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The false Bound War

Forgotten Wolf

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Jakken: alright, enough talk...Hya!!


Jakken tried to Slash the Demon in the arm but the demon Rage. Jakken let go sliding under The Demon, "Take this!" Jakken threw his Gungnir at ???'s back and jumps on him and stabbed his head with Rywak. "Arrgh!" ??? Took the Gungnir out of his back and threw it at Jakken, it stabbed his stomache.


Jakken: ugh.......


Jakken Fainted...


[4 Hours Later]


Jakken: uh...


???: hes waking up!


Jakken: oh, my head where am i?


Jakken looked down and saw his Gungnir that pierced his stomache still there, he tried to pull it out.


???: dont pull it out Jakken you'll just make it worse..


Jakken:...How did you know my name?......


???: Theres no time to be talking about that, we have to get you healed ASAP.


Jakken: oh, alright...ugh...


Jakken stared out the window and watched for something..but he didn't know what, but he knew something was after him, the demon....No not the demon, a much greater evil....

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"Ahh my head" says Knives rubbing it.


He looks around trying to figure out what happend. He sees his hands and jumps back but slowly rememberd what he had done. A strange glow filled the room it was worm and lights span about the lost souls singing of past events such as the war.


"I wonder would it happen to have an off swithc" says wolf never expecting an answer.


Knives walks out of the Tempol and climbs up the clif to his hourse who seems to be dieing of thirst. He takes out his cantein and gives the houres the last of his watter.


"you deserbve it my friend" Knives smiles at the hourse.


almost as if it understood him it nooded its head and began to drink Knives took all the supplies off the hourse and began to walk into the uncharted waistland. He sent the hourse back to the castle with a note on it.




Dear, Dante


Thanks for the hourse and food, well I gave the hourse the rest of my water and am walking into uncharted lands who knows what ill find or if ill die but one thing is certon we bout know that Wereloft must be stoped. Fairwll and thanks for the food.


PS: I went to the fountain it was nice to revisit a dragon tempol after so long, the majic and souls in there tell many stories.

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[Note: im freakin wondering when my guy will meet everyone elses O_o]


???: Alright, a Cleric is comming to heal you soon, anyway my name is Ryuken Shinitsu.


Jakken: nice to meet you Ryuken..Heh..


Ryuken: ^^


[20 Minutes Later]


Ryuken: Jakken! The Cleric is here!


Jakken: that was short


The Cleric went up the stairs to the room where Jakken was resting


Cleric: whoa, thats a mighty big spear stuck in your stomache!


Jakken: ah, its a Spear called Gungnir, rumoured to never miss its target.


Cleric: i see..


Jakken: yeah, i got in a fight with a demon, ouch that hurt.


Cleric: lets see here...this is gonna be a little dangerous but i'll have to pull out the Gungnir.


Jakken: sh**


The Cleric pulled it out.....




Cleric: Heal!


Jakken: ...O_o....that was quick....i feel better now....and my energy is back...whoa....creeeepy

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(in the wastland somewhare in the middle of noware)


"o greate I am halucinating, god damn sun." says Knives punching himselfe in the head.


"pathedic Knives I thought more of you" says a strange man with white hair and red eyes.


"look I don't want to waist my time with a figment of my immagnation so go away Frostfire" says Knives looking anoied.


"whatever you say so I see you found my temple, but I am here for a reason somthing ties me to this world somthing unfinished my deth was in vain." he looks down.


"no, NO he cant be!" Knives eyes light up and a fire burnes in his soul.


"goodbye dont get yourselfe killed out here before you can avenge me. " Frostfire fades away smiling and looking at knives who is on his hands and knees punching the ground.




(3 hours later in a village not far in a oasis)


"get back here you thief!" yells a short fat man with a white apren and a butcher knife.


A young girl with long black hair short maybe up to Knives chest, she looks to be about 18 19 ish. She is running down the brown dirt road with her tatered cloths kicking up dirt. She has a loafe of bread and some random meats in her arms she turns a corner to smash right into 2 town guards dressed in blue robes with pikes.


"where you running to girl!?" they laugh and grab her by the front of her shirt and drag her to the middle of the road.


"Thats her, the $#!&@ that took my goods!" yells the store owner!


"you pathetic worm, you wont even spaire a yuong pore pesent some bread" she says, tears roaling down her cheeks.


"Throw her in the cell with that psyco that came crawling in earlier, what he thinks hes a wolf haha" They both chuckle as they drag the girl to the prison. They pop open the black grid of iron bars and throw the girl in with a man sleeping in the corner with a rat knawing on his ear....... his ear somthing was strange about it, it was pointy and fury.


"get the f*ck off of me you verman" the man flips over grabs the rat and chuckes it at the guards nailing one of them in the face.


"why you!" the guards come in and start beating him with thair clubs seeming to enjoy it as the girl watched in horror.


The man jumped up to the cealing and launched himselfe into the guards cuting open ones face as they both run out of the cell and lock the door. The girl is hiding in the corner shivering.


"damn my morals *sigh" He takes off his robes now just in black shorts you can see his whole body he is kind of fury and very musclar. He walked over and put his robes around her.


"please don't fear me, I know what it is to be hated that dosn't make me a bad person I am Knives, tell me when you are ready to talk. As for me I am suffering from dehidration and famon so if I pass out well I might be dead haha" he smiled but she didn't.


"I am searious you know" she was still motinoless.

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[wasteland? lol]


As Jakken got up the Cleric helped him since he was still injured and hardly unable to move (even though his energy was back). all he felt was nothing, no pain, but he still had a slight wound.

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Jakken reached into his pocket and took out a small medallion, the cleric eyes flashed, probably thinking...Gold!


Jakken: huh? why are you staring at it like that?


Cleric: oh, er nothing.


Jakken: alright then.


Jakken carfully opened up the medallion


Cleric[thinking]: you can open up that thing?


Inside The Cleric saw a small, blue gem.


Cleric[thinking]: oooo, thats something good to steal. i may be a cleric but im also a thief, hehehe.


Jakken stared at the gem for a long time, and closed it.

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"and thats why I hate wolvs" a mann in blue robes says


"he spaired my life, I don't know why." The sorcress is standing near him.


"don't do what I think your going to do, remember I raised you"


"I am going to find out why he spaired me."


"You go now I will make sure you are never aloud in this house again!" he draws a staff


"You really want to fight me"


She walks away down the coradors past all the guards who seem to be rallying to the cortyard and outside the castle. The army was building for somthing. She walked out the front gate and jumped onto a hourse and used her magic to follow a tral of energy left by knives.

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[Castle of Ravnstard]


King brann sitting in his throne room listening to his advisors who are informing him of hostile situations with Dogtree and Wereloft. Dante bursts through the door.


Dante: Lord Brann I need to know where your daughter is!


Brann: Whats the hurry? Wouldn't you like to join me in a victory drink? I heard of your success and how you discovered that spy.


Dante: A seeress told me that Princess Samantha is in danger I must know where she is!


Brann: Danger?!? Thats insane she is in the study with her tutor.


Dante ran to the study to find it empty. He then ran out of the castle and down the road to the market.


Dante: (to himself) Shes here somewhere I know it.


He then hears a scream from the middle of a crowd of people. As he pushes his way through he sees 7 thugs attacking a woman.


Dante: Hey you.....


???: Stop what your doing or taste my blade.


A young girl about 16 is standing behind the bandits with her sword drawn.


Thug1: A girl thinks she can take us?


Thug2: Why don't you put down the sword and go have some children wench.


The thug goes to punch the girl but she ducks and rams her shoulder into his gut.


Thug1: Get her!!


The thugs begin to surround the girl and just as they all attack a ring of fire surrounds the girl.


Dante: I hardly think this is a fair fight. Perhaps you thugs would rather fight someone you have a chance of beating. Hows this I'll fight all of you with no weapons or my hands and all of you can use any weapon you want. That sounds fair doesn't it.


Thug3: How dare you mock us.


The thugs all charge at Dante and he dodges each one of their attacks.


Dante: Your all so slow how could you ever expect to beat her if you can't even come close to hitting me while I've got these weights on my ancles.


The thugs look at his feet to see 25lb. weights around his ancles like bracelets. They continue attacking wildly still hitting nothing but air.


Dante: Ok you guys have had your fun now its my turn to go on the offensive.


Dante leaps toward the thugs and headbutts one of them sending him flying into the crowd. He then jumps and grabs another thug with his feet and throws him backward into another thug. Dante walks over to a fruit stand crabs a piece of fruit and takes a large bite then turns to the other thugs and spits three seeds with such power that it knocks all three men out cold.


Dante: Ok Samantha you've had your fun time to go home. You really shouldn't sneak out like this without at least letting me know.


Samantha: Yes sir, I'm sorry.


Dante: Well I believe my latest mission caused us to miss a few training sessions, what do you say we go catch up on them.

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Knives: this girl she is very fearfull of me, I don't like seeing woman cry or be in robes such as those"


Knives examins her trying to read her mind just for a name but somthing is blocking him a powerfull energy. He thought to himselfe for a moment. than he cast a spell to show energys I has spasific codes and colers for every type of creature. Knives than reailzes what she is and starts to cry and sits down in the corner of his cell.


Knives: girl, royalty dosn't belong here Frostfire told me that last time we were locked up.


The girls eyes lit up as she watched the furry man stand up and a red glow surrond his body. He walked into the gates that held them in, they melted around him.


Knives: your father would never want this life for you follow me if you wish to start over.

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Guards swormed aroun them like flies to the light. They fell 1 by one as Knives strok them down. He walked up to the wepons storage in the prison and examend his weapons. He tossed the sword to the girl.


"It is called the sword of liken, it gets ist power from anywolvs nearbye. With my power it should pearce anny armor loke butter." He looks down again examining his armorand shield."here take my armor to it once belonged to anubis, pretty cool huh? Well I am keeping the shield for myselfe."


The girl started to fit herselfe into the armor but still with her guard up, and still hadnt said a word to Knives.


"you know I would never hurt you?" Knives looked back to her


She cover herselfe because she hadnt finished fitting into the armor. Knives just turned around like nothing happend and said "just put it on it's selfe fitting." When she had finally put on the armor they walked out of the prison the sun shimmred off her black hair praticly blinding knives. More guards were running up the road."now is the time to fight now is your calling remember what you are" Knives charged the guards killing 2 of them just with a quick cut of the throte. 3 more circled him and seemed to be buying time for somthing. well Knives was fighting the girl moved slowly closer. Just in the distince they could see a small armey heading thair way with flags with the crest of wereloft on them. "damn how did they know we were here!" Knives bated away the guards and looked around for a place to hide but it was of no use they were allready on top of him. Knives struggled but he felt drained of his power. Looking up he saw another sorcerer with the same medalion around his neck, this ment he was scrued basicly. The guards tied him up and the mage walked up to him with a short gajid dager and raised it in the air. The girl had been watching this the whole time just before they stroke a loud demonic sounding scream came from her direstion. She started on fire sproted 2 wings and a tail her etes turned a fire red. in the blink of an eye she was face and face with the mage. He burst into flames running acound like a chicked with his head cut off. The guards all tred to stop her but she used the sword given to her charged it up with her own energies and killed them all with one massive fireblase.


(somewhare off far away)


"no, a dragon still lives we almost had him!" says a dark shadowy figure.


He punched the cristle ball he was looking into. You could see big fury paw like hands in the shadows.


(back to Knives)


The mage put the fire out that was on him and started to run.


"Hay, you I bet you never expected me to be with a dragon huh?" Knives jumped in frount of the Mage he stoped and suddnly fell in two.


Knives turned around to see the girl on her knees still sorounded with fire and her wings and tail. He ran over and held her in his arms."it's ok, It's ok" the words played over and over again. She passed out and knives picked her up the transformantion went away she was normal again, whatever the hell normal is.

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"Ill sit here waiting time passing bye, you know I would never leave you as the last of ur kind"Knives kneels down and takes the girls hand her cloths riped up to a point of almost being see through.


He took off what stuff he had left and gave it to her, than looked to the ground and became what he always was a Demon. "people fear us dont fear me I understand you." the gurl passed out and Knives picked her up in his arms and walked down the road. He knew there was no where for them to go and this would be a huge burden on him but what was he to do. He couldnt shift back into a human because he couldnt protect her in that form and he couldnt stay this way because he attracts to much attenshion the choice would sit in his mind for some time. It would be to late soon with more of the town guard running down the street he ducked back into an ally and put her down. "well, one life for another who knew I would do it for someone I bairly know, Frostfire make room for me ill be joining you soon. He ran out into the street redy to take on whatever the house could throw at him.

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[back with diran]

Diran:my name is diran and your in my way.

???:my name is genova and you shall not pass

Diran:genova???[dirn is getting memories back]


diran returns to his clan after being in a deep sleep for a millenium

Diran:everyone shall perish for destoying my village!

diran flies to a shrine in a nearby mountain content on causing havoc

Diran:this place shall be the first to parish!

diran, then transforming into a Black dragon spew a mysterious substance which dissolved the village killing all within it

Diran:Ha now the rest of the World

just then he saw a little girl returning to her village after shopping at a nearby village.The horrified look on her face made diran awaken and see the destruction he created.

Diran:What have I done?

the girl looking up and saw the dragon


[end memory]



Diran:your that girl i saw 20 years ago

Genova:what are you babbling about?

Diran:nothing just get out of my way I MUST get to dogtree


[sessh you can use my char now]

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"none of ur busness move" Diran moved around her and walked past twords dogtree.




Knives is jumping across the rooftops being chacked by a horde of guards. As he is jumping across one of the roof tops he slips and falls into a dumpster. the guards surronf him in the ally. "So you all really want to die" Bright lights fill the ally way and guards shoot out the sides. Knives jumpes out shortly after sword drawn. 15 - 20 more guards come running down the streets all dressed in black. Knives goes throught them one at a time Block with his shield hit them in the gut. Block hit block hit block hit, this repeated for a long time but Knives sooin felt his energy slowly leaving him. He couldnt take much more of this. The ground started to shake everyone lost thair ballance, an Oger came crashing throught a building to thair right. Knives put his shield up just in time to block a huge hammer coming down over him. His shield flwe off his arm and stuck in the side of a building near by. The oger was rughly 4 times knives size and that hammer was about the size of him. The guargd and the trowl swarmed him. "What is this Humans and monsters working together no somthing is wrong here!"


(3 hours later)


The yung girl starts to waked up and jumps th her feet with fists in the air ready to deffend her selfe but no one is thair. She looks at her cloth and notices they arnt hers. Than the memories of earyler come back to her, a note falls out of her pocket.




Dear, Frostfires Daughter.


I know you don't truse me but that dosnt matter now because odds are I am dead. But I beg you to do somthing for me, Go to Dogtree thair you will meet a yung man don't wory you will know him when you see him. Dragons hide nothing from eachother. He will know if I am still alive and if I am I need you to help him free me. I left my armor for you and a Ring given to me by The most powerfull of the werewolfs It has the power to imprison any one person for as long as the user wills. Now please go to Dogtree I have never asked anyone for anything untill today.



The girl revises the note and puts it in her pocket, looks to her feet to see the armor and rinbg sitting there. She slides it on, it starts to glow and changes to fit her body like a glove, than she slides the ring on her pointer finger and walks out of the ally and heads in the direction of Dogtree.

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