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The false Bound War

Forgotten Wolf

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We follow never lead, like sheep to the slagher. Some of us look to a light and see the light it is thair but faint. Those who seek power are often controled by power itselfe.



This story tells of 5 familys wadging war to take control of voldergrad (the contonet) the houses of wereloft founded bye the wolf mages houndreads of years ago, who were said to have died long ago, (the strongst of the five.) The elders run this House they are said to be corrup t in thair twisted ways they beleave killing will solve anything. Thair assassans have killed conless diplomats and high ranking officals. Thaie army has the best equipment known to man.


Geektrov the house was founded around the time of xwereloft they are masters of the black arts and warriors of greate skill. They are run bye a king of greate influnce who holds the majorty of land he has a kind heart and will fight to protect his people, he is viwed as a hipocrit for practsing the Black arts but never used them for evil. This house has little brxute force but the black arts have warded off thair enemies for some time. This house is lockated on a island below the Wereloft.


the third house of Ravnstard is run bye A ruthless band of warlords they call themselves the table of Stars, they beleave in peace through power and will raveg any land they take killing the men and rallying the winon for thair sick ways. they statistly are the weakest of the five but with thair gorrila tatics they have quicky made thair place and estavlished a foothold. Thair troops are Illequiped but some units have won a majorty of battles stealinf the stronges of armer and the best of weapons.



The other two houses of Saratov and Dogtree are not very powerfull ar all, but they hold stratigic locations Saratov holds a sea port and Dogtree holds a mountasin pass.





I tried to make a map but it didnt work.

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All around it is dark a man sits in a cell with rats knawing at his feet, he would just kick them away and stair at the guard. A yung man 20s with bland hair a brown vest blue pants with chainmail over them and a sword on his back. He was no taller than 5"7" and his eyes were blue. He sat on a bench in the middle of the cell block whare 10 cells 5 on each side sat holding about 6 prisoners. The guard was boncing a ball off the back wall, thud, thud, thud.


Knives: so do you really think I did it?


Guard: everyone says they didnt do it some tell the trouth outhers..... well.


Knives: Well, when I die this house will go to Ruin. But the king knew this so why kill me humm.


the scene fades and we see all the prisoners looking down and moping.

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meanwhile in a bar....

Diran:So whats the next assinment


???:rescue a prisoner who is innicent


Diren:why shold i hell pro-


???:BEAcuse he is an important person and if killed could be the ruiner of wereloft


Diren:whocould be that impor- anyway where is he and how do you suspect that i get him out


???:use what ever means nessicery. heres his picture[hands diren a hand drawn photograph]


Diren:fine, but you pay double

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Back in the cell

Knives:O It seems I have a visoter.

Guard: what!?


Knives: dont wory you will know soon enough.


Guard: you have finally lost it havnt you?



Knives: well, now just because I am in this deep dark cave with 5 inch thick grid of bars between me and freedom dosnt make me lose it because when I get out of here you and that sorc friend of yours are going to wish you never messed with the liks of me.


Guard: why don't you just go chew on a bone.



Knives: when I get my powers and armor back I am going to rip out your heart and feed it to the dogs.


A group of men came running down the stairs 3 i heavy chainmail and one in platemail.



The men: someone has breeched the castle wals we don't know what he wants but they told us to beef up sequerty here.

Knives: like I said you and that sorc are going to die, bye the way the sorc cant hide from me I know just whare she is.


The scene fades away to show the 4 guards infrount of the door and wolf and the first guard still talking.

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diran talking to three gurds in the entrance

Diran:get out of my way or youll burn


Guard:really how you don't have any weapons


Guard2:i doubt you can take us all any way so just leave


Diran:youve taken to much of my time

in seconds the room was above two hundred degrees and diran was hurling fire at the guards.when done diran began walking towards the wall between the entrance and the hall where knives was.


Cell Guards:what the hell is going on?its like a roast in here

just then the wall melted and diran came thorgh


Diran:so,your Knives huh

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Knives: Diran right?


Diran: what how did you know?


Knives I forsaw your arivle. look I know you are just in this for the money so here take a lock of my hair as proof you found me. I have to go kill a certon sorc who finds it fun to nullafy my powers.


Diran: my boss seemed very intrested in you I think I understand now.


Knives: now Get out of here I will meet you in Dogtree in the mountain pass southeast of here once my job is done.


With that said Knives walked past Diran in that scortching heat, but it didnt seem to faze him. Just singed some fur and burned his shoeless feet. Altho it wasnt that bad because evloution had provided the perfect walking protection on his feet. (like what a dogs foot looks like.

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Knives made his way through the cataomes back up to the ground level (which was very easy sence he had built the castle and blueprints). He poped oprn a hatch just above his head and crawled out onto a hallway with a white marble floor blue walls and a white celing with painting on the wals depicting brave knight killing wolvs. He made his way down the wall to whare it mad a T and turned the corner 3 guards were standing there dressed in res robes 1 with an AXE one sword and shield and the last a poleaxe he jumped back arounfd the corner and listend.


Guard#1: well I dont know for sure but they say someone resques Knives.


Guard#2: reall? are.... are you sure. "Shivering"


Guar#1: yah


Guard #3 no problume we can take him.


The 3 guards started waking twords him. He backed up and hid in a doorway. just as they passed him he started to sneek away. But due to his paranoia one of the guards looked back and saw him Knives had no choice but to fight in his weekend position. a plan came to mind.

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griffen:*hiding to sneak on a enemy* the armor makes too much noise but the tother knight looked too high and misses griffen then felt a sword prirce his cloth shirt then died

griffen:"ok guard is dead"

solder:"good lets move on"

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Disregarding that last post.........



Guard1: so this is the last wolf.


Guard2: you(studdring)....you....you better come quietly.


Knives: well that is somthing I cant do.


Guard3: your deth is at hand you dog.



Knives ran at the guard with the pole axe knowing if he got in close that weapon would be useless. He got up close and punched him in the jaw than slamed his back into the one with the axe pinning him to the wall. The guard with the sword abd shield bashed him in the face throwing him 5 feet into the T. they started walking twords him holding out thair swords. A short sword came sliding across the floor Knives herd thoughts of a man he was amused at this fight. Knives pickes up the sword jumpes from wall to wall and cut the pole axe in half than thrust his claws through the AXE guards eyes killing him. He jumped back than charged again but he than herd more thoughts from the strange man. A huge Ice spear came out of the dager impaling the Guard with the sword. Than quickly turned and slit the last guards throte. Knives walked back down the hall and tossed the Short sword back to the man shrouded in the dark.


Knives: thankyou, Dante and I have some unfinised busness to attend to. ohh I am a telepath. (poking his head with his claw)

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[A Mountain]


Jakken: its been 3 years now.....*looks up at the sky*

Still haven't found any sight of Dragons, maybe i should give up...*sigh*


Suddenly Jakken felt and earthquake


Jakken: what the heck was that?


Just then the ground cracked open and out came a demon.


Jakken: not YOU again....

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"Knives was talking to himselfe"


Knives: I am sick of this, I Will not put up with this sorc anymore....."going into deeper thought....."


"flashback 50 years earyler."


Knives: brother why would you do this?


A large man, very tall black hair and Green eyes.

Konrad:Knives you are a beast.




Konrad: Haha..... Knives your friends failed you I betray you and do you know why?


Knives: I should have known, you want my spearit.


Konrad: the most powerfull wolf I want your power yes brother. Everyone you knew anyone who would have helped you is dead. now its over for you.


The scene draws back into the sky showing Knives in chains srounded by men in brown robes and Knights and his brother just infront of him.



*Return to presnt.


Knives is walking down a hall its is compleatly golden at the end lies a crystle door.


Knives: Never trust anyone again, *sigh* all of my friends killed because they tryed to stop him. Never again will I let this happen. I will work alone....... The door goodbye you wretchid sorc!

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Jakken: why do you always stalk me!


Gyru: ....*tries to punch Jakken*


Jakken: *dodges* your skills are lame as always...


Jakken grabbed his arm kicked him in the stomache and threw him right across the forest.


Jakken: that takes care of him for now...

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Jakken: *goes down the mountain* i wonder- hey whats that at the bottom?


Jakken had saw something, or someone dressed in a grey cloak and 3 knives in his hand, his arms were full of blood...


Jakken: !!!, could it be?......father...

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Jakken's Father turned and faced Jakken, he walked up to him..


Drai: Jakken...i've been looking forward to this day, i must tell you something, you should know...


Jakken: ...


13 Years Ago, i fell in love with your mom, Serena, We got married, and we had a baby we called him, Jakken. 3 Years Later after that...it happened...


Jakken: What? WHAT HAPPENED?


He came...Yurai, the most feared demon in the world, he is dead now...he attacked our town(/city/village?) Ravnstard....Your Mother ran away with you..8 years later after that tragedy your mother died from lack of hunger...i came along and found you, raised you, taught everything i knew...i taught you till you were 13 and i passed away,i know i am talking to you, this is just my spirit, i dont have enough time Jakken. i must go now


Jakken: FATHER! WAIT!!....


Drai's spirit dissapeared

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Diran left the jail and went back to the bar.............


Diran:here is proof that i saved the boy


Man:Thats not good enough i need that boy because with him my group of reneges can stop the house wars and bring peace to every one so.... if you do not bring him to me then i will not give you money and have to devo.... i mean i have to kill you


then knowing that this was a trap killed the man to reveal a serpantman so stong he could destoy the village


Diran:wheres the old man?


serpant:in a safe place but do not worry because youll never see him again.After i eat you i will go after knives and eat him to become the most power ful moster ever!


just then the serpant ate diran who did nothing to protcet himself because he had a plan.....

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[Dante walking in an empty hallway]


Dante:(to himself) I guess all the guards are too bussy looking for that Knives fellow. That should make raiding the armory a sinch.


Dante then came past a door that was partially open and he heard a familiar voice from inside.


???: I have the maps and patrol routes of Ravnstard's fortress just as you requested.


???: Excelent this should make my master very happy.


Dante:(to himself) Wait... thats Reinhardt. Hes the captain of Lord Brann's outerwall security forces.


Reinhardt: Wait!... What was that noise?


???: probably just a patrol.


Reinhardt: You can never be too carefull have one of your men check it out.


A guard approaches the door and as he opens it his head is lopped off and rolls into the room. The other guard runs to attack Dante and dante moves past him at such speed it looks as if he teleported. The guard then falls in half, a clean cut from the top of his head right to his croch.


Reinhardt: (with a look of terror) DANTE!!!!


???: You know this man?


Reinhardt: He is Lord Brann's most favored warrior, the head of the honor guard.


Dante: You will regret betraying Ravnstard to these dogs. For this crime I will send you both into a living death.


???: A living death what the hell is that?


Reinhardt: A technique he has master that paralyzes your body is such a way that you can preceve the world around you but you cannot interact with it and eventually you die of starvation.


Dante then hits Reinhardt in the back of the neck with one finger and does the same to the other man paralyzing them both.


Dante: Now I can get back to locating the armory.

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Knives examined the door closly, it was coverd in carvings of dragons and wolvs both dead at first it looks as tho they are fighting but thair is somthing more to it. With more observation you can see only a few of the wolvs are actually fighting the dragons altho some of them seem to be siding with the dragons.




Frostfire:(a very large dragon with enormous talons) Knives how dare you show your face here your kind is not fit to live on this plain I shal banish you to the nether world.


Knives: hold up, somthing is a miss here me and my men would never hurt a dragon we have a treaty thicker than blood.


Frostfire: see for yourselfe.


They both hed to a window to see a huge war between dragons and wolvs at the head of the wolvs was Konrad.


Knives: NO!!! how could this happen my brother!, Frost fire you wait here I will gather my men.


(Flashback ends)


Knives: all of that blood shed over a false bound war.


Knives kicks the door open spreds his claws and runs twords the sorc who throws up a barrior. He is than picked up with phykick powers and thrown through two floors into the armory whare donte is sifting through some armor.


Knives/Dante: you again.


Knives: sigh, aouch my back.


The sorc jumped down ( she is dressed in a 2 peace sute with a top looking linda like a bathing sute but with all thies little peaces of cloth hanging off of it and the bottom with 2 peaces of cloth one in frount and one behind helg on by a golden chain other than that she is dressed in blue.) She slowly walked twords Knives.


Alexis: Knives now is your demise. Don't think ill leave you oout of the picture.


Knives: Dante if you would be so kind as to smash that pendint around her neck I wont have to kill you.

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Suddenly a portal appeared under Jakken






Jakken: ouch...>_< where am i?


???: Welcome Jakken i've been waiting a long time for this NOW PREPARE TO DIE!!!


Jakken: Wh-Wha?!?!?!

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Alexis: Ha you thing a Ravenstrad warrior can beat me.


Dante:how did you know.


Knives: o I wonder maybe your crest. (*sigh)


Dante: do you want my help or not?


He draws his ice dager and shoots a spear at her pendint. A wall of fire poped up between them milting the ice.


Knives: oh, looks like she has acces to my powers. Damn this is bad.


Dante: $#!&.


Alexis: Haha, you will never win.


Knives: you are nothing using my power to beat them with nothing to your own how so very sad.


Alexis: Enough!


Alexis formed A sword made of ice around hir hand and jumped at Knives. She cut cleen into his arm, he stumbled back with a smirk on his face. she than turned to Dante. Cast Inferno engulfing him in flames but somthing was wrong a black figure emerged from the flames he walked through the wall of fire it was a sight to be seen.


Dante: whats wrong sorc you seem to have weakend.


Alexis: no, how coud you have?


She tuched her chest looking for the pendent. she quickly turned around to see Knives laphing. He held up the amulet and smashed it into dust in his hands. Alexis musterd all of her power into a huge blast of lightning and shot it at him with all her might. Knives held up his hand and shots of lightning spit all over the room destroying countless aromrs and statues along the walls. Knives looked at her stairing deeply into her eyes she fell to her knees. Knives walked up to her and kneled down.


Knives: you are no longer a thret to me. I have probed your mind and I have no reason to kill you think about what side you are on.


Knives stood back up and walked up to a huge chest he blew it open and took his weapons and armor out of it. He looked at Dante.


Knives: I have no where to go, maybe it is a good Idea to leave you alive for now.


Dante:You really think you can beat me.


Knives: now is not the time, I am going to Ravenstrad with you.


Dante could only agree with him knowing that a fight woulf leave both of them to weak to even take on a few guards to get out of the castle. They ran out of the armory. Knives led them to a convoy still in the cortyard that was being sent to dogtree so they jumped in the back of one of the horse drawn carages.


Knives: move over you dont want ot be sen do you.


Dante: why did you let her live?


Knives: she is........not. neverming maybe ill tell you some other time, and I dont even know or like you. I hate gorillas.


Dante: "To himselfe" *gorillas, that must be how he vews us so sad a man or wolf whatever he is"

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Mean while back with the serpent man

Serpant man:after i eat knives i will rule the world.HAHAHA

just then a warrior jumped out of the trees and attacked thw serpant man.

???:you shall die evil demon!

Serpantman:ha your so weak i might spare your lif---

just then a radent red glow spewed from the serpantmans stomach and the beast melted leving a huge lump of lava from the ground.

Diran:ha thats better now to find knives....

???:who the #@$# are you

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Dante: Where is this caravan headed?


Knives: I believe to Dogtree.


Dante: Well then this is my stop.


Dante then leaps from to the side of the road and begins walking into the woods.


Dante: Why are you following me?


Knives: Dogtree is an ally of Wereloft I will not be welcome there either, at least not until I clear up my problems.


Dante: Whatever but if you travel with me you will do as I say, understood?


Knives: That all depends on the command.


Dante gives him a sharp look then continues walking with Knives about 10 paces behind.


[about an hour later]


Knives: We've traveled a long distance without rest could we stop to get some water at the stream nearby.


Dante: How did you know there was a strea.... oh ya wolves have good hearing. Well any way no we cannot stop and if you want to travel with me you might wanna pick up the pace.


Knives: If you hadden't noticed I'm trying to keep distance between us. Like I said before I don't know or like you.


Dante: What everr we're hear anyway.


Knives: Here? Here where?


Dante: The home of my parent.


Dante walks around a large bush which seems to concele a small cabin. He goes to the door and knocks with a specific rythm.


???: (an old woman sounding voice.) Dante its been a long time.


The door swings open to reveal a old blind woman cat ears and a tail.


Knives: Your parent is a Demon?!?! A CAT DEMON!?!?


Cala: You brought a wolf?!?! Here?!?! What were you thinking bringing a filthy dog to my home.


Dante: Both of you calm yourselves! First off she is a leopard. Second he followed me on his own I did not bring him and besides he is no threat. Now I guess its time for introductions, Aunt Cala this is Knives, Knives this is my Aunt Cala.


Cala: I guess if you feel him to be no threat your both welcome to stay but I've got my eye on you mut.


Knives got an angry look on his face followed by a severly confused look. Cala went inside and the men followed but on the way in Knives said quietly to Dante.


Knives: If she's blind, how does she have her eye on me.


Dante:(sarcasticly) I thought you could read minds, oh thats right you cant read the mind of another psycic especially one as powerful as her.


[10 minutes later]


Cala: Dante why don't you and the mut go chop some wood for the stove so I can cook you a hot meal.


Dante: Gladly aunt Cala.


[outside, Dante choping wood along side Knives]


Knives: I really wish your Aunt would stop calling me "the mut".


Dante: Don't let it get to you, she just doesn't know you yet and she is very anti social. Heck when she first got burdened with me she called me worse things than mut.


Knives: Got burdened with you?


Dante: My parents were killed by bandits on the very road we came in on. I wandered throught the woods until I came across a very unusual leopard demon who I followed. She started taking care of me and taught me everything I needed to know to survive. I later found out my parents were close relation to the Ravnstard royal family. I have no idea why I just told you all that but it somehow felt good. If you tell anyone about me opening up like this I'll slit your throat.


Knives: Well that explains why I couldn't read your thoughts on the walk here. Strong emotions like grief and sadness can interfere with telepathy.


Dante: Thats another thing if your going to travel with me any longer then no reading my thoughts. Why are you following me anyway? Your not going to be welcome in Ravnstard either. The king doesn't like traitors even if they betrayed his enemy. He feels that once a traitor always a traitor.


Knives: Well your a noble right? Well then you should have no problem giving me a horse and some supplies in payment for letting you take all those weapons.


Dante: We'll see. Ok lets get this wood inside so we can get some food. Oh and if she tries to feed you witha dog bowl please don't cause problems.


Knives gave Dante a dirty look and the two headed inside.

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Cala: whats wrong with your friend he looks woozy.


Dante: your a telepath why dont you check?


Cala: I would like to but his mind its.......blank.


Knives faints in the doorway




Knives and Frost fire are both tied down (frostfire has the power to turn into a dragon human looking thing).Knives brother is standing over them holding the head of one of Knives generals.


Frostfire: you will pay dearly for this.


Knives: see frostfire I told you!


Frostfire: shut up Knives!


the shot fades away to show them being crusified.


(Flashback ends)




Knives: Ahhh what the hell is your problume woman!


Cala is holding a pot in her hand that she just slamed into his head.


Dante:so what happend to you, If you keep this up it might not be worth keeping you around.


Knives: as if you could kill me. (stairing pearcingly into his eyes).... but if you must know I have ben having allot of flashbacks latly they are getting worse.


Cala: about what?


Knives: my brother and some old friends.


Cala: sometimes they mean somthing more than you think. *sigh* count on a mut to miss the purpise of somthing so important.


Knives: if I didnt have morals I would!


Dante:*Cutting in* you would what lay 1 hand on her and you wont live to see another sun rise.


Knives: try me you basterd.


Cala: look I am hungry lets fight after dinner, Knives your dish is over there.


Knives: I...da...ah.....*Grrrrr

I sware I am going to kill them this is so anoying

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[Cala, Dante, and Knives just finished dinner.]


Dante: Let me take care of the dishes. Don't kill eachother while I'm in the other room.


Knives:(under his breath) Sounds tempting.


Cala: What was that mut?


Knives: You know I have a name, right?


Cala: Yes bu... (Cala has a look of terror on her face as she stairs blankly at a wall.) You have to leave, both of you.


Knives: What? I know you dislike me but I think its a little extreme to kick us both out.


Cala: Dante! quickly you and Knives have to leave.


Dante: Why? What do you sense?


Cala: You must hurry home she is in trouble.


Dante: What?! We have to go c'mon.


Dante grabs Knives by the arm and drags him out the front door and begins running as fast as he can.


[about 2 hours later]


The two arrive at Ravnstard.


Dante: Here is a horse and some supplies I'm sorry I can't see you off properly but I have to go and so do you.


Dante runs and leaves Knives standing with a blank and confused look on his face with a horse and supplies.

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she, who? hummm ahh a nice secret he holds *chuckling to himselfe.


Knives looked at the castle of Ravenstrad it stood tall and mighty altho it rules a waistland. He thought it funny tho that this castle stood here even for warlords and bandits this is a bad place. Knives turned around remembering somthing frostfire had told him many years ago.




Frostfire: Knives have you ever wonderd how I can appear human?


Knives a simple trick.


Frostfire: ha ha you have much to lern this is no simple trick when I do this I become human not a meir cloke but I truly become human. If you want this power My mages set up a temple far east of here in the waistland. "he goes on to say the exact location of the temple the funny thing is it is not far from the castle."


(End flashback)


Knives: That spell might come in handy."to hmselfe"


Knives got on the hourse and rode east of the castle looking back pondering what had happend to Dante. he rode for 10 minutes before coming to a very large gorge a 100ft drop. Knives looked arond for a safe place to climb down but found none so he simply jumped and used his sheild as a snowbord. after reaching the bottom he turned around to look at the clif. nothig special an ordinary clif. He cound sence a magical energy pulsating from inside knowing this was the spot he tightend his fist soundred it with fire and punched into the clif, red lines split in every direction as the clif crumbled before his very eyes. There stood 2 dragons holding out orbs in thair hands. Knives was joied at first but soon realised all dragons were dead thies were but statues.He walked in the door behind them he could feel the danp floor and cold wet walls bugs everyware. A tatred red carpet lie on a petistle. he slowly walked up to et examning a strange light that seemed to come from it. he stretched out his hand and a huge flash of light left him unconshious on the floor to dark to see his face. The light itselfe was gone.

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