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Pokemon Legacy: The Legend of Pokemon


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Zorin:theres the police station iwonder if sky is there....


Trainer:are wegoing to battle or what?


Zorin:Ill be right back i have to give these pokemon to officer jenny


Raine:ill battle you


Trainer go away shrimp


Raine:no i want to battle.how about one pokemon each and if you win i wont bother you anymore


Zorin:okay battle ill watch you from the police station


Raine GO!Squrt




Trainer hmph...fine go treeko

as zorin walks into the police station he sees sky

Zorin:hey, sky


Sky:zorin am i glad to see you i lost my pokemon and i need help findind them....wheres your girlfriend..er... i mean raine


Zorin:shes battling someone right now,anyway dont worry about your pokemon there right here


Sky:great thanks,This is-




sky: what was that


zorin:sounded like raine,come on



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Sky: she seems....happy?




Raine: who are you calling stupid?


Trainer: s-sorry'm


Raine: thats right nyeeeeeh!


Sky: thanks Zorin i must be training now!


Zorin: see yah!


-2 Days of Training-


Sky walks in Brocks Gyms with his Pokemon...


Flames' Stats:





Focus Energy


HP: 78

Atk: 34

Def: 23

Agi: 37

SDef: 32

SAtk: 36


Sparkys Stats:



Quick Attack

Thunder Wave

Tail Whip


HP: 67

Atk: 30

Def: 17

Agi: 38

SDef: 29

SAtk: 31


i've really decided to do this arena way but with no VIT cuz theres no magic so SDEF is ur Vit actually is SAtk is ur INT k?


Sky: i challenge you again!


Brock: very well!






Flames: tooooor!


Enemy Brock sends out Geodude


Flames uses Ember!

Geodudes SDef = 12 Flames' SAtk = 36 36-12=24

24 Damage!!!

Geodudes HP: [////]


Geodude uses Tackle!

Geodudes Atk=38 Flames' Def =23 38-23=15


15 Damage!


Flames uses Ember!

24 Damage!


Geodude Fainted!



Enemy Brock Sends out Onix!


Flames uses Ember!

Onix's SDef = 23 Flames' SAtk = 36 36-23=13

13 Damage!

Onix's HP: [//////]


Onix uses Bide!


Flames uses focus energy!


Onix unleashes energy! (Bide sucks the other guys atks if they atk but Flames did not atk so it did 1 dmg)

1 Damage!


Flames uses Ember! (and since Focus Energy makes the SAtk go up by 1)

14 Damage!

Onix's HP: [///]


Onix uses Bide (yes gym leaders WILL do this sometimes cuz they are stupid, DUY!)


Flames uses Focus energy! SATK Rose!


Onix unleashes Energy!

1 Damage!


Flames uses Ember!

15 Damage!

Onix's HP: [.]


Onix uses Tackle!

Onix's ATK: 41 Flames' Def: 23 41-23=18

16 Damage!

Flames' HP: [//////]


Flames uses Ember!

15 Damage!

Onix Fainted!


Flames' EXP Gauge [/////////.]


Brock: you have proved worthy here is the Boulder Badge..


Sky gained the Boulder Badge!


Brock: here is a TM


Sky gained TM11!


Sky: yes!


Brock: good luck Sky...




Raine: um why is there a clefairy on your leg zorin?


Zorin: ACK ITS STILL ON ME? *Shake shake*


Clefairy: cle clefary!

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when sky opened the doors to exit the gym he saw the armored dragon crush some unfortanate trainers and pokemon and saw it shot some laser shots wreck the museme and saw a fleoran have in its mouth the fossles from the museme



brock:"onix, geodude GO!"


the dragon grabed onix and twisted it like a rope and sharted it in pieces then eat the pieces of rock and crused the geodude to sand and gravle then flew off to the sky

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Zorin:look at that dragon

just then he felt something

Zorin:Raine lets follow that dragon




Zorin:i dont know


Whle following it they came to the ocean

Zorin:now what?


???:Maybe i can be of some assistance

[dont do anything with my characters or the mysterious man]

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Sky: bro-


Brock: its ok Sky...


Sky: *sigh*....but..


Brock: JUST....go...


Sky: ...


Brock stayed there all night...Praying...


-Morning Day5-


Sky:..i wonder how brocks doing...*looks out the window*...*Sigh*


Sky got ready to go to Cerulian City and walked out of the pokemon center


-At the cave-


Sky: well, here i go...

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e.t.:*in a secret lab* "good, almost ready and the fossles were brought to life"


the reanimated pokemon(the fossles) were'nt the same, like the dragon that killed the onix and geodude had the same black look with killing sharpness blades, we now got 3 new kabotops with a dosen pidgyots with guns sergitly built in the wings he was ready do destroy the pewter city and viridian forest, maby even the route between the forest and pallet town if he wants to...

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back to zorin, raine, and the stranger


Zorin:And who are you


???:I am xatos [badguy add his stats later]and i have a boat you may use


Raine really, for real


Zorin:whats the catch


Xatos:ooooh, quite assured there is no catch, all you have to do is bring it back safely


Zorin:thank you

as they get on the boat the man stats yelling for the cops



three officers surround the boat


officer:get out of the boat theif


Zorin:we arent theives this man said we can borrow his boat

just then officer jenny comes up


Jenny:whats going on here

zorin tells the story


Jenny:you may be right but you have no facts to say your innocent,your going to have to spend a couple days in jail.

after three days the man came in

Xatos:heh,since your in jail you wont be needing these

he takes their pokeballs and leaves as they look out the window they see him on his boat leaving the harbor

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Sky heard about everything on the news and ran out of the cave to the Jail.


Sky: ...Officer Jenny *huff* i will sign a *whatever it is to let a person out of a jail*


Jenny: alright fine *hands Sky the form*


Sky: th-thanks ...*Huff*


Zorin: Sky! thanks for saving me and Raine


Sky: no prob...ugh..*faints*

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the 12 pidgyots, 3 fossle pokemon, the flareon and the dragon headed twards pewter city...

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News: According to the News some evil dude is desteroying Pewter City right now..


Sky suddenly woke up




Zorin: you awake!




Zorin: ?




ET: ahhahahaah! die die die!


Sky: STOP IT!!!

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the pidgeyots come flying down raining bullets on every trainer and pokemon a bullet hit sky in the arm

sky:"OWW!(to self)I'll be fine, its only in the arm(out loud)*hold arm to stop bleeding* and waches a vilepulme get 1,000 bullets in it and saw brocks gym be destroyed by the black dragon, he looked to the forest and saw half of it was gone in fire and if any pokemon manged to escaped the blaze they were filled with lead

sky:"soo horrible, who could do such a thing"

*on the pathway twards pallet town*

trainer:"Pikachu(sp?), use thunder" most of the 6 pidgetots that flew past the forest could easly dodge the lighting but one of the bolts hit right in one of the gun barrles and caused the pidgey to go up in flames and fall to death, after 2 more seconds the pidgeyots had an oppernity to rain bullets on the trainer and pokemon killing them, two pidgey flew back to the secret lair leaving 3 to destroy pallet down(you do the next post choas dragon)

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Spell Check: Pikachu ^_~


Sky: Flames!Go! Sparky!Go!




3 Enemy Pidgeotto's Appear! all lv.10


-i will finish in like 1 or 2 days cuz the battles gonna be long since theres like 3 Pidgeotto's-

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the barrel is only the metal that holds the bullets and is below the wing

here are what the pidgeyots know

1.shoot(1 round in guns left each) bullets cripple the target lowering all stats

2.wing attack(inf) does damage

3.wing smack(inf) knocksout a target so they skip a turn, and wake up to battle the next turn

4.fly in the sky(inf) flys in the sky to avoid attacks, can dive down and cause severe damage(90%) can rarley be envaded or blocked


the two remaining pidgeyots were prepairing to fire at both pokemon intending on filling them with lead...

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Sky reacted


Sky: Sparky! Thunder Shock!




Sparky uses Thunder Shock on The Barrel!


Barrel falls on Pidgeotto! 400 Dmg + Shock of ur Life


Sky: two down one to go!


Pidgeotto's turn! Command?

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noticing the rate the other two fell the pidgeottos took the oppernity to aim at the pokemon, because of the smal size of both they only got afew bullets in them, basicly living


both pokemon got up to contiue battle(its sparkys turn)

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sky:"pallet town is saved"*looks at his wounded pokemon*"oak can handle this"

the last one was not yet dead and struggled to get up pidgey

sky:"should I capire it and care for it so it will have a friend?"

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sky:"ow! forgot about my wound" Sparky and Flames need medational attionan soon

he heard a cry and herd the destruive power of the beam from the dragon and herd it comming towards him so he took the pidgeyotto, sparky and flames to hide in the forest saw it walking twardsing pallet town

sky(to self)no.. not my home town(out loud)"

saw it looking roared out loudly

e.t.:must be dead already(they are hiding and will return when you want them to)


sky:*put pidgeyotto in a pokeball and returned sparky and flames* it only took 120 seconds to walk through the forest becase nothing blocked his way and entered a charred pit instead of pewter city it was another easy walk to reach celedon city for most of the cave was gone

sky:"I am in celedon at last" and took his 3 pokemon to the pokemon to the pokemon center

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Nurse Joy: hello welcome to the pokemon center what can i do for you?


Sky: i would like you to heal my fainted pokemon please


Nurse Joy: ok just wait a second.


*Ding ding ding ding ding!*


Nurse Joy: here are your pokemon back. i hope do see you again.


-Sky leaves the Pokemon Center

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After sky started fighting [burn], zorin and raine left to find xenos and get their pokemon.


Zorin:there he is come on[pulls out his short sword]


Xenos:huh YOU


Zorin:yeah......me,now give us back our pokemon


Xenos:humph! as if

zorin jumped at xenos and tackled him, spilling pokeballs every where


zorin: Raine grab the poke balls

zorin gets up and gets his poke balls

Xenos:your not getting away


Zoprin:yes we are

zorin sabs xenos threw the foot and left

Raine: Now back to pewter

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sky explors celedon city when he spots a trainer and a flareon"is it the same flareon?"

sky follows it soon he spots the same dragon that destroyed pewter city and the flareon and trainer gets on the dragon spots sky and fires shots knocking him out

e.t.:"don't kill him just yet, I want to see what he can do" he flys off leaving sky unconshins with hungry wild pokemon in the area

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