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Demon Wars III

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;)(OOC: The first portion of this post is from the last post I made :wink:)


As the sun rose further into the sky signaling the morning hours Juna continued to walk while carrying Ryu and Running Moon over his shoulders. Showing signs of exhaustion Juna noticed a sign a couple of feet in front of him which read Village of Neward. After reading this Juna thought to himself "Finally, another village, perhaps they have a Medical Center close by..."


Juna then pressed forward and after walking a few more feet, he came across a villager passing by. The villager then asked Juna "What in the world is with the two guys your carrying? Found them in the woods or something?" Juna began thinking to himself, "Oh great, how in the hell am I supposed to explain this?" Just then Juna had and idea Juna responded "I was out walking through the forest and I found these two guys just lying there, they seem to be badly injured." Juna explained while omitting certain details like the various battles that the trio fought.


After listening to Juna's explanation the villager responded, "Injured? Hmmmmm well there's the Neward Medical center located some where in town. To get into town just head north a little ways." "Thanks." Juna replied as he proceeded into town with his companions in tow. As Juna continued walking he noticed some of the strange looks the residents of the village were giving him. "What in the world is wrong with these people? Haven't they ever seen a guy carrying a couple of injured people before?" Juna thought to himself as he continued to walk through the town. After walking for several minutes he came across the tavern he thought to himself "There's the tavern that that guy back there mentioned, the medical center shouldn't be to far now."


Juna then realized that he might not be able to find the Medical Center since the villager's directions were rather vague at best. So Juna began to think of a couple of options, one was to either wonder around town aimlessly and hope to find the Medical Center or he could ask one of the villagers where exactly the aforementioned center was. So he continued to walk until he came across the next villager he saw which wasn't very far as group villagers, each of them female and they looked to be 16 or 17 years old, walked by and noticed Juna carrying his comrades.


"Hey Mister." one of the girls asked. "What's wrong with your friends? They're all bloody." Juna glanced over with his usual glazed look in his eyes he responded, "Um...." Juna began to think of the story he told the other villager. "They were in a fight and here they are, battered, bruised and bloody. Now I heard that there was a Medical Center somewhere near by. Any one of girls know exactly where it is?" Juna stated.

"Sure", another one of the girls replied, "Just keep going straight for about a half a mile and you should find it."


"Thanks." Juna said in which the girl who answered his question smiled sweetly and replied "It's no problem, cutie." after hearing those words Juna blushed slightly as the group of girls began walking off in the other direction. Juna then quickly regained composure and proceeded in the direction that the girl gave him. After walking for about 20 minutes or so of walking Juna finally found the Medical Center that he was looking for. "It's about damn time I found this place..." Juna thought to himself as he entered.


As Juna walked into the medical center fatigue finally made itself known as Juna suddenly dropped his friends and passed out on the floor. One of the attendants was walking by as she noticed Juna passed out along with the battered bodies of Ryu and Running Moon. She then ran off in a frantic pace to try and find some assistance and a few minutes later the attendant came back with a couple of physicians and a healer. After a few days of treatment, Ryu and Running Moon were back to normal and so was Juna.


The inside of the Medical Center was like most typical hospitals with rooms for patients to rest in and areas for immidiate medical treatment. As well as the lobby in which Juna and his companions were lying there hurt and exhausted from their battles against Hayden's forces.


"You three got lucky" one of the doctors said. "It was a strong possibility that your two friends could have died on the way here considering some of the injuries. And you, I have no clue how you managed to make it here with some of the wounds you had and with out food or rest for that matter." Juna responded with his usuall tone of arrogance, "I guess I'm either lucky, or it could be that I'm just that damn good." "And very modest too aren't we?" Ryu retorted with sarcasm in his voice. "Do we owe you guys anything for helping us out?" Ryu asked the doctor who quickly replied "No, you don't owe us anything, we're strictly volunteer."


"Thank you so much" Ryu replied politely as his friend and Juna proceeded to exit the Medical Center in which Ryu then followed soon after.

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The going had been much easier since Leon's accident. How he was now able to blast his foes with Infernos he had no idea, but he was not complaining.


Now he progressed through the caves: naturally winding and full of Vampire Bats and Babbles (Leon was thankful for his Antidote spell), Leon let his lantern's light and his intuition guide him. After all, if the kid could go through the caves unarmed, then it couldn't be all that bad.




Jaune was thinking very hard at the chair in the kitchen in her house. Just a half hour ago, she had thought she heard something bad happen in Xenatu's office. Late yesterday night, Leon had killed a Machtist, and the physical structure of her basement had been presumably changed by a young girl, although calling her a girl might not have been the most accurate description.


And now, Leon was going to get the Machtium, allowing Re-Edeners to see for themselves where the messages were coming from.


Her thoughts then turned again to Xenatu. The man was obviously very trustworthy - unless so many people were simply very foolish to trust his words. But really, she wondered, how could anyone prove that this wasn't just a huge moneymaking scheme set up by Xenatu...? Who could say that he was wrong? There was just no way to know for sure.


She heard a loud noise outside. "That sounded like an explosion!"


Rushing outside, Jaune saw smoke coming from the tavern; the one, she reminded herself, that Leon was at the night before. A second later, she saw a shady-looking character emerge with something that was clearly intended to be hidden: it was a gun, but it looked different from the ones Jaune had experimented and constructed. There was a hole instead of prongs - she saw the man adjust the gun, then begin to dash towards the central intersection of town. If he left, she might never know what it was the gun did. But he looked dangerous... she had seconds to decide if she wanted to approach this man or not.




It was evening when Leon emerged from the caves. It hadn't taken him more than an hour and a half to work his way through the caves, and he had marked the path to make his return home even quicker. There were a few rays of light remaining in the day, but after walking for a minute outside, they were soon stopped by the heavy forested area that soon surrounded him.


He headed northwest.


On route to the Machtium Cave, he noticed a group of bizarre creatures, sitting around a fire in a clearing, grunting and speaking barely understandable speech.


And they were discussing the invasion of Kaptora.

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Zex slowly crossed over from the dream world to reality, hedremt of a camp being massacured. He didnt know what the dream ment but he had seen one man wounded, He didnt know what his dream was telling him he couldnt even rememberhis face now. He looked to his left taking in all that had happend in the day. He saw the yung girl still sleeping she seemd so fragile in that state.


Somthing was in the air it was dark, dark clouds. but they werent couds it was smoke! "The town!" Zex yelled. Lily woke up startled "Wa...whats going on?" she asked so inocently. "No time to explane get up!" He grabed Lilys arm and draged he to her feet and ran as fast as he could to the town eventally pickinglilly up on to his back. When he arived the town was a blaze the guards and civilans were all dead. Thr first line of deffence against hadens mountain pass had fallen and now nothing stood in the way of his armies from getting into the lands. "They were so stupid why didnt they listen to me!"

From the smoke and fire a figure emerged it a humanoid almost 7 ft tall very musclar. He had a sword that looked as tho it could bring down a horse and knight in one swing. He wore a helmat with hornes on it red and very long pointing strait up. he had pants on but no $#!&, and sholderpads with a cape. all of his cloths were taterd and he was still on fire. His voice was Demonic any human would run in fear at the sound of it. "Zex your time has come!" Zex looked at him a little puzzled " Why dose Hayden want me dead?" The creature laughed "don't flatter yourselfe yung zex lord Hayden wants to moake sure he has no opposition so we are sent to take out the strongest people in this earth that havent sided with the lord." Zexes head sank. "butefull, greate just greate, your name?" The creature seemed happy at this question. "My name is Eather that name will be Haydens newest general after I kill you." Eater picked up his sword and swong it down apon zex. As the blade fell zex pushed Lily out of the way and then roued to the side. When the sword hit it let up a huge cloud of smoke. Eather quickly picked it up agin but this time Zex got in close. Eather before Zex could do a thing droped his sword and punched zex back 10 ft with one mighty blow. He bent town picked up his sword and went back on the attack.

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The man in black had no clue where to go from here. He was new to this continent, let alone this town, and had no idea of where to go next. Since he did not want to be a fugitive, he deceided to not stay in one place.He started running down the road, and came upon what seemed to be the town's center. It was a very active place, full of people hustling and bustling around with their daily routine and work. He stopped only for a second to look around when sudenly there was a loud cry "Hey, you there in the black, STOP!"


He did not want spend his time in this new land in jail, so he deceided to flee. He turned directly around and ran the opposite way, weaving in and out of the crowd. He was making great speed and deceided to look behind him to see if his pursuiter was still behind him. He turned his head around, still in full stride, and ran straight into a man. They both collided and fell to the ground. "Why don't you watch where you're going!" But the man in black had no time to respond, if he stayed there, he would get caught for sure. But he did not count on his hunter to be so fast. She was there within a matter of seconds, breathing heavily.


"Wow, i did not expect a man your size to be that fast." Still feeling threatened he whipped out his weapon and pointed it directly at her. She was terrified at the sight of staring directly down this barrel, for she had heard with her own ears what can be done with it.


"What do you want?" Asked the man in the black


"Uhh...Uhhh....I mean you no harm sir!" she said in a quiet, terrified and quivering voice. My name is Jaune and I am an employee at Re-Eden."


"Never heard of it." Jaune made a loud audible gulp sound which a person makes when they are put in a bad situation.


"Well, sir, I came down into the plaza to see if I could discuss your weapon here." The man gave her a strange, long glare. At long last he finally came to terms that she wasn't the authorities, he gave in to her request. He lowered his gun and replaced it in his coat.


"What would you like to know?"


"Well, first off, what does it do?" He took out the gun and fired it straight into the air. There was a loud "BOOM!" and smoke billowed out of the barrel. She was taken back by the dight of sheer power from one single source, and only by pulling a trigger! She was so intrigued by this device, and how it worked. "Where did you get such a thing?"


"I made it myself"


Really!? You know...I am a bit of a scientist myself. You know, I have even made a gun myself, but it's nothing like yours, yours is so intriguing! Mine uses magic as a source of ammo, what does yours use?"


"These shells right here." He exposed his ammo belt and took a shell out, and reloaded his weapon's empty slot with the shell.


"How did you make it?" Just then, a whistle blew, and men in uniform pointed at the man in black from down the street.


"That is my little secret. Now if you'll excuse me, I should be on my way." And with that, he ran off down the street.


"Wait! What is your name?! Jaune yelled to the mysterious man.


"Garrison Smith" The man yelled. Jaune was so awestruck by the man, and his machine, she did not know whether to chase after him again, or go back to her residence and continue to obsess over the weapon she had just come into contact with.

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Jaune realized her mistake right after she had done it. This out-of-towner was trying to get away, and she had not only held him back to talk, but had also asked him his name. And he'd responded, announcing not just to her, but to the town guards, what his name was. ... Garrison Smith. Now they knew his name, and with them knowing much better the routes to nearby cities like Neward, travelling for Garrison would be much more difficult, even with his gun.


Her mind flashed to what the girl in white had said earlier: 'Others will help you also, so do not feel the burden is your own...' Then she thought to herself that, perhaps, she was meant to help this man.


She took off after the man, now heading for the exit - 'Don't! There are more guards at the entrance!' she yelled to him.


Whether Garrison heard her or not she couldn't be sure, but as a number of guards wielding both short-range weapons and chains around their necks came from outside the walls of Kaptora, she saw the man hesitate, take out his gun, and point it at the others, threatening them as he had just done to her.


She caught up to them, and hid behind a section of wall that had previously been a part of a building, long since abandoned. She silently took out her own gun, considering her options. All of the guards were Machtists; they had tried to kill Leon the previous night... what gave them that right? She'd get her revenge.


The guards now formed a semi-circle around Garrison, and neither side was moving. The intimidating man could surely kill a few of them, but the guards outnumbered him almost seven to one. He couldn't take them all on himself.


There was nobody around. She raised her gun, made sure that she had set everything properly... aimed... and pulled the trigger.


The prongs of her H-shaped gun glowed a bright, bright yellow, before firing a ray of electricity that connected as they shot forward before scattering in an incredible number of lines. Jaune had decided to use electricity, and then the beams of lightning looked flat as they travelled horizontally in their many directions. All of this happened within a second. It looked similar to a beam of light passing through a gap in clouds.


The rays struck their targets - Jaune had aimed well. They collapsed, twitching, but not dead. She saw Garrison look up at her with a look that she thought to be either astonishment or complete understanding. Jaune put her weapon away.


'They know who you are now. I don't think they were supposed to know it. These are the ones who heard your name. I don't give a care, sir, whether you choose to kill them or not. They'll probably be paralyzed for a little while, but still - these people know who you are.' She paused, then smiled. 'Your secret's safe with me. Come back to Kaptora anytime; I can help you if you need anything. Goodbye, and thank you, sir.'


Jaune ran back to her house as quickly as she could.

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As the guards were dazed and confused, Garrison pointed his right arm at the city wall, and with the push of a button, he launched a sharp grappling hook. It caught, and he retracted the rope and hoisted himself up and over. The sun was setting in the distance and the countryside glew a golden glow. The view was absolutely breath-taking and he could see the plains as far as he could see. In the backdrop were mountains, far, far away. To his left there was a patch of woods, it was there he deceided he would make his camp.


Garrison ventured into the woods with caution, and found it to be a rather peaceful place. He gathered up the proper wood to build a fire, and set them in place. When he thought he had an adequate amount of wood, he threw one of his grenades into the fire, and the whole thing went into an uproar of flames. "Now, for something to eat." He traversed into the woods, just beyond the ring of light that the fire gave off. By now, it was dark, and seeing was a bit of trouble. He heard something moving in the bushes, but deceided to let the poor thing live, for it was not too big. Not big enough for his large appetite anyway. Then, he heard a bird squak overhead. Garrison pulled out his shotgun real quick and fired at the flying creature. A loud "BOOM!" rang out, but nothing fell from overhead. He waited around for around twenty minutes or so, when he heard a rustle in the bushes. He shot into the bushes, and the creature let out a loud "yelp!" and fell dead.


He grabbed his prize meat, to find it was a large boar. "Mmmmm....I'm gonna have bacon tonight!" Garrison yelled excitedly, for he hadn't eaten in days. He cleaned his meat and prepared it to eat. He was always a great cook, and even traveled with his own spices. He feasted until his stomach was content, and then some. By the time he was finished, it was very dark, and Garrison decieded it was time for some rest. He cleared a space for his body and laid down his head to sleep.

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"Barrier!" Zex screamed holding out his right hand as the sword came crashing down. Sparks of light flew everywhere. A loud sound like the shattering of glass was all around as the Barrier broke into peaces, as that happened a huge blinding light came from within it. Knowing he had temporarily blinded Eather zex ran over to lily took her hand and ran into the woods knowing he was no match for Eather.."where are we going?" Lily asked short on berth."I am going to try to get you out of harms way. I know of a city called Kaptora I will take you there. It should be safe; when we get there you can tell the guards your situation and get some help. They should take you home."

"What are you going to do?""Well first off this fire is going to attract allot of people from neighboring cities........I feel bad for the pore saps who meat up with Eather. Well, anyways we can ketch a ride on a passing wagon or if some sort of military force comes to investigate we can get a ride from them."



They stopped and crouched in the woods Eather was no where in sight. "You know that is not what I meant." Lily was a little annoyed at zexs responce to her last question. "Ok I am going to Kill Hayden..... Or at least try." He said seeming a little unsure of himself. "but why?" lily asked knowing he was going to die if he even tried. "Well I will be hunted down for the rest of my life If I don’t do something now."

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;) With Juna, Ryu, and Running Moon fully healed, the trio decided to remain in town for a while longer in order to think of where to go next. The town looked somewhat small compared to others but much bigger compared to the forest village in the Crescent Forest. There were houses for residential purposes on towards Juna's east and to the west there were buisnesses such as banks. A little ahead of Juna were the usuall shops, an Item Shop and the Armory a little ways from it.


"Where do we go from here?" Juna asked his allies. "We could always go to the Tavern and maybe ask some of the locals about the surrounding area" Ryu replied. "Yeah, maybe someone knows where your two friends are." Running Moon said. Juna knew that his fellow Nedarburg Warriors were out there somewhere but where exactly they were remained a mystery to him. He then took to thought Ryu's Suggestion of going to the local Tavern and asking about his missing friends. "Hmmmmmm, maybe someone around here has seen them...." Juna thought to himself.


"I guess we could go to the Tavern, I could use a drink anyways." Juna said as he was walking. "Um wait." Running Moon said with a hint of concern in his voice. "What is it Running Moon?" Ryu asked his friend. "Ummmmmmmmm do either one of you guys know where the tavern is?" Running Moon asked in response to Ryu's question. After hearing this inquiery Juna suddenly stopped and turned around, thus facing Ryu and Running Moon. "I suppose you expect me to ask someone where the tavern is don't you?" Juna said in a rather annoyed tone, "Well, you did manage to get us here and to the Medical Center" Ryu said.


"Not this time, You guys did me a favor by patching up my wounds and in turn I repayed the favor, now we're even. If you guys want to come with me to the Tavern then by all means go ahead but after that, it's best that you both return to your village in the woods." Juna said in a rather rough tone. "What?! Why do we have to go back?" Ryu asked,"It's dangerous for you to venture ahead by yourself. You need our help." "Look, the two of you are nowhere near ready to face Hayden's Soldiers. The two of you were nearly killed by that pyromaniac wolflord and that's just the begining. Juna explained with concern.


"Who cares, with your amazign strength, my Arrows and Running Moon's speed we should be able to handle anything that Hayden throws at you." Ryu said trying to convince Juna to change his mind. "Ok....but do you think your arrows and pierce through Hayden's Barrier?" Juna asked, "It takes some seriously powerful magic to even touch Hayden let alone do any form of damage to him. I'm only suggesting that the two of you head back now for your sake. "Sorry Juna, but I have my own reasons for fighting Hayden's Army Ryu replied.


"As you tell, I am not part of Running Moon's tribe, my parents were killed by Hayden's Army when I was a baby and those heartless bastards left me in the woods for dead. If it wasn't for the Elder of the Crescent Tribe, I probably would've been lunch for some Saber Lion or something. So as you can see, I own Hayden one as well as you." Ryu explained. "So that's why you're hell bent on battling Hayden and his forces... Juna replied "So then why is Running Moon going with us? "Well," Ryu replied, "Running Moon has been my best freind since we were infants, you could say we're alot like brothers and as such, he goes with me where ever I go."


"Alright, said Juna. You both can come along if you must, but you know what kind of power we're dealing with right?" Ryu nodded his head in acknowledgement to Juna's question so the two decided to continute walking in search of Running Moon who seem to have been walking ahead since Juna and Ryu began thier discussion. After a couple of hours of walking around they finally found Running Moon inside the Tavern that that trio was looking for, gulping down one Ale after another. "What the!? What in the Hell are you doing Running Moon?! Ryu asked, shocked as to what he is witnessing. Juna, on the other hand, kept his usual disinterested look on his face and proceeded inside.


*HICCUP!!* Some guys over there said they'd give me 200 gold If I can chug down 12 Ales. Figureing we'd need some money, I thought I'd take up the bet. Running Moon explained to his friend who is still looking in disbelief at all of the bottles lying around the table Running Moon was sitting at. "Well, it certainly looks like you won the bet" Ryu said. "Where's Juna?" Running Moon asked in which Ryu replied while pointing, "I think he went over there."


While Ryu was busy talking to Running Moon and trying to rationalize this whole "bet" thing Running Moon went for, Juna was on the other side of the tavern talking to some of the locals and asking them whether or not they had seen or heard anything from his lost friends. The answers he got were all the same "Sorry, I've never seen anyone fitting that description" or "Nedarburg? I never heard of it." to name a few. However some of the answers to provoke Juna's curiosity, namly ones about the city of Kaptora and how they have more powerful weapons than here in Neward as well as their knowledge of magic and legendary weapons. Juna kept Kaptora in mind as a potential destination but for now he was focused on finding his fellow warriors first.


After talking with most of the people inside the Tavern, Juna and his comerades left the tavern, after Running Moon claimed his prize of course, and begane to head for the exit of town. "So what did you find out?" Ryu asked. Juna replied "Nothing really, hardly anyone here even knows about Nedarburg let alone seen anyone from there. But they did seem to know a little bit about some town named Kaptora." "Sounds like a good destination to me" Running Moon said. "Yeah, maybe you'll find your friends in Kaptora." Ryu added. "Perhaps you're right, I guess we set off for Kaptora." Juna replied as the trio began walking off into the distance.

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The people Leon heard discussing Kaptora's invasion weren't really people at all. They were lizardmen. What was going on?


Taking only a few minutes to eavesdrop so as not to be noticed, Leon basically heard that some crazy person named Hayden was invading Kaptora to get his hands on machinery and become very, very powerful. He supposed that this was the only reason why somebody would invade Kaptora, but then considered that Kaptora was a wealth of information on just about every subject, too. Either way, these lizardmen, and many other groups of them, were resting for the night. That gave Leon some time to get the Machtium, and get back to Kaptora and warn everyone of the incoming attack, and perhaps the city would send for help from places like Neward.


Still being guided by his lantern, Leon followed the edge of the forest until he found another cave. This cave was also naturally formed, it seemed, and it was quite small. A tunnel led straight into a larger room, where Leon saw a pool of sparkling white liquid. ... Machtium.


Leon removed a few bottles from his cloak and filled them with the substance. Then he resealed the bottles, and, for a minute, stood in awe of the serenity of the pool. It felt important, in a way...


He knew his route back, and so began to follow it home.




Jaune had thought once or twice about what Garrison had said. His guns were secret, apparently - but then again, so were all guns and explosives made around here.


Her mind once again fluttered back to the girl in the basement. "Your biological son", she had said. As opposed to... Leon, maybe? Whatever it meant, she had no biological son. Maybe the girl was referring to the future. Maybe the girl didn't know what she has talking about. ... Maybe... maybe the girl knew more about Jaune than she herself did. Jaune felt a chill.


But first, she thought, she had to decypher the messages. That's what the girl said to do first. Since her basement had been so suddenly changed, she didn't have the folder containing the messages. She went to her room in her house and got a Re-Eden key. She fondled the key she had picked up earlier... the last key in the series of doors...


It was dark outside, and the bar had picked up its noise again. She headed to Re-Eden to look at the messages again.

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The world, for all its lush beauty, seemed a cruel and bitter world. Delerium had set in, and Crispin wandered from reality to mirage in a demented state of nausea. Each step that he took sent pangs of pain tearing through his body. The bright world around him seemed a smear of despair accross his withered visage. Too far was he from anything familiar to him for him to dare a hope, if he'd had the capacity. Mind, body, health, disease, all became a swirling mass of blur and his mind bounced from images of his lorn mother, to harbingers of death and doom. In that inescapable reality of thought and imagination, the world had become divided. His home, a place of sanctuary, and everywhere else a den of demons. His stomach attempted to heave the world out of itself, but Crispin, in his brief bouts of clarity, only found that he was already settled in the spilth of the world that he imagined vomitting. Despair slowly gripped him. Despair of health, despair of sanity, despare of life.


Then he saw her in the distance. A magnificently beautiful woman, dressed all in deep crimson. She approached him in regalty and grace, and he fell before her in awe. She spoke, and her words echoed defiantly through him.


"Crispin Exemplar, you poor creature." Her voice as sweet as strawberry nectar. "You have placed yourself in a world of greatness, but you came unprepared. You thought you could be a part of that greatness, but you turned your back on your people, and all that it means to be of the Dwarven Race. True greatness is found not in the selfish desires of personal gain, but in the selfless submission to the foundations of individual ancestry, the singular union of your racial culture. You, however, abandoned that, and so have paid for it." Crispin found that all he could do was aquiesce to the truth of the woman's words. Her voice too lovely to deny. He had turned his back on his people and their ways, but more than that he had turned his back on his mother, who needed him now in he advancing age than ever before. He had abanded her. Crispin simply nodded to the woman.


"Then turn back, Curly! Return to the place of your ancestry. Find the greatness that is awaiting you there as a true member of the Dwarven peoples. Go home, back to your tunnels and caves, and never look back! Do this, or DIE!"


As the woman spoke these last words her face transformed to that of a serpent and her voice scaled into a tight-hissed screech. Crispin flailed about, terrified and screaming, but his limbs only contacted air, and the creature vanished as smoke.

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Garrison awoke to the peaceful sounds of the birds singing their lovely songs. "Time for some more of that great pig," said Garrison aloud in a very sleepy tone. He gathered some more wood and dumped it on the hot coals that were roasting in his pit. the flames caught and he was cooking again in no time.


After he finished his meal, he gathered his items and packed up camp. He emerged from the woods to find a large army off in the distance approaching the city of Kaptora. Garrison was in the mood to fight, but did not know which to side with, for he was a wanted man in the city.

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"I want to take you home, yes but the army is running across this land unchecked.... and the only place that hasn't been hit yest is Kaptora. Well that I know of anyways." He says half woried that the city might allready be under attack. "In any case we need to there first to get some food and suplies is that ok or would you rather go in the direction of Eather?" He looked at his feet and back up to her "If you really want me to take you home I will but it wont be easy traviling with me. Many people don't like my kind."



They both sat at the edh of the road watching the sun rise it was a very red horizen. "I have herd that a red sunrise means their is to be an upcoming battle" Zex sayed not really beleaving it himselfe. "Really? from who?" She asked with qestoning eyes. "A very old friend of mine, he is gone now but I had always heoped to see him again." He said scoping up a rock and smashing it into a fin powder in his hand. "What happend to him?" Lily asked not really sure if she should at the sight of his hand. "Well it happend somthing like this......(Flashback)


"Zex they are comming!" sayed a man not much taller than Zex. Zex took his hands off the wagon hitch and spun around. A wave of monsterious creatures were running at them, fangs, claws, and wings. They both drew their swords, the other man had a very large buster sword rughly his side in length and half in with. They both fought the monsters one by one. The army was overwhelming them and the other man steeped in front of Zex. "Get the wagon preped I will ketch up" He said almost knowing his fate. "but!" Zex said grabbing his arm. "You know those people cant defend themselfes now get them out of here!". Zex noded and ran to the wagon and hooked up the hitch to the horces. He looked back to see his friend was doing ok, but the army soon split and A creature walked forward Mostly humanoid looking It took one mighty swing and broke through his friends buster sword and he fell to the ground. The army soon swarmed on to him. Zex got the horces moving and took off knowing their was nothing he cound do.


"o he died......I am sory"

She said seeing a tear forming in Zexes eye. "Don't be some die so others can live, people are born and dir their is no stoping it...... he said that to."



(Lily ill let you choose if you want us to go to the city or your town.)

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The sun was red and rising quickly. But the lizardmen army was nowhere in sight. Leon ran, the containers of Machtium bouncing in his cloak, towards Kaptora to get to Jaune. To get to anyone. Machtists or not, everyone's lives were in danger. He couldn't see the army across the flat plains behind him, so he figured that he probably had an hour or two before they got to the town. He had just arrived at Kaptora's gates.




Jaune woke up from her sleep, and got herself some leftover stew to eat. She really needed Leon to be around more often - he was a better cook than she was. She went downstairs to work on her machines, but then remembering that she no longer had a basement, and rather had a series of locked doors that led to something shrouded in mystery, she took out her weapon and started looking at it. Her mind turned to Garrison, and his gun. How could she...? Hmm... If she wanted to make something like what he had, she'd need to start over - and she didn't have the materials to do that, since they had been lost in her basement somewhere.


The previous night, she had stared uselessly at the messages, hoping that in her drowsy state some absurd possibility might occur to her and be the correct way to interpret the message. But it was, unfortunately, to no avail.


But, this morning, she decided to go into Re-Eden anyway to give it yet another go.


Jaune waved hello to the receptionist, and headed down the hallway like she did each morning. She had almost opened the door to her office when the door burst open again, and Leon came running inside.


"Leon! What are you- how did- Did you get everything? So soon? Look at you, you're a wreck! You look like you didn't sleep at all! You look like you've been mauled by a beast!" Jaune looked over Leon quickly, and saw bruises and cuts everywhere. He was sweating really hard, which was also unusual for Leon to do while on the job. He usually did his jobs quickly, but not so quick as to make him exhausted.


But Leon didn't have time for himself. "Jaune... don't worry about me. There's a- an army from some guy named... uh... Hayden... and they're moving here quickly. They're going to attack the city... and take it over. Warn everyone..." At this point he reached into his cloak and pulled out a few jars. He gave them to Jaune, and then, turning toward the door, said, "I'm going home to take a quick sleep... work on the spaceship quickly! This is your chance to see space!"


The receptionist, along with Xenatu and several other workers had heard the conversation, and were panicking. Xenatu calmed them down, and sent them to Kaptoran officials to tell them what was going on.


Jaune put her hands on Leon's shoulders. "Leon... thank you so much. This has been our dream. We'll go back home together once I've finished working on the spaceship. There are some things I'd like to tell you before I'm in space. Don't go home yet, it might be dangerous. Stay here, and go to sleep in my office." At this point, she started to look guilty and sad, and lost eye connection with Leon, who looked confused, and, seeing Jaune sad, was sad himself. "You're going to have to run to Neward before the army gets here. If I and everyone else here can hurry, we can be in space before this army comes... in that situation, I might not see you for a while. But be strong, like you always have been. I'm not saying goodbye yet."


Leon was suddenly struck dumb. Flee to Neward? No... he and the Machtists had magic! They were powerful assets to Kaptora's army, even though most townspeople obviously had no military training. He would help fight when the time came.


Jaune guided Leon into her office and helped him sit down in her chair. Leon was so tired that he didn't even look at Jaune again before he fell asleep. Jaune wiped a few tears from her face, then ran from the room to put the final touches on the spaceship.


Kaptora was preparing for the battle in an incredible time. Both Machtist and Re-Edenite alike were working together.... this Hayden was certainly the greater of the evils to both groups...


... For now.

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(My character would never take a reword for that.)


"Well, we could go to your home but I have a feeling of unrest I feel as tho somthing bad is going to happen. When we are done could you take me to Kaptora?" He said looking to the sky that had just lit up and the blue skys came to dark clouds hovering over somewhere near Kaptora. "Ok but I really want to go home" "Well take us there, But I really cant stay there long I really need to get to Kaptora"



Lilys magic took them far away to a kindon he had never seen befor (I am sory my post isn't longer but I really can't do anything bacause I dont know what the city looks like or anything about what lily wants to do.)

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Feeling only slightly refreshed, Leon was awakened by an excited Jaune after what seemed like moments after he'd fallen asleep.


"Leon! Leon! We've done it! We can go into space!"

"You mean the Machtium worked? What time is it?"

"There is still a little while before the army approaches. You'll be on your way to Neward by then, don't worry... but Leon, I am going to go into space. Don't worry... everything will be okay. The world might not know too much technology, but our spaceship is completely safe. I'll be fine."


Jaune sat down on her desk and looked at Leon. She looked at him. "Leon... even though I'm sure we'll both be fine, this still could be one of the last times we see each other in a really long time. There are some things I want to tell you." There was a long pause as Jaune looked over to the alien messages on the wall and back again. Leon just stared at her. "Leon... strange things have been happening recently. As you saw, our basement was completely altered, and now armies are coming to attack our city. Well... I never quite told you everything that happened while you were at the library a couple of nights ago."


And she proceeded to tell him precisely what had happened, and what had been said by the girl.


When she had finished, Leon asked in astonishment, "What did she mean by your biological son? I didn't know you'd had a child."


Before Jaune could answer, one of the other Re-Eden workers opened the door. "Jaune," he said, "It's time to board the ship."


"Goodbye, Leon. Take good care of yourself." She took his hand and squeezed it with both of hers. Leon felt a solid object leave her hands and be placed in his. Then she nodded to her co-worker and got off the desk.


She had given him the key to the final door.


Jaune left the room. But Leon had thought he'd heard a voice very clearly in his ear, which sounded exactly like Jaune's, say, 'I didn't either.' But Jaune had not responded... or had she? Leon put his head down for a few minutes.



The defence forces were still being prepared. Formations were being discussed, and everywhere, Kaptoran officials were trying to frantically hire more people. Most people volunteered, both Machtist and non-Machtist alike. The armies were in the distance, but the fact that they were visible meant that they were coming fast.


Leon awoke once again. Jaune was probably gone now. He'd miss her...


He stood up, feeling somewhat apprehensive as the fact that Kaptora was really under attack dawned on him.

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;) Juna, Ryu and Running Moon continued walking towards the town of Kaptora not knowing what dangers they will encounter on the way and when they arrive.


"So, why exactly are we going to Kaptora anyways?" Running Moon asked. "Because Juna's friends might be there and I have always wanted to see a "high tech" town. At least that's what one of the villigers back in Neward said Kaptora was anyways."


Just then Juna turned suddenly as if he heard a horrendous noise. "What is it Juna?" Ryu asked, somewhat disturbed at Juna's sudden stop. "Something's wrong, something doesn't feel right in the air...." Juna responded to Ryu's question. "Could it be more monsters lurking about? Or is it something really nasty, like Hayden or something?" Running Moon asked with concern. "To be completly honest, I'm not entirely sure. I can assure you that it isn't Hayden but something is close by..." Juna replied as he and his comerades resumed walking. After walking for about 15 minutes a group of five Rogue Knights appeared and began to assult the heroes with various physical attacks.


Juna grabbed one of the Rogue Knights by the arm in an attempt to steal it's sword. Juna's attempt failed and resulted in him being tossed a couple of feet away from the Knight. "Damn it!!" Juna shouted, "Looks like I'm gonna have to kill this son of a tin can before I can take that sword. Only one lieel problem remains, How the hell do you kill something like that anyways?!" Juna thought to himself. Ryu was in even worse shape in this battle since his arrow supply was running low due to the battle with Canus and his wolf guards. He darted over to a near by tree and took aim and fired the arrow which only snapped in half on impact with the Knight's armor. Oh, that's just great....Arrows don't work on this guy...." Ryu thought to himself.


As for Running Moon, he tried stabbing and puching one of the Rogue Knight's Armor but to no avail as it didn't seem to do much damage at all. When the Knight rose it's sword Running Moon deicded that it would be best to get away quick before becoming chop suey. As Running Moon ran he tripped over a rock and accedently threw his hunting knife which was sent flying into an opening in another Rogue Knight's Helmet, and seeing as how luck was on Running Moon's side it struck in between the eyes of the knight thus killing it instantly. After Juna whitnessed the event that just took place he thought to himself "Looks like the tables have turned..."


Juna then made a dash for the now dead Rogue Knight in an attempt to take it's sword only to have two more knights jump in front of him. Juna then attempted a jump kick which landed on one of the knights thus causing it to fall back but the other knight landed a punch on Juna's back which sent in close to that sword he was after. Once Juna regained his balance Juna picked up the Rogue Knight's Sword and with a feeling of joy he thought to himself "You bozos are history" Juna then began to make a spinning motion as if he were trying to become a tornado.


After a minute of turning Juna began to pick up speed and then he spun into three of the Rogue Knights. Though Juna's attack didn't appear to do any damage the speed of the attack eventuallt pierced thier armor and then after a couple of minutes of spinning and slicing the Rogue Knight eventually fell dead from lack of blood and severe injury and shortly after they all fell, Juna stopped spinning but had a lack of balance due to the extended time spinning. "The only thing I didn't practice was keeping balance after perfroming that technique..." Juna said to himself as he was stumbling over towards the last Rouge Knight.


As Juna and Running Moon were fighting the other knights, Ryu was trying to find a place to hide, especially considering that his Wooden Arrows were no effect on the Rogue Knight's armor and that Ryu was weak in the art of hand to hand combat. Running Moon picked up his hunting knife and dashed over to assist his friend only to become the recipiant of a punch in the face. Juna managed to stumble over to where the last Rogue Knight was at and then Juna took a swing which missed and nearly hit Ryu. "What the hell are you aiming at?! Ryu shouted panicly.


"I'm aiming at that Rogue Knight what do you think I'm aiming for?! Juna replied and a loud and harsh maner as he took another swing which missed much like the first one. The Rogue Knight, feeling a little irritated punched Juna and then, drawing it's sword, it charged after Ryu. As it took a swing to land a deathblow, Juna blocked the blade with his. "Thanks for the punch, it cleared my head" Juna said with an arrogant smirk on his face as he then jumped in the air and slashed the knight's arm off. As the knight attemepted to attack Juna again, Juna ducked under the sword and the made a slash which cut the knight in two.


As the Knight was laying there, it began to speak. "F..F..Fool..ish..h.humans....You mave ha..have defeated us....but...Kap...Kaptora will belong to...Lord...Lord Hayden!! With an angry look upon Juna's face he shouted at the dying kngiht, "What the hell is Hayden doing in Kaptora?!?!!? "Fine...I'll tell...tell you what our plan is. the knight replied. Master Hayden's...plan is to...to take over Kaptora for...it's technological and magical items....General Drackor's there..n..n..now. Go to Kaptora...i..i..if you..d..dare...Drackor will mop up the floor with you pathetic flesh bags..... As the knight began to spit up blood he started laughing and as a result Juna, in all of his anger, finsihed the knight off.


"Is it true?" Ryu asked, Is Kaptora really in some sort of danger? "Yes, knowing Hayden, he's definatly got his sights set on Kaptora, and he'll kill everyone, Man, Woman and Child, to get whatever it is he wants. If we're going to stop him, we have to move now!! Juna said speeding off towards Kaptora at a rapid pace with Ryu and Running Moon close behind.

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;) Meanwhile, Outside of Kaptora........


General Drackor, along with his troops had just arrived on the outskirts of Kaptora. Each Demon Soldier, was wearing an armored suit uniform similar to that of General Drackor's with the exception of thier uniforms being Red and Black or Blue and white in color. Many monsters were also present at the upcoming battlefield and the monsters ranged from Skeletons to Attack Bots and even Killer Machines. As General Drackor made his presense known, he had formed an eerie smirk across his face.


"Sir!!" one of the many soliders yelled, "We're ready to launch the attack, just give the word." "Excellent." the General replied sinisterly. "Those foolish humans haven't a clue as to the horror that awaits them." Drackor's army began to move towars the unsuspecting city, all with intentions of conquest and the destruction of those who stand in their way. As Garrison was enjoing his meal he glanced over to see the huge army of monsters marching towards the city he just departed from. Though from his current position, he couldn't make out what they were exactly. "Where the hell did that army come from all of a sudden? And why are they going to that city?" Garrison said to himself.


Thinking about this army and the possible idea of some "action" Garrison decided to trail the army to find out just what is occuring. As he moved closer and closer towards the army, he could make out what kinds of soldiers conmprised this impressive sized brigade. Garrison continued his trailing only to have one of the Demon Warriors within the brigade spot him. "Sir, I think we are being followed" the soldier said to General Drackor. "Is that so?" The General said with no concern in his voice whatsoever. "Well, let's have ourselves a little look around...." Drackor began to look around the surrounding area in an attempt to locate Garrison but it was to no avail. When Drackor turned around to "dress down" the soldier for halting the brigade's progress a shotgun was fired, striking down the soldier who alerted Drackor of Garrison's Presence.


"Who is there?!?! Show yourself you coward!!! Drackor bellowed only to have more shots fired and a couple more of his soldiers killed. "We found him General!! One of the soldiers said, He's over by those trees!! Is that so? Well, I'll flush him out. Drackor said as he was powering up a powerful spell. "Merazoma!!" Drackor yelled as he fired a huge fireball that burned the surrounding forest to ashes and thus revieled Garrison's location.


"Well, well, well Drackor said, Just look what I found, a human with the nerve to challenge the might of Lord Hayden. Do you really think that you and your shotgun can stop us? "Yeah, just maybe." Garrison replied arrogantly. "You fool!!" Drackor shouted, "You have just sealed your fate. ATTACK!!

After that word was shouted 6 Demon Warriors charged at Garrison with all of thier might only for half of them to be the recipiants of several gunshot attacks. The other three warriors took swings at Garrison with their swords only to miss. Garrison revieled another surprise within his trenchcoat, he took out a bomb, detonated it, and threw it at the remaining warriors. As soon as it landed it exploded and destroyed the remaining Demon Warriors.

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Zex ran his hands through his hair then looked around, this was truly a luvly place but not for the likes of a Demon. Zex always loved the art of many places even at his yung age he had allready completed many works of art with what he could scrounge up whell on food runs when he was in exile. He looked to the Queen and kneeled down. "No, reward will be acceped on my behalf it was my pleasure and honor to save your daughter, but I must be going to a town known as Kaptora, I sence a great evil on the move and this city seems to be at the center of it. With your powers you have no doube senced it as well am I not right your magisty?" He turned to Lily after getting up. "I am glad that I could help you in your time of need but I cant stay I hope we can meet again." He turned back to the queen. "If you wish I will never tell anyone of this place but I am leaving now If you had anything planned I can't stay I am sory." Zex than turned to face the mass of people wh had gatherd, he pushed his way through them to the border of the city.


As if drawn by some unseen force he ran into the woods vanishing from sight, somthing in the woods made him feel a little light headed, fog had set in, it was deep dark you could almost cut through it. It no longer seemed a jungle but like a swamp, a place like purgatory sutck on some boundry of worlds. He was soon to a place whare the fog lifted A greate city stood befor him. He looked around with no trees around him, he was no stranger to magic but that was just plane kreepy. Kaptora was here, the city was truly a marvel befor he knew it he was at the frount gates. Two gurds stood befor him.


"Begone Demon! Haydens army is not walcome here I shall give you to 3 to disarm and leave!" The guard said with pearcing eyes watching his sword. "How about this I wont Disarm but I don't wish any truble." Zex said as he backed away. "Very well but I am sure we will meet in battle so I will have my chance at you." The guard said with a $#!&y voice. "You would like that, to bad not all of us are with Hayden, in fact we are on the same side you and I, but I expect you to be on the frount lins have a nice last few hours." Zex said as he walked away. He went into some woods down the road from the city. The sun was now full in the sky but it was still dark as ever, A wagon was passing by and zex swiftly came behind it and jumped inside. "War suplies I guess they know whats comming, I just wish the battle wasn't in vain." The wagon passed inspection and Zex was in the city. He jumped out of the wagon but sliped on the pavement and slamed his head into the front door of a house.

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Stepping outside, Leon heard in the distance a very loud noise, though when he looked up into the sky he saw nothing. He decided to run back to his house to grab some things as quickly as possible. There were guards starting to line the streets and head towards the gates. Leon walked with them for a bit, listening to the discussions about enemy numbers and the like, and then headed off on a different road where his house was. The bar was empty. All of the houses had been boarded up - except for one house, which he knew he needed to protect. His own. Where these doors were. He fingered the key in his pocket nervously.


But when he got to his house, there was already a demon waiting for him at his door. Leon stopped - it wasn't aware of Leon's presence yet, he thought. Leon checked out the demon closely, weighing his chances. How had he gotten in?


He was huge, Leon thought. ... Yes, it was a 'he'. He was taller than Leon, was more muscular than Leon, and could probably kill him using just a bit of that power. He had red hair and an enormous sword, tucked away in its sheath. It wore human clothes, having torn clothing; brown pants and a black shirt and a trenchcoat that seemed only to add to the mysteriousness.


Leon felt his heart jump - this could be dangerous. He felt the books and their bookmarks in his cloak pocket, as if making sure that he had easy access to his most useful spells. He looked around, although he wasn't worried about being seen with his weapon, and took out the device that could now cast Infernos. His hands were shaking.


Suddenly, the demon seemed to reanimate again, and it immediately turned towards Leon, who took a step back. He had a normal enough face, but his eyes were black, and had bright yellow pupils that scanned him for what seemed like forever.


... The demon surveyed the boy with interest - his aura was different. As if it were... more than human. Everyone else seemed to be the same.


There was nobody around. No guards came down this street, although given that a carriage had just passed through, there would probably be one or two coming down here eventually. But the officials of Kaptora had already scouted the men of this area, and lightly secured the women and children who were waiting to flee to Neward.


Leon cleared his voice. "Get away from my house."

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"This is your house, I.... well I didn't mean to intr......" He was quickly cut off. "Demon no.....no tricks!" the young man said, he seemed to be shaking. "Look I don't want a fight if that's what your looking for." Zex said looking at him trying to seem as normal as possible, but with his hair his eyes and his coat that might have not have been as easy as he had originally thouhgt. not to mention he was used to his own voice now but the the young man it might sound somewhat strange. "Get away from my house, now!" he said seeming to gain some more courage with the passing time. "I said go!" he said as Zex turned he knew that he would need to kill this demon before he caused any damage to the town, so he took out his gun. He held it up shaking, Zex quickly recognized the smell of his fear rising and shot his body around and ducked as the fire came shooting out of the gun. But he wasn't fast enough Zex caught on fire and looked like scarecrow covered in gas. He stood perfectly still trying to stay cool and think of a way to put the flames out before they reached his head. "Yes I did it! I killed one!" The young man yelled. "I've got it" Zex picked up 2 handfuls of dirt and threw them into the air. they formed clouds just above him. "Rain!" he yelled as the water pored down all around them soaking them both. "you little jerk! I dint want to hurt you but now you had to go and do that."

Zex Drew his sword slowly the blade was sharp as when he had first had it. He slipped his hand under the crisscross of red mettle and around the handle and rested it over his sholder. The Yhe young man backed up a little "If I can out run his strike I think Ill have a chance" he thought to himself thumbing through his book. "Speed up that will work" He said just loud enough for Zex to hear him. "Speed up huh good choice, even I really admire you" Zex said actually serious but the young man didn't thin so. "Don't play with me demon" He cast speed up on himself. Zex brought his sword off his shoulder and slashed at the young man. The blaze came down just next to his ear as he dodged it the blade continued into the dirt. The young man ran up to Zex as soon as the blade hit held his gun to Zexs face and shot off another Infermos this time seriously wounding Zex. His face and hair caught on fire blinded by the flames and smoke he dropped his sword then he grabbed the young man by his neck punched him in the face before throwing him through the window of his house. Zex couldn't put the fire out for some time and it singed his left eye shut.


The young man was on his kitchen table his arm was it rough shape it might have been broken he thought. He slowly got up taking caution in his arm and slowly opened his front door to see Zex His face was somewhat deformed from the burns not badly but his eye was the worst. "Demon you cant win with only one eyes, the guards are sure to be here soon" He said leaning on his door. Zex looked at him with his one eye glaring at him He picked his sword back up and ran up the the young man and swung it as hard as he could, the young man again escaped and the sword cut his door in 2, but this time the sword had cut through part of his arm leaving a very deep oozing cut. The young man at this point wasn't sure if he could even get up close again. Zex on the other hand admired the young man for his bravery in the face of the the odds. Neather of them really wanted to kill each at this point.



"Cheep moves, but good none the less. look I said it once ill say it again I never had any interest in fighting you." just after that he reached into his coat and pulled out a knife and cut his eyelid open. "Your insane" Then young man said watching Zex mutilate himselfe. "no just careful" he got a small laugh out of the young man. "did you really not want to hurt anyone?" He asked seeming he would believe the resopnce. "no, I was here because I had a feeling something bad was coming, something more evil than anyone on this earth." He said looking at the dark clouds forming. "So why come here, to the danger?" He said holding his arm. "I intend to kill it or at least try." He said Squeezing the handle of his sword. "So maybe we are on the same page?" The young man said walking a little closer to him. "See that is what I am talking about I never warned to hurt anyone but Hayden, ummm I am sorry about the wounds I will pay for your medical bills, oh before I forget what is your name I am Zex" He said putting his sword away and holding out his hand hoping The young man would accept his apologies.



(might have some Errors but thars what I get for doing this at 5)

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It wasn't a trick. It had seemed like this Zex demon-guy had said two things at once when he had reached out to shake Leon's hand. He heard him say, "See, that is what I am talking about. I never warned to hurt anyone but Hayden. Umm... I am sorry about the wounds I will pay for your medical bills - oh, before I forget, what is your name? I am Zex." ... but he had also heard a simple 'Please accept my apology' as if it were spoken directly into his head, not being registered by his ears, but by his mind.


He slowly, although not hesitatingly, reached for Zex's hand. "Let me do this," he said, looking into the demon's eyes. He didn't let go of Zex's hand as he next said "Heal!" A warm glow surrounded Leon's hands - he sent it forward into Zex. Zex's body gave off a small glow of light and his wounds were healed.


Zex immediately felt stronger, and shook Leon's hand off in surprise. "You can heal too, huh? Maybe you shouldn't charge into battles just by yourself, huh?"


Leon stood up, used his good hand to take out a book, and proceeded to cast Heal on himself, figuring that it would be more suitable for his wounds. Leon's hands gave off a brighter glow, and then his whole body shimmered once with light. He immediately regained use of his other hand. He adjusted his cloak again and put the book away. He looked at Zex


"The only way I potentially can't be at my fullest strength... is if I'm incapable of casting spells. That being said, we don't have much time to spare. If you travel with me, I can keep you out of harm's way from guards, and keep you healed. Let's go outside and wait a bit behind the guards that are outside the city walls, and be ready to take on anything that gets past them. This might be really dangerous."


"Alright... but..."


Leon turned away, and opened what was left of Jaune's front door. "Look... I'm sorry. I was wrong."


"No, I'm just wondering-"


"I don't know why I can heal. Lots of people can, whether it's an innate ability or not." Then, sensing that perhaps there was something else, he walked up to Zex so that they were a foot apart. There was a brief pause as Leon seemed to concentrate on what would've seemed like Zex's face (though it wasn't really his face that he was focusing on). "I'm... Leon..."


They left, heading to the centre of town.

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The 8 skeletons charged Garrison. He gave a smirk to them, and continued reloading his shotgun. When he was done they were very close to him, and he threw down one of his smoke grenades. The whole area filled with the thick gas, and the skeletons were thrown into a panic.


All of a sudden, the whole army tensed up when they heard three loud blasts. The smoke cleared and 4 skeletons remained. "He must have hit two of them with one shot!" one monster cried aloud. General Drackor's face turned bright red in frustration and cried aloud, "You four there, get HIM!"


But they did not know where Garrison was, he had vanished in the thick smoke. Then the group heard a faint "ping, ping, ping," and as everyone turned their heads to find the source of the noise. Then a very loud explosion rang throughout area, and the four monsters that were to attack Garrison cried aloud, and ran around in agony, for they were on fire.


"Hahahahahaha, send more, please, I beg of you," Garrison cried aloud. Everyone then spotted him, he was leaning up against a burnt tree stump, laughing histarically. The four remaining skeletons charged him right away. Garrison lifted his right arm, and aimed at the closest of the skeletons. It went straight threw it's skull, and it collapsed to the ground, lifeless. As the remaining three still charged, garrison took out his trusty shotgun. He fired three bursts to only take one down, for there was considerable distance between them. He fired two more rounds and took out a second. The last one was still charging him at full speed. He aimed a deathblow at the last skelton, for it was within distance. He pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. Garrison knew he was in trouble if he did not act quick. The skeleton swung violently at him, but he dodged skillfully. Then, he took the blunt end of his gun, and whacked his across the face, the the chest, and then again in the back of the head. the skeleton had no time to react, and fell to the ground immediately.


I have a proposition for you," General Drackor cried aloud, seeing all of his defeated minions. "You certainly are powerful, instead of killing the rest of my army, you join me to slaughter this city! Garrison was indeed insterested, for the city had shunned him and driven him out, but he did not want to just give in.


"And, what do I get out of it?


"My master is very powerful, his hand stretches across the whole continent. I am sure we can make a deal after this little city crumbles. Join us, and we will give you anything you desire!


After a seconds hesitation, he made his decision. "Sounds great, let's get going."


And with that, Garrison joined General Drackor's army, and marched with them onto the city.

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;) After the deal was struck, Garrison and Drackor along with the imperial army of Hayden, continued to march towards Kaptora. And once they reached the city limits, Drackor gave a breif, motivational speach.


"My fellow Demons!! We are about to show these foolish dogs what the imperial army of Lord Hayden is all about. With our newest recruit Garrison, we cannot fail!! Our orders are not to destroy the city but to conquer it, those who oppose you, Kill them!! Be it man, woman or even a child. If they oppose Emperor Hayden, then they must die!! Are you with me men?!!?" The general's speach was met with much enthusiastic cheering and the drawing of various weapons. Garrison began to smirk at the thought of getting revenge on the town that exhiled him and he began to pull out his trusty Shotgun.


"All hail Lord Hayden!!!" many of the soldiers shouted, "Lead us to glorious victory General!!" Drackor turned to face the town and took a deep breath....then shouted with all his might "CHARGE!!!" then the general launched another blaze attack as a signal. "Merazoma!!!" the general shouted as he launched another fireball destroying a nearby building. After the blast, all of the soldiers present charged into the city and attacked random citizens both Machtist and Non-Mactist alike.


The Machists managed to hold off some of the Undead Armies with various spells and such. "Iora!!" one Machist shouted which caused a large blast suddenly engulfed a group of Zombies. "Bagicross!!" another Machtist yelled resulting in a gigantic tornado to appear and rip through a large group of Skeletons. But this was only the start, the various Demon Warriors casted spells back at the Machists as quickly as the Machists casted. Non Machists drew they're weapons in n attempt to defend themselves from the persistant army.


But even though the citizens managed to hold off the forces more and more kept coming into the city. The Machists continued to cast spells like Boom, Firebane, and Infermost but the Demon Army counter-attacked with more powerful versions of the spells that the Machtists used and various fire and ice breath attacks. Both sides seemed even until the Demon Army began employ it's most deadly attacks such as Vemon Breath and Scortching fog. "You idiots are good with magic but no one can hold off our poisonous fog. In a matter of minutes all of you that breathed it in will die."


Garrison threw a smoke bomb into the center of the Machtist forces and then jumped into the frey, firing off rounds from his shotgun and killing Machtists and Non-Machtists alike. The remaining "non-Machtists" kept taking swings but due to the smoke they could not find Garrison let alone strike him with their swords and knives. a few Mactists launched a few spells in the direction of where the smoke was. When the smoke cleared up, the group of Machtists discovered that they hit the "non-Machtists" by accedent and over by a pile of rubble Garrison stood. "Is that all you got!? Garrison asked arrogantly as he was reloading his Shotgun. After listening to the arrogance from Garrison the Mactsists launched a few more spells in Garrison's direction after the first few castings however Gunshots were heard and the Machtist group fell dead from gunshots to the head.


Meanwhile, General Drackor began to float slightly and hover towards a group of Non Machtists, "Fools..." the General said evily, "It is useless to resist. Drackor then began to power up another spell and then shouted "Begiragon!!" which caused a gigantic wall of fire to appear, which then engulfed the group of people and immediatly incenerated them. "It's hopeless, they just keep on coming!!" one of the townspeople said in a panic. "We have to hold them off, we just have too. This is our town and no demon's gonna throw us out!! another townsperson said as he struck down one of the Horks. One of the Machtists used a Defeat spell to clear the path to Drackor. "Zaragi!!" the Machtist shouted as more monsters began to surround him. Luckily for the Machtist, the spell worked and every monster surrounding him, died instantly.


"And now for you, you bastard!! Get out of our town and never comeback!!!" The Machtist shouted as he powered up for his most powerful magic. "Hmmmm? What is this now?" Drackor thought to himself as a large storm cloud formed. "Mahokanta!! Drackor shouted which caused a large dark purple barrier to form around the demonic General just as the Machtist cast his Lightning Spell. The Large, light blue lightning bolt struck down on Drackors barrier but instead of damaging the barrier or Drackor, it bounced off and hit the Machtist instead severly damaging him. "ARGH!!!" the Machtist said as he fell to the ground after the bolt struck him.


"D..D..damn..y..you...The Machtist said as was struggling to his feet. "Heh heh heh, You're quite strong to survive your own attack. So, is it my turn yet? Or are you going to try that little trick again? Drackor asked with an amused smirk on his face. The Machtist didn't respond since he felt it would onyl make the situation worse. "Well then, I'll take that as a no." Drackor said as he fired a beam of light from his two fingertips which then pierced through the skull of the Machtist, killing him instantly. "These humans are such a fragile breed...." Drackor thought to himself as he resumed all of the slaughter occuring within the once semi-peaceful town of Kaptora.

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'Heal!' Leon shouted. He ran a few steps away from where Zex was battling a Zombie and a Hork.


Zex immediately felt stronger. The last attack had hurt him more than he had expected. Leon was much better at telling when Zex needed healing than he himself was. He thrust his fist forward, and it collided with the Hork's head. It fell to the ground.


A tornado circled around the Zombie nearby, hurling debris at it. Leon's gun wasn't as effective as he would've liked, but it had been disorienting some of the many enemies that he and Zex had fought so far. Zex finished it off with a powerful slash from his sword.


They took a break. They had retreated to standing just outside of Jaune's and Leon's home, where they periodically fought monsters seeking to get into Re-Eden. There were screams, growls, and metallic clangs heard everywhere. Smoke arose from houses lit on fire, tornadoes circles some areas of town from spells cast, and cold air could be periodically felt from the spells utilizing ice powers. It was horrible, and the monsters were relentless.


'I don't think that Kaptora is winning this battle right now...' Zex said as he walked back to the porch to lean against the wall.


Leon agreed, though he didn't want to believe it. At least Jaune was safe... perhaps he should've fled to Neward...


'You there! Hey, you!!! I thought you were supposed to be killing the Kaptorans, not making friends with them!'


Zex turned around. There was a tall man with a black coat and what looked to be a device similar to Leon's magic gun. The man was speaking to him.


'What do you want? I'm not going to touch this kid...' Zex said, stepping in front of Leon protectively.


Leon had seen the man's gun, and instinctively knew that this was a very dangerous tool. While he couldn't be seen that much by the man, he quickly cast four Upper spells; two for both him and Zex. He thought he said Zex say right into his head 'Thanks,' but Zex hadn't opened his mouth.


'Oh, so you're with them, are you? Fine then. I'll kill you both. I'm Garrison. Victims, meet my shotgun. Shotgun- at this he raised the gun-'Meet victims. Nice to meet you.' And he pulled the trigger on his gun.


Zex instinctively dodged to the left.


Leon had the book talking about the Upper spell in his hands. He dropped it as the noise from the gun startled him. Two transparent orange walls appeared in front of him, then faded as the bullet from the gun was cushioned. Leon felt a surge of pain in his left arm.




'Don't hurt him!' Zex had taken his sword out again and swung it viciously, slicing part of Garrison's non-trigger hand.


'Why are fighting with the demons!? Are you insane?' Leon pleaded. He mended his wounds with a Heal spell. He had begun to feel dizzy in his head.


'I'm here to get my revenge. You drove me out of Kaptora, and now I'll do the same to you all!' Garrison reached into his pockets and pulled out three small orb-like devices. He threw them almost carelessly into the air around Leon and Zex. He took a few steps back, and fired a few more shots at Zex, who had ran back to Leon's side for a moment before running up to Garrison again. His swing missed this time. One shot (again, transparent walls appeared in front of the target to soften the blow) got him in his leg, and he fell, frustrated.


The orbs fell the ground. And suddenly there was an extremely loud noise, and glass shattered all around. The orbs, apparently bombs, had exploded simultaneously.


Glass, among the debris, created cuts and scrapes on Leon and Zex. Garrison remained untouched.


'SpeedUp! ... Heal!' Leon and Zex began to move faster, and Zex's leg was taken care of. 'Stop! That's not a good reason to be fighting with evil! I don't like half of the people of this city either, but that's not a good enough reason to kill them! There are some good people - and demons - that are fighting to stop what's going on here...' He pushed the incident at the library out of his mind. He ducked in his haste


'These demons are mindlessly fighting for their master, whoever he is. They'll keep attacking and killing off all the humans. Eventually, they'll kill you too. Zex had stopped fighting and held his sword at his side.


Garrison lowered his gun. He looked at the demon with the eerie black eyes, and then turned to the boy, fearfully clutching something he held behind his back. The wind pushed the cloak in a different direction, and he saw what looked like a machine of some sort. It looked familiar somehow...


Considering what they had just said, Garrison thought about the boy's words about good Kaptorans. What had here name been...? June? No- Jaune, that was it. The woman that had been interested in his gun the prior day. She had a similar weapon to the boy's. It was because of her that he had an easy escape route from Kaptora.


'Do you know a person named... Jaune?' He saw the boy's eyes widen.


'Was she about your height with long black hair?'


Garrison couldn't hide his disappointment. 'No. Never mind.'


Always test someone to see if they were just trying to make some sort of connection, thought Leon. The same rule applied if testing to see if someone would cover for their friend or was lying about if they had done something they really hadn't. 'That's not what Jaune looks like anyway. Does she have light brown hair pulled back into a short pontail and a couple long bangs of hair? And really small glasses that make her look smart? And... was maybe wearing a loose green dress with a white robe or coat-type thing?'


Garrison smiled. So his guess was correct. But Jaune didn't look old enough to be this kid's mother. She looked in her late twenties. This kid was a teenager. She would've had to have been younger than the kid looked when she had him. So he supposed they weren't related by blood.


'That's her! So there is at least one good Kaptoran... one worth fighting for...'


Leon wondered how he knew Jaune.


There was a pause. Then Zex pointed ahead and beyond Garrison. 'Here come some more demons. Are you with us or not?'

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Four Skeletons, three Knights, and one Goldman came charging after the trio. Garrison threw three more of his grenades at the group of monsters. They detonated and two exploded, knocking back a Knight and a Skeleton, blowing off one of their arms each. But one let out a green cloud of gas. The cloud hovered over the monster's area and stopped them short, as they coughed their lungs out.


"What was that?" asked a very curious Leon.


"My very own Poison." responded Garrison, and let out a loud laugh of arrogance. Each monster was now poisoned, except the two that were knocked back by the explosion.[/color=gray] "Get them now!"[/color]


"Right!" Zex yelled as he brandished his sword and charged the group.


"Here, let me help you. Heal!" All of a sudden, Garrison's hand was returned to normal, and his energy soared. he charged the beats as well, trailing Zex. Zex came up first and slashed one of the poisoned Skeletons' head off.


"Who wants it next?! Just then the skeleton that had only one arm came from behind him and whacked him over the head with a club. Zex stumbled a bit, but caught his ground, and turned around to kick the Skeletons' chest in. Garrison took his shotgun and aimed it a Knight. He fired, and the Knight went tumbling backward, but was not finished. Seeing that the Knight was still alive, Garrison ran over to where the Knight was lying and pointed his right arm at the creature. He fired his sharp grappling hook into the beasts' face, and when he retracted the device, it rolled over, lifeless.


"SpeedUp" Leon shouted three times, and the whole party felt a boost of energy and speed from the spell.


"Come on, only a few more left, and they're very weak!" Garrison shouted as he noticed the effects of his poison starting to take over. Garrison shot a couple more rounds at the creatures and the last skeleton fell dead. In the meantime, the Goldman snuck up behind Garrison to get in a death blow.


"Garrison! Behind you, watch out! Garrison swung around, but it was too late. He tried to hold up his gun against the blow, but the Goldman had already swung. What would've been certain death was interrupted by Leon's quick actions. Garrison was thrown through the air and landed face-first in the dirt. He was out cold. Just then, Zex was being surrounded by 2 knights, and the Goldman was slowly approaching him. "Heal!" Leon shouted in attempt to revive Garrison, but it was to no avail, the strike was too much for just a normal Heal spell. Leon noticed it had no effect and cried "If only I could cast Healmore!"


"Well, you had better hurry up, these monsters are starting to take a toll on us!"


"Ok, ok, i will try. Here it goes!... Healmore! But nothing happened.HealMORE! Still nothing. At this time, the Knights were right on Zex and fighting visciously with him. He was blocking their attacks, thanks to his SpeedUp and the monster's poison draining the life out of him. But he could not land a blow. Then, Zex spotted his opening. He swung with all his might hoizontally, and took out both of the remaining Knights.


"That....was easy....enough...." Zex said as he was huffing and puffing from being out of breath. But now the Goldman was right on Zex! He took a swing at the monster. The sword jerked his head sideways, but the Goldman just turned it back, and smirked at Zex. The Goldman took a swing at Zex, and Zex blocked it with his sword, but the Goldman took his other fist and rammed it into Zex's side. He tumbled sideways and let out a sigh. Now the Goldman turned to Leon, and started to approach him. Leon took out his gun and shot a blast of Infermos at the beast. The Goldman brushed it off, and charged at Leon! He was increasing his speed and when he was at just enough distance to strike Leon, the creature fell dead.


"What happened?" But, leon had forgotten about the poison. The poison had worked it's way though the Goldman, and brought it to it's knees. Leon looked all around the city as many other battles were occuring, and deceided to get his friends out of harms way. He struggled to drag both of them into his house, and laid them on the floor. "Oh, only if I could cast....HEALMORE!" Leon shouted in frustration, and a tear rolled down his cheek. Just then, the two bodies behind him started to give off a glow.


"What happened?! Why are we indoors?"

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