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Pokemon Legacy: The Legend of Pokemon


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well guys i could wait so here it is :P



Sky had just woke up and ate breakfast..


Sky: *yawn* today i should be getting my first pokemon from Prof.Jack i wonder whats up at his lab?


Sky: *opens the door to Prof.Jack's lab* Prof? are you there?


Prof.J: ah Sky there you are.


Sky: ha Prof. dont you remember the favour you owed me?


Prof.J: ah ok Sky here you is your first Pokemon


Sky: ooooh what is it?


Prof.J: you'll see..


Sky: *opens pokeball* Cool! a Torchic i've always wanted one!


Prof.J: Have fun Sky!


Sky: thanks Prof. see ya!


Torchic: Tor tor!


Sky: im gonna name you...Flames....


-Sky runs into a battle!-

Zigzagoon Appears!


Sky: finally! my first battle now lets see..*checks Flames' Attacks* Flames Scratch!


Flames: Torchic Tor! *Scratches Zigzagoon*

-34 Damage-

-Flames gained 24 Exp! Flames levels up!-

Level: 6


Sky: yeah!


After the battle Sky heard someone calling for help...a very familiar voice...

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it was a butifull day, birds were singing the streem with its soothing sounds twisting down the lushious green valy, the clowds cascading over the sky with the sun peeking through. It was a grate day. and thair at the top of the hill near a waterfall that was no more than 10 ft high was suicune. watching over the land, head just fallen asleep when listning to the water and birds when somthing woke him it was not a sound but a feeling a premonition of somthing evil to come, the natural order of things was changing and he knew somthing was wrong but what?

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Sky: Zorin? is that you?


Zorin: OW :angry: MY LEG...oh hey sky..stupid Clefairy...


Sky: :laugh: ha, anyway whats a clefairy doing here? :????:


Zorin: i dont know it just keeps bitting me, OW STUPID CLEFAIRY! :angry:


Clefairy: cle clef!


Sky: :laugh: i think it likes you


Just then they hear something...


???: Sky we meet again...

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evil t. is riding on dragon

e.t.:destroy that village

dragon:*swoops down breathing intense fire down the village destroying it in 120 secends*


villagers:FIRE! overe there *points*, the flearon comes down and burns the 5 villagers that were on the pathway gos in the town and bites the head off of the rest of them and leaves

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Sky: William?


Will: i see you remember me Sky...my old rival..


Sky: ...


Will: i've been waiting for this time...Sky i challenge you to a battle!


Sky: i accept!


-Trainer Battle!-

Sky: Go Flames!


Flames: Tor!


-Enemy William sends out Treecko-


Flames uses scratch! 12 Damage


Enemy Treecko's HP [////// ]


Treecko uses Tackle! 10 Damage!


Flames' HP [/////// ]


Flames uses Scratch! 15 Damage!


Enemy Treecko's HP [//// ]


Treecko uses Tackle! 13 Damage!


Flames' HP [///// ]


Flames uses Scratch! 11 Damage


Enemy Treecko's HP [/ ]


Treecko uses tackle! CRITICAL HIT!18 Damage!!!!


Flames' HP [. ] (note the . means a quarter of a quarter of HP)


Flames uses Scratch! 13 Damage!


Enemy Treecko fell!

Flames Gained 65 EXP! exp gauge [//// . ]


Sky gets 153 Smackers (A.K.A Money)


Will: grr you win this time Sky!


Sky: ..heh...


Will walks away...


Sky: off to pewter city!


Zorin: yeah! Sky you did it!


(the map and stuff are Red,Yellow,Blue and Green but the pokemon and some stuff are Ruby and Sapphire and maybe Gold ans Silver?)

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On the last chapter Sky has just got his first pokemon and beat his rival now he heads to Pewter City what new adventures will Sky have this time?


Sky: oh, im so hungry are we at Pewter city yet?


Zorin: we stil have to pass the viridian forest (Spell check)


Sky: *moan* :(


What creature in the forest awaits our hero? find out on the next post!

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Sky: Zorin its like a maze in here...


Zorin: ah im sure we'll get through, wait look theres a pikachu!


Sky: ooooh! i want one!



Sky: Go!Flames!


Flames: Torchic!


Sky uses Scratch! CRITICAL HIT!37 Damage!


Pikachu's HP [// ]


Sky: Pokeball!Go!


Sky throws a pokeball at Pikachu..




Sky caught a Pikachu!


Would you like to nickname it?


Nickname: Sparky



Sky: yay! my own pikachu!


Zorin: great job Sky! :P


Sky: now where do we go? *looks around* i think we're lost o.o... :puzzled::????:

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my last post did'nt got on because my computer is f*cking slow


e.t.:*riding on dragon and spots pewter city*

e.t.:"dragon you hide here in thios mountian spot worthless will get be a badge to allow me to kill pokemon in the pokemon league"


evil t.:*arivves after having his pokemon slay other unfornitate trainers that he saw* *opens the gym door*"I have come to beat you"


gym leader(what ever his or her name was): fine then you have come to the right place"go onix"


the flareon swiftly moved and curshed the onix into a wall then breathed flamethrower on onix knocking it out


g.l.:"geodude GO!" flareon did 3 slashes on it then it fell

g.l.:"here you go, that is a fast flareon you have"

e.t.:(to self)now i'll terrize the city now(out loud)"ill be moving on now"

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Zorin: yeah Sky your right we ARE lost


Sky: now what?


Zorin: i dont know! *sits down*


Sky: lets just eat lunch from here, im starving.


Zorin: k


Sky took his lunch out of his pack and so did Zorin


Sky: :P mmm my fave, Watermelon *chomp*


Zorin: whoa Sky your eating like a pig :whoa:


Sky: :P i like Watermelon


Zorin: heh :wink:


-After Lunch-


Zorin: look a Treecko!


Sky: here use my Torchic and weaken it then you can have your own treecko *hands Zorin Flames' Pokeball and another Empty One to capture the Treecko*


i will let DragonKnight do the battle cuz its his character.

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zorin;Torchic GO!


treco:TRE TRECO!!!!


zorin:torchic use tackle[7hp]

torchic;tor torchic TOOOOOR

Treco;treeeeeeee[tacles torchic][8hp]

zorin; One more time, tackle

Torchic:chic TORCHIC [7hp]


[thows pokeball at torchic]


zorin:good i got treco ill name it rem

zorin:thanks for letting me use torchic sky.

Sky:no problem lets get going

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zorin;Torchic GO!


treco:TRE TRECO!!!!

lol isn't it torchic ur sending out?



Zorin: >.> hmm, hey look! theres the way out!!!


Sky: finally!


Sky and Zorin exit the forest...


Sky: Phew!

Zorin: Well Sky its time for us to go our seprate ways see ya!


Sky: where are you going?


Zorin: somewhere


Sky: kay see ya Zorin i hope to meet you again


Zorin: see ya! *voices fades in the distance*

Sky: well now that im outta here im gonna head to pewter city..


-5 Minutes Later-


Sky: finally pewter city *looks for the pokemon center* there it is!




Sky: what was that?


???: ahhahaha! Protect the world from devastation!


Sky: i know that motto anywhere! *runs to the spot*



James: look another little twerp


Jessie: we'll take care of him like we did to that other one (which was Ash)


Sky: what do they mean othe-..!!! d- do they mean Ash? The Pokemon Master? oh my Did they finally get him this time? *gasp!*


Mewoth: Come on guys lets get him!



Sky: Go! Flames!


Flames: Tor!


Jessie and James: Go Arbok! Go Weezing!

Sky: hey thats not fair! 2v1


Jessie: dont you know we dont play by the rules twerp?


Sky:*thinking* (d'oh i forgot that)


Sky: well then! Go Sparky!


Sparky: pika!


Flames uses Scratch!on Arbok

Sparky uses Thundershock! on Weezing


1 Damage to both!

Weezing's HP: [/////////.]

Arboks HP: [/////////.]

Sky: its no use!

Suddenly they hear running noises


Jessie,James and Mewoth: huh?


(Well Sessh this is ur part where Sky meets Suicune! you should post it and remember legendary pokemon can talk except Mew and some others...)

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[meanwhile back with zorin]


while walking throgh a medow zorin hears crying in the forest nearby


zorin:HELLO!!!! is anyone there?




zorin enters the woods and sees a little girl crying by a tree


Zorin; whats wrong


???:my prized water poke mon is missing and i cant find him it was my moms before she died


Zorin:well ill help you look for it my name is zorin


???:Thank you and my name is raine


while zorin and raine looked for the poke mon raine was describing her mother


Raine:MY mother was a famous water pokemon gym leader who at an early age left to travel she helped her friends through many adventures and after a long time left to become the gym leader again. but when she met my father persuded her dream as a pokemon master. but then she got pregnat with me and returned home.


Zorin:well when we find your pokemon well return it to her


Raine:we cant she died while giving birth to me


Zorin:im ....sorry, well ill make sure you get home to your dad


Raine: he died too, in a fire at my house i was reacued and so was my moms poke mon but now i lost him


Zorin:well find him


*staryu, Staryu


raine:i think i hear him


just outside the forest was staryu


Zorin well thats good now lets get to town and well take him to a pokemon center


raine:Thank you

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waaah sorry sessh i just cant wait anylonger i really wanna get over with this part lol...


???: stop it right there! Sheer Cold!!!


Team Rocket: aaaah! team rocket blasting off again!!!


Sky: wow! a Suicune a real live SUICUNE!!!!!!!


Suicune: are you ok?


Sky: y-yeah im ok


Suicune: good i must be going now..


Sky: Wow....well im goin to the pokemon center now my pokemon are serverely injured...


-At the Pokemon Center-


Sky: Zorin! what are you doing here???

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Zorin:hey if it isnt sky,im here because im helping some one;whats going on with you.


Sky:well after i left the forest team rocket syoped me and almost beat me, but then it came


Zorin:what came?


Sky:a a a SUCAINE


Zorin:What! NO way


Sky:Yeah it saved me and went away.


Raine:so what are you guys talking about?


Sky:go away kid were busy, too busy to play with you


Zorin: hold on sky this is the person i was helping


Sky:What you helped this little girl


Zorin:yeah she lost her staryu and i helped her find it then we came here


Raine:nice to meet you Sky


Sky:yeah nice to meet you...




Zorin: well i'd love to stay but


Raine:No, please take me with you

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Sky: cough.. :laugh: good luck with your girl friend..


Zorin: HEY! :angry:


Sky: ha, just kidding :laugh:


???: we're not finished with you yet, Twerp!


Sky: them again?


Jessie: ahhahahaha! look at our new machine, its called the Poke-Net no pokemon can escape this!*Pulls it out*


Mewoth: lets get that Staryu!


Raine: no Staryu!


Sky: ready Zorin?


Zorin: *nod*



Sky: go!Flames!Go!Sparky!


Flames: tor!


Sparky: chuuu!!


Zorin: go Rem!


Rem: Treeko!


Flames uses scratch! 3 Damage (Sky: still no use!)

Sparky uses thundershock! 4 Damage (Sky: grrr)

DragonKnight, Command?

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Zorin:rem use tackle


???:you think they can stop us

they use the net to sweep all the pokemon up

Sky:no my pokemon


Raine:what do we do now


Zorin gets the necklace off his neck to reveal it was a pokemon


Zorin: i have no chose GO matrin




zorin:use psychic to get the net and send those guys away






zorin: who were those guys?

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Zorin: huh? SKYS GONE!!


[in another world]


Sky: waaaaah!!! *SPLAT* ugh..where am i?..My Pokeballs and my rainbow one! *grabs them* phew!


???: welcome to my world Sky...heheheehehahahaha!!


Sky: who are you?


??: You can call me...Grimdor


Sky: what do you want from me?


Grimdor: i want that Rainbow Pokeball!


Sky: NOO!!!


Grimdor: i'll have to force you then! *takes out a knife*


Sky: *runs*


Grimdor: no you dont! *teleports in front of him and cuts his arm*


Sky: augh!!...*huff huff* NO I WONT GIVE YOU IT


Grimdor: then i'll have to kill you!!




Grimdor:..Yes Master


???: are you Ok Sky?


Sky: yes who is that guy and who are you?


???: my name is Azroth and that is my assistant Grimdor, Grimdor apoligize to this young man!


Grimdor: yes, im sorry Sky


Azroth: Grimdor has been looking for that kind of pokeball for a long time it contains a legendary pokemon you can tell which one it is by its pattern the on you have now, is a Groudon


Sky:...a groudon.....

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Zorin:we have to look for him raine


Raine:why, hes just a no good punk


Zorin:because hes the one who found me after i lost my memorie


Raine:you lost your memories


Zorin:yes but nows not the time to talk about that lets ask around


after a hour of looking...


Zorin:Raine over here


Raine:did you find any thing


Zorin:no....where could he be

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Azroth: im surprised you asked Sky! well first of all you need to get to the pokemon leauge then you can open it but only when you are mad or sad.


Sky: gotcha


Azroth: i will now summon you back to your world good bye Sky


Sky: bye and thank you Azroth!!!


[back in the real world]


Sky: whoa! *BONK* oh my head...*takes out rainbow pokeball* a groudon eh?..

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"That trainer somthing specila about him..... Suicune looking down at the ground he moves his paw back and a sheet of ice formes on the ground. in it he is thair holding his pokeyball a raimbow ball.as I suspected he is the rightfull partner of Grodon, but this means he is in grave danger once team rocket regroups I must lern more and I know just the place to" Suicune heads off to sootopolis but not befor making a small stop along route 130. At the top of a rickety old tower sits a dragon.


Suicune: it has ben far to long.


Rayquaza: yes it has and I know of your trubbles, sadly I might not have the power to help you at this time. You see the skys are not what they used to be things are changing if only Ho-ho were still around we might have found a way to fix this.


Suicune:it is true he may be gone, and I see you are not as coragus as you once were I look down apon you fairwell I hope next me meet it is not in battle for I am not sure of whare you stand any longer your path and mine might mingt just be on a colission course.


Suicune left him in a state of remorce looking a his kindom of the sky for the first time in years he doubted himselfe.

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Sky: *walks in the gym room* Brock i challenge you!


Brock: very well...



Go! Flames!


Flames: torchic tor!


Brock: Go! Geodude!


Geodude uses Tackle!32 Damage


Flames' HP [//]

Sky: crap! i surrender!


Brock: wise choice Sky otherwise your Torchic would have been beat!


Sky: i hope to battle you again Brock!


Brock: good bye!


Sky walks down the road


Sky: well its time to start training guys! i wonder if theres a Pokemon Dojo Around

ah theres one!


Trainer: 500 Smackers to train your pokemon for one day please


-Sky hands the trainer 500 smackers-


Trainer: thank you now hand me your pokemon. *thinking* yeah this is a great plan to steal pokemon!


Sky: here you go


Trainer: thank you.


-5 Days Later-




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Zorin:raine where do you live


Raine:in cerulian city,but we need to go through pewter city to get there


as they enter pewter zorin sees two men stealing pokeballs


Zorin:Stop that


???: or what huh


just then zorin jumped on the guy and knocked him out.


zorin:now to bive these back


after he gave then back he noticed he still had two pokeballs


Raine:I wonder where those two pokeballs go


Zorin:me two

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Sky: *sigh* my pokemon i wonder where they are....*sits down on a bench*


-3 Minutes Later-


Sky: is there really a groudon in this pokeball?....cough...


[back to Zorin]


Zorin and Raine sat there thinking


Zorin: Whos pokemon...

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zorin:i guess we'll just have to give them to officer jenny.


Raine:no i think we should look around some more

just then a trainer came and challenged zorin


zorin:alright lets do it


trainer:treeko GO!


zorin:GO REM!!!WWWWHHHHAAAATTT your not rem your flames.............

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Sky: ..............................-silent for a looooooooooooooooong time-



Sky ran to the thief and cut arm


Thief: agh! *drops the pokeballs*


Sky: *picks them up* these must be my pokemon...Go! Flames! HUH? A TOTODILE????? well these mustn't be my pokemon i better turn them in to officer jenny! -at the police station-


Sky: um officer jenny i got these pokeballs from a thief do you know who these belong to? one of them is a totodile but i dont know the other one..

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