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Demon Wars III

Slime Master

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;) Prologue: A Soldier's Confrontation



On a dark and foggy night three brave and powerful soldiers were on a journey.

These warriors were, Thomas a brave an powerful knight who's swordplay is renowned around the world. Maya, a beautiful fighter who's agility was unmatched and blessed with the gift if magic. in thier kingdom and last but not least, Juna, a man who, during his childhood, became obsessed with destroying tyrany.


Their mission was a simple one, "Stop the infamous Hayden from whatever plans he has". And so they had set out for Hayden's Palace in the Mountains only to find themselves in a deep, mysterious fog....


"Geez, this fog is as thick as soup" said a male voice. "Yeah, how are we gonna find Hayden's palace in this mess?" said a female voice that sounded like complaint.


"Will you two be quiet? Complaing about our surroundings isn't going to accomplish anything". the larger man said. "Mellow out Thomas, I'm just saying that we can't see anything that's all" replied the girl.


"Whatever you say Maya, it still sounds like whining to me" said Thomas as they proceeded. As the trio continued to walk the fog was ever present making thier navigating difficult. After about a half hour of walking they managed to make it to an overlook with a bridge to the other side, on the other side of the bridge was Hayden's Palace.


"Well, we finally made it, I thought we'd be lost in that creepy fog forever" Maya stated. "Yeah, now it's time to end this despute once and for all" said Thomas as the trio begain to cross the bridge. "You're awfully quiet Juna? is there something wrong? Or are you excited because your about to fight Hayden?" Maya asked. "No, everything's fine" Juna replied but his thoughts said different "You two obviously have no idea on what terrors await you do you?" Juna thought to himself. "You two can chat when this mission is accomplished" Thomas said in a cold sounding tone.


Inside the palace you could see the floor lined wall to wall with crimson colored carpeting and a few bookselves aligning the castle walls. The other floors were similar in appearance. Eventually the trio of brave heroes made it into the main chamber of Hayden's Palace. Hayden's throne room was perhaps the eeriest thing the three warriors had ever laid eyes upon. Skulls and Demonic Idols adorned the room and the fog that was outside was even thicker here.


"Juna, Maya, be careful for you never know what kind of beasts Hayden has lurking around here" Thomas said as he was unsheathing his sword. "Welcome, friends..." a voice echoed from nowhere. "WHO'S THERE?!" Juna yelled as the other were looking around franticly.


"As if you didn't know" the voice replied with sarcasim, "Just look in front of you, you fools!!" The heros looked towards the throne to see a shadowy figure sitting there. As the figure arose, it's form was that of a middle aged gentleman and it began to speak. "I didn't think that the nations would actually have enough courage to send anyone to try and stop my plans for conquest let alone you three fools". "You're the fool Hayden if you think that we will surrender to you!!" Thomas shouted. "Then let us begin this fight then human!!"[.color] Hayden declaired as be braced himself.


Hayden began to charge energy in his hands as Thomas prepared himself. "Juna, You try to attack Hayden from a blind spot while Thomas and I distract him" Maya said while watching Hayden. Maya launched a fireball at Hayden while Thomas struck with his sword. Hayden easily dodged both attacks and with a wicked smirk on his face he launched his attack of energy. "You fools!!" Hayden shouted, "Let me show you what true power is!!"


"I DON'T THINK SO PAL!!!" Juna shouted as he struck haden with his blade. Then as Hayden turned around to attack Juna, Thomas struck again followed by another fireball from Maya. "Damn you, so you had an attack plan the whole time did you? well then allow me to turn things up a notch...." Hayden began to chant in an ancient demonic tounge and his body began to glow.


"What is he doing?" Maya asked. "I have no clue what he is attempting" Thomas replied. Juna attemped to strike again but it was to no avail as a mysterious force threw him into the wall. Thomas was next to try and attack but like Juna he was thrown into the wall as well. As Hayden's chanting concluded he unleashed a massive force of enegry severly damaging all those in the blast.


After the explosion cleared the heros arose battered and seriously hurt. Hayden laughed and said "I'm surprised you're still up and about after my little explosion but by the way you three look you won't be for long. Now relax as I "gently" escort you off this mortal coil...." Hayden began cast a spell that would finish off the three heroes once and for all, this time with the use of dark winds.


"We've failed, there is no way we can stop him...." Thomas thought to himself. Hayden then unleashed his attack which casued yet another explosion, this time throwing the heroes in three separate directions. As the explosion began to disappate, Hayden laughed again and said to himself "You idiots didn't have a chance against me..."


A few hours later Juna awoke beaten and moderatly bleeding in a forest in the middle of nowhere.

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In a quiet little, candle-lit room, deep beneath the Collosus Mountains, the mirthy squealings of frightened children could be heard as Crispin, a curious dwarf, narrated his favorite legend.


"And Crispin, consumed amidst the very fires of Hades, fought the infernal dragon with all his Dwarved fury."


"Was he scared?" asked one of the young ones.


"Scared? Of course, but with the help of his true friends, his great companions from all over the world, he was able to overcome his fear. That is the wonderful value of friends. So he, Crispin, our great hero, together with his mighty companions, threw down that Dragon of Hades, and once again restored light to the world. But more importantly, he freed us, his people, from the slavery of darkness to which they had been chained."


Another little voice piped up, "what happened to him after?"


"Well, Benn, now that the world was free, he went back to his home, and lived a long and happy life."


One little youngster raised his hand like he was in school. When Crispin nodded to the awestruck child, he asked sheepishly, "are you him?"


With that, Crispin laughed aloud. "No, I'm sad to say, I am not. I was only named after him, but I can pretend I'm him if you like."


One of the mothers, who had been sitting and enjoying the little scene, got up and announced that it was late and the kids should be heading to bed. Crispin watched as the children leaped and squealed down the hall, pretending to be the hero that they had just heard about. Crispin always enjoyed telling that story. It was his favorite, as it was about the hero after whom he was named. His own mother had often read it to him when he was young. She had always told him he was special because of it. He believed her. Even now he was quite different from the other dwarves. While all his friends had taken up the family trade, and indeed, the Dwarven trade, of mining, he had never taken interest to it. He was fascinated by the story of Crispin, and others alike. He preferred to spend his time in study, learning the history and legends of his people. He also enjoyed learning about other races, and the wide world outside of the Dwarf city, though he'd never been outside of it's tunnels. It was, however, a long standing dream of his to do so.


Now, 76 years of age, quite young still for a dwarf, akin to the years that humans spend entering manhood, he has chosen to make his dream a reality. Very soon, once the appropriate preparations have been made, Crispin will venture out into a world completely unknown to him, save that which he has read of it. It has consumed his thoughts for months now, and does now, as he approaches the Dwarven Temple.

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Jaune reached into her pocket and took out a tool to write with. 'Something's missing...', she wrote, thinking hard about what it could be, 'I hope we find out what we need sooner than later, because whatever's out there could be friend or foe.'

Just as she finished this short note to herself, she took a second to reread it. She stood up from her desk and looked around her small office.


On her desk was nothing but piles of handwritten notes from other staff members at Re-Eden. Since she got promoted, her workload had increased, but so had the pay. She felt a few gold pieces in her pocket - why they hadn't gone from it to some more easily found material, she had no idea. On the simple shelves behind her were a few books about machinery and history. On one side of the room was a simple door, and on the opposite side was where her desk lay (facing the door and not the window behind it).


But one of the walls was the one she spent the most time looking at. This wall was the one with the messages on it. A bunch of swirls and straight lines made up the series of messages that had been transmitted to Xenatu, the founder of Re-Eden. When he picked up the messages from space, he immediately called together a group of people and started the company, trying to translate the messages and to try and develop machinery so advanced that they could, in fact, meet the messengers themselves. If they developed a ship that could go into space, Jaune would surely get a position on it.


Wondering about that, Jaune got thinking about her usual question: "How exactly had Xenatu gotten ahold of the messages themselves?" she said to herself, looking at the symbols hung on the wall.


Just then, a thin, partly balding man in a dark blue suit. His hair was black, he was clean shaven, and looked younger than he probably was.

"Oh, Xenatu! ... You scared me! I haven't made any progress on the message yet."


Jaune's boss stood up straight and smiled. "Jaune, don't be so jumpy. I was in the lobby, and I saw Leon waiting for you. I was passing by your office, so I thought I'd save Ethel the trouble of coming down here. Leon got back rather quickly this time, I must say." He left immediately.


So Leon was back already. He must really want the money we're paying him , thought Jaune. She headed out of her office and down the hallway, passing others' offices on her way, asking herself why Xenatu always pronounced her name with a hard 'J'.


Re-Eden wasn't a very big place. The majority of the land was used for construction of their spaceship, which, Jaune noted, should be getting nearer and nearer to completion.


The lobby was simply a room with a few books on shelves, a desk for Ethel, the receptionist, and the exit, leading workers back into the city of Kaptora. The place wasn't too shabby on the whole, but no extra dollars were put into it, that was for sure.

Sitting on one of the waiting stools was a tall, thin boy of fifteen years of age. He looked sleepy, and, Jaune thought, he needed another haircut. And his robe needed to be washed again. He looked up, and in a moderately deep voice: "Hello, Jaune. I got some of the materials you wanted. But what do you intend to do with them? They don't look like anything useful..."


Jaune smiled, welcomed him, and they began to walk home from Re-Eden, the space development company.

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Upon entering the holy Temple of the Dwarves, in which the great heroes of the past were prayed to for guidance and help, Crispin was immediately struck, as he always was, by the familiar scent of the votive candles that lit the building. Crispin had always wondered why there was no statue of his favorite hero, the hero Crispin, possibly the greatest hero of the Dwarves. After all, it was Crispin who freed the Dwarves from slavery. Yet, nothing here even alluded to him, and no priest or wise dwarf had ever been able to give him an explanation for it.


Pulling himself along by the scent of candles, and by his desire to speak to the head priest, Dugard, Crispin approached the sanctuary. Dugard had noticed Crispin enter, and stood awaiting him.


"What can I do for you, young dwarf?" the old priest asked. "It is late of hour, and the youth don't regularly make it a point to visit the Temple now."


Crispin neared the old priest and bowed deeply. "I come seeking your counsel, Priest Dugard. My mind is eager for the journey I am about to undertake, but my heart is restless."


Sighing deeply, the old priest seated his weary body. "Come, Crispin, tell me what is in your heart."


Crispin went to the priest's side, and lowered himself so that he was looking up into the priest's eyes, rather than down. "There has been a dark spot on my heart from the time I decided to leave Mineside. A shadow of fear has seized my soul, and I know not why. I do not fear leaving this place, nor what awaits my ignorance when I enter the wide world. I attend to the thought eagerly. Yet, I am fearful, and I cannot account for it."


Listening intently, the Priest Dugard held his eyes closed as he considered deeply, and in wisdom, how to respond to the sincere young Dwarf before him. "Long have I known you, young Crispin, and long have I lived. Yet, in the time that I have known you I have beheld mysteries to which I also cannot account. I know not what fates our ancestors behold of you, but the fate that I behold of you is great. Of this shadow in your heart, I cannot give counsel, it surpasses my understanding. I say this clearly, having clearly discerned it in you for some time now. What I cannot answer you here, it may be that the wisdom of the world can. Were you to turn from your path now, from the adventure you have so long desired, the regret you would suffer from today forth would make the shadow in your heart you now feel pale aside its weight. I cannot tell you how to rid this fear, nor can I account for it. Yet, this I advise you, do not turn from the path you have chosen. Much awaits you in this world, venture it. Hope that the path you choose will lead you to discover this darkness in your heart."


The Priest finished, but Crispin did not speak for a time, lest the Dugard had further to say, and they remain still in the silence of candlelight.


"I AM REFT!" The wail came from near the entrance of the temple. "TO YOU, PRIEST, I WILL SHRIVE MY INDIGNATION!" Both Dugard and Crispin whirled to look upon he who was speaking. They found themselves looking upon what appeared to be an old beggar. An aged dwarf, grey beard grown long and frazzled. His wild eyes shifted aimlessly as he staggered forward toward the sanctuary. "SHORN AM I, AS MY SACRED DUTY WAS SHORN FROM ME! I AM THE DISPLACED! REFT OF THE TOME, NOW ALSO DISPLACED, WHICH WAS MY SACRED GUARDIANSHIP!


Crispin stood up, he wanted to make sure that the old dwarf would not harm Dugard. As he did so, however, the old man stopped. Staring directly into Crispin's eyes he whispered, almost awed, "Dwarven Exemplar, the one they call Curly."


Flustered by the sudden change in the madman, Crispin looked toward Dugard for help, but Dugard seemed terrified.


The beggar then busrt out, "BEWARE THE MALFORMED REVENANT!"


Dugard got up and headed behind the altar, where he began to ring the temple bells.




At the sound of the temple bells, dwarf guards swiftly entered the temple and dragged the beggar, wailing, out and toward their jails.

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(Damn!One of you better write a book!!Anyway,sorry,i'm a little late.This takes place in a bar near the outskirts of Kaptora)




A tall man of six feet sat at a bar,his blue misty eyes twinkling in the dark light as he drank his beer.


His name was Roland,24 years old,and semi-handsome.There was a small sphere-shaped amulet hanging from his neck and a jo straped to his back.His green,red tipped hair made him unique among the crowd.


He guzzled down the rest of his beer and ran a hand through his hair.

"hmm...No money,no beer,time to leave."Roland said quietly to himself.


He got out of his seat and--WHAM!!!A beerglass tumbled to the floor,its contents spilling everywhere.Roland had absentmindedly colided with a large muscular man.


"what the hell!?You spilt my beer!!!"said the man,glaring angrily at Roland.


"W-W-We are terribly sorry about th--"Roland started.


"Oh you will be!"


"No really, we didn't mean t--"


The large man quikly silenced Roland with a blow to the head.Roland fell to the floor and slowly stood,angered by the man's unreasonable mood.


"We were waiting for you to do something stupid like that."


"Then you'll be waiting for this!!!"The man yelled,swinging his fist again.

Roland easily dodged,reached for his jo and brought it down hard on the man's head.The man slumped to the floor.


Roland smiled and walked silently out of the bar...



(If I made any mistakes just notify me in the comments topic.hope this is enough.^^ )

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(OOC: I'm not the best writer, but I'll do my best, haha. For those that don't know, OOC = Out Of Character).



In the north, past the Golden Plains, settled near the Moonshine Forest, was a castle majestic enough to house the gods themselves. With walls, that for some, seem to be touching the skies, and so many buildings and people around, for country-folk seemed extremely overcrowded. This extremely majestic castle is called, Northrend. Being the capital city of the, continent of Camlyn, it's where all Military issues take place, and all military training and operations throughout the land of Camlyn are held...



"What do you call that!" shouted a tall-muscular man. "Sorry, sir, I've never had this type of training before. I..I'm sorry, sir." said the lower-ranking soldier.



"Well, we'll have to work on this, and that goes for all of you. Also, if you are to address me, it's Sir Thorr!" shouted Thorr. "Okay, enough training for today. You're all free to leave." replied Thorr. "Yes, Sir Thorr, my power I grant to Northrend!" all the soldiers replied.



Out of no where, Thorr hears a voice, "Tough batch, I see." Turning around swiftly, Thorr said, saluting, "Aye, Commander Scarlet. They'll learn though, they always learn." Laughing Scarlet replied, "Yes, you have always been good at drilling your knowledge into their head, am I correct?" In a stern look, "I believe it's information, at one time, you have given me, Lady Scarlet?" Thorr replied. Scarlet nodding and beginning to laugh, they both started walking back towards the castle...



"Lady Scarlet!! Sir Thorr!!" a man in exquisite clothing shouted. Scarlet and Thorr, ran toward the man. "Wh...What is it, Lord Richard?" asked Scarlet in a hyped up voice. "Sir Thorr, Commander Scarlet, the King wishes to see you both, it's extremely urgent!" replied the man, still trying to catch his breath.



Entering the castle, you could tell they hired the best sculptors, painters and craftsman, as it was all top-notch quality inside the castle, something as if out of a fairy tale. Thorr and Scarlet bowing in front of His Majesty. "Honor to thee, My Lord, My Majesty" they both said, at the same time.


"Steward, Legionaires, you may take your leave now. I wish to speak to my two highest ranking officers in private." said the King. The Steward and Legionaires began to leave, although not at a fast pace, as to think they might over-hear something if they walked slowly out. "Sir Thorr, Commander Scarlet, I'm afraid I have not so pleasant news..." not even after the King was done talking, Thorr replied "My Lord, are we under attack again? Do we have spies lurking around?" in a very energetic, yet nervous voice. "Please, Thorr, wait till I'm finished." replied the King. "Now, as I was saying, we have heard rumors from within our walls and outside sources linking the attacks that happened within the last few weeks to a cave just south of Moonshine Forest. I wish for you two to go investigate it for me." "It's up to you if you wish to have troops accompany you, but you two are my strongest soldiers and most trusted friends, I would think it would be a fairly easy task for just the two of you." said the King, "What say you?"



In a dry voice, Thorr replied, "Of course my Majesty. Leave it to Scarlet and I, we'll handle any threat that may befall our country." "Good." replied the King, "I want you two to leave early in the morning. The journey will be rough, but I believe with your skills and expert discipline in weapons, you will prevail." "Now, you may take your leave, Sir Thorr and Commander Scarlet." said the King. Bowing and saluting, Thorr and Scarlet head out of the castle.



"Well, looks like we'll be back in the rough-and-tumble again, eh Thorr?" said Scarlet, snickering without the slightest look of being scared of whats to come. "Yes, well, don't get to excited, we are going into dangerous territory, you know." replied Thorr, in a stern, non-obnoxious voice. "Come on, can't you ever take a joke? Much less, loosen up once in awhile? We've known each other for over 10 years now. In that amount of time I've seen you smile, much less laugh, only a few times." replied Scarlet, almost in a demanding voice. "Well, I'll see you in the morning, Commander Scarlet. Good night..." replied Thorr, as they both start walking their seperate ways...

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'So, did you end up getting ANYTHING done at work? I wish I could get paid that kind of money without having to run around all over the place,' Leon said to Jaune as they walked through the grand city of Kaptora. Unfortunately, the two lived at the opposite end of town - Re-Eden was at the far north end. The entire city wasn't as machinery-oriented as Re-Eden was, that's for sure, and thankfully so. Sometimes, the natural world was easy to bear with. Of course, he said none of this to Jaune.


'Well, I studied the messages some more - but like usual, I couldn't make any sense of them. I'm starting to wonder if they really mean anything.' Jaune said, stopping at a market on the side of the path they were walking along to buy some fruits and vegetables.


'I want to see them someday. Why can't I go into your office?' Leon asked her, as she was choosing what to buy.


'You CAN come into my office. You've always just taken so long to retrieve what we need you to, that there's no time for you to come into my office. Besides, if none of us can figure it out, I doubt you'd be able to.'

She paid for her things, and they continued walking home.


Kaptora was an odd contrast of a city. The people only lived there for protection from the monsters outside. As a result, the rich lived closer to the center of town, where the monsters didn't have access to.

Nobody really knew how Kaptora had come to be, Jaune thought, but there were those weird ideas that there was that old, religious temple somewhere around here, and that because a well was successfully implemented here, people just started to live here... I guess that would explain why there were all those religious Machtists everywhere... they hadn't been much of an issue until Re-Eden came around. I don't understand them. What is the difference between using simple machinery and going into space?

Jaune frequently wondered if the somewhat-substantial population of Kaptora that were Machtists (Not a majority, but there were more of them than there were supporters of Re-Eden's spaceship idea) were unaware of their hypocritical claims. There was very little machinery in the town anyway, but why wouldn't they want to contact the ones that sent Xenatu the message? Surely there wasn't a clause in their religious beliefs saying, "Do not allow contact with anyone outside the city of Kaptora"...


"So, Jaune, if you'll tell me what you want me to do next, I could start right away. I really don't mind," Leon said, breaking Jaune out of her thoughts.


"Leon, I don't know for sure what we need. I know... I know we need some sort of material that's going to make our ship work. However, we just can't seem to find a substance that will guarantee our success and our safety. We don't know if such a substance even exists. We wouldn't even need that large a quantity of it,", Jaune explained, feeling the disappointment she always felt when she failed at something. But suddenly, she got an idea. Why hadn't it come to her mind before?! "Actually, Leon. You might just be able to help. Could I ask you to do some heavy research on the subject of... magic?"

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Ryu get over here i need you to do something.What is it Running moon.I need you to go get fire wood for the tribe.I would be honored to.How much wood would you like Running moon. Well,let me think,I asked you to get enough for the tribe ,you get as much as you think the tribe needs.OK OK i'm sorry I should have guessed.

After Ryus talk with Running moon he gets on his horse,which is a black horse with feathers and war paint all over it. To go to the forest to get the would for the tribe.To himself he murmers "I would be honored,yeahright" then he grabs his his axe which is made for cutting wood. Once he is on his way someone yells back at him and says"I heard that Ryu" after that Ryu lowers his head.I hate him being the greatest scout ever[/color]"I also heard that Ryu ".

After he finall gets into the forest he gets off his horse to find the right tree to chop down."Will i ever find someone execpt a indian to be my friend".OK this looks like a good tree to chop down,what the heck is that.Ryu is face to face to a body which is all bloody and bruised he gods over to see if it is still alive. It starts moving and scares the living day lights out of him.

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;) (Continuing from where Eragon left off...)

"Uhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" said the battered figure as he struggled to rise from the ground.


Running Moon braced himself as the figure was inching his way closer to the two. Running Moon what is it? Did you find something? Ryu said with concern in his voice. "Yeah I found something alright and it's moving towards us" said Running Moon "What are we gonna do? What if it's one of those Horks I've been hearing about?"


"ha..hay...den..." the body said as it passed out again. Is it dead? Running Moon ask his comerade Hmmmmmm I'm not sure really" Ryu said with concern "But to be safe, let's get a closer look at this thing."


Then Running Moon and Ryu ran to go to check on the fallen figure as they approch it they begin to realize that it isn't monster but rather a Royal Soldier in rough shape.


"Man this guy is in rough shape, let's carry him back to the village" Ryu said as he picked up the body."But what about the wood?" asked Running Moon. "Crap!! I forgot about the wood you carry the wood and I'll carry this guy" said Ryu.


As the duo carried the mysterious man back to thier village night was begining to fall within the lush green forest. Ryu and his friend Running Moon crossed a bridge that of course connected the Crescent River to the village of Treeguard. After walking another half a mile past a small hill the duo managed to return to thier home village but not with as much wood as they wanted to get.


As they entered the town, trees surrounded the village which was composed of log cabbins. They headed straight for thier home on the left portion of town. There they layed the mysterious soldier down upon Ryu's bed when someone knocked on the door. Running Moon answered the door to find a rather large, musclar man standing there. "It's about time you two got back from the woods now where's the wood you were supposed to get?" the large man said.


"Roaring Bear, um well we have some wood outside but..." Running Moon began to explain but was interupted by Roaring Bear "But?" "But we found this guy out in the woods." Running Moon said. "WHAT!!?! You both know that you are not allowed to bring outsiders into the village!! What on earth were you two thinking?!?! Roarign Bear said in a rather angered tone. "We know we shouldn't have brought him here but he was hurt and we couldn't very well let him die" Ryu explained to Roaring Moon when the man began to mutter something under his breath again.


"Hay...Hayden....must...ugggghhh..." "That's all he seems to be able to say is this "Hayden" person." "Hayden?! I've heard of someone named Hayden attacking small villages and the like but I never thought one of his goons would have the tenacity to come to our village!!" Roaring Bear stated this time with concern in his voice.


"He can't be one of this Hayden guy's goons otherwise he would've attacked us" Ryu said. "Yeah" said Running Moon in agreement, "Besides look at his uniform, does that look like a Uniform that a monster or whatever this Hayden guy is would wear?"


Roaring Bear examined the young man closer and noticed that the uniform he was wearing, though heavily damaged, was that of the Nedarburg Army. "Okay so this guy isn't with the Demon hordes but I still don't trust him." Roaring Bear admited. "If he doesn't recieve medical attention soon he'll die what are we going to do?" Ryu asked concerned about the stranger's health. "We could take him to see the elder and see if he might be able to heal him""Though I may jumped the gun about this guy but once he's recovered he must leave the village. Even though he isn't a demon he's still with the Nedarburg Army and they have prooven themselves to be distrusting as well." Roaring Bear said as he bagan to pick up the young man.


The three villagers carried the young man to a temple located in the northernmost portion of town. Inside was an elderly fellow wearing white robes and carried with him a staff with a saphire colored orb at the top. The inside of the temple was aligned with bookshelves filled with various tomes and of course in the center of the temple was a small bon fire. The elderly man asked the three "What do you three need so late at night?" Running Moon and I found this man in the woods while we were gathering firewood earlier this evening we fear that if he isn't treated soon he may die." Ryu explained to the elderly shaman.


"I see, well lay him down gently and I shall see what I can do" The elder then closed his eyes and began chanting in an ancient tounge and as he was chanting the bruses and wounds on the young man began to disappear. After a few minutes the young man's eyes opened and he leaped up.


"Hayden!!! Where's Hayden!! That wretched Bastard will pay for this!!" the young man shouted. "You!! You watch what you say in here!! This is a sacred place and you are in the presense of our great elder!!" "Huh?! Where in the world is this place?" the young man said in bewilderment. Ryu explained what happened to the young man "My freind Running Moon and I found you lying in the Luna Forest battered and bleeding. So we carried you back here and the elder healed your wounds. If we waited to long you would've died."


"So who exactly are you anyways?" Running Moon asked. The young man responded, "My name is Juna, my two friends Thomas and Maya and myself set out to defeat an evil man named Hayden. We managed to reach his palace and confront him but he used some strange magic on us and the last thing I remeber was being launched into that forest where you two found me.


The elder then spoke up and asked Juna "Did you say Hayden?" Yes I did. Juna replied. The elder then said Ahhhhhhhh Hayden, a man with a seriously evil aura surrounding him. Hayden has attacked several villagesn over the years and has killed many a man. Also he seems to use young teenage children to increase the size of his army. Hayden is a very dangerous man to fight as no one who's fought him ever returned alive. That's not going to stop me from taking him down Juna replied.


You would be foolish to take on Hayden by yourself especially after what happened before. Should you decide to fight Hayden again you may not be so lucky to survive. Running Moon and I will go with Juna Ryu anounced and Running Moon joined in and said Yeah, I'll go too I owe that guy one if it's the same Hayden I am thinking of. He wrecked my life and killed my family and so I say it's payback time!!


No!! You two have no idea what kind of power hayden has. Thomas, Maya and myself were well trained to handle the forces of Hayden and I was left battered and I have no idea what happened to the others. Juna said. Fine then, go off on your own but I'd like to see you make it out of the Luna Forest by yourself. The other villagers say that the forest is a natural maze and only Ryu and I can navigate our way in and out of the forest.


Yes and you never know what kind of monsters will leap out of the woods as well. You'd be stupid to go alone. Ryu stated. Juna did realize that he wasn't familiar with the lay of the land and add to the fact that he didn't have a sword in his hand. So after taking a miniute to think this one over he decided to allow Ryu and Running Moon to accompany him. Fine then, you two can come along but just to the edge of the woods then you two should head back home.

Juna said.


And so Juna, Ryu and his friend Running Moon leave the village Elder's home and set off to navigate their way through the Luna Forest.

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Mikael strode quickly down the halls fo the Second Temple of Neward towards the patient wing. He passed by other priests and healers, raising his hand in acknowledgement of their varied greetings. He knew these halls like they were his home and shortly arrived at his destination. He frowned, trying to remember what room it was.


"Oh yeah, it was room 311. Can't believe that I forgot it.", he thought.


He hit is forehead lightly with the heel of his hand and smiled slightly. He turned and walked down the corridor until he reached the room. The red light above the door to the room was lit, meaning the room was occupied.


"Here we go."


He gripped the staff in his right hand slightly tighter, said to himself, "Mother, Father, watch over me.", and opened the door.


The room was designed with a kid in mind, with light blue walls interspersed with white fluffy clouds. A child sat on the cushioned bed with his mother by his side. He had his eyes closed tightly and his hands were clutching his stomach. His mother looked up as Mikael entered the room.


"Look honey," she said to her son, "the doctor is here and he'll make you feel better."


Mikael knelt down in front of the boy. "Your tummy hurts, huh?", he asked. The boy opened his eyes and nodded. "Well, I think I can get you feeling better." He lifted the child's shirt and put his first two fingers on the boy's stomach. He could feel that something wasn't right down there and called up his magic.


"He's only got an upset stomach. Probably just ate something old and it didn't agree with him. I stopped the chemical reaction but he'll need some herbs to make sure no further reaction occurs. We've got our own hydroponics garden so I'll just go get some and be back in a minute."


He left the room and walked towards the gardens, happy that was able to help another sick person.

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In the outskirts of Kaptora,Urick stood watching the sunset. His sheathed

Red Sun Katanas were glinting bright red earning their namesake. Suddenly hearing the

imistakable noise of a fight,he ran to the nearby bar to congradulate the winner and steal the loser`s poketbook. Upon seeing the winner ,a tall,green haired agile looking man with what must have been a jo on his back, he realized he should say somthing. "Don' wanna fight" said Urick having second thoughts of even talking to this deadly LOOKING person.


"Fight?No,we don't even know you."


"What about that guy?"Urick asked,pointing to the unconcious man on the bar floor.


"Yeah...well,we really didn't mean to spill his drink-for the most part anyway."


We?... for the most part?... uh...uh...uh...a skitz?...

Before saying this Urick noticed the menacing jo and reconsidered.

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The Machtists... the religion that opposed the development of space travel, but also openly accepted the use of simple machinery. To Leon, it didn't make much sense. But another difference between the Machtists and the supporters of spaceship development, he knew, was that the Machtists were knowledgeable in magic, and Xenatu's company was not.


Then, why was Leon such a supporter of the spaceship? Even if Jaune hadn't taken care of him when he was young - even without her influence - he knows that he would still find learning about the messages from space a benefit rather than a drawback. But... he could use magic. Jaune knew it, too. He didn't know how or why, but he had that innate ability that every single one of the Re-Eden workers did not (at least, to Jaune's knowledge).


... The Great Kaptorian Library was, of course, almost as far away from Re-Eden as it could be. It lay in the southeast corner of the city... not too far from Jaune's house, but it certainly wasn't what Leon called close by.


By Jaune's request, Leon went there that evening, to research anything magical that might help the spaceship work properly. Re-Eden wasn't against magic by any means; it just wasn't prone to using it in scientific matters - this was obvious, because scientific data had the potential to be inaccurate if unscientific methods were used to obtain it. Magic had no known science to it, and so would be used as a last resort.


There were a few dim lights in each room of the library. The library was laid out like a tree: there were general sections, dividing up information simply, and within each section were further subsections, to specify further what you wanted. To research what he was looking for, Leon entered the area labelled "Magic", and then proceeded to go to the section "Physical" - surely, there would be some information on magical substances there.

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Crispin stood alone, consumed by his thoughts. Dwarven Exemplar? Curly? I know I've got curly hair, but there are several dwarves who do. Dwarven Exemplar? Oh whatever! He was just some craze old coot. It doesn't mean anything.


Looking about himself, Crispin tried to focus on the task at hand. Alright, I've got my clothes packed, my money's in my pouch. My food is packed and I've said my goodbyes. I still feel like I'm missing something though. Just then his mother knocked on the open door to his room.


"The morning is growing late, Crispin. You're going to want to make good time to the foothills."


Crispin could see the worry in her eyes, but she masked her voice well. He smiled at her warmly. "I'll be alright mother."


At that she released some pent tension past her lips as her eyes swelled with sadness. "I know." Her voice quivered.


The gap between mother and son closed as they embraced each other tightly. "The priest tells me it's a day's journey to the foothills, and from there I am to head east toward Northrend, a human city. He tells me it's fair like my eyes have not beheld."


Sniffling, she wiped her eyes. "Then go, behold it well, and tell me about it when you return."


"I will, mama."


They embraced again. Then, holding him by the shoulders at arms length, she gave him a quick visual inspection. "Your father would be proud. I have something for you. Something for your journey." She produced a small package from a pocket in her dress and handed it to him. "It's a map. I did some digging in the library, and asked Bruen if I could have it, for you."


Crispin smiled widely. "I thought I was forgetting something, but how could I have known it was a gift from my mama?" They hugged one last time. Then, with a low sigh, Crispin left his mother, and his home.

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inside base of some knights listing for any secerts that the gaurds blurt out, after some sneaking


gaurd(sp?):"heard the news, the caption tells us some mecinerys are araving soon, is it true?"


gaurd 2: "I don't know maby, I wonder what the special in?", "combat, magic?"


gaurd:"maby its sneaking?"




both gaurds:*go silent*(thinking) who would sneak in this base, we killed all but the people that belive we are nice why would the caption suggest other wise"


caption:*turns around* "no pay to day for you two"


both gaurds turn the corner


gaurd 2:"but..."


guard: "what?"


gaurd 2: "theres that one guy that disspeard from the castle and was never found. maby he fell right into the trap door right back in the towers prison, lets drop it"


burn:(thinking)"that sure was'nt me I never visted any castles or towers "


good?, bad? other?

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OOC: my suggestion to you, burn, is just to 'fluff up' your story. Add some description to their whereabouts, or describe exactly how the characters say something (eg. "he said quietly"; "he murmured"), and just go over your spelling a bit. :)



Leon's memory was nowhere near horrible, but it was nowhere above par. He spent a lot of time looking through books that had absolutely nothing to do with he was searching for. He just found himself so interested in some of the concepts and ideas set out by some of the books that he couldn't help but keep reading them.


He found a book about simple Cleric magic, and was reading on the explanation as to how to focus your mind to cast the Heal spell (although a certain amount of knowledge about one's self was required to do this, such as "Can you even use magic?" - but there were other books that explained, in layman's terms, how to determine if you could use magic or not... although, obviously, these weren't the most reliable of sources). It was strange... he KNEW how to cast the Heal spell, and had for as long as he could remember. He had first cast it when Jaune had accidentally hurt herself, and it had seemed to come naturally to him ever since then.


He had tried reading some of the other spell explanations... he didn't feel ready to read the summary of "The Next Step - How to Cast Healmore", and it was good exercise not to have practiced Return. But almost EVERY spell he had wanted to cast in his life (as well as those he didn't)... this database - this very room: "Magic (Physical)" - was described here. He wondered how people could possibly think that they could write down how to cast every known spell... it took some understanding to use magic, not reading a book about it. Even so, Leon still looked through and borrowed books, trying to understand several spells.


All of a sudden, there was a loud crash, as the door to this room slammed shut.

"Geez... please keep it down! I'm trying to concentrate." Leon said to the man that had just entered. And, Leon, noticed, he was staring directly at him.


Leon looked around. Even though this room alone was about the size of a moderate house - but only one floor - ... he could tell that he and this rude, staring person were the only people currently here. This room was rectangular, and was wider than it was long. Bookshelves were arranged in lines along the back half of the room, while seats to read or wait were closer to the door.


"I knew I recognized you! I saw you earlier, walking with that woman from Re-Eden!" he said, pointing a finger at Leon, who still had open a book while still searching through the shelves. The man, of a moderate built, was wearing common brown pants and a plain, similarly-coloured shirt.


Leon felt his heart rate increase slightly. He noticed the chain around the man's neck - a Machtist. Just great. "Can I help you? I don't work here or anything." Then, feeling the need to say more, added: "I work for Jau... um, Re-Eden." He quickly decided not to say Jaune, perhaps looking out for her.


The man took a step forward. Leon closed his book and put it back on the shelf."If you help build this spaceship, you'll never be forgiven. Your very soul... its meaning... destroyed!"


This wasn't a new concept to Leon. He also knew that "If humanity seeks what is beyond its limits, then the Creator will be angry", and a whole lot of other things that he really didn't believe. ... He decided that he'd come back to the Great Library later, when there were people around. "That's nice. I've heard it before. But, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get going!"


The man had no reaction to this... until, that is, when Leon tried to walk around him, when he suddenly stepped back to the door, blocking the path. Much closer to him now, Leon saw that this guy was much more muscular than he was... using physical force was definitely not going to work. So, he simply looked at the Machtist.


The Machtist looked at him. "You're not going anywhere, kid."

... Leon took a few steps away from him, wondering what to do next.

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There was no large send off for Crispin. Not many of the dwarves knew, or cared that he was leaving. He had said his goodbyes to those that meant something to him, and he was content with that. Now, entirely alone, he headed up through the tunnel, away from the mines and miners and all that was familiar to him.


He'd been in this tunnel hundreds of times, wandering through it, imagining the world outside. He had never gone very far though, and soon he came to the little mound of rocks that marked the greatest distance away from home he'd ever been. He hesitated, then, bending down toward the pile, he plucked up a rock and juggled it lightly in his palm. Wherever I go, I will have this small piece of home with me, and in that distant place that I am destined to journey, I will leave this token as a sign that I was there, the furthest place from my home. It was no special rock, just an ordinary, dirty grey rock, but to Crispin, it just became the brightest diamond under the mountains.


He pushed the rock into his pocket and pressed on with lighter feet. He was on his way, and nothing could stop him now.




After ten hours of relentless climbing though the dark, musky tunnels of the mountain, Crispin's feet were no longer light. Puffing and wheezing loudly, he set himself down against the tunnel wall to rest and eat.


"Hoo! No wonder not many dwarves leave Mineside. Does the climb ever end?"


He couldn't help speaking aloud now. Since he'd left the city, he'd travellend in complete silence, save the sounds of his trudging boots. Though he was acquainted with long hours of quietude in the library during his research, he'd never done without conversation or speech for any more than a few hours.


Pulling out some rat jerky, he chewed ravinously. He hadn't realized he was so hungry.


"A day's journey, eh? I must be nearing the foothills by now. It shouldn't be too much further."


Climbing to his feet, Crispin got set to continue on. Then he heard it, a slow, steady squishing sound. He knew the sound, he'd heard it several times before, back in the mines of Mineside. The workers had to deal with these from time to time. A slime. Peering up ahead, Crispin didn't see it, but he knew it was there. Quietly, he moved forward. Then he saw it. It came sloshing around a corner, entirely unaware of Crispin. He ducked behind a rock and unsheathed his two hand-axes. Gripping his axes tightly, he waiting, trying to time his attack right. Now! Crispin jumped out from behind the rock, ran a few paces, and brought down one axe, then the second, swiftly upon the slime. It splattered everywhere.


Crispin looked down at himself, there was slime all over his clothes. Sighing heavily, he wiped his axes clean.


"What a fine start for this adventure." His words oozed with sarcasm, much like his clothes oozed with slime.

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;) Later into the night Juna, Ryu, and Running Moon began their trek into the Luna Woods. Luckly it was a clear night and the moon was full provinding some light as the trio of travelers began their travels....


"Hey Ryu, do you honestly trust this guy?" Running Moon asked with concern for his own safety. Ryu responded, "Running Moon, you're so worrisome sometimes I swear" "Seriously though, this guy just comes out of nowhere spouting off things about Hayden, how do we know he doesn't work for him?" Running Moon said trying to reason with his friend.


"And how do you know he does? Come on Running Moon there's no need to argue with this guy. Besides if it will make you feel better, as soon as we escort our friend here to the edge of the woods we'll go our separate ways. Ryu said trying to comfort his friend. "Can we move it along here? You never know when monsters will pop out." Juna said in a rather gruff tone.


As the three continued to walk they found themselves confronted by a pack of five wolves as Juna was getting ready to draw his sword he quickly realized that his sword was missing and one of the wolves landed a cheap shot to Juna's face. three of the wolves tried to circle Running Moon but Ryu, being the skilled tracker and hider he is, made a sneak attack and killed two of the three wolves with his archery skills.


Running Moon drew out his daggar and thrusted it inside the third Wolf's jaw and then cutting it's throat. Juna having no weapon decided to try and fight the remaining wolves unarmed. After taking a couple of claw attacks from them Juna then thought to himself "Oh great, you just had to loose your sword and THEN try to fight a Wolf barehanded...


As Juna punched and kicked the attacking wolf, the other wolf make another sneak attack and tripped Juna cause him to fall and placing him in possition for Wolf A to land a death blow. But before the wolves could make thier next move Ryu fired another arrow which punctured one Wolf in the eye then Running Moon threw his daggar at the same wolf which managed to strike the left side of the wolf thus cause a death blow. The remaining wolf, frightend now that his comerades are gone, decided that retreat was the better option. As he ran off he bellowed "You'll pay for this, once we tell Lord Canus"


"Phew, that was a close one." Running Moon said with relief in his voice and then asked Juna and Ryu "Are you guys okay?". "Damn!! If only I had my sword, that sniveling mutt wouldn't have gotten away!!" Juna said with anger in his voice. "Calm down Juna, it's no need to get so angry over one bad battle Ryu said trying to console Juna and Running Moon added in "Yeah, you're prety brave going up agianst a wolf with your bare hands, besides maybe you can buy another sword in town or something" "I suppose your right, I just feel like nothing without my sword though" Juna replied and then said "We'd better get moving, that wolf might come back with some reinforcements."


As the trio continued thier "hike" in the woods they came across various plants that didn't grow near Treeguard. Also the hooting of Owls can be heard all around the forest and various small animals would roam arouns. After walking for about a half an hour the three decided to rest for a few minutes "Why exactly do you wish to go after this Hayden character and who exactly is he supposed to be anyways?" Ryu asked Juna, curious about Juna's past. "Yeah, we know your from Nedarburg but nothing more." Running Moon added.


"Hayden is pure evil, plain and simple, I don't have to explain my actions to civialians." Juna said in a rather hatefull tone of voice. "Geez, do you act so cold towards anyone else?!" Ryu stated alittle annoyed with Juna's attitude. "Alright, fine, you want an explanation on why I want to take Hayden down then you got it. But you have to tell me why the hell you are following me anyways. Juna said sounding demanding.


"I am going after Hayden because his army killed my family and he killed the only two friends I had left. Hayden won't stop there either, if he is left unchecked he will destroy the world." Juna explained. "As you may have noticed, I look nothing like Running Moon's people, A monster killed my family as well and as an infant I was abandoned at the edge of Treeguard, he said it was for someone name "Lord Hayden" apparently this is the same man who you want to vanquish." Ryu explained. "Well, I never really lost anything to Hayden's horde but I'll do what I can to help you guys out and to escort you out of these woods" Running Moon said basefully.


After a few minutes a red blob like thing dropped onto Running Moon and he screamed out "AGH!! GET THIS DAMN THING OFF OF ME!!!" Juan and Ryu quickly arosed only to see a Red Slime jumping up and down on Running Moon's face. Juna quickly grabbed the little red blob and then it bit his finger. "OUCH!!" Juna screamed as he then rose his foot. "Why you rotten little..." Juna muttered as he lowered his foot squishing the slime flat.


"Lets get out of this forest before something else decides to attack us." Juna said "Yeah, this is starting to get rediculous." Ryu replied. Then the three then began to press forward along the forest path. They walked and walked all through most of the night and then as they began to see an open field. "Could we have made it through the forest?" Running Moon said with enthusiasm. But as the three walked into the field the wolf from the earlier fight and five more wolves appeared.


"What the?! Grrrrrrrrr, If only I had my sword....." Another wolf appeared on the battle feild as well, this one having a dark red coat of Fur and wearing a robe. Well, well well I never thought I would find humans out wondering around in MY forest... the Red colored wolf spoke in a sinister tone of voice. The other wolves began to circle the party much like before Running Moon then drew out his daggar in preparation to attack and Ryu drew out his bow and arrow set.


"So you're the ones who've been beating up on my pack...Well I got to hand to you three, you certainly have guts challenging the might of Canus." the robbed wolf spoke in an arrogant tone. "Heh heh heh" the wolf from before cackled, "I told you you'd pay for that humiliating defeat!!"


"All right you mutts!!" bellowed Canus, "Attack!! Leave not one of them alive!!" The six wolves then charged Juna and his commerades with everything they have, clawing, biting and the like. Juna again decided to fight two of the wolves barehanded again seeing as how he didn't have his sword. Ryu started sneaking around as usual trying to find the kill shot for his targets and Running Moon started repelling the reaming four wolves attacks all while Canus stood there watching the action.


Juna kept punching and kicking in vital points such as the spot in between the eyes and the middle of the chest but it didn't seem to work until Juna decided to dash a few feet away, one wolf soon followed Juna. Juna then jumped up and then landed an elbow drop onto the first wolf's head and landed a chop on the back of said wolf's neck snapping it in two. Seeing this the other wolf then charges at Juna with feirce tenacity. The wolf lucked out and landed a couple of clawings on Juna, then Juna began another assult with his fists landing blow after blow on the wolf.


As Juna was pummeling the wolf and getting clawed as well, Ryu had found a place in one of the trees on the edge of the forest. Up in the tree Ryu began to take aim on one of the four wolves surrounding his friend, after getting a lock on his target he then fired his arrow which struck one of the wolves in the heart killing it instantly. The wolf that alerted his comarades decided to break away from Running Moon and try to hunt down Ryu.


Running Moon was also in persuit of his assailants but Canus got wise to the plan and began to speak "You humans are dumber than you look if you think you are going to fool me" Canus said arrogantly. "Eat this elf boy!!" Canus bellowed as he fired a medium sized fireball at the general direction of the forest. Ryu then jumped out of the tree only to get pounced on by the wolves.


Running Moon then jumped, with his knife drawn, and then stabbed one of the wolves cause severe damage and drawing the other two wolves away from Ryu. Juna then managed to pick up the fourth wolf and toss it in the direction of the other three, causing them to stumble over one another. Then Ryu, out of sheer despiration, shot and arrow and managed to hit one wolf's side cause damage but did nothing except for stunning it. Then Running Moon charged that same wolf with his knife and stabbed it in between it's eyes killing it instantly. The other three wolves, knowing that they're comrades have fallen decided to jump on one target, and that target was Running Moon.


The three wolves began clawing and biting on Running Moon mercelessly causing him to drop his knife. Ryu again shot another arrow in an attempt to save his freind but it missed and Juna charged the wolves with a shoulder barge. The barge was successful in a couple of wolves away from Running Moon but only irritated them further. Juna then saw Running Moon's knife, picked it up and then tossed it hitting one wolf in the throat killing it instantly. Ryu then began to take aim on one of the wolves moving in an eastern most pattern and Juna kept his eye on the wolf moving the opposite direction.


The wolves taking focus on Juna then began to make their attack and Juna braced himself for anything they may try. Ryu then fired the last of his arrows and with serious luck he manged to strike the wolf on the east side of Juna in the heart thus giving Juna a signal to lauch a barrage of physical attacks on the remaining wolf. Juna landed blow after blow on the wolf and it was begining to take it's tool on the beast. Ryu then threw a nearby rock at the creature which distracted it long enough for Juna to attempt a move that could defeat this last wolf.


Luckily for Juna the move worked and he delt the wolf a strike to the center of it's throat causing the wolf to suffocate. Now the only enemy remaining on the feild was the Wolflord Canus. "Well now this is certainly an intriguing turn of events." the Wolflord stated. "But your luck has run out and it's not like your numbers have dwendled as well. Your comerade looks like he's seen better days" Canus stated as he was pointing at Running Moon.


Running Moon was laying there in pain and bleeding from the onslaught of Canus's soldiers. He couldn't move because of the pain and loss of blood he sustained. Canus then began to glow with an icy blue aura. "Juna be careful, this is no ordinary wolf, he's going to use some form of Magic!!" Ryu said in observation. "HYADO!!" Canus shouted as he fired a small ice cickle like blast from his hand. "How in the world do we deal with something like that?! Juna shouted as Canus launched another Icebolt spell.


Ryu was lost in his thoughts, the only thing he could think of would be to fire an arrow at Canus but seeing as how that option is unavialible at this point he was out of arrows. Then Ryu spotted the knife that Running Moon was using, he then worked his way closer to the knife which was embedded inside the body of one of the fallen wolves. Unfortunatly though Canus caught wind of Ryu's plan and launched another spell. This time however it was more of a fire based spell then an ice based one.


Seeing as how the first blast missed, Canus then launched a second one "MERA!!" Canus bellowed as he launched another fireball this time however it hit Ryu and left a serious burn on his arm. "While his back is turned I can make my move" Juna thought as he leaped into the air and then decsended upon Canus with a kick. Again like the last plan it met with failure as Canus launched another fireball at Juna, luckily though for Juna it missed but so did Juna's attempted kick. "You fools!! You can't hit me!! Canus stated arrogantly.


"How are we going to attack this guy when we can't even touch him?" Juna thought as he then noticed Ryu going for the knife again, the an idea hit Juna. "Hey mutt!!" Juna hollored "I dare you to try that again you walking bag of insects!!" Canus looked over and started casting Blaze spells at Juna while Ryu proceeded towards the knife which was colored with blood.


Juna kept dodging some of the spells until he tripped and was hit with a fireball being trained to handle most types of enemies Juna managed to put out the fire on him rather quickly. Canus then switched his tactics back to casting Icebolt spells upon Juna which threw him off a bit, but Juna quickly regained composure. Ryu was still sneaking towards the knife as Canus suddenly stopped with his spell casting and charged straight for Juna.


Canus and Juna exchanged blow for blow as Ryu inchesd ever closer to the knife. Juna began to realize that fighting bare handed was a grave mistake as Canus landed a leath blow with his claws. Ryu had finally managed to grab the knife and threw it at the back of Canus seeing as how he was distracted by Juna. But luck for the heros ran out as the Knife missed Canus and landed elsewhere. "So this was why you were so persistant. You attempted to blindside me with that knife like you did my minions. Nice try fools but sadly for you, it didn't work!!


Canus then began to glow with a yellow aura and he began chanting in a starnge tounge, "IO!!" Canus shouted as he unleashed a powerful explosion across the field. The blast sent Ryu, Running Moon, and Juna flying into the edge of the forest, hitting various trees. "This is just like when I fought Hayden..." Juna thought becoming more and more enraged at the thought of loosing another fight and more people getting killed as a result."How about an encore performance of my last spell gentlemen?" Canus arrogantly asked casting another Bang spell which knocked out Ryu and Running Moon leaving a seriously injured Juna who was struggling to his feet.


"Well now aren't you the stubborn one." Canus stated showing even more arrogance than before. Juna's thoughts began to wonder again. "There has got to be a way to beat this overgrown guard dog. But I don't have a sword and those two are out cold...." Juna thought trying to come up with another strategy. "Face it human, the three of you can't defeat the mighty Wolflord Canus, you'd best give up now for face more of my "explosive" fury. Canus stated bluntly launching another explosion attack which sent Juna to the ground. Canus then leaped and landed directly on Juna's chest.


"Fool!! you never had a chance against me now it's time you die." Canus said as he proceeded to make his leathal move. "First Maya and Thomas, now those two and now the humiliation of becoming this guy's chew toy!?!?! That's enough, it's time he and other demons like him pay for such attrocoties!!" Juna thought as it seemed that Death was tapping him on the shoulder. But then Juna's rage consumed him, his eyes opened suddenly and with a sudden burst of energy, he sent Canus flying further away from Ryu and Running Moon. "Ow!" Canus stated as he arose, "What the hell?! Since when could you do that?!" "You're finished, mongrel" Juna said cold and seemingly void of any emotion. "What!? What are you talking about?! And how dare you address me as a common "mongrel" prepare to fry human!! Canus ranted as he launched another explosion spell but as it near it's target is fizzled out.


"HOW?! HOW DID THE SPELL FIZZLE?!!?! Canus yelled annyoed with Juna's persistance. Juna who was standing there a still as a tree, began to glow with an aura much like Canus' but a more dark grey color. "What the?! What are you doing?!!" Canus asked filled with panic in his voice. Juna continued to stand there in complete silence as his enrgy bulit up even further. "ANSWER ME!!!" Canus shouted but Juna remained still and quiet.


"Fine then, if you won't answer me then I'll just rip your throat out!!" Canus shouted again as he lunged towards Juna who then at that moment unleased his attack upon the wolflord!! "Myakukuro!" Juna yelled as he launched his attack at Canus which it struck on contact. "No!! Forgive me Lord Hayden....... Canus said as the blast consumed him. After hearing those words Juna suddenly snapped out of his trance. "Hayden!? That mutt worked for Hayden?! he thought to himself.


Once the blast cleared Juna went over to check on Ryu and Running Moon, both of them were still out cold and in need of medical attention. Juna himself could use some treatment as well but he managed to endure. "Looks like it's time for me to return the favor." Juna said to himself as he threw Ryu and Running Moon over both his shoulders. He then set off for the nearest town.

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The Machtist took a menacing step toward Leon. There was nobody other than the two of them in the room. "If you won't willingly stop assisting in the building of your spaceship, then it's my duty to make you stop."


Leon thought about calling for help, but thought that this might provoke this violent Machtist into rushing at him. Leon was fairly fast... and he could cast spells quickly, too, he thought to himself. His next idea was also crushed: if he could get the man to run after him, loop around a set of the bookshelves, and reach the door in time, he could escape. But the man, keeping one eye on Leon (still inching away), took a silver key out of his pocket and locked the only door leading to the room. So, what could Leon do now? If he tried to get the key, he'd surely get a pounding from the man... and even if he weren't there, Leon couldn't open the door. He was trapped.


Unless... Leon started to back up in the direction where all the descriptions of how to generally cast spells were. He certainly wasn't the type to use offensive magic, but given an emergency...? He still wasn't sure - his real target was to somehow locate the Open spell. But he'd never really looked it over in detail... it was a stretch.


"So... are you still going to work for that company?"


Leon also thought about his weapon, which he had carelessly left with Jaune at their house. His magic gun... the only mechanical development Jaune herself had made. Unfortunately, it didn't have any ammo (magic) yet anyway - so it could only fire small objects. But at this point, it would have been better than nothing. Even small objects could do great damage at high velocities.


Leon's mind returned to the situation at hand. "Fine. Yes, I'll stop working for them. You win." He stepped a foot closer to the man, and gave a submissive look.


The man seemed shocked for a second. But then, he caught on - "You lying brat! You're dead!" Leon started to run away as soon as he realized what the man was doing. "IceBolt!!!" He shouted, waving his hand at Leon, now dashing down an aisle of books.


Leon found what he wanted - he opened a book from off the shelf and started reading it frantically. Then, he suddenly felt his feet go numb. He looked down. Small ice crystals had suddenly appeared underneath his clothing and imbedded in his skin. He shivered, knowing that soon the ice would vanish, and that this feeling was only temporary. And it did. Leon kept his distance from the man, who was still in the front half of the room, staying on the opposite side of the aisle from him.


"You won't be able to get away from me, kid! ........ Infernos!"

Leon squinted, and braced himself. He still tried to continue reading, understanding what was in front of him... A strong breeze passed over Leon, and several books from nearby fell onto the floor. A few tiny stones and other small debris struck Leon in the head. Anything that hit his cloak wasn't really felt. "I don't care what you do to me... We're going to build the spaceship!" Leon yelled. He glanced over the page he was reading again... and shut his book. He began to run to his left, but then switched directions and went down an aisle to his right. He could hear the man's heavy footsteps getting fainter, as he tried to find Leon down one of the aisles he was led to believe the boy had moved toward.


Leon finally emerged from the rows of books. The Machtist whirled around, and narrowed his eyes at him. Both of them were on near opposite sides of the room.

"You're dead, kid. I'm not kidding, actually... I'm tired of fooling around!" He paused for moment, casting his spell.

Leon took this opportunity to complete his strategy. "Bounce!" he yelled. A completely transparent wall appeared in front of Leon. It shined, and then faded. No! Had it not worked!? thought Leon. Wait... it's still there. I feel it... it's still there.


The man was a victim of his own so-called duty. "Beat!" he finished. Like all magic, the user was concentrating so hard on their own mind that they were oblivious to most everything that was happening around them.


A black sphere suddenly appeared around Leon! However, the shimmering wall of light reappered, and the sphere fazed out of existence and came into place around the man. Leon closed his eyes. When he opened them, the man was laying on the floor, completely motionless. Leon walked up to him nervously, took the key from the body, unlocked the door, and went back to his researching.

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;) Meanwhile in Hayden's Palace.....


"Humph..." Hayden scoffed as he watched Canus' defeat at the hands of Juna from his mystic orb. "I knew I should've sent soldiers to make sure he was properly disposed of..." Hayden said.


And yet...this new found power of his... Hayden thought to himself. If harnessed and nurtured properly, it could serve a useful purpose... "Lord Hayden!!" a voice shouted. "What is it you fool? Can't you see I am in the middle of meditation?!" Hayden asked hatefully. "My appologies sir but I have some interesting news." the soldier asked. Well out with it then, what is this news you speak of, and it better be worth interupting my meditation. Hayden demanded.


"It seems a civil war is starting in Kaptora between the Machists and those Techno-Crats working on some secret project." the soldier explained in which Hayden then demanded more reason as to why his meditation was interupted. The guard then began to give a reason and a proposition that would benefit the entire army of Hayden. "Should this civil despute break out into an open conflict our forces could rush in and steal whatever technological devices they may have. With these devices we could boost our defenses significantly and then there is their secret project...."


"Hmmmmmmmmm this is indeed an interesting idea you have come up with, but I am more interested in that secret project as opposed to causeing some chaos." Hayden said with an evil smirk on his face, he then called for one of his commanders "Send for General Drakor immediatly!!" Hayden ordered the guard. "At once your highness." the guard said as he arose and carried out his order. A moment later a man who was about the same size as Juna with short topaz colored hair entered the throne room. "You sent for me Lord Hayden?" the man asked as he knelt before Hayden.


"Yes I did, I have some orders for you to carry out Hayden said to the general knealing. "I want you to investigate this supposed civil despute in Kaptora and most importantly, I want you to gather as much information as you can on this secret project in progress. Hayden explained. "Of course my Lord." Dracor stated in obedience.


"Oh and by the way...." Hayden then said, as he then made an illusion of Juna"Should you see this man, bring him back to me alive if possible." "As you command my lord" Dracor said as he took off to carry out his mission.

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A couple of hours after his encounter with the slime, Crispin rounded a sharp bend and found himself only paces away from daylight. Though he was still in the shade of the cave, he shielded his eyes. He had never seen such brilliance in his life. What is this?! He wondered desperately.


"Who's there?" Crispin thought it might be magic, that someone might be up ahead of him. No response came. "I don't want any trouble!" He called again. Still no response.


After a few minutes of consideration, Crispin decided it wasn't magic that someone was conjuring, but maybe it was magic of another sort. However, and as the anxiety of a possible foe withdrew, the anxiety of ignorance remained. Then an idea occurred to him. The light of Crispin? No, that doesn't make sense. That's just metaphor. But this light! It's so bright.


Crispin, still shielding his eyes, inched forward. As he stepped out into the light, he was virtually blinded, and could see nothing. Under the duress of the brilliance that he now found himself engulfed in, his other senses were lost to him. He needed his vision.


He ran back into the cave, but found that his sight was not restored. Everything now seemed as black as midnight. For a moment, Crispin panicked, believing he had been blinded. Slowly, however, that panick faded as his eyes readjusted to the darkness of the cave. He also now found that looking out into the light wasn't as difficult, and he could make out shapes. He could see light-grey rocks that went for a short distance before being covered in the shadow of a rock wall. It appeared that he had either come to the end of the tunnel, or a small hollow of somekind.


Setting himself down, Crispin decided to sit and watch the light for a while.


Why have I not been told of this before? Is it possible that none in Mineside knew of this? What is it?


Then it hit him.


Wait. Is this, perhaps, sunlight? I have read of this, it's in the tales of those who've travelled before. 'An unmatched light made by the eye of the sky.' Why didn't the priest warn me? It's too bright for my eyes. And... the sky?


Driven by a new excitement, and knowing his questions wouldn't be answered sitting there in the darkness of the cave, Crispin stood up, and approached the light.

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Leon knew that he was not to blame for the man's death. However, Machtists everywhere would certainly be quick to blame the employees of Re-Eden for the death of one of their followers. Even though he knew he wasn't at fault, Leon still couldn't concentrate well on finding what he wanted.


... A few hours later, Leon's tired eyes came across something that could be a great discovery - a substance... "Machtium"... a familiar and ominous-sounding name, indeed. Leon had heard of it before, in fact... Machtists often talked of it and they thought it was sacred. He would've tried to look for something else, but he was far too tired, and wanted revenge on Machtists after his encounter with that one follower.


"Machtium", a rare substance, would certainly provide Re-Eden with the power it needed to go to space. He didn't really know the physics behind it, nor did he care, but given the problem Jaune had told him... it seemed that this substance was exactly what they needed.


So, it seems like the Machtists and everyone supporting Re-Eden are going to hate each other even more, Leon thought. But how am I supposed to get some of this stuff...?


Leon left the library, after signing (and re-signing) out a few books. It was later than he thought it was. Jaune wouldn't be mad or anything, but he still wanted to learn the location of Machtium before he went home. Figuring that a pub would be where people spill information and exchange stories, he went there. It was in the southwest side of Kaptora, fairly close to Jaune's house. He didn't like wandering the streets at night, and liked even less going to places where large, idiotic drunks could pick on him.


As he approached, a ninja-looking guy with two frighteningly red swords entered. Leon, quite willingly, cast an Upper spell on himself before he entered. He could hear people yelling... "We were waiting for you to do something stupid like that." ... Groups were fighting?... Maybe, thought Leon, he'd come back later. But, he followed the intimidating man in the bar anyway.


He looked around. It was dark, and there were few people left in the bar. Several people, either because of the commotion (and, to Leon's fright, a body on the ground) or simply because it was getting darker outside, were leaving. Waiting close to the exit, Leon waited, listening to people. A few people passed him... a couple of guys laughing about nothing, a few guys that had drank too much, a few girls with similar hairstyles, a few single people, a man with bizarre, green hair that had red tips... and then Leon hit the target: a few gentlemen that, to Leon's astonishment, were discussing Re-Eden. He could tell... they were Machtists. He followed them for a while, hoping they'd bring something up.


They discussed their views about Re-Eden - things Leon had heard before. They discussed their financial situation, but then one of the three gentlemen, a short, skinny man, brought up something important. "My grandson... you know, I can't believe him... that goes for all kids these days, y'know? ... The little brat is so disrespectful! He goes on his little walks... is gone for hours... and comes back to our home. He starts talking about how he went through that old cave to the west and found another cave after wandering through that forest! Can you believe it? That forest is dangerous, not a soul around! Could've been attacked by monsters, he could've... I tell you... Then my daughter lets him get away with just a warning when he says he actually DRANK some Machtium that he found there because he was thirsty! I tell you! The kids going to be struck down! ..Geez..."


Leon's heart was racing. He dashed home to show Jaune the book that talked about Machtium, tell her about his 'exciting' trip at the library, and tell her everything he had heard from the man talking about his grandson.

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"May you find what you are looking for....."

A man laying on a tree opens his eyes, and finds that he is in a forest as for the sound he had heared came from no where?

"Wh...Who am I?" he said.

As he looked in his hand he finds a book with a staff.

"Dont known where I am but I got to see if I can find out" he said to only himself.

As he gets up he sees a sign that says "MoonShin..." and the rest was gone most likele by rain.

And as if it happen the sec he was thinking it....it started to rain!

He runs to a tree to get out the rain and as he going to be siting here for some time he opens the book he has to see if it well tell him anything!

But he could not read it but one the Letters look like a Tree? It reappears aleast 50 times on the 1st page!

As he looked at the last page the letters started to change? And had a story and he read it "Long ago there was a war in the underworld as demons killed for power and ruleing of the underworld but one day one known as...." he stoped for a sec and his eyes fixed on the name "Atticus". He closed the book as fast as he could. "Why did I get the feeling I known that name?" as he again says to himself.

Then came a sound and come from the trees was a Drak.

As it looked at me and said "Hello my lord what do you wish of me" as the man fell down.


The Drak said ".....guess your not him what is your name?"

And he said "..Um well I dont known or were am at or.."

and the Drak stoped him there "Then you are Atticus Son?"

"What???" and as it was about to go on someone else was there and Jumped from a tree and landed on the Drak

"???: HAHAHAHAHAHHA so you are Atticus son? Have to gods revived you to stop the war of the meat bags from being a river of BLOOD?!!!"

"Wait a sec I.." as he lifted his hand and fire come from it and burned the beast.


as he closed his eyes ready to die he heared a sound and hears water moveing.

"Where am I now?" he said

"???: You are were you need to be Atticus!"

"? Now wait a sec who you calling Atticus? What makes ya think am him?"

"???: Then how do you hold the Mana Book?"

(OOC: Next time: Atticus is a demon that holds a book of power, as he must find out what he was sent to do in the human world?)

(OOC: PS: If ya see something spelled wong or Something needs fix Tell me)

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The next morning (insert inn music here)....


Still sleepy, Thorr awakes, as he's dressing he hears a faint clawing... As he turns, he quickly draws his sword.


"For goodness sakes, Commander, you scared me half to death!", Thorr says in a scared, dry voice, while putting his sword away. "Didn't mean to startle you, but I was worried, as you always wake up at 5 o' clock sharp, and it's nearly 6 now in the morning.", replied Scarlet in a hesitant murmur. Thorr calms down, "So, we make for Lakeside Cavern, then?" asked Thorr, knowing what the answer will be. "Of course, we make steady pace in a few minutes, I'm all geared up.", answered Scarlet. "I took the courtesy of getting your stead for you, when your preperations in here are complete, I'll be waiting for you outside", said Scarlet, in a commanding voice. yet feminie voice.


With that Thorr packed up all his belongings, and stumbled outside, still trying to wake up.


"Whoa!", exclaimed Thorr. "Is it just me, or is the sun larger, and brighter than ever today?" asked Thorr, although in a murmuring sort of way. In a whispering voice, "Thorr, head out, with the least amount of attention drawn to us. If anyone asks, were on a training mission. Nothing more, nothing less. This is His Majesty's orders." "Fair enough." Thorr replied, in a shaky, suttle voice. As Scarlet and Thorr start to mount their steads, a figure from the castle starts walking toward them. In a puzzled manner, Thorr and Scarlet look on, as too see who was approaching them. "Ahh, I'm so glad I caught you both in time, His Majesty wanted me to give these small gifts to you.", exclaimed Lord Richard. "Here you guys are, a few herbs, oh..." as Richard goes down into a quiter voice. "This is alittle something from me to you guys, take this. Please, spend it wisely." Both Thorr and Scarlet look at each others pouchs' realizing what they just received. "We thank you, Lord Richard!", exclaimed both Thorr and Scarlet, although in a semi-loud voice, enough to startle some oncoming villagers. With that both Thorr and Scarlet said their goodbyes, and both stared for a few seconds at their beloved town, before venturing out. With the gates open, one could see for miles around, at the beautiful Golden Plains.


"Sure is a sight to see. I haven't seen the Golden Plains in months, after all, training those young men, I don't get to see much outside the castle, unless I'm visiting family in Windhowel", said Thorr, in a gentle way, often not heard by him. "Yes, it is a sight to see, it's quite amazing how we have such beautiful land surrounding our fine castle. Well, Thorr, shall we continue on?", said Scarlet, in a nervous way. Looking at a map, Thorr gestures to Scarlet with his hand, the shortest route through Moonshine Forest to reach Lakeside Cavern. "Well, you see here, Commander. If we take this route it will shorten our travel by numerous days..." Scarlet interrupting "It is true Thorr, but this road is much too dangerous. It takes us way too close towards the Sleeping Dragon of Moonshine Forest. Without a few dozen men, we stand no chance against it.", stammered Scarlet. "So, what do you suppose we do? Since we can't decide which route to take, how do we go about compromising such matters?", demanded Thorr. "You see that tree, some 2-3 hundred paces away? The first to hit that tree with 3 arrows, without going past 8 total, will win, and the decision will be made. Agreed?", asked Scarlet. Thorr replies, "Alright, a show of archery, may the best MAN win, haha", exclaimed Thorr, in a very over competent notion. What seemed like minutes, Scarlet hit the tree all 3 times, with her first 3 arrows. "Well, looks like the lady wins against the big so-sure-of-himself brute--named Thorr?", in a sarcastic, happy tone. "Blood and Ashes!", shouted Thorr. "If only you missed once, I would of been victor!", exclaimed Thorr, in a harsh, rugged voice. "Shall we move on then? We shall take Northrend Highway around the forest!", shouted Scarlet.


Hours passed, the dim sunlight of mornin' faded into a sky radiant of the full sun upon them. Up in the sky you could see Eagles flying, birds chirping in the lowly oak and ashwood trees that stood nearby, as well as wild game hundreds of paces off in the distance within their packs moving on, as if they were on a journey themselves. After what seemed like countless hours, Scarlet breaks the silence, "You know Thorr, if you were any more silent I'd think you'd be settling in the grave. Why the long periods of silence?", exclaimed Scarlet, in a commanding sort of way.


"Just thinking of past memories...blood and ashes! Why can't I enjoy such beauty without thinking of the past within these plains? For once I wish I could have peace without thinking of the past horrors I've had to experience on what once was happy, gorgeous ground, but everytime I look, my mind plays tricks on me... I..I just can't handle it anymore, it's tearing me up inside." shouted Thorr. "Why can't the good pictures come back? And the bad pictures let go?" murmured Thorr, in a sulking voice. "How can you hide the pain, the suffering, of war, and never let it shine through, whats your secret Commander? Please, tell me!" shouted Thorr, as if a hammer striking steel.


In a nurturing way, Scarlet wraps her arm around Thorr's shoulder, trying to calm him down, knowing it's a rarity seeing a man who's so stern, yet weeps like a child when given the chance. "I.. I.... don't, Thorr. I live with what has happened every day. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I have to cry myself alseep, as I still hear the screams, the shouts of agony and pain... Like you I have to try and live with what has happened in the past. Like you, reinvisioning the faces of those that have died, young and old, encrypted inside my head... it tears me up too, sometimes I wish I had died than the countless thousands that have died, by my command."


"Commander... I.. I.. didn't know. I'm sorry to have let my memories interfere with our duty." said Thorr, as he tries to snap back as a soldier. "If.. If..there are monsters brewing within Lakeside Cavern, how long do you think it will take before our lands are infested with them?", exclaimed Thorr, in his more stern tone of voice. "Hopefully, if this is the case, there aren't many and we, by ourselves, can wipe them out. I just hope, it's not alot... let's not worry about that for now, as we have days ahead of us to plan and ready ourselves for whatever lies awake... or dorment within the cave." replied Scarlet.


With the sun slowing fading into the west, and the moon slowly letting itself appear, Thorr and Scarlet decide to call it a day, and rest up for the next challenge at hand....


(OOC: For those wondering what "Blood and Ashes" means, it's a term that I'll be using that is essentially a curse word, or a word that has a negative impact. Look at it like "For God sakes", sorta, I guess :D).

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Entering back into the radiance of the sun, Crispin found that he was not completely blinded, as he was his first time outside the walls of his dark home. After a few moments, his eyes adjusted enough for him to make out his surroundings. Still squinting heavily, Crispin found himself in an outcropping of rocks, most of it much higher than his head, so he could not see beyond twenty paces in any direction. Then he looked up and his breath was taken from him. Though his view was heavily hampered by the brightness of the sun, and surrounding rocks, and cliff-face, the little dwarf was awestruck by the depth of blue of the ocean above him. Desiring to see how great the expanse of what he knew the heavens to be, he scrambled up the easiest route to the highest point he could find among the rocks.


This time, he fell to his knees upon the sight. Stretching as far as the eye can see to the west was pure, blue beauty. Never in his life had he seen such a distance, and the scope of the world became ever more unknown to him. Long had he lived, dreaming of the great world about him, but never had he immagined such a sight.


Beneath the skyline, he viewed a different sea, a sea of green. Rolling hills covered in deep lush verdure. Unlike the dark colored plants that grew in the caverns of his home, unlike the deep grey/green of the peat moss on the rocks by the underground creek, this was a vibrant, dancing verden that dazzled Crispin's sight. He felt an impulse to run to it, and jump into its soft facade. Then another sight caught him.


To the south the blue and green expanse was broken. A black haze across the horizon marred the heavens. Though his new sight, new perceptions, new experience was yet untamed, the black covering the blue spoke ill to him. What could that be? Tales tell of great white plumes of smoke traversing the skies, called clouds, but these are not white, these are death black.


Sobered by the presence of what he felt to be a wrong in the new found glory of the world, Crispin focused on his plans. Moving from his knees to a seated position, he pulled out the map his mother gave to him. He located his position, at the entrance to the tunnels leading to his home. Then he traced a line along the mountains, and up along the coast toward Northrend.


"Northrend Highway," Crispin breathed lightly, "I shall descend these hills toward the forest. I should come upon the road between here and there. Thank you, mother, for this great help."


Folding the map back up, he replaced it in his packing, then began the descent from the hills.


The going was not difficult. In the mines of Mineside, and in the tunnels of his home, Crispin had become adept at maneuvering over and through rocky terrain. After a short time, Crispin found himself entering the first trees of the forest. The ground here was still quite rocky, but Crispin began having a bit more difficulty, his eyes constantly looking about him at all the new wonders he was beholding.


He had never seen a tree before, and the shrubbery around his feet was also new to him. He took his time to study the different kinds of plantlife as he went, wondering about their names, what used them as food, what they used for food, and all other sorts of questions about them. So involved in his thoughts, he did not even notice the air about him growing warmer as he descended into lower altitudes. Soon, though, he found himself to be sweating. At that, he decided to stop for a rest.


He wished to remove some clothing, but if he had done that, he'd be bareskinned. He did not know that the air outside his caves became so warm, nor did he realize that his dwarven hardiness protected him against colds that other races could not bear without heavy clothing. Disappointed about this new aspect of his adventure, he continued on, feeling his back, under his packing, growing ever more damp.


Soon, Crispin found what he was looking for, level ground, devoid of plantlife. The Northrend Highway. Satisfied that he was headed in the right direction, Crispin forgot about the heat, forgot about the darkness in the sky, and was once again taken in the beauty of this new world.

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