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Demon Wars III

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Jaune sat in her house, reading a book about simple engineering. She had read it before, and she grasped every concept within it, but she wanted to draw more out of it - she wanted to go beyond the simple stuff, and develop the things that should have been developed before spaceships... she had so many ideas, so many projects she wanted to start and finish; but she had the same number of unfinished projects, too. Surely she could find the time to start something later on.


But where was Leon? He had gone to the library hours ago! He said he wouldn't be that long... Jaune realized that although her and Leon's relationship was very platonic, they definitely needed each other. She was a mother figure to him, and he was a friend to her... a listening ear. If Leon weren't around - something alive in her house that was so... dull - she would've been driven mad.


Jaune's house wasn't large, but it was enough space for Leon and Jaune to have shared rooms of interaction as well as places each could go to be alone. For Jaune, it was her room, and Leon his. It was well furnished - Xenatu paid them well. Wood floors covered with carpeting made up the floors, and the walls were decorated with some attempts at making a cheerful environment. Aside from the two bedrooms, they had a bathroom which they shared, a kitchen, a small dining room right near it, and a basement full of Jaune's unfinished projects and junk; that was where she did her work.


Jaune decided to head down to the basement - she took out a few candles, lit them, and went down the steps next to her bedroom. The basement was, in fact, massive. As their house was at the edge of town, she had her basement created to span underneath and beyond the edge of town. The ceiling was slightly lower than the rest of the house, but still allowed for her to stand at her full height without hitting her head. She walked a small ways down the length of the basement. It was longer than it was wide. She had a desk downstairs, too. She took out a light-brown folder from a shelf right behind the chair at the desk, and opened it.


Sitting down, she saw the series of messages that had hung on her wall in her office at work. They were all compressed to fit on a single piece of paper - perhaps looking at them like this would help her see something she hadn't seen before.


But before she could get too concentrated on the messages, she heard a loud knocking on the door. Jaune immmediately knew that it wasn't Leon - he knew where the key to the house was. "I'm coming!" she yelled. She got up from her desk, leaving the folder there to return to it. 'It had better not be a Machtist,' she thought to herself as she climbed the stairs. She quickly got to the door, still being pounded on. She opened the door slowly... there was no one there. 'A bunch of stupid kids, I suppose...' she assumed. She shut the door.


... Not even a second after she had closed the door, the pounding sound began again. Jaune jumped, and tore open the door. She stepped outside, and looked left and right. She went outside a small ways, and looked on the roof to see if anyone was there. But there was nobody - nothing at all. Just then, about as quickly as Jaune had opened the door, it slammed shut... and she heard a click as the door locked.

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Mikael sat hunched over a desk working on write-ups for todays patients by lamplight. He was so absorbed in his work that he didn't notice his name being called.


"Mikael! Mikael, are you still here?"


He looked up finally and stretched his arms up over his head. He looked up at the clock on the wall with a start; it was later than the thought.


"Yeah, I'm still here Janine," he called back.


He got up and walked out of the room into the main lobby, where she was waiting for him. When he got there she fixed him with a glare.


"You should have gone home hours ago!", she scolded. "It's nice that you like your work but your childhood comes before adulthood! You'll be a grey-haired old man by the time you reach thirty!"


Mikael half-listened to her lecture. He knew she meant well but she seemed to have taken the place of his often-absent mother, and the last thing he wanted was a second mother.


"Now go ahead and go, I can manage the rest."


"OK, thanks," he said and walked to the locker rooms, stifling a yawn. He opened his locker and grabbed his satchel and went into one of the changing rooms. He pulled his robes up over his head and changed out of his underclothes into his street clothes, a pair of jeans and a heavy long-sleeved grey shirt. He carefully folded up his robes and crammed them into his satchel, strapping it closed. He carried it back into the locker room, slung it over his shoulder and put his staff into his locker, closed it and left the temple.


As he stepped out into the night he had to squint until his eyes adjusted to the bright lights of the city surrounding him. As many times as hie had seen it, he could never get used to it. The city of Neward was a marvel of magic and machinery working in concert, where it wasn't uncommon to see a magic shop or temple side-by-side to a factory or office complex. Only the residents knew how uneasy this alliance was. As Mikael started to walk down the street he remembered the stories that his grandfather had told him of the early days of Neward. The great city had started out as a small magic-centered fishing village. Magic was used to accomplish whatever the villagers were unable to do with their hands or tools. This peaceful existance had lasted for years, until technology-minded people started to emigrate to the village because of its proximity to the coast.


The populus didn't mind the growth, but when machines started replacing the work that people did, opposition started to grow. It started out as protests but the people became frustrated when their tactics failed and resorted to violence. It started with assaulting factory workers at night and grew into outright magical attacks on buildings and equipment. The government wasn't willing to sacrifice such great economic and population growth for what they saw as trivial arguments and in reponse initiated a license system for offensive spells. A person would have to be approved and issued a license before they could purchase offensive spells so the government could regulate who could wield such dangerous powers.


By then the old village council had been replaced by what was to become the current city government so technological growth rose without check. Magic-oriented establishments were slowly squeezed into smalled and smaller numbers until there were only a relative handful left. Even today Mikael saw stores and temples being bought out or closing under unknown circumstances. He worried what might happen next. What if -


"Psst. Hey kid."


"Huh? W-Who's there?", Mikael asked shakily, looking around.


"Over here, to your right, man."


Mikael turned and peered down an alleyway to his right. A figure emerged from the darkness, dressed in an overcoat and a bowler hat that was tipped forward to cover his eyes. He was grinning slightly as he spoke.


"Kid, you look a bit young but I am going to give you a great deal. 300 credits for one!"


He produced a card from the depths of his overcoat. The surface momentarily caught the light and from what Mikael could tell it was a fully legitimate magic license. The blackmarket license business wasn't a secret but to come face to face with it...


"Um... well, umm...", he stammered, unable to say anything. He backed away a few steps from the man and then suddenly turned and ran down the street as fast as he could.

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Jaune stared at her front door in amazement. She wasn't worried about being locked out - her key was right underneath the sole flowerpot that lay on their property, which, considering its size, was not too impressive. But what frightened her was the fact that she did not know what had caused her door to slam; but whatever it was, it had also locked the door. Clearly, it wasn't the little wind that there was.


Somewhat apprehensive, she removed the house key from its hiding spot and unlocked the door. She turned the handle, and let herself back into her own home.


'Jaune...!' A voice spoke to her, as if whispering directly to her from inside her head. It was soft, and sounded more like a soft exhale than a whisper.


Jaune looked around as much of the house as she could. There was nothing. Except, she realized, the basement. But before she went down, she went to her bed and reached underneath the cloth that cover the gap between it and the ground. She lifted up a board she had made loose, and pulled from it what looked like sort of like a silver slingshot - except it certainly was not that. This was a personal invention of hers. Leon had never seen it - nobody in the entire world had. Whereas a slingshot would be held upright, this weapon, when held, looked like it was being thrust forward. It was easy for the hand, too - if a slingshot had a sideways, H-shaped base put on it, it would look exactly like Jaune's weapon. The top part of the 'H' was where she could install spell cartridges (which she obviously had to develop herself), and the bottom part was simply storage for any other cartridges. The trigger was right above the connection, designed for her right hand's index finger to use easily. When shot, it mimicked the effects of a magical spell by firing two magical beams from the prongs (one from each).

Sure, it was illegal, Jaune considered, but who didn't have something to protect themselves with? Was there really that much of a difference between defending yourself with a dagger and an untested magic-shooting invention? The one she was making for Leon wouldn't be as deadly, but it would probably have greater capabilities in terms of what magic it could mimic.


With this weapon now in her hand, with a Blaze cartridge loaded in it (developing the cartridges was an arduous process that actually forced her to talk to Machtists... the amount she'd had to pay the last one that helped her was ridiculous.), she headed down into the basement.


Except, what she saw didn't seem to be her basement at all! Instead of the very wide space, there was simply a tunnel with the same rock walls as before - except, the walls were quite narrow. And in front of her lay two things: a bizarre object of an unidentified substance that felt cool to the touch that looked like it could be a key of some sort... and the folder containing the compressed version of the messages from space.


Her heart racing, Jaune covered her mouth and collapsed on the bottom stair of the steps that led to the basement. 'Oh my... what is... what is going on here!?' she said aloud, her voice shaky.


Silence. Then, 'Hello... Jaune.'


Jaune, still jumpy as ever, gasped and whirled around. Standing only two steps higher than she was a figure emanating a bright white light from everywhere on her body. Jaune squinted, but managed to see that the human-like figure, standing in snow-white boots, a shimmering white dress, and a veil that covered her face... the short, illuminated female figure exposed no skin, so there was no definite indication that it was human. Jaune had to wonder...


'Jaune... I am not supposed to intervene with your planet, but I have a message for both you and your biological son... After your messages have been decyphered, you will both realize that you are, in fact, the ones that must carry out the message. Others will help you also, so do not feel the burden is your own...'


'My son...?' Jaune said, standing up and stepping backwards onto the basement floor.


'Yes, Jaune. You will come to accept the memories, dreams, and hopes you possess. Remember that the memories a person has may be deluded, or simply incorrect.'


Jaune said nothing. She looked at the figure, waiting.


'You must go and find what is beyond the doors that are behind you. There are several you must open. That key that you recently picked up is the key to opening the final door. I must not tell you what is behind them; I have already assisted you more than I should have. I must go now, Jaune... remember, your first step is to decypher the messages for yourself!'


And, as if she were being squeezed from her top and bottom, she and her light disappeared.


Jaune heard the door open. 'Jaune!!! Jaune, I've got the answer, I think!'


But Jaune simply remained quiet, staring at the spot that the girl had been at.

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;) Back at Hayden's Palace.....


"General Dracor" a soldier said as he was breathing hard from running. "Where are you going sir?" The soldier asked the sinister looking General.

I am off to the "War Room" to plan our suprise attack on Kaptora." Dracor said with a cold tone in his voice. "Is there anything I can do to assist you sir?" the solider asked Dracor who then replied "Moblize a platoon and order them to the War Room for the mission briefing. Dracor ordered the lower ranking solider. "Those fools in Kaptora have no idea what kind of terror they will be whitnessing...." Dracor thought as an evil smirk began to appear upon his face.


As Dracor made his way into the way room several soldiers began to line up in a miltaristic mannar. The soldier inquiring the General earlier returned with more soldiers and then the entire crew proceeded to enter the War Room. The War Room was a massive room that spead out about a couple of miles wide. It was certainly large enough to hold few battalions of troops which was soon the case. Objects that surrounded the room were various demonic portraits and a statue of the evil Hayden himself standing menacingly in the center of the room also the room was lined up with various treasure boxes as well.


"Gentlemen" Dracor said as he began his speach "As you all know our leader, Emperor Hayden has ordered an attack on the city of Kaptora and as most of you know the town is going through a peroid of Civil Unrest. This has made the town seriously vunerable and seeing some of the technilogical and magical advances the Techno-Crats have come up with in the past. This will make the raid that much more worthwhile." All of the soldiers began shouting in glee at the upcoming raid and then Dracor hollored "All Hail Lord Hayden and may death come swiftly to his enemies!!" after hearing this the soldiers then began to don the typical uniform of a soldier in Hayden's Army, an a Red and Black suit of Armor complete with a black body suit and brown boots and gloves. However Dracor's uniform was different in color for his was Green and White with a blue body suit and white boots and gloves.


"Another order from Lord Hayden is to hunt down and destroy this man" Dracor stated as he began to create an illusion of Juna. "Beware though for he has a hidden strength which was the downfall of Canus so if he is sighted on our way to Kaptora, leave him to me." After the "Prep Rally" Dracor and his battailion set off for the town of Kaptora in hopes of pillaging the town and causing pain and mayhem to all of the unsuspecting citizens.....




Juna was still carrying Running Moon and Ryu on his back as he was traveling the field as another mysteious being made it'self known to our unsuspecting hero. "So you are the one who defeated Canus are you? Well seeing as how he was unable to defeat you, I will be the one to finish the job and your two little firends as well the figure then lunged out at Juna thus revieling what it is, nothing more than a small Demonite. Seeing this made Juna laugh slightly as this wasn't a very intimadating foe. "Hahahahaha! You have got to be kidding me, you expect me to think that you will finish me off?!" Juna stated rather arrogantly as he set Running Moon and Ryu down in preparate for another fight Seeing this the Demonite then became annoyed with Juna's "enthusiasim". "You rotten Human!! Prepare to die!!" the deminuative demon said as he launched a head on attack at Juna but Juna quickly punched the small creature which sent it flying but the Demonite then regained control and deicded to turn things up.


"Let's see how you handle some icy breath" the Demonite said as it began to breath a chilling air. Juna then deicded that he needed to end this fight quickly so he began to formulate a plan, he began making insults at his opponents obvious lack in size which began to irritate it. So he then increased the intensity of his breath attack Juna then begining to feel rather cold decided that it was best to fight this one the old fashioned way by pummeling the Demonite into submission. Juna then launched himself at the Demonite with a jump kick which was something that caught the creature off guard and thus enbaled Juna to land his attack. Becoming ever more irritated the Demonite then attempted to cast a powerful explosion spell "Ionazun!!" but nothing happened. He then shouted it again "Ionazun!!" but again like last time nothing happend then out of despiration and anger it shouted again "IONAZUN!!" but like the last couple of attempts, it failed. Damn it!! the creature said in frustration "Why doesn't the spell work?!!?" Juna then seeing the Demonite in a moment of distraction struch with a heavy punch to the mid-section causing the Demonite to fall.


Afterward he picked up the creature and the began asking questions. "Alright, it's becoming painfully obvious that you can't win so why don't you answer a couple of questions and I promise not to smash you into a pancake got it?" Juna said threatening the Demonite. Seeing as his options were limited the small creature began to talk "All right fine!! You win, I'll tell you anything you want just don't squish me!!!" the demonite said.

"Ok then, What is Hayden's secret plan to conquer the known world?" Juna asked the creature who then replied, "I don't know the specifics but I do know that Hayden has his sights set on some town called Karpatola or something like that he also send some troops to some town named Wolfwood in an attempt to "flex his muscle" so to speak. the Demonite explained. "Okay now for this last one, Where are Maya and Thomas?! Juna asked demanding an answer. The Demonite answered complyingly in hopes of not being flattened by Juna. "I don't know anything about that.....


Juna, now with some answers threw the Demonite with as much force as he could muster, into the direction facing his back and as he threw it the Demonite said "Hey!! You promised not to harm me anymore!!" Juna replied "I only promised not to squish you I said nothing about throwing you..." After that little incedent Juna pick up Running Moon and Ryu again and set off for the nearnest town.

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???: "Come here were I can see your face"

And I moved slow to the voise....

???: "...So you are not him but I think its fiting that you take the name Atticus anyway!"

Atticus: "If I not him then way call me him?"

???: ".... That you must not known.....Atticus do you known the story "The Monster with no name"?"

Atticus: "No....."

???: "Long ago there was a Monster with no name. He cryed all day wanting a name. So he made 2 of him and one went East and the other Wast. After a Year they both came back. One ask the other did ya find one. The other said "No but I found out that haveing no name is needed to live your life to its fullest. And so the monster eat him and said "I found my name a great name that will show fear to all Atticus."

Atticus: ".... That was a bad story.

???: "Or was it a sad one the story shows that one side was good and the other evil. That one could live with out power and the other could not. You must help this world Atticus that book you hold is great power if the Mana Godess did not think you could use the powers for this world you could not hold it. My time is up you must now open your eyes"

Atticus: " ! "

I opened my eyes to see me laying on a tree.... "I dont known who I was in the past but this tree gives me hope".

But from up high in the trees look down at me was my fear....

???: "So welcome back to the world the liveing I would kill you... but I must go Wast....So I hope the name Atticus keeps you alive for me!"

I didnt known what happen to me in the past at all but soon I would known that story was more then a story as I moved East.....


(OOC: NEXT TIME- Atticus finds that a story is based on something that happen before and that he may be the doom of this world or A hero of this world)

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Leon had opened the door and called Jaune's name, but there had been no reply. Jaune never went anywhere except for work or to certain shops, so surely she was in the house somewhere. Leon assumed that she was in the basement working on some random invention, so, putting his hands into his cloak and feeling the books he had borrowed from the Kaptorian Library, began to head down the stairs to the basement. But after taking one step, he stopped.


Jaune was standing on the bottom step, looking forward with a glazed expression on her face. She made no eye contact with Leon whatsoever, until Leon took notice of his new surroundings.


'The walls...! The basement! ... What did you do!? How...? Why...?'


Jaune finally looked at him and met his eyes. 'Leon... I have a feeling something very strange is going on here. I think...' she drifted off.


Leon and Jaune stepped into the kitchen and sat down. 'What is it? You look like you've seen a ghost!'


Jaune was acting very strangely, Leon noticed. Her normally silver-and-blond hair was not very neat, and she was tapping and biting her nails furiously, cracking her knuckles, and rubbing her eyes continually. 'I think I just saw... one of them.'


Leon, assuming she had been frightened by a Machtist or something, blurted, 'Jaune, I just killed one of them!'


Jaune looked shocked, and for a second it seemed her mind was taken off of her recent experience. 'What!? You saw one of those... beings... too?! What did it say to you?'


Leon blinked - that wasn't the response he was expecting. 'Mmm... I don't know what you're talking about. This Machtist just trapped me in the library and... I cast Bounce and he cast Beat! It wasn't my fault. I was only defending myself! ... But... what are YOU talking about?' Leon knew she wouldn't care, though. Many a Machtist had assaulted those that didn't believe before.


Jaune itched her forehead and picked an invisible fuzzy off of her suit, trying to regain her composure. 'I meant... I think I saw one of the beings that sent us the message. She was a messanger... but she seemed like an angel. All white and glowing - I couldn't see her skin, if she had any, at all. She told me that somehow, the messages must be decyphered. And that we should do it before we do anything else - but that's not the issue right now. Oh - she is responsible for what happened here,' she said, gesturing toward the basement. She paused, thinking about everything that the girl had said. Deluded... memories...?


Leon took out a book and opened it to a marked page. 'Machtium. That should make the spaceship fly. Judging from the problems it has trying to go into space, this magical substance should be the perfect thing for it!


Jaune gave him a concerned look, took the book from him, and read it. Her face gradually turned from doubt to contentness. She handed it back to him. 'If something went wrong... then we wouldn't know how to fix it. But, even so, using the sacred liquid of the Machtists would surely drive them all mad! Hahahaha!' she said gleefully. The Machtists deserved to see their precious substance used for something they couldn't stand.


Thinking she'd discuss it with Xenatu the next day, she told Leon that, if he could somehow find some Machtium, they would use it - pending that it was acceptable. Leon decided that after his long day, he would leave sometime in the morning, going by what he had overheard from the Machtist complaining about his son.

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Zex slowly emerges from the mountains wharing next to nothing a riped up shirt and pants to short for him. His hair is very frizzy and eyes bloodshot, and his body is batterd. slowly he makes his way acroos the terrain first the rocky summet of the mountain than slowly to the grasslands. Farmers workiong the fealds just staired at him but it was not just his appearince somthing was wrong he could see a shine in there eyes almost like greed. When he finally made it across the grassland a large city lie in the middle called Wolfwood. "I am back, and I am not in a good mood!" he screamed at the top of his lungs when he stood at the town gates. Two guards ran up to him.


"What the hell are you doing back here, you are to be killed on sight. Leave now or we will be forced to arrest you." one of the guards said taking out his sword."


"I want my sword and cloths back" Zex said staring at the man.


"That is not my problume Zex, you have been gone for over a year, now get lost"


"I am sory for you, Haydens spy are all over this city. It is ready to fall, I just want my stuff befor that happens" Zex said steeping closer to the guard.


The other guard pushed him the the ground " this is why you were exiled! Look Zex I am giving you a break, after all we were friends, now thae this chance and get out of here"


Zex stood back up and walked away from them, when they were out of sight he ran to one of the walls and climbed a nearby tree and jumped onto the wall and made his way into the cortyard." ok now where was the armory..... ohhhh yes over there" Zex made his way across the cortyard to a huge stone building with a cross ontop of it and went inside.

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Crispin sat down to rest his feet. He had been walking along the Northrend highway for hours. He was getting very tired. After having walked for so long in the tunnel of the mountains, and now on the highway, he had been walking for nearly an entire day now.


Pulling out his flask of water, and a few jerky strips, he swallowed a long draught and chewed on the meat for a while.


He wondered about the highway. The road was very well worn, but he had not met anyone along it in all the long hours he'd been travelling along it. In the caverns of his home, wherever planlife could grow, it did thickly, and to wear down paths along it, meant alot of foot traffic. Out here, plantlife abounded. How much more traffic was needed to keep it so worn? Yet, where was it all? Crispin was confused.


Just then, as he was considering his own confusion, he looked down the road and could see two figures moving toward him. They were still a distance away, and he could not make them out clearly, but they didn't look natural. Fearing that they were not human, or that they might not be friendly, Crispin quickly put away his food and water and darted a short way into the trees. There he hid behind a large stump and watched the figures approach.


A short while later, as they continued their approach, Chrispin discovered the reason they looked odd to him. There were actually four figures. Two people were mounted on animals. Crispin had heard of this before.


Horses, they're called horses. He thought to himself excitedly.


He looked closely at the mounted pair. He could not guage their height, but he knew they were much larger than he. One was a man, and the other a woman. The man looked taller, and much more muscular. They were dressed magnificently! The man was dressed mostly in golds and browns. His armor was highly polished gold, with insets of black and brown. It curled along its edges and tips, and resembled claws in many places. From his back hung a long flowing gold-linen cape, inlined with dark brown. Protruding from behind the cape was a long pointed spear. Crispin recognized it from books he'd read. Around his waist the man wore an armored skirt, but beneath that he wore what looked like very dark leather pants. What struck Crispin the most about the man's garb was the crest on the center of his breastplate. A ferocious looking animal, light brown, with a thick, dark mane. To it's upper left was a bold "L," and to it's lower right was a bold "N." Crispin wondered what it meant, but could not contrive its meaning. The man had a shield slung to his back also, and he imagined that it bore the same kind of crest.


In stark, but beautiful contrast was the woman. She was dressed mostly in dark purples and black. She had long flowing, dark brown hair that lapped over her scarlett, silky cape, which was inset with black. Her armor was mostly deep purple, and lined with silver, but not as ornate as her companion's. While her companion stared stolidly ahead of him in silence, she looked about, happily enjoying her surroundings. Every now and again she murmered something to the man that Crispin could not hear. She too was armed, but with a curved sword, not a spear.


Crispin was about to step out onto the road to introduce himself, seeing that they were people, and not other creatures, but then a sudden fear took hold of him. What if they aren't friendly? He had heard many tales of good people of the world, but he had also heard many tales also of wicked battles and unhappy death. These two were certainly warriors, but what if they were wicked?


Crispin was in dire need for company, or at least communication with another intelligent being, and so, deciding that people who were so ornately dressed, and pleased by the beauty of nature (the woman anyway), he gathered his courage and stepped out onto the road behind them.


The woman didn't seem to notice, but the man's hearing seemed to be keen. He reaigned about at once, unsheathing a very lage sword from his side that Crispin had not noticed before, because it was out of his view.


"Who goes there?" the man said sternly, but without looking directly at Crispin.


The woman, in reaction to her companion, reigned around as well, and she noticed Crispin immediately. A smile came to the corner of her lips.


Crispin raised his hands as a gesture of peace. "My..." he cleared his throat. As he did so, the man looked directly at him, and raised an eyebrow in mute surprise. "My name is Crispin. I come from Mineside city in the mountains. I'm heading toward Northrend Castle. I have heard that it is a place of beauty and learning. Have you been there?"


Coming beside her companion, the lady put her hand on his armed hand, and he lowered his sword under her touch. He then sheathed his sword.


"Yes, we have been there. We are soldiers of Northrend, and you are well informed. Northrend is a place of great beauty, and much learning. I am Lady Scarlet, and my companion is Sir Thorr. Why do you seek Northrend, little one?" The lady's voice was tender and beautiful.


The man spoke up, more sternly. "Yes, why do you seek it? And what manner of people are you? You are small to our eyes, little more than a boy?"


The Lady looked to Thorr and said lowly. "Let him speak Thorr, and don't be so harsh. Look at him, can't you see he's afraid?"


Thorr bowed his head in deference.


Crispin, did his best to try to keep eye contact, but failed hopelessly. He kept looking at the ground and kicked at rocks that weren't there. "I'm trying to find... I mean... I'm on an adventure. Well, what I mean is that I want to study at Northrend and learn about the world. My people rarely leave Mineside, so maybe you don't know about us. We're dwarves. What are you?"


The lady smiled in wonder. "We are human, Crispin. Perhaps you have heard of humans, but you are right, we have never heard of you're people. Maybe our libraries speak of you, but we are just soldiers. You are on the right path, though. Continue along this road, and you will reach Northrend City. We would accompany you there ourselves, but we have a task to attend to. When you get there, just talk to the city guards at the entrance, they will help you to find what you need there. Tell them Commander Scarlet sent you."


Lady Scarlet's kindness comforted Crispin. He was no longer afraid, and thanked her profusely for her help. They then turned and continued on their way, and for a short time, Crispin watched them trot along. Then, remembering his own task, turned and continued along the road to Northrend. He felt lonesome again, however, and missed Scarlet and Thorr not long after their departure.

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It was to dark to see anything and Zex wasn't in the mood to screw around. "Torch!" He yelled out and his hand started on fire, the room lit up, on his right were book cases with thousands of spell books and to his left staks of armors shaolder platings, shields, and swords. Zex took a creton intrest in a chest at the far side of the room under the swords. It has a golden shield on it where you would usually have a keyhole, it glew a sky blue and was untuched by time, no dust, not visible evodince of forced entery. Zex walked up to it and kelt down in front of it. He held one hand out to the chest and a invisable wall came up between them. he yelled out the words "By the power of Anubis I brake the seal!" The room lit up and light shot out the windows and the doow broke open splitting into little splinters. Zex poped the chest open looken over his sholder he knew it would attract allot of attenshion. He pulled out loose fitting dark brown pants with many metal rings on it and a sheve to a sword with its belt. He next pulled out a shirt it was black and had no visible sugnifigence to it, after that came a black trench coat he used to conseal his weapons on its sleves were the crest of the kindom, a shiled with a wolf stalking a deer on it, he riped it off the sleves and threw it to the ground. Next to come out of the chest was 2 straps to go across his chest forming an X with many pockets for who knows what. Finally he pulled out a black breefcase he poped it open and inside were an assortment of knives and his sword. The sword was like a work of art with a black blade a gold handel and off the handle were peaces od red metal that went around your hand. It was a light sword and fast but for it's light weight and speed it was very powerfull and deadly. He quickly changed his close and guards came rushing into the room, he snaped the breefcase shut and jumped out the window and took off the the local taveran befor anyone saw him. He made his way across the city to a small tavern. sat down at the bar asked for a drink and picked up on a conversation.



"did you see what happend to that girl?" A old man askes his wife


"yes a shadowy man followed her outside, I have herd of him befor he is said to own that black tower not 3 mi from here."


"She was only a teen what could he want with her"



Zex took a shot rum and droped 2 gold peaces on the table than walked up the the old cupple. They seemed frightend by him. "look I mean you no harm, dont make me into a stariotype please not all of us are bad. It's just I cant sit Idly by and let a yung women be hurt, can you tell me where the tower is?"

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Crispin walked with a delighted smile on his face. He had just has his first real encouter with people of the outside world, and it went well. The soldier, Thorr, despite his beautiful armor, had not left a good impression on Crispin. The woman, Scarlett, however, had. She was so very kind.


I hope there are more people like her, and less like him. Crispin thought almost absentmindedly.


Just then, a gust of wind blew along the road, which brought him back to himself. Though the wind was not cold to his senses, and was rather refreshing against the start heat of the day, it made Crispin crudely aware of his lonesome. He had been travelling for so long by himself already, and did not know how much longer would be have to endure his solitude. Though he was accustomed to being somewhat ostracised by his peers, because of his uncommon interests and non-desire to work in the mines, he had never endured much time alone. He often spent his time with a few fellow dwarves who had not pushed him away, but he spent most of his time in the temple, learning about histories of the world and of his people from the priest. He enjoyed long hours of discussion with the old dwarf, and often relayed much of what he'd learned to his mother. He was not used to such long hours of non-companionship.


Then, in the bare unrest of his loneliness, he was struck heavily by the more unpleasant side of his meeting with the humans. The cold reception he'd received from Thorr. Crispin began to worry that perhaps that was how he'd be treated by the guards, and the people of Northrend when he arrived there. The guards may simply help him because of the name of Scarlett, but would do nothing more for him.


Crispin stopped walking. He looked down the road ahead of him. Though the road he had travelled thus far had been winding and hilly, he now found himself staring down a long flat line, and though it was lined by trees, the road itself was completely barren. He could hear no signs of animal life, and the breeze continued to blow. Crispin did not enjoy the prospects of travelling along this road alone for many more hours.


He made a decision. He rationalized to himself that he would learn more about humans and their ways by travelling with them. Also, he would have good company with Scarlett, and, if the need ever arose, protection. He would have plenty of time to study at Northrend, for surely the two soldiers he had just met wouldn't be away from Northrend for too long. They didn't look heavily burdened by supplies. They might even be going to another town.


So, with that bit of reasoning, Crispin turned on his heel, and hurring back along the road he came, so that he could travel with people that he knew were kind, Thorr and Scarlett.

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Zex made his way out of the city the guards didn't chace him out much less try and stop him. He made his way to where the cupple had told him she was being held, a dark tower. He thought to himselfe many times why he would save her and let so many people die. His city guarded the mountain pass to Hayden's city, if it fell than Hayden army would go unchecked into the land and have a strong foothold, everyone would die but for some reason this didbnt bother Zex, altho he hated being acused of working for Hayden just because of his harratige. Slowly he mad his way into the Dark woods, said to kill any man who ventured in. "Lucky I am no man" he thought to himselfe amused at it. He could feel eyes all around him, and it seemed like the trees were baring his path. He became frusterated not at the situation but he could feel somthing, the girl she was in pain and he couldnt stand it almost as if her soal was dieing.

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Zex was walking slower now, the sun was down and the moon was allready high in the night sky, the moon was glowing a bright red this was a very rare event Zex knew but for some reason it made him feel as thou a kill was comming. The blood red moon, The wolf Demons loved it, lucky for him none of those trates showed for him, other than his eyes that is. The woods finally broke and Zex found himself in a open field with woods on all sides, and in the middle was a huge tower that seemed to reach the stars. The ground smelled of deth, not the kind of deth a human could smell, he knew it was a trap but somthing was drawing him to that tower. Slowly caushiously he moved across the fealds cairfull not so step on anything that looked suspishious. A small ammount of rumbling occured under him, he jumped back and a dead hank broke through the soil, the creature pulled itselfe out of the damp wet earth, sogy and smelly with taterd cloths and a long sword it stood face to face with zex. The red mooin shown down apon it lighting up its face, the flesh was roting away and its jaw was just bairly hanging on. The soil all arounf Zex started to displace and moce creatures like the first pulled themselves out of the muggy earth. Zex Drew his sword and examend the creatures. "this isn't good, 10 maybe 15 of them I don't think I can fight this many zombies alone...." his reace of thought was broken when the Creatures converged on him, it was just a pile of bodies in a cluster around Zex. Every thing he would knock one down they would just keep getting back up, so he did the only thing he could, me made a hole in the zombies circle and ran throught it smashing into anything that got in his way. Just when he had thoght he was safe at the door to the Tower the ground displaced and a jugernot came out of the ground, this zombi was over 10 ft tall and hige with thick armor and a huge buster sword, his flesh was like the others.....Dead. Zex jumped up, put one foot on the zombis armor and drove his sword into its face bout it was not harmed It grabed him by the head and threw him down into the mud. Zex had no where to go, he was suronded.








"looks like the calvery is dead, now we can finish this without interuption, to bad he dosnt have any holy spells" The dark figure was watching the yung girl in the bubble as he spoke. She was still moving which shalked him but he didn't much cair



-Tower door


The Zombies came closer to him and he wasn't sure what to do, but he soon rememberd that without arms they are of no thret, and their armor would be like butter to this sword. So one by one he hacked the zombies appart getting slower with every one, his stamana was better than a normal man but this many enemies at one time was to much for him. He got down to about 6 Zombies befor he was to tired to attack and he was on the deffencive. The juggernot stood at the doorway watching, very smart of it tho because it it had moved Zex would have darted in and cealed the door. one after another the swords came down apon Zex and he was anbil to black them but he was still slowing down, and he knew he wouldn't last. All the other zombies were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, But that really didn't help him. Zex had only one choice, sence he was a demon he couldnt use holy magic and if he used demonic magic odds were he would make things worse then they were, who knows what that would do o the undead. He decided to use Ice magic to freez them. "ICEBOLT" he yeled ashe held out his left hand and a stream of ice coverd the 6 zombies. two were still moving but this was an easy task for him, he quicky decapated them than walked up th the other four and punched one into splinters and kicked the other 3 appart. Now all that stand between him and the tower was the juggernot zombie.

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As was the case all the time when Leon went on these journeys for Re-Eden, he took his magic gun, specially developed by Jaune, several rocks to launch with it. 'My magic gun doesn't shoot magic?' he had asked Jaune upon receiving it.

Jaune had said she was still working on it. But she always worked on something else - Leon, having seen Jaune's bizarre weapon, but having not questioned it, assumed she had been developing that weapon instead. But, she had told him, all he needed to fuel the gun with a type of magic permanently was to have someone give up a portion of their ability. Once he found someone capable of using offensive magic, he was going to try and persuade them to lend him their strength. After that, his magic gun would simply use 'disposable spells' to inflict harm.

But for now, Leon thought to himself, it was an inaccurate shot with a rock.


He had been travelling west for some time, now. It was probably nearing noon already, because there were an inordinate amount of monsters about today. His least favourite were slimes; his reasoning being that shooting a rock at them was often not enough to blast through their gelatinous skin.


Even though the sun was shining brightly, Leon wore his black cloak. Jaune had carefully washed it (much to Leon's happiness) before he left. He had always worn this cloak when he was younger, and just recently, he had finally grown into it. It was the only thing he possessed that was his father's. For some reason he did not know, it empowered his soul. At least, Leon felt like that was the effect it had upon him. When it covered him, he remembered more magic and, oddly enough, became more agile. Jaune had noticed this, too, and had suggested that perhaps Leon had a low self-esteem and only enjoyed running when his body wasn't exposed. But that wasn't the reason, Leon felt. His self-esteem was above average, for a fifteen-year-old, he assumed.


Thinking about this, Leon turned around. Kaptora was now out of sight completely, and the beautiful mountain range that was once in the distance now loomed closer and closer. Leon assumed that the Machtium he was searching for was somewhere inside the mountain range - pools of powerful substances didn't just form in the middle of nowhere - and so he kept heading toward it at a steady pace.


Suddenly, something came out of the ground. It was gray and carrying a weapon that looked like a shovel. Another one identical to it popped out of the ground also.


'Lethal Gophers... you guys are scarier than Prank Gophers... aren't you? Oh boy...'

Leon had on a simple waistband that looked like an enormous belt, and from it he took out his magic gun and began to aim at one of the Lethal Gophers.


The gophers, acting out perhaps both territorial defence and fear, readied their shovels. Leon took aim and fired at one of them, knocking it out. The second one didn't submit to fear. It took its shovel in one paw, and Leon feared for a moment that it would simply throw the shovel at him.


Instead, it did nothing. Leon took this opportunity to aim and fire another stone at the remaining gopher. However, it did the unexpected: it swung the shovel at the rock and deflected it at Leon with more force than it began with!


'Ahh!!!' Leon yelled as his own projectile struck him in his left shoulder. He had never been much of a fighter, but he had not expected-


SMACK!!! The gopher, with much faster speed than Leon had been led to believe it possessed, launched it's shovel at him like a javelin. It took him in the chest, and knocked him over on his back. The gopher quickly approached and grabbed its weapon.


Leon, laying on the ground, watched the gopher pick up the shovel and raise it up, preparing to strike him. Is this it...? Did I expect too much of myself...? Grabbing the first thing he put his hand on, Leon pulled out one of the many spellbooks he had in his cloak and used it as a shield.


The gopher brought down the shovel with incredible force. The handle forced the book out of Leon's hands, and the spade connected with the top of Leon's head.

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It was down to Zex and this juggernot of a zombi, things were getting bad Zex was exzausted. The thing wouldn't move it just watched him, Zex slowly moved closer to it. It threw up its huge arms and they came crashing down, dew to its slow movements Zex saw the attack comming and jumped back. The juggernot rose a hand and the ground began to crack and rumble. Zex fell on one hand trying to stand back up, but the ground was shaking to much. A claw came crashing up through the ground than came a roting head, it was a fire dragon its face long and thin, blue eyes, horns comming from the back of its head, it stood on 4 legs and had a wing span of 15 feet. It lunged at zex closing its mouth around his arm and started draging him onto the hole it came out of. "No this can't be the end, not like this!" Zex struggled and droped his sword."No let go of me!" he screamed as he dissapeard into the ground. It was going dark, he couldn't feel anything, the screams were getting louder but he soon realised the screams weren't his own. "not like this" The screams were getting louder, Zex started to get light headed, his eyes became like flashlights with a red glow claws sproted out of his hands all you could see from above was the ground cracking and red lights poring out of them. The dragon shot up out of the ground and fell right back down slaming into the ground with a thud that shook the land. Zex slowly came walking up out of the hole in the ground his eyess returned to normal and his claws retracted, he reached down and picked up his sword. "A summoner, I should have known." He brushed off his arms "I hate it when that happens" he $#!&ed a smile. He pused his hair off his face and took a fighting stance, he knew the armor would to to thick to cut so he decided to combine his magic with his sword "Fire!" the sword became engolfed in fire and he held up one had lifting his pointer and index finger "Demi!" the sword was now combined with 2 spells, this created a sort of dark fire. He slowly walked twords the juggernot repeating the sme move the juggernot rose its hands and slamed them down on to Zex, but this time he dodged to the right and cut off the juggernots right arm like a knife through butter. Zex was still rather exzausted but he was still faster than the juggernot. It swong its left arm at him, and Zex counterd with a backflip over it, now ith its left flank exposed Zex made an upward slash cutting through its armpit and comming out on the right side of its head. The door was now undarded and Zex made an X shaped slash across the dubble doors and they came crashing down. He ran up the spril staircas inside the tower higher and higer he went untill he came to an Iron door. "Iron, nothing a little frost cant handle. FROST!" he yelled holding out his right hand, the door bacame blue and frozen. He hit it with the but end of his sword and hit shatterd with lille fragemnts of blue and gray hitting the floor. Inside was a girl incase in a bubble and a hudded figurs standing beside her.

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;) As the sun was begining to rise Juna, with a passed out Ryu and Running Moon in tow, kept pressing forward ignoring all of the signs of exhaustion and fatigue. The thoughts and images of his last encounter with Hayden continue to haunt his mind as the young warrior continued on his way.


"This is exactly what I told these two about, there's no way they could survive against someone like Hayden....." Juna thought to himself as he continued walking. As Juna pressed onward his mind began to flash back to his younger days with his mother.....


"Juna!! Where have you been young man?!" a woman said in a worried tone. "I was just out in the woods mommy, it's nothing to worry about really." a small boy said in a voice that was void of any concerns other than childish fun and mischief. "Nothing to worry about?!!" Son, have you any idea what would happen if some horrid monster were to get you? How on earth would you defend yourself?" Juna's mother said with concern for her child.


Then Juna's thoughts shifted to something else that plagued his mind......


"So when are you going to tell him?" a rather large man asked Juna's mother. "One of these days, but I can't tell him that we're not his real parents and that he isn't like other children" Juna's mother said with a sorrowful tone in her voice. "Perhaps your right, the boy needs a family and he looks so happy, why ruin it by telling him that he's not our real son....."


Little did the couple know was that Juna was eavesdropping "I'm not their real son?! And I'm not like other kids?" Juna said to himself with sadness in his eyes as he then asked himself, "If I am not like other people then, then what exactly am I?"


A few days after Juna overheard his adopted parents discussion Juna's dad ask his son to go out and play and not to wonder off to far. Juna did just that only to run into a strange man in a black cloth. Juna asked the stranger, "Um excuse me sir, but what exactly do you want here?" the black clothed individual picked up the child by the color of his shirt and said in a most evil sound in his voice "What I do here is my business kid now scram!!" the strange individual then threw Juna a slight distance causing the child to loose conciousness for a few minutes. Then the individual proceeded inside the house......


Once Juna came to he ran as fast as he could into the house only to find it in shambles and to add to the horror the bloody remains of his adopted father. After regaining composure he heard a terrifying screem coming from behind the house as Juna rushed to find out what is going on he witnessed the appearance of half a dozen more men in black robes and an evil looking vortex forming.


Emerging from the vortex was none other than the evil demonic ruler Hayden. "Who are you and what do you want?!" Juna's mother asked Hayden with fear in her voice. "Why are you so frightend human? I only want what is mine." Hayden stated. "What?! What is it we have that's yours?!" Hayden responding with an evil grin on his face. "I want that child and if you do not hand him over willingly then I will take him by force. Now which way do you wish to carry out this deal my dear?" Hayden said with an intimidating tone as he approached Juna's mother.


"Do what you must but I will not hand Juna over to you that easily." Juna's mother said in defiance of the demonic lord. But Hayden only nodded his head and then said "Foolish woman, you have made you're last mistake by defying me!!! Now my soldiers dispose of the worthless fleshbag!!" Hayden commanded his soldiers and much to Juna's horror, he watched as the demon soldiers brutally muder his mother......


(to be continued in post numbre 2)

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As if a flash of light shined in his face Juna came back to reality after re-living through that nightmare he experienced 12 years ago as a small child. Juna then thought to himself about the events that happened after that horrid incident. Juna then began to reminisce about when he first met Maya, which wasn't to long after the death of his foster parents......


Juna ran as fast as he could not realizing where he was running however. All he cared about at the moment was getting away from Hayden and his soldiers and hoping that this was all a nightmare and that he would awaken soon. Unfourtunatly for Juna however this was very real, his world shaken and both his foster and real parents are dead. And then to make matters worse he became lost in the woods and night was begining to fall. The Forest Juna was inside was very deep and lush with various vegitation which made gathering various fruits a little easier.


The only thing Juna knew to do was to try and find shelter and rest until the next day. Unfortunatly for Juna however, he couldn't find anything that would be considered stable so he just continued to walk in hopes that nothing else bad would befall him. Luckily Juna didn't have to walk very far for he found a cave that he could take shelter in but realizing that animals and some monsters often take shelter inside caves, Juna picked up some rocks and walked to the cave's enterance and then tossed the rocks as hard as he could. After a couple of seconds the rocks bounced off a wall which indicated that the cave wasn't very deep and there was no monsterous noises made so the cave was also empty. With the knowlegde of the cave's safety in mind, Juna decided to go in and get some sleep and then set off in the morning.


The next morning Juna left the cave and set off not knowing where to go. If he went back home he might encounter the Demon who killed his foster parents but if he continued in the woods some beast could come along and make a meal out of him. So the most logical choice for Juna would be to just keep going and hope to find civilization sometime soon. Of course this trek wasn't going to go without another challenge this time in the form of a hungry Saber Tiger.


As the beast pounced on Juna a blinding flash of light came out of nowhere. "What the?! Who's there!? Juna asked as the Saber Tiger was also curious as to where that flash came from. Then a young girl who appeared to be 11 years of age showed up and saying to the tiger "The next one won't miss you, you lousy flea bag." Juna arose from the ground just as the girl motioned for him to get away from the tiger. However the Tiger wasn't threatend in the least by the girl or Juna so it pounced on the girl and Juna sitting there, helpless, couldn't do anything to help.


The tiger then had the girl pinned down and as he as about to land a death bite a thunderous voice echoed from nowhere. "It's time you die, vile beast!!" The Saber Tiger, distracted from the sudden noise looked around trying to locate the source of the noise only to be chopped into three by a larger more muscular male about the age of 14 "Heh, the Primus Slash does it every time.... the youth said somewhat proud of his handy work.


"Maya, are you okay?" The young man asked the girl who replied. "Yeah Thomas, I'm fine thanks to you." Thomas then glanced over at Juna and then looking back over at Maya he asked her in a sarcastic voice, "Is this you boyfriend or are you babysitting again?" With a blush and a hint of embarassment in her voice, Maya replied to Thomas's question, "I don't know this kid Thomas, he needed help so I helped him. "And of course you nearly became a side dish for that tiger as a result...." Thomas retourted.


Juna then spoke up, "Thank you both for helping me." Juna then realized that these two could help him out so he asked them "Where are you guys going?" Thomas replied "We're heading back home, which is something you really should do instead of playing around in these forests." Juna replied in a more meloncolic tone, "I....I don't have a home...." then Thomas asked, "You don't have a home?" What happened?" In answering to Thomas's question Juna explained the entire story with every single detail he could remember.


Maya then smiled sweetly and asked Juna "Why don't you come with us? I'm sure Thomas wouldn't mind too much and besides, you have no where else to go." Thomas the stated, "I don't think the Captain would like us taking in an outsider, especially when we are supposed to be training." "I could join your military, besides I wanna become strong enough to avenge my parents death at that hands of that sicko Hayden." Hayden?! That twisted bastard is harassing children now?! Does he ever quit with his acts of terrorism?! Fine, I'll see about you getting enlisted but I am going to warn you, the first 3 years are going to be very difficult for you. Thomas stated. Juna then asked Why is that? Aren't all armies trained in the same forms of combat as one another?


Maya then began to explain to Juna the specifics of being a soldier in the Nedarburg Army. "In your case it's going to be a little more difficult. Why that is, is because soldiers in the Nedarburg Imperial Army are specificly trained in magic and such. At least the higher ranking officers anyways, you might manage to get somewhere though. After all you have the attitude and the spirit.


Those words and other memories began to flood Juna's mind as he once again begane to focus on the task at hand. Getting medical help for Ryu and Running Moon and of course destroying Hayden and finding his friends. After walking for an hour or so Juna came across a sign which said "Village of Neward". "Hmmmmmm a village, maybe this place as a medical center.....

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"I have time for one more question." An elderly man stood awaiting the final query from the group of tourists visiting the museum that day. He was dressed in a black tux and finely polished shoes, which fitted his slim form cleanly. He fell a few inches shorter than most in the crowd before him in height, but his confidence and self-surety dwarfed all of them.


One young man, standing with his parents, spoke up with determined interest. "As Sacred Guardian of the Holy Scrolls of the Exemplar, do you ever get to read them first hand?"


"Unfortunately, no." the well-studied man responded. "Years ago, after the first copied drafts had been made, the scrolls were locked away for safekeeping. Attempts of theft had been made upon them, and for the sake of their own protection, they were inserted into the most secure vault we have. As a Sacred Guardian, I have access to that vault. I have never had reason, however, to retrieve them. The copies made are known to be accurate, that is sufficient."


Nodding to one of the tour guides who had brought the guests to him today, he thanked the group for coming, turned on his heel, and walked ceremoniously to his private office. Closing the door behind him, the man sighed heavily, moved around his desk to take his seat, but stopped short as he found himself staring at a figure who had been hidden behind the door. It was a women, dressed in a flaring red dress and equally flared high heels. She looked back at him coldly, and her eyes pierced his. They were snake-like, and beamed dark crimson.


"May I help you?" The Sacred Guardian asked, his confidence shaky.


"Take me to the scroll of Curly, your pathetic Exemplar." The woman hissed unnaturally.


"I dare not, you demon." The man stood his ground defiantly.


"Then you shall DIE!!!" The woman's hiss scaled into a scream that seemed to be heard only in his mind. She lunged forward more quickly than he could counter, and drove his head into the marble wall. His body crumpled to the floor, blood oozing from his nose and mouth.




He awoke to find his office torn apart, and his own clothes shredded. Hi heart skipped as he realized what she was looking for. Getting up as quickly as he could, which was quite slowly as his head throbbed in pain, he threw his sight toward the painting on his wall. It had been torn away, and the safe behind it torn open. The Vault Key was gone! His first thought was to call security, but there was no time. Darting out of his office, he ran directly toward the Museum Vault. It was open, and the contents gone.


He stared in horrified stupefaction past the vault door into the steely emptiness. He, the Sacred Guardian of the Holy Scrolls, had failed, his Sacred Duty rendered meaningless, and all without warning, all in what seemed a blink of an eye.


Then his senses came back to him, and from the corner of his vision he saw a flare of red light emanating from the right of the vault. He approached with caution. Turning the corner of the vault, he found himself before a swirling red mass of light. With great uncertainty, but dogged determination in his Duty, he stepped forward, passed through the glowing crimson, and into blackness.

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When the door came tumbling down and shatterd into little fragments Zex felt an evil presnts. Not this hooded man but somthing deeper somthing darker, somthing so powerfull it made chils run through him.


"Who are you, why arnt you dead!" The hooded man yelled steeping away from the buble.


"Me, dead? Ha, what thar army of zombies was to stop me? The summoner gave me a little truble, and that dragon but who are you fooling, you should have been beter prepaired." Zex said as he walked closer to the hooded man.


"Ha, no man has ever stood up to my power!" he held out his left hand and streams of fire came flying out at zex who didn't move. "see now your dead what a rescue attempt that was.


Smoke coverd where zex previously stood. It parted and out of the gray came a fist than a blabk coat flying into the hooded mans face. "Why is it that people seem to think I am so easy, the zombies were stronger than you." Zex leaned his hand against the bubble and the yung girl seemed to be in a daze. "so what did you do to her?"


The hooded man got back on his feet "I didn't realise you were a halfbreed. you all hid as humans and talk of peace, but your nothing more than a pack of dogs, maybe a stronger attack will do you in"


"Be carfull what you say and who you say it to, us wolves don't take your comments lightly." Zex turned to the right seeing his hand still on the bubble, the girl looked up at him and he smiled. In a soft sothing voice he wisperd."It will all be over soon, you might want to close your eyes."

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"Here they come! If I become incapacitated, Thorr is in charge!!" screamed Scarlet.


Looking over the battlefield, that soon will be soaked by the blood of those fighting for what they believe in, it wasn't a surprise that this day will forever have a major impact on the Kingdoms involved. As if the Heaven's dissaproved this day, they showed it with the constant thunder and downpour of rain that seemed to never stop. Looking over what seemed to be an endless wall of soldiers standing ready to face whatever their destiny has in store for them. Standing at a attention, they all faced Scarlet..


In a nervous, but commanding voice, that seems to bolster the troops morale, "This day, we fight not for only our Kingdom, but for those that will see it in time, for those born into this wonderful Kingdom of Northrend, for those, we protect as being soldiers for our great Kingdom! This day will forever be inscribed in our Kingdom's history, and in the hearts of every man and woman who stands here this day on. For those that fall, remember you have not died in vain, but died for the forever standing of our great Kingdom..." In a huge bellow, and shout, THIS IS FOREVER OUR DAY! THIS IS THE DAY FOR ALL OF NORTHREND TO BEHOLD!! FOR THIS DAY, WE SHALL BE VICTORIOUS!


With that Commander Scarlet, Sir Thorr, and Lord Viktor, gave the charge into battle. With the screams of nervousness, fear, happiness, anger from the fellow soldiers they leapt off. As if the Gods empowered them, they moved at such a rate of speed unheard of... This most certainly was the power of love, and patriotism bestowed within the troops, for they knew what they were fighting for, and will keep fighting for till every last ounce of strength and determination is taken out of their body.


What seemed like eternity of running, the first swords clashed with the rival Kingdom of Gerparte. The clashing of swords, screams of the dying, blood of the wounded, sound off, with a hellish sound. With the thirst of the battle laying on, most faces seemed to diminish, as if they dissapeared. Both sides didn't care what they looked like, as long as they were cold, and still on the ground beneath their feet...


"Sir Thorr! Lord Viktor! I'm falling to the back, can you handle yourselves?" shouted Scarlet, over the constant clashing of steel, and screams. "Lady Scarlet, Lord Viktor and I, shall be okay, please fall back, the hopes and dreams of the Kingdom fall upon you, we shall not let anything to happen to you! Now fall back!!" shouted Thorr, while dodging incoming blows, and striking his own. "M'lady Scarlet, Thorr and I, shall secure the front, please fall behind!" screamed Viktor in a demanding voice. "You six! You help escort Lady Scarlet to the rear, DON'T let anything happen to her, if need be, you know what to do, to protect her!" shouted Viktor, while dealing a mortal blow to a enemy soldier.


With Scarlet now falling back to prevent injury, up in the distance, you could make out the Kingdoms Seal, in flag form. A castle, up on a overlooking cliff of the ocean, with the sun behind it glaring in the morning, illuminating it, and the Golden Plains in the portrait. With of folley of arrows from the enemy, decimating scores of men, a guard, guarding Scarlet see's an incoming arrow, and with his shield blocks it, from striking Scarlet. In a hurried, loud voice, "Commander Scarlet! We'd all want you to know, that we would proudly give our lives up to protect you. Even if we don't make it out of this battle, we are extremely proud to be fighting under your command, M'Lady!" exclaimed the soldier that has an arrow in his shield, in a very proud, honored voice. With that Scarlet nodded and replied, "I shall remember that, if you fall in battle. Remember, if that should happen you will never be forgotten! Remember, you are what makes this country, I am pleased to be Commander of such fine troops, like yourselves!" After her short speech to the soldiers guarding her, one of the soldiers noticed tears falling down her cheeks, and took a deep breath, and had a half-smile, of determination, and pride. After what seemed like forever Scarlet made in the rear ranks, around a hundred yards behind the line.


With a loud crack, Thorr's sword cleaves through bone of the enemy soldier. Removing his blade the body of the unknown soldier, falls to the ground, cold and lifeless. "Viktor! How are you holding up, my fellow brother in arms?" shouted Thorr in a very honorary voice. "Thorr, I'm holding up as well as one should expect, from the hellish battlefield" replying back in a almost sarcastic, but at the same time serious voice.


With more, clashing and screams of pain, and death, the battle insued, taking the unfortunate to the after-life. With what seemed to be a hellish dream, Thorr notices Viktor getting stabbed in the abdomen, and slashed down his torso. Thorr let out a scream that seemed to pierce every mans ears and hearts, with sadness, on the battlefield."VIKTOR!!! With extreme haste, and bloodlust of seeing his kin fall before his eyes, Thorr runs straight into the soldier that brought his brother to the ground, with such force, the soldier falls on his back, while Thorr swings his sword, as if it was an axe, severing the body of the enemy soldier. Turning around, with blood running down his face, now seeing his brother on the ground, barely breathing, with his eyes slightly open, Thorr runs half-hazardly into the fray of enemy soldiers, slashing with a force that would bring many men down in a single blow.


With tears, and anger, Thorr looks over his brother who is barely clinging onto life. "Blood and ashes, blood and ashes!! Viktor, you hang in there, I'm gonna take you to the rear lines!" With a small creaky voice, that can barely be heard, Viktor says, "Lea... Leave...me...brother..." Thorr replying with extreme emotion, and tears of pain and sorrow, "No, I won't leave you brother! There's still time, please just let me pick you up, take you to the back..." With a fairly loud voice, that seems to take all his might, Viktor replies, "No!! Brother..it's..my......time.............I....love....you..my...brother...."With that all that was heard was silence. Thorr, crying, putting his forehead on his brothers, weeping, everything seemed to just pause in time, after realizing, what has happened Thorr kisses him on the forehead, "I promise you brother, I'll never let the name of Newridge be forgotten, today, the enemy will know that name!!!"


With what insued was the end of the war between the two Kingdoms, later to be known as the "Golden Plain's War", Northrend came out victorious, with the remaining soldiers from Gerparte, retreating to the southeast to their homeland. Casualties were high, on both sides, and was a very close victory. Remaining soldiers that looked over the battlefield were extremely exhausted, some sat, staring endlessly into the mist of battle, seeing thousands upon thousands of lifeless bodies, on the ground. Scarlet, was injured during the battle, a small sever to her right arm, she looked around for Thorr, she noticed him with his sword and lance stuck into the ground, his sword below his brother's body, the lance above his body, stuck straight into the ground, with Thorr knealing over his sword. Scarlet, hearing the news of Viktor being slayed in battle put a hand on top of Thorr's shoulder, to show sympathy, and most importantly a friend in time of need.


"I..I can't say anything to make you feel better Thorr, I'm very sorry for your loss, as Viktor was a great man, a patriot, and foremost a loving brother. Please I'm here, if you need someone to talk to." In a whispering, crackling voice, Thorr replies, "Why...why must we perish? Why...why must we fight? What is the gain? I'm sorry M'Lady Scarlet" now standing, Thorr picks up his sword, and with a bellow and raises his sword in the air, to show victory, all soldiers doing the same, to show respect, and to show Northrend will still be standing another day....


"Brother, why did you fail me?" "But brother, I..I tried my best to save you...I...I..." "Is that what you call it? Your best, look around you, see the faces of death, look at them closely, look at what happened, look at the faces of the young men, the young women, that died under your's and Scarlet's command... You did your best, you say, hahahaha...Pathetic...


Thorr suddenly wakes up, sweaty, scared, crying... Was it a dream, or was it something more? Thorr shaking it off, thinking, "Was my brother really speaking to me? Was it something more? If it wasn't my brother, than who or what was it?...

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The leader of Re-Eden, Xenatu, sat in his office at the end of the single hallway of his company. His eyes were closed; his left hand covered them, and his right hand held a quill, ready to write.


How had he seen the messages in his mind? How had he divined their existence, their looks... but not their purpose? Why him? And how him? He had a clear memory of living a normal life, and having been raised by a typical family, with his mother and father both present and both prominent figures in his life. He remembered scenes of his past, but he had supposed that in his old age, and the forgetfulness that sometimes came with it, he could not remember specific details about his life.


But the fact was, he was normal. Or so, he had assumed until just recently - when the messages were registered in his mind. Somehow, whether it be an additional divination or just instinct, he had known both that these messages were not of this earth and that they would be extremely important. Ever since that day when his mind 'saw' the messages, his mind and his thoughts had been staticky; fuzzy.


But suddenly, this feeling stopped. Xenatu opened his eyes in alarm.




From a distance, one could not tell that a tragic event had occurred. But from a distance, one could also not tell that she had the potential to undo the tragic event.


The girl had watched the boy struggle against the powerful foes. As he fought, she had studied him; she saw through his facade - the confident, stealthy boy was really fearful, gentle, and naive. But he was good.


As soon as Leon had fallen, the girl, emanating a brighter white than the sun itself, had broken the rules again: with a chasing light, she emitted an Expel spell and vanquished the Lethal Gophers away. Then, she slowly walked to the lifeless body. She tapped the object his hand - and silently infused it with an Infernos spell.




Taking it upon herself to save the boy, she lay upon him for one second. Then, as a single brilliant pulse of energy was released and faded into the distance as a ring of light, her own pulse stopped, and her own body seemed to meld with Leon's. She had given her life to completely mend his - her body faded magically into the air, but her lifeforce would live inside Leon.

The girl was not gone.


Leon's eyes opened. Having thought he was merely unconscious, he cast a Heal spell on himself and continued westward, to the mountains.






Xenatu felt a searing heat in his forehead and could not contain his pain. The static had returned, and it was worse. Now it was a constant in his head above all - always noisily pushing its way to the head of his thoughts.


'Xenatu! Are you okay, sir?'


Jaune had burst into the room with a very concerned look on her face. Xenatu assured her that he was fine, and dismissed her for the day.

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Zex slowly moved his hand from the glass, he had left an imprint. The girl was huddled in a ball closing her eyes. He turned to the hooded man. “I can sense your power, so what are you hiding?” He said showing no fear of what he knew was to come. For a moment they were without movement, no breathing, not a single word, they didn’t even blink there eyes like statues they held their pose. Zex put his hand on the but of his sword and slowly removed it from its sheave. as he moved it into a defensive position in front of his face it reflected light into the hooded mans shroud. “Demon, why do you serve him? why would any of you serve that lunatic?” Zex eyes were fixed on his face waiting for an answer, somehow without saying it he was threatening to kill him that very second if he didn’t talk.


“He gives us power, strength, the humans and elves are no match for him. We will once again rule as gods among this earth! and what of you Half-breed why do you choose to side with the humans, what is it that drives you? I fell that you hate them so what is it, why not side with us? lord Hayden can give you power beyond your wildest dreams.” He could see Zex was becoming very angry at this point, his hair was standing up, he was showing his teeth and the grip on his sword was so tithe he could sware it would snap at any moment.


“Yeah, that's what my brother said about your master!” Zex went into an attack position. He ran into the hooded man and Zex slammed his solder into his gut. when the hooded man was on the ground Zex swung his sword in a downward thrust as hard as he could. The hooded man held out his right hand and a barrier came up as soon as Zex hit he was thrown back into the wall. Some of the bricks crumbled and fell to the ground. Zex slowly stood back up.


“That's the power I was talking about, you wouldn’t join us now it’s to late!” The hooded man drew his sword and slashed vertical at Zex, but he had caught the motion just in time and rose his sword to block the attack and make a counter. Zex cut upwards with his sword but the hooded man jumped back only 2 inches from the blade. He than jumped up and kicked his feet off the celling coming down just above Zex. Burley ketching the hooded mans arm he redirected the sword and swung him in a circle and threw him into a bared window.


Zex slowly walked up limping a little, the hooded mans arms were tangled in the bars mane to keep people out and him safe. “Ironic, a little you used that for protection....now its is your demise.” The hooded mans sword was lying on the ground next to him. Zex put his sword back in the sheave and picked up the hooded mans sword.


“This is not the end, only the begging.” He said as A crimson liquid squirted from his chest and that mettle object cracked his bones. Zex turned around to see a powerful aura of energy circling the bubble.


“Time to get you out of there” He said limping away from the corps.

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Zex came closer to the bubble he wasn't sure what to make of it. He at first thought that the bubble would vanish if he had killed the hooded man but for some reason it was still there. He could see the girl there now, she still had her eyes closed, she looked 14-16ish but somthing told him she wasn't. "You can open your eyes now"


The girl slowly opend her eyes still looking confused.


"I am Zex, you seem more confused than scaired. You can tell I am a half demon correct?" Zex forgot he still held his sword and decided to put it away for her sake. Strangly the girl held tromendus magical energy zex could feel that now. "Well I want to get you out of here but I will need your help, can you do that?" The girl noded in agreement. "Ok I am going to cast a spell on my sword and you attack the same spot I do with any energy you have left ok?" Zex never wanted to ask her to help in her condishon but he put up a smile to make her feel more comfertable and than said "I use dark magic but I don't know if you have anything against it, just remember I am here to help" He tood his sword back out "DEMI!" His sword became infused with dark energy "Ready?.......ok on my mark" Zex jumped in to the air and jammed his sword into the bubble.


(I am not sure if you have a diffent plan to get yourselfe out so I will leave this up to you)

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Zex was a little amused at the responce and knelt down eyelevel with the girl. "concerned about your cloths, thats the last thing I would wory about"


"I don't really like thies cloths" she smiled a little but she looked very tired.


"So why do you think he wanted you? I can tell you have very powerfull magical powers but still why would he want you?" A molment of silence followed.


The girl stood up slowly. "He said somthing about bringing his master back."


Watching her shiver Zex kind of felt bad. "You look cold." He took of his coat "here" He walked around behind her and sliped the coat on. "well my name is Zex can I ask yours" She didn't answer she looked like she had passed out. Zex picked her up and broght her outside. He set her down against a tree facing the tower. He than sat down next to her and fell asleep.

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In a dark, cheap tavern sits a large man dressed in black holding a bottle of whiskey. He is wearing a long black trenchcoat that covers his entire body. The are objects protruder from underneath his coat, but you cannot make out exactly what they are. He is half-way through the bottle, but the man still does not seem all that drunk. The people in the place were aware of this man's prescence, for this man never went unnoticed. Although they were not comfortable with his prescence for people fear things that are large and mysterious. Just as everyone seemed to settle down and relax there was a thunderous crash at the door.


The local blacksmith was so startled he cried out "What the..." and spilled his ale all over the floor. You could see no one at the door at first, but then a dark figure walked through the doorway.


"You there, in the black, give me back what you stole!" The intruder yelled in a very angry tone. The man in black neither moved or said a thing. The intruder brandished his well-crafted sword and yelled again, "Answer me or I shall strike you down with my blade."


The man in black sat still. The other man was so enraged by this man's ignorance, he charged at full speed. He swung skillfully and swiftly, and just as the blade were to slice through his body, a loud bang sounded form within the tavern. The smoke cleared and everyone who expected to see the man in black bloody, found to their amazement, the other man slumped on the floor, still smoking. His torso had been blown to bits by a 26" double barreled shotgun. It was beautifully crafted and featured twin dragons running down the barrels. The trigger was also a serpent, and was a beautiful polished silver color, although that was not the metal.


The man deceided this was not the best place to be right now and headed for the door. He stopped and turned to the barkeep and asked "What town is this?"


"Ka..Ka..Kap...Kaptora....sir" replied the barkeep.


With the satisfaction of an answer, he threw the man 5 gold coins. Then he reloaded his weapon, replaced it in his coat, and dash out the door.

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He couldn't remember what he had been dreaming about, but Crispin smiled when he felt Scarlet's soft touch and heard her sweet voice as she shook him awake on that fine summer morning. He still felt tired from long day of hiking, and emotional tumult he had endured the day before, the very day he had met his new companions.


He had not been travelling with them for very long when they set camp for the night, since, by the time he had caught back up with them after their first meeting, evening was drawing on. Yet he was still pleased by the pleaseant demeanor of Lady Scarlet, and still unsure about Thorr. Though Thorr was less suspicious of Crispin, he had been no less curt with him.


That terrible morning was no different.


Crispin began by asking how long he'd been asleep. Thorr responded with an annoyed tone, "Too long." He had been setting the side-packings on his horse, which he then mounted. "It's time to go." Scarlet smiled at Crispin and whispered, "He wanted to leave an hour ago, but I wouldn't let him. You looked tired last night, so I thought you could use a little more sleep." She winked at him, then helped him pack up his things, after which they continued on their way.


Scarlet let Crispin ride with her. They talked all morning, he asking her all kinds of questions about the world, and she happily and easily answering him. Once, he tried to quietly ask Scarlet about Thorr, why he was the way he was, but Thorr heard, and angrily rode on ahead. Scarlet simply said, "He's endured difficult things." She didn't say anymore about it.


They stopped at midday to eat. Thorr, being tired of the vegetables and dried meats that they had packed, easily hunted down a couple of Horned Rabbits and the trio had a feast. Before they packed up to leave Crispin had felt the call of nature, and walked off a way to do his business. He told Thorr and Scarlet he'd probably be a little while. When he was returning to the camp, he was astonished at what he saw.


Scarlet and Thorr were embraced, and she was rocking him like a mother rocks a child to calm it. Crispin couldn't tell, as he was still a ways off, but it seemed to him that Thorr was weeping. He could hear nothing that was being said, and he wasn't sure what to make of it. He didn't want to disturb the two. So he simply waited.


That's when it happened, during that long, silent, peaceful wait. The camp was attacked. It happened too swiftly for Crispin to recount, but even if Crispin had had the time, or the wits about him to do something, the foes who attacked would have easily overwhelmed him. Out of nowhere, it seemed, three figured materialized, incanted with words and gestures foreign to Crispin magic that dropped his caught-unaware companions like lead is dropped into spilth. Crispin could not tell if they were unconscious or dead. And as swiftly as they had appeared, the demons disappeared, but with Scarlet and Thorr.


Except for one. He remained, and cautiously began a search. It appeared that those people, whoever they were, knew Crispin had been travelling with Thorr and Scarlet. And whoever they were, they were not simple thieves, marauders, for if they were, this one would not have stayed behind for Crispin.


Crispin knew and understood his danger clearly, so he hid. The man, demon, whatever it was, approached the place where Crispin hid. Whether it was by accident, or by some preheld knowledge that he came directly toward him, Crispin knew not but he unsheathed his axes, and held them battle-ready. When the stranger was within striking-distance, Crispin jumped from his cover, did a double-roll, and struck his opponent in the achilles tendon of both ankles. The man fell to his knees with a hiss. Crispin, however, did not complete the maneuver unscathed.


Whether by blade or by claw, Crispin knew not, the demon sliced a shallow wound into his side. It was no serious wound, but it stung as though salt had been wiped into it. Crispin gagged on the sheer agony of the abrasion. He did not, however, have anything more to fear from his opponent. The creature was gone, no doubt by the same magic that brought him to that place.


And now, two days after that unhappy morning, Crispin, dazed, staggering, and enduring intermittent convulsions of blood, desperately trudges on in hopes of finding a source of help. That blade, or claw, by which he had received this mortal wound, it appears, was tipped with poison.

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