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Demon Wars III Story Signup

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ehhhh.... I'll post one anyway, I'd like to be in the game, even if all the spots are taken, I'd like to try ...


Name: Kojiro


Age: Un-identified, however he is dated so far back to not even have a trace of a mother or father


Race: His blood is that of evil, darkness has created his newly form therefore you may name him a special race if you wish...


Occupation: He enjoys to cause haoc but only in which to fuel him, for he needs the souls of the dead to survive, He snatches them whether he was the murderer or not... He can be somewhat of a Grim reaper if you so wish...


Description: His hair is pure white and his eyes are a black light, no one has ever seen his face... because everytime he appears what you can see is only a shadow-like figure because he is always surrounded in darkness... The only trace of more of a sight was his blade colored red from the blood it's been soaked in over time...


Presonalty: He is dark and mysterious... and only has time to care for himself... He likes only to finish the business he was made to do... but many suspect he does not wish to do what he dopes, but he has'd to if he wishes to live... Death is the only sustance that powers him... and if he was ever completely found out he would easily be taken from his weakness... death... So he wishes never to have himself revealed...


Past:He dates back so long there have been very many myths about him... Paintings on ancient structures and such... that maybe one day SOMEONE would figure out this reaper of souls... and someone would put an end to him... or help him to come that he is never to need death again... either way, many wanted his reign to end, no matter what the cost... so it is up to the present to create this mystery's future!

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;) Um, no offense guys but I don't think I can fit you guys into the story, this topic has been closed for like a couple of months.
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;) Yeah, it's nothing personal or nothing it's just that this topic has been dead for a few months now and I didn't expect to get anymore signups.
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(The rest of my characters' descriptions in full!)


Name: Jaune


Age: 29


Gender: Female


Height: 5' 11"


Weight: 125 lbs.


Looks: Throughout the story, Jaune is wearing a green dress that extends to a hand's width away from her knee, and a white overcoat. Jaune has medium-length light brown hair that she is constantly re-organizing, which she pulls into a ponytail save for a few bangs that hang down to her chin. She dislikes her small glasses, which she thinks makes her look nerdy - however, anyone that sees her thinks that they make her look classy, and more confident, in a way. She has small, blue eyes behind her glasses. Jaune, although not strong, is certainly not weak - and she's been known to throw a hefty punch to any Machtist who really harasses her. Her expression gives her an aura of confidence - she is always looking somewhat impatient or very excited about something. She walks with a "professional sway", as Leon calls it.


(Really, nothing's going on between them!)


Description: Jaune grew up in Kaptora with parents whose interest in machinery rubbed off on her. Unfortunately, Jaune's mom and dad both died within a year of each other when she was just ten years old. Even by this age, however, Jaune was very independant: she could cook and clean and take care of herself fairly well. The next few years are a blank in her own mind; she hasn't thought to ask any of the townspeople about what she was doing for the few years after her parents' death, and they probably wouldn't have noticed the girl anyway.


She owes much of her success to her boss Xenatu, who took pity on her and gave her money when she had no job, and then gave her a job in his new company when she was about thirteen years old.


Two years later, and feeling still quite lonely, she came across a frightening scene. A bleeding woman had stumbled toward the town carrying a child, and his name was Leon. She asked for someone to take care of her boy, and decided to take the task up herself. Thus, Jaune's house became the home to one more person.


She has progressed quite nicely and become important to Re-Eden, Xenatu's company at which she still works. The company provides her with challenging projects and the chance to use her machinery the way she wants to (usually). She has also employed Leon there since he decided to stop going to school.


Although some of Jaune empty feelings were filled when she raised Leon, she still longs to know what went on in her life for three years, and still has a desire to feel an even stronger connection with someone - she's too much of a mother to have feelings for Leon - and with Leon being in adolescence, she's been really hoping he feels the same way about her - she doesn't want an awkwardness between them. She just wants to be his 'mom', and she just wants to do her job.

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Name:Zander AKA (Eather)


Race: Half-Dragon



Appearince:When he began to regain his memories he started to change Slowly his wings reformed. His eyes turned green, and he discarded his old robes for what he had origanly worn in his past, Blue pants a Trenchcot (sleevless) and a black shirt with a dragon crest on it. His hair became a light blue color and he regrew his claws. But the dark taint of Hayden stayed with him he hoped the Deth of hayden would free him from his cursed new life.


Past: Not much to tell he was part of the Dragon clans and he quickly rose to the high ranks. He came to befrend a Wolf demon who he found in the mountains near his home. Together they helped anyone they could but one misson proved to much and he was killed in combat defending a town. His friend had escaped the battel when he told him to run.




A large sword given to him by the Dragon clans he had orignted from its power is only given to Dragons.


Throwing Knives for quick attacks when on assanation missons or just if he is disarmed.




Dragon Flame: A flame he can shoot from his hands it is Green and so hot it is said to milt even the stronges of metal.


Ice Breth: An Ice attace masterd by few of the dragon clans. He shoots a wave of Ice from his hands freezing anything it tuches.

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(A new entry must be added to the character ranks!)


Name: Arriness


Age: 16


Gender: Male


Height: 6' 1"


Weight: 154 lbs.


Looks: Throughout the story, Arriness is wearing a spotless, clean white robe that is a bit too big for him (that's just how he likes to dress). Arriness has stringy, dark blonde hair that he never combs, so it falls randomly around his head. He wears a constantly regretful expression, giving others the impression that he lacks confidence or needs reassurance; this is indeed the case much of the time. He has large, green eyes which he dislikes, for some unknown reason. Arriness certainly gives one an impression that he is towering over them, but somehow he cannot intimidate people. This, however, often leads people to underestimate him. Arriness' favourite feature about himself are his lengthy arms and legs; others make cracks at him about them. Arriness is never really displeased to see someone, regardless of how he feels about them, but one can always tell that he is uncomfortable in a situation when he unclasps his hands from behind his back (his usual standing position). He is somewhat soft-spoken, as a result of feeling that his opinions are insignificant.


Description: Arriness grew up in a deeply religious family, and his life has been dictated by his parents' expectations and his religion. Arriness is a Machtist, if only by blood, and he only follows the religion to satsify his extremely traditional parents. While he does not support the Machtist religion, he also is not a supporter of Re-Eden and technological advances in general, because he has a secret appreciation for nature in its natural form.


Arriness attends school, and although he is often successful at whatever he does, his biggest worry is that his father will want him to take over the family's store, something Arriness certainly does not look forward to. He also often finds himself as a mediator between people, especially at school when his friends, both Machtist and non-Machtist, start arguing. As a result, Arriness is generally a good listener and will always make time to listen to anyone's problems - if they ask. Arriness is severely not outgoing, with the rare exception being that if an incredibly unjust action just took place in front of him and he had the power to possibly correct it... then he would charge ferociously into the situation.


As Arriness is a young Machtist, and as he won't disobey his parents, he was sent onboard Re-Eden's spaceship as a last-ditch effort to 'save the world' (speaking from a Machtist's point of view, of course) as a suicide bomber. Both the fact that Arriness took this mission, and the fact that his parents allowed him to take this mission, speak volumes. It can be seen, then, that Arriness perhaps cares little about his own life, or simply wants to take the path of least resistance regardless of how he ends up; perhaps he is just that selfless, or perhaps he is just that uncaring? Arriness' parents, perhaps, do not care for their son's life, and would put their beliefs and wills before his life. Of course, the fact that a war was taking place within the city at the time could have been a factor in the religion's decision to send Arriness on board the spaceship.


Arriness' intent in any friendship is to protect the other party, whomever it is, at any cost.


Arriness is in possession of limited offensive and defensive magic. While he may not specialize in any particular area of study, he typically casts ice-based offensive spells, a few healing spells, and a few support/indirect attack spells. He also is capable of casting the spell "Open"; a rare spell around Kaptora indeed.

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