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Dai no Daibouken RPG game?

Guest zenithest

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Guest zenithest

I'm a diehard FAN of Dai no Daibouken (DQ2? manga).


few days back i accidentally came across unofficial site created by one of the members here that had RPG game for Dai no Daibouken !!! :whoa::whoa:


It was this project that he was doing,,, but it seems it has been abandoned :puzzled: i tried contacting him but so far i got nothing back from him. does anyone know anything about this rpg project that he was doing.... did anyone ever finish? i would love to help out, being a VERY BIG fan of Dai no Daibouken myself.


btw, is anyone here kind enough to share their Dai no Daibouken anime w/ subtitles? =) i can't seem to find these elusive files.... >><<

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