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Pokemon Legacy: The Legend of Pokemon


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Raine:what happened here

they looked at the charred city that lay in ruin


Raine:OH NO we have to go to pewter to see if it is still there


Zorin:you stay here and ill go

after running close to cerulian he saw sky but didnt stop


[burn]:heh i thogh i would be seeing you, im going to destroy this city and then take you back


Zorin:back...back where


[burn]:back where you came from to get your memory repaired



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i'll take care of these wild pokemon first!

-Now Changing Battle System hope you like it-

Sky: go! Flames!


2 Growlithes Appear!


Flames uses peck! jumps behind them and tackles from behind! The Two Growlithes stand there ground and approach with Caution.

Growlithe 1 Uses Ember! Not very affective on Flames, Flames then uses Tackle, follows up with peck and embers them! CRITICAL HIT!

Growlithe 2 Faints! Growlithe 1 Dashes forward tackling Flames! Flames blocks the attack and counters with another tackle! Growlithe 1 faints!


140 EXP and 0 Gold!


Sky: that'll show them! Now i gotta help Zorin!

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e.t.:"sky, you have great pontiel, but you must harness it to your advange" flies in the sky, grabing the 2 growlithes and has the dragon crushing to mave bolld drop on sky then throws them right at skys feet


e.t.: "its very easy, just grab it, then squeese the life out of it" then flies off

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zorin:who...was that guy,i feel like i know him


Sky:i dont know who he is but i know that it is wrong to kill pokemon the way he does


zorin:im going to follow him to see if he holds the key to getting my memory back, sky go to pewter and get raine


sky:no way! im going with y-


Zorin:do it and protect her

zorin then runs away leaving sky speechless


Sky: :rolleyes: why do i have to be a babysitter

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-At Pewter City-


Sky; RAINE!...Raine?


Raine: aaah! help!


Sky: Raine!!!


???: we've got you now little girl now tell us...where is your mommy?


Raine: i dont know!


Sky: let go of her now!


???: ooh another victim!


Raine: Sky! wheres Zorin


Sky: hes getting something!



Sky: Go Sparky!


Stranger Sends out Pidgey!


Pidgey uses Gust! Sparky gets blown back but flips over and lands safley.

Sparky counters with an Air Tackle! Sparky has Enemy Pidgey on the ground!


Sky: Sparky! ThunderShock!


Sparky unleashes his Thunder Shock on Enemy Pidgey! Super Effective!

Pidgey has fainted!

67 EXP 0$

Sparky levels up! lv.12


Sky: who let the Pikachu Out?! w000t!

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stranger:"NO!, MASTER DONT KILL M" the stranger gets shot to death by a pidgeyot that is too high for sparky to reach it then flies away


trainer:master bird man failed to unlock skys pontile

e.t.:"take these pokemon, a onix with insdructable armor, this dragonite and two hit monchan that mastered swordsmanchip to kill all his and her pokemon except his electricic pokemon and take it, and take raine too so we can take her gem in her arm to concer the world. and ill be destroying lavender town in five hours"

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Sky: Alright Raine come with me


Raine: k!


-at Cerulian City-


Sky: raine you stay at the pokemon center i'll go look for Zorin


Raine: but!


Sky: no buts just stay here!


Raine: fine...


Sky: Well here goes... Go Pidgeotto! it just has to level up one more time to become a Pidgeot.good thing i brang this rare candy i found while fighting that stranger i found it in his pocket, heh.

Sky uses Rare Candy on Pidgeotto!

Whats this?

Congratulations Your Pidgeotto has Evolved into a Pidgeot.


Sky: alright Pidgeot! *jumps on* lets go find Zorin hyaaaaaa!!!

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when sky is too far to hear raine yell for help used the handle end of the sword to knock out raine tie her up and blind, and bring her to evil trainers lair


sky:turns around and finds raine not in there and spots a pidgryot flying unualsy fast and high it the opposite direction "RAINE!" and starts chasing after it but fall to far behind and has to stop and let it get out of sight.

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his pidgeyot went faster


the other pidgeyot got too far and his pidgeyot ran out of breah to fly fast, before he had pidgeyot rest he noticed a syntic island that went back in the sea

when on the ground he noticed one of the bullets had a note in them

it read


dear sky,

raine will be excuted in 42 hours

lavander town will be a real ghost town in 4 hours

hope you get stronger

sincerly, evil trainer

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sky: ill arrive in lavander town with half an hour left, and the dragon is too strong for me, if I evacuate the people atleast no lives will be lost

when sky arrives

sky:"YOU MUST LEAVE NOW" *takes out the letter*

towns person:"hahaha, good joke but we are not buying(is a espriccion)"

sky "really"


what will the towns people do?

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Sky: get out of here or i'll kick all you guys @$$!!! LAVENDER TOWN IS GONNA BECOME A GHOST TOWN IN HALF AN HOUR...NOW!


Townspeople: yeah right!


Sky: its always the hard way...Go Sparky! Start Shocking the crap out of them and make them get outta here sorry i dont wanna do this but...

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when sky turns around he notices a mob

mob:"where he is, the one that destroyed lavander town" sky tries to get away but there is nothing but very thick forest to his left and right, so he dicids to swim but gets knocked out by a war turtle

mob leader:"you are sure to be excuted punk"

sky:(slurring words)"I didn't wreck lavander town"



sky is blinded folded knocked out again and tied up to a a chair straped to a wall and and his pokemon are taken, so there no wayout

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2 Hours later and Sky is concious again..


Sky: GAH! i---it-it-it--ti-t-its-i-its-it-sit-sit-teht-het-eht-he-e-.....


Goy: hey Bob when do you think we can exicute him


Bob(MobLeader): 30 Minutes.


The Giant Gulliton looked like it was gonna exicute Sky right now


Sky: eep..

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sky:*hearing screams out side*

???:AHHHHHHH *dies* and drops a knife

sky:*frees him self* "what caused this" when he looks out side he sees thousands of dead pokemon and people and a dead pidgeyot with a empty gun barrel

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Zorin hearing of the commotin in lavender is racing to get there as fast as he could but when he got there.....


Zorin:what happened?DAMN im too late!


Sky:Zorin is that you?HELP ME


Zorin goes and helps sky free


Sky:thanks now we have to rescue raine befo...


townsman:HEY hes a criminal. Kill them both


Zorin :I don't have time for this acanine Go!use smoke screen


Sky:wh-wh-when did you get an arcanine


Zorin:Not Now GO

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Zorin:what are we going to do now?


Sky:all i know is that raine is in troble and we dont have much time to get to her


Zorin:well do you know where she is


Sky: no all i know is that someone took her and told me how much time i had to find her


Zorin:what are we going to do

Just then a piece of paper flew to the ground between them

it says that raine is in an abandoned ware house in celedon and to go there before sundown

Zorin:well lets go



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zorin:"it will take about three hours to get there"

sky:"can't we get there quicker by going throue lavander town"

zorin:"yea, and get chased after"



*at the ware house*


raine:*has a look of terror in her eyes* as she watches a hitmonchan sharpen a sword and pratice on other live people


???:NO, NO, *sword perices his stumic* "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" then dies

the hitmonchan kills three more people before finally killing without giving the victiom pain


E.T.:"good, very good, now get three sword hitmonchans, 3 pidgeyots with new AP(armor pericing) bullets alert them to stay high and aviod attacks. and take one of our new sniper hitmonchans(I say what happens to the sniper one)"

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