leon feanticly serched for his book but could not find it. Garrison pulled out an antadote from his pocket. "So your really trying to help us?" he tossed the antagote to zex. "You think i wouldnt have a cure for my own poisn?". Zex deank it feeling the poisens affects waring off.


"You joined them because of being kicked out of this town? It just seems so hartless." Zex said getting an arms length from Garrison. "ahhh what do you know." Garrison said puting his hands on the wall behind him and leaning on it. "I know what it feels like to be cast out, even from my own town, but I never tried to kill them (He tells of the Treason plot and how His town was destroyed by an unknown force) They kept talking about Hayden, the truth is I have no idea who he is but I wanted to take revenge on him for making my life a living hell." He said taking out his sword and smashing it into the ground. "That can't be good for the blade, Isn't your revenge on Hayden much like my revenge on the people of this town" Garrison said seeing Zexes Hipicritical side. "Yes but to do somthing like that he would have to be very evil and have this comming to him."

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With Garrison's and Zex's wounds healed, Leon decided to do something on his own. Leaving them in his house, he headed a bit farther north in Kaptora to head to the library.


'Where are you going...? It's not safe...' Zex called after him. But Leon left anyway without a response.


The screams were fewer now - there were more screams of women and children heard, however.


Leon blasted a few monsters away during his course to the library. They had been progressing further and further into town. Kaptora had already begun to lose.


When he arrived at the Kaptoran Library, he found that many of the scholars were frantically carrying armfuls of books out of the door in attempts to save them. Hopefully he hadn't been too late.


And he wasn't. He went to the same section he'd gone to two days prior and began loading several books into his cloak's pockets. He'd memorize them all if he had to. Even if he couldn't even begin to understand what they were talking about, the spells they would teach him when he was mentally prepared to learn them would be of utmost help. Leon realized that he obviously wouldn't be able to use many of them to stop the invasion... but he thought about a return takeover of his town. The town he'd grown up in. He had books about Vivify, something he was interested in learning, and Revive, which seemed like a dream to cast, and Repel, Bikill, Increase, HealAll, HealUs, HealUsAll, Farewell... he wasn't ready for any of these yet, but he took them, and began to mark important-looking pages as he headed home.


Leon probably didn't need the book to cast Heal anymore. But he held onto it. After casting his spells, he would become more familiar with them, and be able to cast them more effectively and in less time as well. The books were stepping stones. He fled the library as quickly as he had come. He decided to head to Re-Eden to gather a few of Jaune's favourite things that she probably didn't want to see destroyed.


He found the building completely deserted. It was very silent inside - he couldn't hear any screams from this far north in the town, and was grateful for it. He entered Jaune's office, and looked around the room.


And he gasped. Written in what looked like a panorama across the wall was:




The colour immediately drained from Leon's face. That... was the message. That was the first time he had seen them arranged like that, so that the symbols were completed, and made sense. And make sense they did.


Jaune - Re-Eden... what was going to happen? Leon felt sick to his stomach. He closed his eyes. And didn't bother to open them. Leon fell slowly to the floor, and Zex came up from behind him and caught him before he hit the floor...

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;) As the battle raged on, both sides suffered casualties but the Kaptorians more so than the Demonic Army of Hayden. Horks, Skeletons, Orcs and Golems made up most of the ground forces while Wyverns, Drakeemas and Giant Bantams made up the Aerial assult. General Drackor stood in the midst of all this carnage with a wicked smirk upon his face, proud of what he had came here to do.


"Mwa ha ha ha ha!! This is easier than I thought, those fools had no idea what they were dealing with." Drackor sinisterly said to himself. "Soldier!!" Drackor bellowed at one of his troops, "Where is Garrison?!" "We don't know sir, last I know he and a squadren consiting of some Skeletons, Knights and a Goldman were seen near one of the burning buildings." explained one of Drackor's Demonite subbordinates. "No matter, one of those silly Machtists probably struck him down anyways. The fool actually believed that Lord Hayden would grant him anything he wanted....it's sad really." Drackor said as he continued to watch the carnage taking place over Kaptora.




"Those damn Hayden goons, they never give up do they!?" Juna said with a hint of anger in his voice as he continued his frantic dash to Kaptora. The last words of the Rogue Knight continued to plauge Juna's mind as the trio dashed for the city. "Calm down Juna, getting angry at a time like this isn't going to help matters. Ryu said trying to keep pace with Juna. "Besides, if your friends are there, and they are as strong as you say they are, they should be able to hold off those demons. Ryu said with an optomistic tone.


"It's nice you have confidence in Thomas and Maya but not even the two of them could hold off Hayden's minions for too long." Juna said in a grim tone. "Why do you sound so cynical?" Running Moon asked, "Don't you have faith in your own friends?" Juna thought to himself, "It's not a lack of faith, it's just that when Hayden attacks a city, he sends a massive amount of men to do the job....."


As the trio kept running they soon saw flashes of red, purple, and blue light in the sky signaling that the attack was well underway and that the citizens of Kaptora were not faring well at all. "Gaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Damn it all to Hell!! We're too late!!" Juna screamed in anger at the sight of the flashing lights in the sky. "What?! No way, they've begun the seige on Kaptora already?!" Ryu said with much concern for the various civilains that may have been brutally slaughtered by Demons. The Trio then quickened their pace towards the town turned battle ground and as they approached closer and closer towards Kaptora, Juna and company began to hear the sounds of explosions in the distance.


Eventually the trio had made it to Kaptora and what they saw was nothing more than burning buildings and dead bodies, both Human and Monster alike. "What a shame...we were too late to save anyone Ryu said in a meloncholic tone as he and the others beheld the sight of Kaptora. Just then a couple of Axe Knights appeared and asked the trio "What the hell are you three doing here?!" If you leave now, we might just let you live." "Go to hell you sick bastards Juna shouted at the two knights who immediately recognized him. "It's you!! The guy that Hayden wants brought to him alive." the Axe Knights said with enthusiasm as they drew out their axes.


"What does that twisted fiend want with me?" Juna asked, curious as to why Hayden would want him alive. "Isn't it obvious kid?" one of the knights asked, "Hayden plans to make you suffer some more. But not before we beat the crap out of you and dispose of your two buddies." With that said the Axe Knights charged the trio, Juna started the fight off by brandishing the sword he swiped from one of the Rogue Knights earlier. Blades began to clash during the fight as Juna went two on one with the Axe Knights and as for Ryu, he decided it was best to watch the battle from a distance considering that he had only one arrow left. As for Running Moon, he charged on of the knights from behind only to be the recipiant of an elbow strike. However doing that distracted him from his biggest threat, Juna leaped into the air, dropped down and stabe the knight's armor, leaving a big, exposed hole in it.


"Damn it!! the Axe Knight shouted as he soon discovered the grave error he made. "I can't believe the mistake I just made!!"

"I, I can't believed that worked..." Running Moon thought to himself as he proceeded to get up after that strike. The unharmed Axe Knight decided to employ form deadly attacks in the fight, one such being hurling his axe like a spear. "Try and dodge this you little bastard!!" the Knight said as he threw the axe at Juna. Ryu, standing by and watching the battle shouted at Juna about the oncoming attack. "JUNA!! WATCH OUT!!" Ryu shouted which Juna quickly turned around to see an axe flying towards him. The other Axe Knight was still trying to pull the sword out of his armor when Juna suddenly pulled the sword out of the knight causing him more pain then moved to the right to avoid the axe attack.


Just shortly after Juna obtained his sword and moved out of the way the axe hit the other knight in the wound he recieved from Juna earlier in the battle. Afterwords the wounded knight passed out from lack of blood. Then the second knight, becoming more frustrated and angered at the loss of his comerade, charged at Juna. Juna however knew that the knight would be coming after him after he threw his axe so Juna crouched down in preparation for the coming attack as the knight was about four feet away Juna leaped into the air again. As a result the knight found himself tripping over the remains of his ally and Juna dropped in full force with his sword in front.


Juna's aim was perfect, he stabbed the Knight in the upper back and along with him his ally was also stabbed. "Idiots...never mess with the master swordsman of Nedarburg...." Juna arrogantly said to himself as he threw the knights off of his sword. "Alright guys, let's head into town and see if we can find any survivors." Juna said as he began to dash into the town. Following closely behind were Ryu and Running Moon.

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;) After the battle with the two Axe Knights Juna and his companions Ryu and Running Moon proceeded through Kaptora, killing off smaller monsters like Red Slimes and Babbles with relative ease. However, Juna, Ryu, or even Running Moon could find anyone within the seemingly deserted town. All the trio saw surrounding them were lifeless bodies who were fighting valiantly to defend thier town from Hayden's Army. Burned down buildings along with those currently also surrounded the brave trio who continued to proceed through the town. But as soon the Trio entered the town square, they found themselves face to face with the man responsible for so many lives lost and homes destroyed, General Drackor.


"You there!! Are you repsonsible for this attack?!" Juna shouted at the General who turned around to face the trio. "Well answer me!! Are you the one responsible for this attack?!" Juna shouted again at the general who just stood there. "What's it to you Human?" the General asked evily, Maybe I am, maybe I am not who can say really? heh heh heh..." Juna then brandished his sword and pointed it at the General in an attempt to intimidate an answer out of the demonic general.


Of course the General was not intimidated in the least and responded with a small fireball attack. "Begirama" the General shouted which caused large wall of fire to appear, inching it's way closer to the trio's location. Juna, Ryu and Running Moon quickly moved out of the way of the large firewall though. "So I guess none of you are completely stupid then..." Drackor said sarcasticly, "Of course you relize that if I wish to destroy you, I would've done so already. But seeing as how I am in a sporting mood, I'm going to let my men take care of you instead" Drackor said as he suddenly transformed all of the deceased residents into Horks using some of his magic. "What?! Are you too much of a coward to fight us yourself?!" Ryu shouted at the taunting general.


Unfourtunatly for Ryu, his shouting drew in some more of Drackor's troops, two Goldmen and 4 Wraith Knights also appeared along with the dozen Horks"Alright Men, Destroy them all!! Leave not one of them standing!!" Drackor said as he began to rise into the air to watch the coming fight. Three of the Wraith Knights charged at the trio but Juna, pumped up from fighting the Axe Knights felt that it was time to attempt his trick he used on the Rogue Knights. Juna began to spin around like a tonrado, quickly gaining momentum he started damaging the Wraith Knights as they entered into the attack zone.


Ryu shot his last arrow at one of the horks in hopes that it would work and lucky for Ryu, the arrow not only hit the hork he was aiming for in the head, it also hit another hork standing next to the one targeted. much to Ryu's delight. "Since that was the last of my arrows, I'd better wait this one out." Ryu thought to himself as he began to dart away from the enemy. As for the Wraith Knights, they were quickly being chopped to pieces by Juna's spinning blade technique. "Damn, they're better than I thought they were. No matter, if they defeat my minions, I'll take care of them myself." Drackor thought to himself.


After the defeat of the Wraith Knights, the remaining Wraith Knight and the two Goldmen jumped into the frey. The Wraith Knight jumped up into one of the Goldman's hands afterwords the Goldman threw the Wraith Knight at Juna thus knocking Juna off balance and thus falling down. Luckily for Juna the dizziness was not as bad as it was before considering that he was more used to the spinning this time as opposed to last time. Once Juna regained his balance he jumped into the air and when he landed he sliced the last Wraith Knight into two pieces. As for Ryu and Running Moon, they took on the remaining Horks that Drackor had summoned. Ryu using basic punches and kicks to hold off three approaching Horks and as for Running Moon he stood ready with his trusty hunting knife out awaiting the oncoming assult.


When the Horks were inches away from Running Moon and Ryu, the two attacked head on recieving punches and kicks from the undead fighters. Juna on the other hand, had his hands full with the two Goldmen who leaped into the air and then landed, thus creating a shockwave that threw Juna into a nearby wall. When Juna arose he saw the Goldmen charging towards him, he quickly rose to his feet with his sword in hand. However Juna wasn't quick enough to avoid being snached up by the throat and then tossed a few feet and into another building. Juna then rose to his feet and watched as the Goldmen continued thier relentless charging but this time Juna was ready. As the two Goldmen were about a couple of feet away from Juna he moved towards the left which caused the Goldmen to ram into the wall that Juna hit earlier.


Juna then decided to try his Spinning sword technique again which worked well for the time being. The two Goldmen the rose up and decided to charge at Juna again this time with as much force as they could. As for Ryu and his comerade Running Moon, they were still busy fighting off the Hork squadren. Running Moon had managed to defeat two of the Horks by stabbing them in between thier eyes with his knife but Ryu on the other hand wasn't having much luck, soon he found himself surrounded by Horks. Ryu then noticed that his Arrow was still in one piece so he thought up a plan which would involve using the arrow like a knife of sorts. Lucky for Ryu, Running Moon kept the Horks busy thus giving Ryu ample time to collect the arrow.


While this was happening Juna had just built up enough momentum to chagre into one of the Goldmen, which didn't work as well as he had originally planed. Punched the spinning Juna but not before having it's golden fingers sliced off by the sword. Juna then thought to himself "Heh, those guys aren't as tough as they look. I managed to slice though him like butter."



After realizing this Juna hatched another idea, one that didn't involve anything that would make one dizzy. Juna jumped towards the Goldman who as realing from it's injury and then Juna struck which resulted in the Goldman loosing it's entire arm. Enraged, the Goldman picked Juna up and hurled him into a random direction and unfortunatly for the other Goldman, Juna was not only ready for the attack but also had his sword pointed straight up, thus making Juna a "human spear" of sorts.


Juna's guess was right. As a result Juna struck the second Goldman in the center, killing it instantly instead of sustaining any injuries. The other Goldman began to run towards Juna in full force and with an intent to smash it's small opponent. Juna quickly moved out of the way of the Goldman's attack though and instead of being mowed down, he managed to slice the leg off of the beast, thus causing it to loose ballance and fall. Which gave Juna the opportunity to land a deathblow on the enemy and of course being the battle-hardened warrior that he is, Juna took that opportunity. As for Juna's comerades, they're situation ended with similar results. Running Moon managed to stab five Horks to death while Ryu managed to defeat three using his arrow as a kind of knife. However, after the third Hork was stabbed the arrow broke in two.


Now all that remained between General Drackor and the party were two Horks which were easily dispached off. Juna using basic sword slashes to kill one off and Running Moon using the same tactices he used to defeat the other horks, such as slashing and stabbing. Drackor quickly realized that his monsters were too weak to handle these particular humans and Horks didn't make the most sturdy and reliable fighter. He then decided that he was going to handle the trio himself.

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Looking for something to practice his newer spells on, Leon and Zex went back into the fray while on route to get back to Garrison at his house.


A flock of Magidrakees appeared suddenly, and several of the green demons glowed a bright green!


'Watch out, Leon... it's Defence!' Zex warned.


Leon wasn't really paying attention, but he soon experienced what Defence meant. Another of the Magidrakees lunged forward and bit Leon; however, right before the impact of the blow, it seemed to speed up some, strengthening the attack. His body seemed a lot less competent, too. He pulled on a hair of his arm - it gave away easily. Trying not throw up at this fact, Leon instead shot a blast of Infernos at the group of five demons.


Zex, meanwhile, had taken out his sword and slid his hand across the blade slowly. It began to glow a reddish colour. Then, he suddenly swung it in the direction of the Magidrakees. Flames leapt from his sword and seared across the enemy group before burning out out the stone walls of the city. The demons began enraged and flocked towards him. He caught one as it was attacking him, crushed it with his hand, and threw it into one of the others; both were killed.


The other three, however, landed their attacks. One flew back and cast another defence spell.


Leon flipped through a book. 'This would be a good time for... Increase!'. But Zex felt nothing happen. He split an offending Magidrakee in two with his sword.


'Umm... nothing happened.'


'I didn't say I'd cast it yet! Just because I say the name of the spell doesn't mean I've cast it!!!' Leon said, flustered. He had, actually, tried to cast the spell. He just needed to practice some more...


Zex was assaulted by another Magidrakee, and in return, he killed it by throwing it into the nearby wall and impaling it on his sword. He looked at Leon with eyes that could either be interpreted as a look of impatience or a look that was unimpressed with the way things were going.


Leon looked shiftedly at Zex, trying to hide his embarrassment. 'You see... if I could cast- ... Increase!!! - then there wouldn't be so much of a problem from the number of times they cast Defence. Also, if I cast... Increase! - then I'd start to learn the spell, and be able to cast - oh, damn it!! Increase!! - again later on even easier!! Just wait and I'll cast it!!! I'll cast... Increase!!'


And Leon finally felt a bit more capable - not so weak. Zex smiled, and smashed the last of the Magidrakees. 'Thanks for all your help there.'


So Leon hadn't fooled him. 'That was my first time...' he stammered.


'That's okay. Even if I'm not too into magic myself, it's still impressive to see it being cast. And it makes you seem like a regular kid if you're not some amazing magic user, you know?' Zex gave a humoured look.


Leon looked at him for a minute. 'I guess.' And then he turned down the road that his house was on.


'Just a minute! That was harder than it seemed. Can you help me first?' Zex said with a note of exhaustion in his voice.


'Oh - sorry. Heal.'


And they continued down the path to meet up with Garrison again.

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Zex wasn't really sure but Leon seemed to have something driving him to learn more, not just his anger or frienship. He He seemed to want to get stronger not for himself but for others. "I was wondering is there a reason that you have mostly support spells? Is it that you like to help others or is it just the path you chose?"Zex said in a interested tone. "What about you, your not acting like a demon." He said questioning Zexs motives. " Well I learned anger gets you no where, and humans like you make me very interested I do not think it is right to destroy other creatures mindlessly."


They continued down the road and zex slid his sword out and held it over his shoulder and stopped in his tracks. Leon almost ran into him stopping just short of his back. "What's wrong?" he asked looking all around "Zex?" "Shhhhh." he said in a very quiet voice. He sniffed around a little and Lisend. He turned around grabbed Leon by the shirt and threw him back almost 10 ft just as the house the their right blew into peaces. Dust covered the area and Zex disappeared into the clouds. A huge shadow moved through the dust slamming into zex. Leon could see nothing but the cloud of dust and debre. Zex couldn't see with so much dust in the air but he could hear. He was disoriented but he could hear leons voice calling him but he also herd something stalking him. Leons voice was closer and the dust thinned. "Zex are you ok!?!" he yelled squinting and looking into the dust. He could see zex emerge from the dust banged up pretty bad. Behind him a figure came into vew. It was another gold man. Zex turned to fight it but 5 horks came up behind leon surrounding them. "uhh, Demi!" Zex yelled. The gold man attacked him, he jumped out of the way just in time. "speed up" leon yelled as he ran up to Zex getting away from the horks. Zex Dodged another of the Gold mans attacks and jumped as high as he could swinging down his blade with as much force as he could. The sword cut into the gold mans right arm going diagonally into it's chest. The sword became stuck so Zex kicked his feet off the Goldman's chest diving into a Hork smashing its skull into the ground as he came down. Leon Took out his gun and Blasted 3 of the horks in tone shot. When Zex was getting up a hork kicked him in his chest and zex fell back to the ground. The Hork rose it's Axe and suddenly burst into flames. Leon walked up and held out his hand and helped Zex up. "What are we going to do about the Goldman?" Leon said looking at the beast still standing. Zex walked up to it and put his hand on his sword, got a tite grip and high kicked the gold man in the chest, it fell back lifeless. "Demi, so much fun, I hope their are no more interruptions." They both continued to walk towards the house. "Heal!" Leon cast seeing a limp in zex. "Getting better at that, thanks" He said in a friendly voice.

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;) Seeing his troops fall like flies at the hands of mere humans, Drackor burned red with embarassment and annoyance. But he did not let his emotions get the best of him for he decided that he will be the one to destroy this upstarts once and for all. "Very impressive..." the evil General sneered, "You all have managed to defeat some of my best soldiers and overcome my cadavier pals. You three should be proud that I have to actually soil my gloves with your blood." Juna not flinching at all at Drackor's threats stood there ready for anything the General might dish out. As for Ryu and Running Moon, they weren't as steady as Juna was and rightfully so, niether one experienced much combat until they traveled with Juna.


"So, are you going to stand here all day or are we going to fight?!" Juna asked the General who began walking towards the trio. "Oh, don't worry. We're going to rumble alright, if you even call fighting you three flesh bags a rumble." Drackor replied as he began to power up one of his spells. "What's he doing?" Running Moon asked as he saw the small aura of orange light surrounding Drackor's hand. "Oh great, we've encountered another magic user!!" Ryu replied answering Running Moon's question and remembering the battle with Canus. After answering Running Moon's question, Drackor launched his attack. "Merami!!!" the general shouted as he launched a gigantic fireball towards Ryu which hit it's target and caused a creat deal of pain to Ryu.


Ryu shouted in pain after the spell hit him, even though the fire had burned out ther mark it left remained along with the pain."Mwa ha ha ha ha!!! You like that?!" the General asked while laughing at Ryu's pain, "That little fireball is nothing compared to what I can really do!!" Immediatly following the General's mockery, Running Moon drew out his knife and was ready for battle. "You arrogant bastard!!" Running Moon shouted as he charged towards Drackor in an attempt to slash the General's throat but to no avail. Once Running Moon approached Drackor, the Demonic General, fired off another one his spells, instead of a blaze spell Drackor launched an orb of ice that froze Running Moon where he stood. With Ryu unable to make a move due to the extreame pain he is enduring and Running Moon frozen in a block of ice only Juna remained on the Battlefield.


"Now only you remain, It's a good thing for you that Lord Hayden wants you brought back to him alive. Now then, you can be cooperative and come along quietly, or I'll beat you down to within an inch of your life and then drag you back to the palace. Now then, which will it be?" the General asked as he entered a battle stance. Juna still didn't back down from his opponent and said arrogantly, "Neither, you're the one who's bloody remains will rest here in this town!!" With that said, Juna leaped towards Drackor, ready to land his attack in. Drackor then drew out his sword in preparation for his opponent's attack.


A loud clashing noise sounded as the two swords hit one another as both Juna and Drackor exchanging attacks at a rapid pace. Juna fought off Drackor's assults valiantly and tried to attack the General with some of Juna's best sword techiniques but it was to no avail as General Drackor proved to be the superior swordsman. After a few minutes however Juna began to show signs of fatigue, but Drackor wasn't the least bit tired, in fact he hadn't even broke a sweat. "My my, you've lasted much longer than your two friends over therre...." Drackor said with a smirk upon his face, "But "playtime" is over my little freind." With that said Drackor quickly moved behind Juna and landed a kick in the center of Juna's back thus sending him flying for a few feet and landing face first into the ground.


After Drackor's blindside to Juna, He began to hover into the air and power up another spell, but this time, the General wasn't going to hold back any of his power.

A bright yellow aura surrounded Drackor and has he began chanting in a demonic tounge, much like Hayden did during Juna's encounter with him. After the chanting was complete a large yellowish-orange ball or energy formed above Drackor's hand. Juna quickly knew what this spell was, it was Boom, a weaker version of the spell Hayden used to separate Juna from his fellow warriors. "Well, I must say, you humans are brave to challenge me, but your valiant efforts end here, with your lives. Drackor said as he launched the blast towards the trio.


Once it hit, the heat from the explosion quickly melted Running Moon's icy prision and then the force from the aforementioned explosion sent the trio flying in different directions of the battlefeild. After the explosion died out, Drackor floated back down and then he laughed evily as he saw what appeared to be the lifeless forms of Ryu, Running Moon and Juna.

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Garrison heard the shouts of a nearby battle, and quickly got up out of his chair. He ran outside to spot Zex and Leon.


"Guys, do you hear that? Come on, let's go check out this battle." With that, Garrison, Leon and Zex ran up and over the hill, towards the sounds of the battle. When they were in sight of the battle scene, they saw a a guy frozen, another two in pain, and a big guy in armor, who's hand was glowing!


"Guys....i think that's Boom."


"Hey, that's the guy who recruited me! I bet I could take him.


"Well, don't try to take him on now, wait 'til he uses that Boom, you really don't want to get in the way of that....seriously.


"Fine, not bad advice, I really was about to run out there. You know, you're kinda handy around, kinda like a caddy. After Garrison said that, a great explosion was heard and all of them ducked from the afterschock. They looked around and they frozen guy had melted and they were scattered even further than before. "Leon, you got my back, right?" And Garrison started to run down the hill towards the General.


"You know I do."


"Wait, I can help you too!" With those words said, Zex placed his hand over his sword and yelled "Demi!" He started to run down the hill towards Garrison.


The words "SpeedUp" were faintly heard and both Zex and Garrison started to glow a bit.


A loud shot rang out, and Garrison shot without warning. The General went flying back, and hit face-first in the dirt. The shot took him by surprise, but hurt his ego more than his body. Garrsion continued to run towards his victim without hesitation. He saw the General starting to get up, glowing, and greeted his face with a blast from his shotgun, followed by the blunt end of his gun. The beating sent the General tumbling back again, but did not break his skin, for he had put up a barrier just in time. Garrison aimed his right arm at the body and fired his grappling hook into the back of the General. He retracted his hook, and had a shotgun awaiting his back. When the two met, Garrison fired and sent the General flying even furtehr than the last time. But the General's toughness would not give up.


With all these events that just took place spanning no more time than two minutes, the General was shocked and disoriented. He started to run back and in frustraion and angry cried "GARRISON, WHAT ARE YOU DOING! WE HAD A DEAL! WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME!!


"Sorry Cap', change of heart." As soon as Garrison uttered those words, Zex came flying from behind Garrison, and blindsided the General with a magic sword attack. The General was striken with a crtitcal hit! He went tumbling back again, and came upon his feet, reaching for his sword. The General was ed beyond all belief, and all his minions had fleed into the city in .


"THOSE ACTIONS JUST COST YOU YOUR LIVES!! yelled the General in frustraion and anger. He started to chant in his demonic tongue and the heavens started the grow black.


"Leon, quick, it's a spell! Use something against it!"

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Leon took out a familiar book and, having sort of remembered how to cast it, finished his spell quickly. 'Bounce!' And a wall of light appeared in front of himself.


'LIGHTNING!!! Fools...'

An enormous thunderhead gathered almost instantly overhead. Three bolts came spiralling down from within it.


Zex looked upwards. His face was unmistakably filled with hopelessness. A bolt struck his head. He immediately felt the muscles, particularily the ones in his feet, tense and sear with pain. 'Aaaaaahhh!!!' He fell to the ground in a heap.


Garrison felt his heart beating - what the hell kind of spell was that?! He didn't have time to think about it. The second bolt struck him, and made his body twitch oddly before it fell beneath itself.


A wall of light appeared in front of Leon as the bolt neared him - his heart was beating incredibly fast - and the bolt of lightning seemed to push on the barrier. Eventually, the barrier pushed forward and redirected the bolt at its caster.


Leon dropped to his knees and watched the bolt of lightning strike the general. The general writhed with pain and lost his arrogant tone of voice.


'YOU... You must... you must DIE!!!' He glowed a brilliant and blinding white, and Leon saw through the corner of his dazzled eyes his luminous wall appear and shatter instantly, and he also felt his body return to its normal speed.


'I'm... sorry...' Leon felt fine, but was trembling so strongly that his knees buckled beneath him and he unintentionally fell to the ground.


General Drackor stepped forward. 'Slow!' he said confidently. The boy in front of him began to move in a slightly slower motion. It was unusual for such people to possess such strength. He looked across the clearing they were fighting in. Three were absolutely no match for him, having tried to outdo him at his own game of battle... one, a demon, had moved somewhat awkwardly, but had seemed to not be a part of Hayden's troops that he had sent along with Drackor... Garrison, with that odd metal weapon laying loosely in his blackened hands... and this trembling boy, who had an odd metal weapon and an, admittedly, admirable talent for casting quick spells, but had little else to claim.


He pulled out a long staff from his robes, which had on it a beautiful magical stone. He raised the staff above the boy, who was making no attempt to flee, and brought it down with as much force as he could give.


It collided with the ground. The boy in the dark cloak had somehow...? Drackor looked around. The boy was ten feet to the right of where he was one second ago, and in the same useless position. How had he-?


The boy turned his head to Drackor. He raised it so that Drackor could see his eyes. They were closed. Drackor unleashed a Blazemore spell at the boy.


Suddenly, the boy levitated upwards as if suspended by strings. His closed eyes remained in contact with Drackor's. Drackor watched in astonishment as the boy outstretched his arms, with hands hanging loosely as if not suspended by the strings, and began to glow white.


'What in the hell...!?'


The boy's eyes opened, completely wide. It was if each eye opening had turned on a flashlight of eerie, pink light, which now formed two beams of oddly-coloured light. 'Do not...' the boy said in an usually clear and loud voice, staring directly at Drackor. '... I must search for the gem... the gem... It is not here... the gem... not here...' He sounded sort of sad and upset as he said these things, but remained clear and otherwise emotionless. The pink lights travelled around the area, as if scanning the bodies. 'Revive! Revive! Revive! Revive! Revive!' the boy chanted, one right after the other.


Before Garrison, Zex, Running Moon, Juna, and Ryu had really awakened, the boy, still floating easily in the air, said one final thing before he returned to normal. 'Return.'



They had been sent to Neward. Leon collapsed after they had landed outside of the town. He would later not recall anything that had happened, and also find that his magic gun now possessed the ability to shoot a slightly weaker version of the spell Zap.



General Drackor watched the boy and the others fly into the air. The boy's eyes were open, yet he no longer had pink beams emerging from them. Apparently, the boy had no business being in Kaptora any longer. Which was fine with the general. They would quite soon finish off any last Kaptorans that had foolishly decided to remain in the town. They had won, as he and Hayden knew they would.

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Zex stood up and looked around. There were five other people around him, Garrison and Leon included. Everyone but Leon seemed to be waking up. So Leon must've cast Return after that Lightning spell hit the party... But how was he alright? Did the lightning just knock him unconscious or something? He could've swonrn that he felt his entire body simply give up when the electricity had surged through him...


So the battle for Kaptora was over. And they had lost, he supposed. ... He wasn't good enough... He looked down at Leon. That brave kid must be exhausted after everything that had happened. Although he felt an unusual attachment toward Leon, a trust that he wasn't sure how it had formed, he still felt the strange aura - it was certainly different than that of the similar auras of Garrison and the other three that were waking up. He had to wonder...


After a very short moment, Zex made up his mind. He had sensed another unusual ability from the young man who seemed so ordinary, and this perhaps contributed as to why he had such trust for him. He knelt down right beside Leon, and stayed in the position for a few seconds. Then he got up, and without saying a word to the others, walked swiftly into the distance.


Juna got up. He had been put in his place - he knew that much. But... how had he gotten back to Neward? He looked over and saw Running Moon and Ryu, who were also getting up. He looked around and saw that a tall, large man with a black coat full of pockets had also risen, and a young man with short hair and a dark cloak was sprawled on the ground, but was unconscious and breathing long and deep breaths. He felt fine, considering what had just happened.


Running Moon, Ryu, and Juna looked at Garrison. They all were thinking the same thing. Running Moon voiced their thoughts, and broke the silence. 'Did you... save us?'


Garrison shook his head. He, like the others, felt feeling of humiliation, disappointment, and anger at being beaten. He also shared the feelings of confusion at being alive. He also wondered where Zex was. 'No... I- We - we came to see what had caused this huge explosion, and found you three sprawled out everywhere... it's a miracle you guys are all alive and feeling fine, you know. So we fought General Drackor... we had given him a few blows, but then he- he cast Lightning.' He paused, and nodded at Leon, who seemed about to awaken. 'He had cast Bounce though on himself, so I guess he was spared. There was a demon with us, too - a good demon, if you could call a demon that - and I'd assume he got hit by the spell too. After that I don't remember... and I don't know where Zex - the demon - got to... I would guess that Leon here cast Return on us all after that happened, but I don't know for sure.'


'But why do all of us feel fine? Oh! I'm Ryu.'


'I'm Running Moon. I don't think any of us really know what happened.'


'Juna. I'm just as confused and angry as you guys are.'




'I'm Leon.' Everyone turned and saw the young man standing up. He brushed off his cloak and checked his pockets, reorganizing what looked like books.'This is... Neward. How did we get here?! What happened to us...? I just remember feeling so afraid... and- Garrison!? How are you feeling better? I don't... I don't remember... That general guy was about to hit me with his staff... and then- and then...'


'You're the only one that wasn't hurt by Drackor's spells! Why don't you remember!?' Juna demanded angrily.


Leon returned Juna's stare with a look mixed with frustration, sadness, and hopelessness. 'I don't know! I don't know what happened! Someone must've Returned us here or something.'


'Well, I don't KNOW Return. And, I blacked out after being attacked.'


Ryu, Running Moon, and Garrison all looked down at the ground. They didn't know the spells either.


'But- But it WASN'T me.' Leon sputtered.


Juna looked like he'd been lied to. Running Moon was looking at Leon with pity. Ryu and Garrison were still staring at the ground.


'... Do you know what happened to Zex?' Garrison said after a brief silence.


'He said... I think he said, "I've got places to be, Leon... other business to attend to. Things to take care of... But don't worry - I'll be back. Just rest." ... But I can't say for sure. He didn't really say it...' Leon twiddled his thumbs and closed his eyes tight as if trying to picture it in his mind.


'I thought Garrison said that Zex was struck by lightning. And since you woke up, when would that have given him time to say it?' Running Moon questioned.


'He said it just a few minutes ago. I was unconscious, but I could hear him...' He looked at Running Moon, who seemed to be really confused. Then he looked at Juna, whose sneer was unmistakeable. 'Who do you think you are to doubt what I'm saying!? I'm telling you the truth! Why would I lie about it?'


Juna rolled his eyes. Garrison reloaded his shotgun (Juna, Running Moon, and Ryu were very interested in what it was), and said, 'At least he's alright.'


'Yes,' said Leon, now looking out into the plains, 'And at least he didn't say goodbye...'

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;) Meanwhile back at Kaptora....


General Drackor stood there, puzzled as to what exactly happened to Juna, Garrison, Leon and the others. He thought for sure that he had them beaten but that eerie pink glow in Leon's eyes before disappearing, freshly burned into Drackor's eyes, continued to plague his mind. "What, in the Hell was that?" Drackor thought to himself, "Just, how the hell did that cursed Kaptorian use Revive so effortlessly anyways?!" As the General stood there, concentrating on the events of the recent battle, another voice echoed from the shadows.


"Having trouble carrying out your orders are we Drackor?" the voice said as it moved closer to General Drackor. "Hrmph....What do YOU want Vigroz?" Drackor asked in a rather irritated tone. The figure then stepped out into the light revieling Vigroz, another of Hayden's Generals, to be a large, muscle-bound man with long, dark purple hair. The man also wore the exact same uniform that Drackor wore except that the armor was blue on the shoulders and stomach area and black elsewhere and the body suit underneath was red instead of blue. Unlike General Drackor however, Vigroz carried a gigantic sword which he keeps on his back. "Now now Drackor, don't be such a sore looser, it's not your fault you didn't know that Kaptorian kid could use magic." Vigroz said to Drackor as he was laughing at the General's frustration.


"Just what exactly are you doing here anyways? You don't have orders from.... Drackor said before Vigroz cut him off. "Just hold it right there Drackor. I am here with a message for you straight from Lord Hayden himself." Vigroz said. "What?! What is it now? We conquered Kaptora just as Lord Hayden ordered. What else could he want?" Drackor asked even more frustrated than before. Vigroz replied "You are to hunt down that Kaptorian and his friends and destroy them all. Again, a direct order from Lord Hayden himself. "But didn't he say that he wanted that guy from Nedarburg alive?" Drackor asked, rather puzzled at this new development. "Hayden said he wanted him dead too, it doesn't matter how you do it but make sure that you kill them all before Sunset tomorrow. Or else the concequences could be dire." Vigroz said answering Drackor's question.


Drackor just stood where he was, even more frustrated and annoyed that Leon, Juna, Garrison and the others were on the verge of death but managed to escape. And now with his Master's mercless order to destroy the party or face certain doom hovering in Drackor's mind, the General then began to hover in the air slightly but before he took off General Vigroz said one last thing to Drackor, "Just remember, you have until sunset to destroy those guys, unless you want the master's wrath to fall upon you. Oh and as for Kaptora here, I'll be keeping watch on it until you return." With that in mind Drackor sped off in persuit of Juna and the others and as he was running he thought to himself while an evil smirk made it's way to his face, "Just you wait boy, you'll soon know what true pain and suffering is...."

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;) Back at Neward, Juna, Ryu, Leon, Garrison and Running Moon were recovering from thier wounds sustained during the attack on Kaptora, both physical and mental wounds. Each man suffered greatly during the battles fought to defeand the city from Hayden's forces. Sadly however, it was all in vain since General Drackor prooved to be too much for the party to handle. Juna stood where he was, thinking about everything that had just occurded, and what really plagued his mind was how the hell he and the others returned to Neward. Ryu spoke up and broke the silence that had made itself known, "So, what exactly are we going to do now?" The others just remained where they were, thinking about the recent events and of course the battle with Drackor.


Juna spoke up with his own plan, "I say we go back to Kaptora and attack that bastard Drackor and his army head on. We don't have anything else to loose by doing so. After listening to that for about a couple of seconds, Garrison replied to Juna's plan in a less than enthusiastic tone of voice, "Are you out of your mind? Do you realize that we nearly died trying to take on that guy? Who knows what else Drackor might unleash on us if we attack him head on!! Garrison said. Juna remained silent, with the same look on his face he had given to Leon when inquiring about the Return spell. "He knows some of the most powerful magic in this world, how on earth do we hope to stand up to it? Sure Leon can create a barrier to defelct the magic but Drackor can cancel that out with that strange white light of his. I say it's hopeless to defeat someone like Drackor." Running Moon said with pessimisticness in his voice. "That isn't true." Ryu said, trying to boost everyone's morale, "Sure Drackor is strong, but this guy has to have some kind of weakness....


Just then Leon had come up with an idea. "That's it." Leon said to himself. "What's it?" Garrison asked, curious as to what Leon was thinking about during the discussion. "Drackor has to have a weakness, and I think I might know what exactly that weakness might be." Juna then said with sarcasim in his voice, "Oh, what's your plan now? Return us to some other location if things get tough? Jeez...." Irritated at Juna's smug attitude, Leon yelled "For the last time, I told you that I don't know Return!!" afterwords Leon then explained what his plan was "During the last figth with Drackor, he used Lightning on us and I used Bounce. Since he uses mostly attack magic, I can cast bounce which will reflect the magic back to Drackor. "That's not gonna work. Reason being is that weird white light that Drackor uses would destroy your barrier." Garrison replied.


As the others were discussing possible battle strategies Juna then asked Leon if he knew a spell that could seal magic, he asked if Leon knew Stopspell. "Hey Leon, do you know Stopspell by any chance?" "What in the world does that have to do with our current situation?" Leon asked in response to Juna's question. "Just answer the damn question, can you use Stopspell or not?" Juna asked Leon this time demanding an answer from the young Kaptorian. "I don't...think I can use it. I know I can use Heal and Bounce but that's about it, I'm not sure if I can even cast StopSpell to tell you the truth." Juna then looked away from Leon in disgust, as if he were some kind of filthy orc or Baboon. "Why did he want to know if you could cast Stopspell anyways?" Running Moon asked Leon.


"It's obvious that Juna has heard about certain spells due to the fact that he has apparently been in combat before. He probably figured that if I knew Stopspell I could seal Drackor's spells thus preventing him from using spells like Lightning, Boom, and Blazemost on us. But since he also has Bounce, it's a possibility that the spell would've bounced off of him and sealed my spells instead." Leon explained to Running Moon who was rather confused. "Magic" had never been heard of in his tribe back in Crescent Forest, let alone most anything else for that matter. Garrison then brought up another point to be considered, "Sealing Drackor's spells might not be a bad idea but what about his physical attacks? Garrison asked, "Surely to God someone like him must have some other trick up his sleeve." he then added. Juna then remembered the sword fight that he and Drackor undertook, it was apparent that in a physical match up Juna and Drackor would be more even as opposed to a magical duel. But the thought that Drackor might have something that is the physical equivelent to the Lightning Spell or perhaps worse.


Although the heroes were recovering from each of thier wounds from the last battle, thier repreive was short lived, for General Drackor was on the outskirts of Neward and he had his eyes set on the heroes. "Now where are those pitiful insects?" Drackor asked himself as he powered up another spell and fired it in the direction of Neward. "Merazoma!!" the General shouted as a large fireball made it's way towards the village. When it landed it incenerated a half of a dozen houses and charred the ground surrounding them. Where the heroes were they could see the dark orange glow of Drackor's trademark attack style and it was then that the plan would be to attack Drackor head on and when the opportunity arose, strike as hard as possible. Before the party took off for the battlefield, Ryu spoke up. "Um guys, I...I think I'm gonna sit this battle out. Everyone but Juna was somewhat surprised to hear Ryu say that he was sitting out of a major battle.


"Without my arrows I'm basicly useless, not that my arrows would've pierced Drackor's Armor anyways. I'd just be dead weight in this fight and considering that this one is probably for keeps you guys couldn't afford to have that. Ryu explained. His reasons were very much sound. During the last confrontation with Drackor, Ryu had no arrows and he wasn't very skilled at Hand to Hand combat and then there was the battle with the Rogue Knights. Even if Ryu had Arrows, more than likely that would break in two as opposed to dealing any damage. "I understand, personally, I don't know why I am going myself, I'm basicly in the same situation your in." Running Moon said, Juna just remained silent and concentrated on the up coming battle. After saying farewells, the patry set off to confront and hopefully defeat General Drackor once and for all.

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"Alright, we could have a chance, but only if we all attack together! Leon, cover us from behind with your support spells, Juna, is it, right?" Juna nodded slightly. "You and I will attack him close range. You, over there, Ryu, right what do you want to do?"


"No, he's Ryu, I'm Running Moon."


"Right, sorry, well, what are you good at?"


"Nothing, really, but could I join you two in the hand-tohand combat?"


"Yes, but, if it's a choice between saving you or myself, sorry kid, but I am selfish." Running Moon sighed and put his head down as if in shame, but quickly regained composure and was the first to charge down the street. "Wait, kid! Get back here, you really don't want to be the first to go!"


Running Moon stopped and wited for the rest to catch up and continued with the pack. As they were running towards General Drackor Leon cried "SpeedUp!" three times and each one of the fighters increased in their movement.


They continues to run, and General Drackor was in sight, but still too far away. "Get down everyone! I don't think he has seen us yet. Let's try to make the first attack a surprise!"


"Great idea, let's make our way that way and get behind him." He pointed tot he barn that was on fire. They stealthily crept behind the inferno and made their way to sneak up on him. They crept up quietly, without Leon, and they made it a few feet from the General. They were now close enough to get a good attack off. "Eat This!" Garrison said as he threw four of his s at Drackor.


They landed at his feet and exploded with great intensity. But only two of them actually hurt him, for now. He was thrown to the ground, and coughed terribly. One of the was poisonous, the other poured out great walls of smoke. "Get him now!"

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"I knew of a place not far from here, in my dreams I saw it, a sword of unequiled strength." Zex said to himselfe focising on a cave that resempled a dragons face, the long sharp rocks looked like teeth and the eyes were Ice. Strangly it was no where near freezing tempt. Zex slowly aproched the cave all around was dead trees and skeletons of animals. the ground was lose and dry, ever steep made a small cloud of smoke. Zex came to the entrence which was no higher then him, he steped inside it revealed a huge room sort of like a ball room with a cathedral cealing. In the middle lay a blue sword light from a hole in the cealing made it seem to sparkle. Zex waled up to it and put his hand out over the handle.


"Who dars to enter this most holy of places!?!" A voice said that seemingly had no form but slowly a white substence like steam took the form of a man, a knight, a Paladan. He came eye to eye with Zex "Demon be gone!" He grabed the blue sword and started waving it around in a circular clockwise motion. The room turned dark and the only light was from that sword. a strange yet inviting glow came from it. "This sword will kill all that is evil never harming good, you a Demon, and a minion of Hayden will be destroyed" He ran at Zex sword at his side ready to strike. He unleashed a greate attack, and Zex had just enought time to conter with his own sword. A blue light shot out of the sword on impact going past Zex and destroying the wall behind him. Zex Quickly over powerd the Paladen and sent him to the ground in one mighty swing of his sword.


"Give up Holy Knight, I don't wish to kill you" Zex cane closer to him. "Demon you have bested me" He lowerd his head. Zex came in arms length of the man and without warning the Palada thrust the sword through Zexs heart. He stood there looking at the sword in shalk. The paladan said nothing, but Zex felt no pain nore did he feel the attack. Blood had not come from the wound nor had any bones been broken. Zex grabed the sword and pulled it out the wound closed up as the sword left his body. " cant hurt the pure and good huh? I have killed in the past but only to help others, this indeed is a strange sword. I wouldnt call myselfe good but I guess this sword has its own defonition" Zex said staring down the paladin.


"Forgive me you are truly pure, but I have misjudged. You see I am the Gurdian of this place the hall of deagons." The room lit up to show they were surronded by statues of dragons. "You see the Dragon Elders crafted this sword to be used to fight evil, the darkest of evil. " The man said as he faided away. "your dead?" The man vanished "Well the hall of dragons huh?"



----Hours later------


Zex came back to the town whare he had left the others, he was standing on a rather large hill ovelooking the town. He cound see the General off in the distance. He looked at his new sword "Sounded like a stupid story to me, well lets see what this can do"

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The heat of the roaring flames made horrible cracking sounds as it burned everything around it. Leon gazed at the sight while standing around watching Garrison, Juna, and Running Moon rush towards Drackor. He watched Garrison use several explosives, which knocked Drackor to the ground.


Ryu was doing the same. 'So, Leon... you really don't know anything about what happened back there, do you...?' It wasn't a doubting tone of voice, but one of understanding.


'That's right. I don't remember. It's weird though - I also don't remember being hit by him,' he said, nodding in Drackor's direction. 'I just don't- oh! Why are they moving so far away from me? I can't help them from here. I need to move closer.'


'Well, go ahead - I'm waiting back here. I just wanted to tell you... I believe you. If you're not aware of something you may not have been responsible for, then you can't be accountable for it, can you?' Ryu said calmly.


Leon glanced away from the battlefield to look at Ryu. 'Thanks... I sure hope not. Wish us luck!' And he started to move closer to the battlefield.


Garrison watched as Drackor rose motionlessly back to his feet. He seemed different this time, somehow. Almost less confident, or panicked. Something. 'So, Garrison, you're still here too? Have you come to die as well? You could run, you know. ... But you won't, will you? Oh well... don't say I didn't warn you...' Drackor seemed to be speaking in his very direction, even though the flames of the barn should more than likely have been obscuring his vision. He got the distinct feeling that he should move from his position, though. Motioning wordlessly to Juna and Running Moon, he got them to move to the next side of the building.


Leon watched as above the building, a sinister, black cloud formed. It produced a single bolt of lightning, which shattered the burning barn immediately... he thought he had heard the spell 'Zap' yelled...


Garrison, Juna, and Running Moon, now revealed and surrounded by burning shards of wood, seemed to have been hurt by the shards as they had exploded.


Leon, however, knew what took priority over their wounds at this point. 'Bounce!' he yelled. A transparent, shiny white wall appeared in front of Garrison, whose eyes were meeting Drackor's as best he could. Leon assumed that Drackor might reconsider casting a spell that attacked the three of them if one of them had Bounce on. At the same time, he felt guilty for prioritizing the party - he felt that if anyone was to be left alone, Garrison would fare the best.


However, instead of saying anything more to Garrison, Juna, and Running Moon, who were waiting for Drackor to make the first real move, the general instead turned his attentions to Leon, who, noticing that he was in trouble, took out his gun and quickly flipped the switch on his gun so that it would use the Zap-like spell.


Drackor, walking hastily towards Leon, yelled 'Slow! ... This time you won't be able to get away from me, boy!'


Leon felt himself taking too long to make his moves. 'I need you guys' help...! We need to help each other to make this work...'


Juna, Garrison, and Running Moon finally decided to take action and get the battle truly started.

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Zex watched over the battle he thought it wise to study the Generals attacks first so not to be cought by suprise. He knew they would be very angry with him for not helping but it was the best option for now. The generals lightning was not a big thret to Zex now because he has build an immunity to it from the last enconter. But he felt bad watching them all fight below, The General hadnt unleashed any powerfull attacks yeat and thats what Zex needed to see.


No one had seen him yeat and that was good he sat hanging his feet over the cliff staring down into the inferno. Zex felt he needed to help but he knew only one person would know this spell. He reached out his right hand "Rain" he said softly as rain clouds took form over the blaze. He watched Leon as he franticly looked around knowing he was there. Zex wished he could go down and help but last time didn't vote in his favor. He watched the General conger up more lightning attacks but nothing he hadnt seen befor.




"Lord Hayden Zex has eluded me" Eather said kneeling befor the lord. "That is of no concern to me he is but a weak demon wolf not capable of anything." Hayden said seeming anoyed with Eathers report. "He is more then he seemes my lord." Eather said as he rose to his feet. "Be seated eather, I brought you back from nead death I remade you, gave you a new body!!!" "Yes my lord, but I feel this is not my place." He said walking away from Hayden softly. "I will find and kill anyone you wish my lord perhaps the ones Drackor is after." He said seeming unsure of why he was doing any of it.

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;) The blazing battlefield had been replaced by rain and rain clounds. Zex wished to enter the battle with Drackor but he was reminded of the incedent back at Kaptora. All he could do is look on, hoping that the brave heroes could bring the manical Drackor down once and for all. As for Drackor, though he was puzzled as to where the rain came from, he was to pre-occupied with Leon to really care.


"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!" Drackor laughed maniacly as he walked towards Leon, "I'm going to enjoy killing you in the most slow, painful way possible!! After saying that the General then turned to face Juna, Garrison and Running Moon. Drackor then showed a wicked smile and then said "Don't worry, I'll play with you just as soon as I take care of this Kaptorian brat!!" After hearing this Garrison the pulled out his trusty Shotgun and pointed it at the evil General. "If you make one more move towards that kid, I'll personally send you to your maker!! Garrison shouted in anger and irritation. Juna just stood where he was he knew what would happen if he charged at Drackor and as for Running Moon, he couldn't help but feel helpless in this situation.


"Garrison, you worthless Trator, the general shouted at Garrison, "You just became the next "victim" in this tragedy of horrors!!" Juna then said to Garrison and Running Moon, "Hold on a minute guys, I have an idea. "We don't have time for this Juna! Leon is going to die if we don't make a move now!! Garrison yelled inpatiently at Juna. "I'm gonna have to agree with Garrison. If we don't so something fast Leon is gonna get hammered, and badly might I add. Running Moon added in agreement. "I understand that but hear me out for a second. Juna replied. "Ugh, alright fine" "Ok then" Running Moon and Garrison said. Juna then looked on at Drackor as he approached Leon who was trying desparetly to get to safety.


"Alright, here's the plan. Garrison, you get Drackor's attention by firing a shot at him. After you do that, Running Moon and I will charge in head on. This should give Leon time to get away from Drackor. At least for the time being anyways. after explaining his plan Juna then asked Running Moon, "Running Moon, how good at Hand to Hand Combat are you?"

"Fairly decent. Though I fight better with my hunting knife. Running Moon replied, answering Juna's question. "Alright then, after Garrison fires, you and I are going to charge at Drackor and hit him with everything we have. You got all of that?" Juna said in which Running Moon replied, "Sure do." "Good, I'm counting on both of you. Juna replied looking back at General Drackor who was now kicking Leon around.


"Aaaaggggghhhh!!" Leon screamed in pain as Drackor continued to kick him with unrelenting force. "You're going to pay for that cheap trick you pulled on me. No one escapes from me boy!! Drackor said as he continued to kick Leon around like a ball. "NOW!!!" Juna screamed thus signaling the three heroes to make thier move. Garrison aimed his shotgun directly for Drackor's face and then fired a round off of his shotgun. A lightning bolt fired out from inside the shotgun and made it's way towards General Drackor "Take that you sorry bastard!!" Garrison shouted. The General looked on at the on coming bolt with an amused look on his face and as the bolt struck Juna and Running Moon charged the demonic general in full force. The two then began throwing various punches and kicks at the General who was temporarily distracted from the lightning bolt and thus became the recipiant of a bloody nose and a very dirty uniform. Juna landed in various jump kicks, roundhouses and chops and for Running Moon he just mimiced what Juna was doing but his form was not only sloppy but his blows did less damage than Juna's.


However the slight advantage that Juna and Running Moon had didn't last long as Drackor quickly regain his balance and counter-attacked with a roundhouse kick that sent the duo realing back towards Garrison. "Hmmmmm so you two wanna play first then? Fine by me, it matters not which one of you will die first." Juna then rose back up and charged towards Drackor again this time with a leg sweep in hopes that he could knock the general off balance again but the attack failed and resulted in Juna recieving a Jump Kick that broke his nose. Afterwords Drackor began to powerup a spell, Juna began watching Drackor's casting process very closely in hopes of finding a weakpoint in which he can exploit. But alas it was to no avail as Drackor launced his attack, he summoned two balls of energy and then threw them in the direction of Running Moon and Juna


The energy balls hit thier targets and the duo was sent into a pile of burned wood that immediately crumbled under thier combined weight. Running Moon couldn't get up due to the immense pain that coursed through out his body and Juna was struggling to rise to his feet but all he could manage was a kneeling-like position. Drackor with a sinister look on his face began to walk swiftly towards Garrison who was the only man on his feet. Garrison had his shotgun ready in hopes of repelling Drackor's impending assult. It worked for about a half of a minute, Garrioson fired another one of his shotgun rounds at Drackor but it didn't hit and only made the General hasten his pace all the more. Once Drackor approached Garrison the general gave him a nasty elbow to the abdomen section. Then as Garrison was gasping for air Drackor said to him "Betraying me and Lord Hayden was the worst mistake of your life..." and then following that he picked up Garrison and tossed him towards Juna and Running Moon. "And that Betrayl will be the last mistake you ever make you human scum!!!" Drackor then shouted at Garrison as he laid there trying to catch his breath. Drackor then began to move towards the three heroes who were struggling to get up from Drackor's last assult.

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(Note to Slime Master: Leon's the one with the magic gun, not Garrison. At least, for now...)


He was safe for now, and without Drackor's impending attacks directed at him, Leon could prioritize the other three over himself. He turned towards Juna, opened a book, and began casting a spell.


Drackor had taken out his staff, and had raised it high above Running Moon's head. Running Moon, severely wounded, could not make himself move. He had a hopeless expression on his face; a look of defeat.


Leon suddenly saw Garrison make an odd jerking motion with his right arm, and he saw his hand disappear into a pocket for one second. 'Watch out!' Moments later, two deafening explosions occurred nearby. He had detonated the other two bombs he had thrown earlier. One of them was extremely close to Leon, who jumped back right as he had finished casting 'Healmore!' Juna immediately felt much better, and began to get up again.

Everyone had jumped at the sound of the explosions, and Drackor fumbled his staff. Running Moon had been saved.


'Garrison!!!' Drackor, in his fury, cast a Blazemore spell almost instantly on Garrison, whose eyes widened as he felt an oncoming heat wave nearing him. But Drackor's berserk state had cost him - a glass-like wall of white light appeared in front of Garrison, and the large, searing ball of fire crashed into it and, as if it had careened into a large elastic band, reflected at its caster with the same accuracy and speed. 'Nooooooo!!!!' Drackor shrieked in a voice unlike his normal one - he seemed to be losing control over himself.


'Healmore!' Leon yelled from a distance. Running Moon got up, feeling much better, as Juna struck Drackor from behind with a powerful punching attack. Drackor seemed to have almost hit the ground, when he levitated as if his actions were rewound, and whirled around to strike Juna with his staff.


Juna felt an intense pain in his left side, and began to shiver uncontrollably. He looked down where the staff had struck him - the wound was changing and becoming infected before his very eyes. It was now a sick shade of dark green and black.


'Fool - my staff has ultra-powerful poison lodged within it... consider it to be like a scorpion stinging you. Hahahaha!!!'


Garrison, although not recovered, had worked his way to get back from the action. He now was reaching painfully into another one of his pockets to pull out several small explosives that would (obviously) explode upon significant impact.


Leon knew what his next move would be. But he was frantically reading on how to cast a different spell at the current time, while keeping one eye on the battle.


Drackor was tackled by Running Moon from behind, and landed on top of him, pinning him to the ground temporarily. Garrison took this moment to take a painful step forward. 'Eat this.' With fluid motions and unsurprisingly exceptional accuracy, Garrison threw five of the small explosives at the back of Drackor's helmet, one at a time, trying to get to his neck or back. Running Moon raised his right hand to shield his eyes from debris and the explosions, and Drackor took that moment to use his strength to fling Running Moon off of him and into a nearby wall. 'Oh...'


Leon wasn't sure if he was unconscious or not. But he finished his spell at that time regardless. 'Increase!' Walls of deep orange light appeared over Juna, Running Moon, and himself, but when the wall began to form in front Garrison, the glassy-white wall also formed, almost like a reminder or sorts, and then another wall appeared in front Leon, who had begun working on another spell.


'Let's hear no more from you... Zap!' Drackor snarled, looking furiously at Running Moon's body. From within the raining clouds above, a lightning bolt worked its way down and struck Running Moon, who twitched oddly before not moving anymore.


Somewhere behind Leon, Ryu gave a loud moan. 'Antidote!' Leon yelled, pointing an outstretched finger at Juna. Juna, who had been crouching over in pain and from the outstanding nausea he felt, looked down at his infectious wound - it had cured already!


'Thanks...' And he stood up and looked at Drackor once more.


Behind him, Garrison was plotting his next move also.


Leon looked at Running Moon, and his eyes became watery - no Healmore spell could help him. He decided to concentrate on helping his other two allies. Perhaps, after the battle, he could help Running Moon. But even on that, he wasn't sure.

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Zex could stand no more he was bing a cowerd and he hated it. He turned and walked a short dostence feom the clifside then he turned around ran and jumped off the clif. He fell maybe 50 ft onto the roof of one of the houses and walked overtop of Drackor. He jumped down just in frount of him. "Hay it's not nice to pick on kids you know." Zex said trying mostly to get Drackor away from everyone. "Ill fry you like last time!" A lightning bolt came down from the sky hitting Zex dead on with a blinding light. "Is that the best you can do, I have found that with the proper defences and amulits you attack wont do much more then sing me" He said as he jumped around behind Drackor. Zex drew his new sword and went into Melee combat with him. He wasn't planning on winning but he knew if he could keep Drackor bussy then the others might have a chance to regroup.

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"Zex! Where have you been!" But Zex and the General were too wrapped up in their battle. Zex swung his mighty sword vertically onto Drackor's face, but a swift flick of his wrist, and a deflection threw Zex's sword back at him. Zex quickly recovered his balance, and went in for another strike, this time a horizontal swing. Yet, the General was too good with a blade for Zex to strike. Just then, Drackor lunged right at Zex and pierced his upper right shoulder. It was a deep wound, but a wound nonetheless.


"Heal!" Those words were heard form afar, and Zex felt much better. He pulled the sword out of him and turned to say,


"It's gonna take more than a little prick to bring me down." They continued their swrod fight, exchanging blows, never landing an actual hit. Then, just as Zex went to strike Drackor with an upper swing, and the General was to block it, Drackor looked weakend, and the blow connected. Drackor was sent flying backwards in the air, and glowed a green aura. The poison had kicked in.


"How's that feel General?"


"You! What did you do to me?!"


"Oh, don't worry about that, it's nothing." Garrison and Juna were now more active, having a little time to recover, and joined in on the assault. The General was lying on the ground, glowing green, and coughing up a storm. He was not in a good situation, and deceided that the place he was was not safe for the moment. He flew up into the air and drank a liquid from a very exotic looking vial. A bright light generated from the General and he sparkled a bit. He no longer let off a green aura, and seemed as though he was never even wounded. He started to chant in his demonic tongue and his eyes turned to red. The party knew something was coming, but was not sure what it was. Leon quickly cast Bounce on Juna, leaving Zex to fend for himself.


"I'm sorry Zex, but I feel that you can take a bit more than he."


"Don't worry about it, it's fine, we'll live through this."


"What, are you calling me weak?"


"No, not at all, sorry if I had offended you. Juna just gave a menacing look at Leon, and turned to face the General. But, all of a sudden, Garrison was missing from the battlefield. He was no where in sight, but he was there in body.


Garrison, in the confusion fo the arguments and spellcasting, Garrison had activated a special ability imbedded in his trenchcoat. It was the power to make it completely camolagued, reflecting all light around him , making it appear as if you could see right through him. He sneakily went to below where Drackor was hovering, and planted one of his extremely explosive mines, that is set off by his own wanting, or by proximity. He set it to remote. The General was so distracted by his own incantations, that he noticed none of the activity going on below him.

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Watching from a distance, Leon suddenly saw a small orb-like object appear underneath Drackor. He took a few steps closer. He had to cast his spells quickly. He decided that, due to the unpredictability of the general, he should defend himself so that he could continue to help the others. He already felt fairly well defended physically, and he found that he had time to cast yet another Bounce spell before Drackor, who was levitating still higher in the air, finished whatever he was doing. 'Bounce!' He yelled. A shimmering wall of light appeared in front of him.


Then he looked around. He just realized that Garrison was missing. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Running Moon's arm twitch slightly. But Leon didn't want to draw any attention to him just yet. He decided to leave him out of his next spell. He had a great plan - he just really wanted to know where Garrison was. But at least, much to his delight, Zex had returned to help them. He had said that he'd be back...


Juna and Zex looked angrily up at Drackor, who was now at the level of the tallest trees nearby. 'Get down here, demon!' Juna yelled.


'I'm right here.' Zex replied calmly, not taking his eyes off Drackor.


Juna gave an incredulous look at Zex. 'You... ugh. You know I didn't mean you.'


'You said "demon", didn't you? ... You're referring to us both. Please don't be so inconsiderate next time, and tell everyone who you're talking to.'


Leon smiled, having overheard the little conversation, and almost laughed when he saw the offended look on Juna's face. But he continued: 'Increase!'


'Are you stupid!?' Juna yelled at him, keeping one eye on the still-rising Drackor, 'It's going to reflect off of everybody! You selfish little kid!' A orange wall began to appear in front of him, but the white wall Bounce created appeared before him also. The wall finished in front of Leon, who (Bounce wouldn't take effect on spells he cast on himself, similar to the Fendspell he couldn't wait to cast eventually) already had two orange barriers in front of him, plus a third formed by the Increase targetting himself.


The transparent wall appeared and stayed in front of Zex, too. However, Leon was mystified when an orange wall began to appear in front of what he thought to be thin air, then was reflected by a Bounce spell, making Leon even more protected. It was just a few big steps away from him. It had to be... '...Garrison?' Leon muttered. Drackor was too high now to hear them anyway, but he still kept his voice low. He felt a hand on his shoulder roughly pat him; he nearly jumped, but decided that his spells must be equally frightening to anyone who had never seen them.

'It's me. I'll tell you about it later... just keep away from the grenade is all I'll tell you. Tell the others.'


Leon distinctly thought he heard Garrison say 'Because I don't want to pick up your pieces,' but he wasn't sure of that. He ran towards the battle, hoping that he wouldn't trip over Garrison or anything... wherever he was now... and quickly told Juna and Zex something similar to "Garrison's invisible, don't ask me how, but he'll tell later, and don't go near that bomb".


Drackor chose that moment to suddenly plummet back to the earth, staff in both hands, roaring fiercely. He fell faster than if gravity itself had carried him, and landing swiftly, plunging his staff into the ground. The ground around the staff gave off an eerie, faint, dark red glow, which the party eyed nervously.


He walked up to the three visible members, and took out his sword. 'Prepare to meet your dooms...!' He swung at the three, standing side by side. Zex nimbly jumped out of the high, landing several feet back. Juna jumped backwards, and Leon, who had neither the reflexes or the learned defensive capabilities, or armour for that matter, of either Juna or Zex, or Garrison, who Leon had since come to question if it were possible for him to explode upon impact due to the number of explosives he carried (he had chuckled at the thought back in Kaptora, though this certainly wasn't the time), took a fistful of cloak in his hand, wrapped it around his arm, and blocked the heavy sword with that. Five layers of Increase had done better than Leon expeted.


The sword felt like it was made out of aluminum. Leon suddenly thought he heard Drackor say to him, 'What IS this kid? First casting Revive, now stopping my attack?!', but, like all the other times, he couldn't be sure how it had happened.


Leon took out his gun as he held Drackor's sword weakly in his hand. Juna and Zex watched nervously from behind, and Garrison was plotting something else somewhere and was still not in sight.


He aimed it directly at Drackor's face, now contorted with a mix of fury and rage, and fired. The impact was incredible, although not as effective as Leon had hoped, and Drackor was on one knee. 'Leave us alone! You can't do anything now! I've got layer upon layer of Increse cast, and Bounce too. Deal with that!' And he blasted again, shocking Drackor further.


But Drackor was certainly not finished. He looked up at Leon. His face seemed to almost soften as he held out one hand. 'Leon...' Zex warned, taking a step forward, but then hesitating and moving out of Drackor's line of sight. Juna followed suit.


'Very well, Kaptoran.' A white light eminated from the general's hands and started towards Leon like a laser.


All five orange-shaded layers of Increase formed in front of Leon, as well as the white shimmery surface of Bounce. The beam crashed into the walls one by one, stopping momentarily between at each wall before they each shattered, one by one. Leon's eyes widened as Drackor stepped forward and swung the flat side of his sword into Leon. The force of the blow tossed Leon in the air and threw him into the nearby wall.


'Down... but not out...' thought Leon, as he stuggled to get to his feet.


Then, without warning, Drackor levitated just slightly, and the red glow on the ground rippled slowly outward, encompassing the battlefield.

As it passed underneath him, Leon felt an extreme tingling feeling in his whole body. The ring was like a powerful electric field. His eyes unfocused for a second, and he felt his heart rate increase more and his fingers twitch before they went numb. He wanted to scream, but he couldn't.


When the ring had passed, Leon could tell by the frazzled looks on Zex and Juna's faces that they had experienced the same feeling as well. Zex's sword was in the ground, too - he had probably hoped that since he had developed the immunity to lightning, he could use his sword to help stifle this attack, too. He thought he caught a glimpse of part of Garrison before he melded back into the scenery, too. He also hoped that Running Moon had been spared from the electricity, although he certainly doubted it.


The glowing spot on the ground still remained. The ring could happen again any minute. Leon suddenly felt that he wanted Drackor to destroy his allies' Bounce spells, too, so that he could Heal them some... but then he wondered if they had he still had the mind enough to cast spells. He was nearly exhausted, and couldn't hold on much longer.

They needed to win, and they needed to do it soon.

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;) Drackor looked over the battlefield and much to his delight he could see the damage that he had caused to the party, especially Leon. Drackor was not without his own wouds too however, during the course of the battle, Drackor had sustained a couple of bruises and some cracks in his armor but nothing serious, yet. Juna and Zex were keeping watch of the ring that Drackor had set up, both new that it would go off again at any minute so they had to defeat Drackor and fast. "There's got to be something we can do to stop this guy." Juna thought to himself. Zex looked around in search of Running Moon and Garrison, he seen the Running Moon was struggling to raise up to his feet. As for Garrison, he was still camoflauged and thus no one would be able to find him.


"Aw, what's wrong? Are we done playing already?!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!" Drackor laughed arrogantly as the party stood still, preparing for the next attack. "Well if none of you are going to attack me, then I guess it's my turn, now let's see, who am I going to pummel into oblivion next?" Drackor said as he was selecting his next "Target". He then looked on at Leon and with a wicked smirk, he charged at the young Kaptorian with all of his might. After approaching Leon, Drackor elbowed him in the stomach causing him to fall to the ground, next Drackor followed up with a jump kick to the face. Juna looked on with his usual scowl on his face and Zex with a look of horror. Finally Zex spoke up, "What are you standing there for?! Leon's going to die if this keeps up. "Just wait a couple of more minutes, then you and I will charge him and try to blind side him. Drackor has suffered plenty of damage as well so he shouldn't be that hard to beat down." Juna explained trying to convince Zex that he had some form of plan in mind.


A couple of minutes have passed and Leon was reduced to a bloody mess, blood ran down his face from his nose and mouth as a couple of Drackor's attacks caused the young Kaptorian to cough up some blood. Juna looked around the battlefield in hopes of finding Garrison but seeing as how Juna didn't know about Garrison's trenchcoat, he just assumed that Garrison fled. "That Coward!! Fleeing the battle when things get rough, has he no pride?!" Juna thought to himself. He then looked over at Zex and then he looked over at Drackor who was using Leon as a Human punching bag, Juna then thought to himself, "Alright, I've had enough of this arrogant Jackass making fools of us!!" and then, after brandishing his sword, he charged after Drackor head on. Juna lucked out and managed to score another blind-sidded attack which sent the General realing slightly. Drackor quicktly rose to his feet and charged at Juna as well, this time with his sword out as well. "FOOL!! Havn't you learned anything from our last encounter?! Drackor screamed as he struck Juna's sword, but Juna was abe to counter attack with his usual repitoire of sword techniques.


Zex was looking on and watching the ring for he new that any second now the ring would go off again. Also a few feet away from where the battle was taking place, Zex noticed a small circular object, after taking a few seconds to think of what the object was, Zex relalized that it was a mine. He then began to forumlate a plan, Juna was to lure Drackor over to that mine and then once Drackor was there Juna was to move a significant distance away from Drackor and hope for the best. Zex then shouted at Juna, he then looked over for a split second and then Drackor landed a kick on Juna which sent him towards Zex. "Damn it Zex!! Whos freaking side are you on?! Juna shouted, a little annoyed at the distraction that Zex had caused. Zex then replied "There's no need to yell. Zex replied, "Anyway, I have formulated a plan, do you see that object a few feet from Drackor? Zex asked Juna. Juna took a minute to look over and then he spotted it and answered Zex's question with a nod of yes. "Okay, the plan is for you to lure Zex over there, that object is a mine. After Drackor steps on it, it should explode and take Drackor out. Before it does however, make sure you get out of the way, of course I'm sure you knew that.


"Heh, so now I get the idea, Garrison must've placed that thing there and then took off to avoid the explosion." Juna said to Zex, "Alright, I'll hold him off and let's just hope your plan works..." Juna said as he charged towards Drackor with his sword out. Drackor looked on and was anticipating Juna's move but much to his surprise, Juna moved towards the mine that Garrison left. Drackor was curious as to what Juna was up to so he followed Juna. They soon clashed swords once again and they were moving towards the aforementioned Mine. "You fool, what do you hope to achive by luring me away from that brat?!" Drackor shouted as he was exhanging sword swings with Juna. Garrison was looking on from his vatage point and was observing the fight going on form the distance. He noticed that Juna was luring Drackor towards the Mine that Garrison left behind.


As Juna and Drackor were exchanging sword blows Juna noticed that he was just inches away from the mine and so without any hesitation, Juna jumped over Drackor and then elbowed him onto the Mine and then Juna ran towards Zex as fast as he could run. "You coward!! Come back and....." the General shouted just as the mine detonated and exploded around Drackor, englufing him in a firey explosion. "Hahaha!!! Just as I suspected, he fell such an elaborate plan." Garrison said as he was approaching the party. The others were glad to see that Garrison was safe and sound well everyone but Juna of course. However the cause for celebration soon ended for when the snoke cleared, General Drackor was still standing although he was bleeding from various cuts and his armor was totaled. The right shoulder plate was gone as well as the lower portions and half of the left soulder plate remained as well as the chest and stomach portions. To make matters worse the ring still remained and the was set off.


"What the?"[/cp;pr] Zex said, "N..n..no w..way.." Leon struggled to say. {color=grey]"How? How could he survive that?! followed by Garrison. Juna just looked on with his usual scowl. The red glow appeared once again and made it's way towards the party. The lightning based damage that the ring produces seemd to have intensified from the last time that it had occured. With the wicked grin still on Drackor's face, he then told the party, "Each time the energy strikes the pain is intensified" the General laughed as he viewd the hopeless look on the everyone's faces. After the energy wave subsided Juna began to think of one last ditch plan but someone had to hold Drackor off. Instead Juna just blindly charged at the Genral in hopes of crushing him once and for all. Both exchanged blows and the like, Juna with his roundhouse attack and Drackor with his legsweeps.


Drackor's weakness was begining to show as was Juna's but more Drackor then Juna as he managed to land several blows onto the demonic general. After several blows Juna managed to land on in the center of Drackor's chest which sent the General realing onto the ground. Drackor then managed to get to his feet and with wild anger showing, he then began to chant in a deminic tounge. Juna looked on with curiosity as to what Drackor was going to do as was the others. After the chanting was complete, Drackor launched a massive grey lightning storm and as it struck the ring of energy began to fire off again. "BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!" the General laughed manaicly, "How does the lightning from Hell feel you human fools!!! "And as for you you wretched abomination, Drackor said to Zex, "Take this!!" Drackor then fired off a Blazemost spell, just after the energy ring subsisded again, which hit Zex but due to the bounce spell, it reflected and hit Drackor intead of Zex and the place it him was the crack in the center of Drackor's chest.


Drackor then rose to his feet, struggling to do so....he then moved towards Leon, with intentions to kill the young Kaptorian. As he was standing just a couple of inches away from Leon he then said to himself "You are but one minor annoyance, once I remove you from this Mortal Coil, the rest of your little friends will fall." But just before Drackor could begin to charge up a spell, Running Moon managed to rush Drackor and hold him in place. "I...I...I..G..got you n..now you wr..wretch." Running Moon said just barly holding onto Drackor with all of his energy. Running Moon then shouted at juna. "Try that thing you used against that Wolf Lord!!! And be quick ab..ab..ab.about i..it. My ribs a.a..are bro..broken After hearing this Juna didn't know what Running Moon was talking about, he didn't remember much about Canus's except that he fired off some form of magic. Juna, knowing full well what would happen if Drackor broke free, decided to attempt it again. But it was to no avail , no matter how many times he tried it he couldn't muster up the spell he used before. Juna became enraged in frustration and agrivation and as a result, a strange engery wave began to form from his two fingertips.


"Heh heh heh... Juna chuckcled to himself and the shouted at the weakned General, "PREPARE YOURSELF DRACKOR!!!!!"

Juna shouted as he began to power up an energy wave at the top of his two fingers. Drackor looked on in horror as he whitnessed this new found power emerging from Juna. "JUNA!! HURRY UP WILL YA, MY RIBS ARE BROKEN!!" Running Moon shouted while trying to hold the General in place. Drackor, realizing that he would soon die if he didn't act decided to try and reason with Running Moon. "What are you doing kid? How are you gonna dodge that beam and hold me at the same time anyway?" Drackor asked. "I guess your right. Running Moon replied, "Looks like we're both going down. "WHAT?! Are you insane?! You'll be killed is that what you want?!!?" the General shouted in a panaky tone.


"It'll be worth it, you've killed to many people and threatened the rest, not to mention the tourment you put us through. It's time you pay for your crimes, and if I must die for it to happen, than so be it!!!!" Running Moon said as Drackor continued to struggle. As the aforementioned scene was occuring, Juna had finished powering up his attack and was ready to fire. "Kyokukou shuuha!!!! " with that, Juna then fired the Energy wave at the General which struck and plowed through Drackor's chest but unfourtunately for Running Moon, he suffered the same fate as well....


After the blast had hit it's target, both Drackor and Running Moon fell to the ground, both with large gaping holes in the center of thier chests. Running Moon feel on his back a few feet away from Drackor who fell on his stomach and his head layed tilted to the side. Knowing that Drackor had been defeated, the party rushed towards Running Moon who was laying on the ground dying from his mortal wound. But just as Juna, Garrison, Zex and Leon began to reflect on the battle, Drackor spoke up.


"You humans are fools if you think you've won this war. I may..have been beaten...but Lord Hayden is...is..watching you're...every move. Drackor said as he was coughing up blood. "You...may have won...the battle...but Lord Hayden....shall...shall win the war..." Drackor then looked towards Juna and started to laugh as more blood was coughed up "And let's not forget my comerades....they...know of...my..my defeat....and the bad news...for you is...they're much stronger...than me!! Whats wrong punk? Not gonna have a clear cut victory or something?! The General then began to laugh some more but after about a half a miniute of laughing, the General died from a serious amount of blood loss. As for Running Moon, it was only a matter of time beofre he died from similar results.

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"RUNNING MOOON!!!" shrieked Ryu from afar. His cries of pain and sorrow for his friend was agonizing to the others on the battlefield. Ryu ran down the hill unto the place of his friend and wept. His tears soaked the earth, tears of pain, and memories. He was his best friend and his brother. A savior at his most critical moment. He would never forgive himself for sitting that one out.


Juna walked up to Ryu, put his hand on his shoulder, and said "That was a noble sacrifice. He was a good man." Ryu looked up at Juna with tears in his eyes, then slowly turned back to Running Moon. He picked Running Moon up, and ran over to Leon. With pain in his voice, he cried unto Leon


"Is there...any way to bring him back. Any spell you have in your books there?"


Post in progress

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Zex was still a little Dazed from the attacks, Drackor was badly wounded and it seemed the battle was over to everyone but Zex. Watching Drackor he felt pity for him, but really he knew the General should die. Zex could feel somthing aproching, It gave him energy a clear head. It was a demonic aora, a mist but only zex seemed to know it was there. Everyone was over by Running moon, Zex handn't known the guy so he didnt really cair much, but he thought it noble of him to sacrofice himselfe. Zex turned around again seeing a figure off in the distence, he aproched it slowly Thinking to himselfe is it really him? "

Is it really who?" leon asked unsure if he had herd anything in the first place. "Nothing......" Wait how did he?, nevermind. Zex was thinking to himselfe but he decided some things are better off left alone.


Zex Came closer to the figure "Could it really be?" He thought, then he took in a breth of air, "That scent I know its him it has to be!" He came closer seeing through the mist The dark shapes took form Eather stood befor him with Blatoon of Horks. "Zex I am here to take you out once and for all." The horks charged Zex who wasn't even ready, they plowed over him like a titlewave. Eather however found no joy in this, He called the Horks back but they didn't seem to listen to him. After a secound Earth shattering shout he Gave up on it and went to Plan B. He drew his sword and cut them down one by one, untill Zex was free. "Don't ....y...you ....wan.....t me Dea.....d?" Zex said Getting to his feet. "I do not wish to win by cheep tatics" He said holding one hand in the air. "Full Heal" He chanted, Zex fould feel his full strengh being returned to him. Strangly alto Eather was not who he had thought his scent still lingerd. "Tell me Eather how long have you been working for Hayden?" He said with his eyes fixed on Eathers face. " 4 years maybe I cant remember much befor that......why am I telling you thing I am here to kill you!" The both had their weapons out Zex using his old sword And Eather with the Monster Blade that almost seemed bigger then him.



Zex could see no one around only the fog suronding them. Eather came in for an attack and Zex Jumped back nimbly. Zex then came in for a strike but Eather reaced to his side pulling out a short sword to deffend himselfe with. They were dead locked for a short time. "You remember the old days?" Zex said Looking into Eathers eyes again, they hadn't changed They were deturmend he never stoped even is certon deth. "What are you talking about!" Eather yelled as he took his hand and punced Zex across the side of the head with it. Zex slamed into the ground with a thud. Eather Reaced over for his Large sword "Like it it's called the Dragon Blade now meet your maker!"


Zex had a sudden Flashback It was him and his fried sitting near a pond his friend was cleaning a new sword he had just aquired from a Dragon clan he was with at the time. "Like my sword its called the Dragon blabe, kinda cheezy I think haha." The laughter ecowed in Zexes mind.


"Noooo!" Zex Screamed bring up his sword in deffence. He pushed Eathers attack back then cam in with the mighyist strike he had ever done and sent Eathers sword flying into the dirt. Zex threw his sword to the ground and took out the one he had gotten from the Paladen. "This it whare it ends Eather I want my friend back!" Tears roled down his face as he thrust the sword into Eathers heart. He fell to the ground one hand on the sword and the other on the ground. A green light surronded his body and took the shape of a dragon. It roared From Zex came a blue aora taking the shape of a wolf.


Eather pulled the sword from his chest and looked to Zex. "noo, Zex Nooooo!" He said as the fog came down and everyone could see the two. Eather turnbed and ran, Everyone was ready to chace him. "no let him go, he'll be back he is free now." Zex said waching Green lights fade from the sky.

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