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Unholy Allaince Ii Sign Ups


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Sessh and I have agreed to do the sequal to our story together and I felt we need a sign up page so the few people that read this will know whos who.



If you were in the last Unholy Allaince and you wish to use the same character just say that here you don't need to repost the profile, its already in the first sign ups. For anyone that wants to join post your character and either me or Sessh will let you know if its acceptable because we do have some limits to what types of characters will be in this story but they're too hard to explain. After you post a character wait for one of us to fit you in which should only take a one or two posts after you sign up. You may also have up to three characters (This is do to the lack of people that post in this section.) Also PLEASE do not create a major enemy unless its your rival (This will count as one of your three). So nobody complains later Sessh and I (being the creators of this story) will be able to add more enemys even if this exceeds our three character maximum. Try not to double post!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! Attempt to post at least once every one to two weeks. Do not make story changes for ANY CHARACTER THAT YOU DID NOT CREATE!!!!(No offense burn but this rule was inspired by you. I think we all remember the multiple Aisha incedent in the first Unholy Allaince.) PLEASE TRY TO BE VERY CREATIVE WITH AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR CHARACTERS!!!!

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Name: Darla


Class: sorceress


Gender: F




Abbilties:any skills involving Ice, knoldge of the anchient arts.

1.Blizzard: like the name a huge blizzard will form with sharp peaces of Ice that could pearce through armor.


2.Ice orb: i orb the size of your chest that shoots out Ice spikes in all directions.


3.Frozen tundra: All the land around her will freez causing anyone who tuches it to become frozen instently.


4.Ancient arts: An art that has not ben used in centries that was passed down from the strongest of the ancients into capabol hands, the skill itselfe opend a doorway into the spectral world that the Elder god is after to send his armies into the physical realm.



Description: she is 5"3" with crystal Blue eyes a very and slim figure. hir hair is long and pink extended to her waist tied in the middle with a Blue bow, has two blue Crystle earings with a Gold rim. Around her neck is a neckless incruseted with jewles that is aloso rimed with gold the jewls get larger untill they reach the middle witch is a clear blue jewl that was givven to her by her pairents the pattern leading away is white red blue.for her top she is waring a white blouse that extended to her belly button and for her bottom a blue skirt that extends to just above her knees.



Past: As a little girl after seeing a majic act she became faconated in the art and began forming her own powers her parients gave thair all to pay for her lessons and when they had nohing left to give her master was so impessed with her work he let her and hir parents live with him in his castle and continued her lessions for free she masterd her powers at the age of an astonishing 16. after realising what he had come across the Master knew that she was the one who could master the Ancient arts. She masterd her full powers by the age of 23 her master had told her of aisha who was taking control of the lands 7 years befor his death. To show her master she was truly worthy of the power she had lerned She was on her way to fight with aisha but after ariving on the Island the tower was in ruins and Aisha was dead the than entured to sesshomarus castle to lern what had happend that day and found the castle in ruin seh than went on a quest to find Sessh.


Weapons:Chilling shard: A staff that has twin Ice snakes wraping around a pole forming multpial 8s and at the top is an orb swrilfing with blue and whit being held by the two snakes mouths just above the tip of the stave.



Armor: Cloke of shadows over her cloths she sometimes whars a seethrouh blue cloke that covers her face and extends to her feet.When combined with Frozen tundra she becomes praticly invisablo.


Shield: none


Rings: Ice shard: A ring given to her by her master that formes a shield of ice on her arm that freezes on inpact.


Heart of the wolf: A red crystle that is said to hold a power to pasafy any animal and influnce them.



(,ay Edit a little)

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My first character will be carried over from the first Unholy Allaince. Raziel.


My second character.


Name: Bakuryu

Race: Draken/Human


Age: 16


Appearance: 5'6" 160lb. Short spiked black hair, green glowing eyes, and appears human. Baggy black pants, black sleevless trench coat, and armored boots.


History: He is the son of a Draken prince (I have explained the Drakens in previous stories.) and a Human woman. His father was one of the few remaining Drakens left on the planet and died shortly after Bakuryu was born. He grew up with his mother who was part of a ninja clan. He quickly learned the fighting styles of the ninjitsu and also learned how to use his Draken sorcery. At the age of seven he was already a powerful warrior and took a year and a half to travel the country side and study many other fighting styles. Only a few months after his return a powerful sorceress in black armor attacked his village and killed everyone except him. He was lucky enough to be on patrol in some near by mountains. After that had happened he spent the next seven years hunting down villages of demon hunters and powerful demon lords to train under them so one day he could destroy the evil that caused the death of his mother. During his search he heard of a couple rumors he was very interested in the first was that there was a powerful Draken warrior named Marious that was intombed somewhere in the rubble of the Draken Capitol city. After hearing this Bakuryu went to investigate the tomb while there the soul of Marious spoke to him telling him of their relation. Marious was the brother of that Draken prince also Marious told Bakuryu to take anything he needed from the tomb that might help him on his quest for revenge. The other rumor was that a group of warriors defeated the sorceress that killed his village and that one of them was a lord of many lands to the east and his name is Sesshomaru. Bakuryu began his search for the Demon lord that defeated the sorceress for anyone that powerful would be a great master to study under and would have some answers on what evil created the demon sorceress.




Bewilder: This sword has been explained in Devon's quest. The legendary Draken sword once wielded by Marious.


Sanga and Yasha: Double elbo blades made out of the Fangs of Marious.


Draken Claw: A weapon that belonged to Marious it too is explained in Devon's Quest.


Powers: He has the ability to morph from a human to a half demon with wings, a tail, claws, and fangs. He also has many spells of his ancestors.

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Weapon; A very uniqe dragon sword that was his fathers.It is said that the maker folded it 800 timse ti improve strenth and make it able to cut through most objects.

Secondary wepons: two katanas named tiger claws the same maker made these katanas for drans mother and the only reason he uses thea second to his sword is because of his desire to wield his faters sword

Shield: shield of anchients:dran aquired this shield while resting in a temple. it is said that this shield has mystical powers

Armour:this armour is called dragons fury. it was made by an angry dragons flame after it killed many people dran has this armour because he is the only one who can wear it. it is said that if anyone else does they will burn to death.


Backround: a young teen hoping to find a great swordfighter for an appenticeship. Dran want to become a greatswordmaster to avenge hisparets death by killing the monsters who killed them.

Description: a 14 yr old teen, Has the brightest shade of blonde hair anywhere.eyecolor unknown because he always wears sunglasses even while sleeping

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max will be transferred but this max will be blind but see through the wind khan(like a bat which is blind but sees surrondings by sonnar) he will start out in a remote village in the mountains and meet up again


important to know:great god(gg) was killed two years after aisha died, so now max has gg's giant blade and keeps it floating with wind



gg's large sword

wind khan

two half swords

bows and arrows

a whip


in mage max

a cane

wind daggers

wind khan(same one when not transformed)

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Age: unknown but was killed by elder god at age 46



Past: was one of the very few who could see the true evil of the time he knew that the elder god was changing the course of space and time making people die changing thair future, it was this sight that led him to the elder gods core whare he was killed long ago and reserected by the Elder god.


Description:he was about 6 feet tall his nose was normal size and smothed at the end. he was waring a white cote and blue pands and had a Buster sword it was a clear blue. his hair was short and white, he was very fit for his age.


Personality: canstintly conflicing with the Elder god for control over himselfe he is the only incarnatin of the Elder god that will not bow down to him and give complete control. He has a strong will and sence of justice, he would gladly make the ultmate sacrofice if nessasry.




Buster sword: A clear blue sword with emence powers onrivled by any sword of its type.


Twin dagers: He has 2 dagers at his side that he can quicky dray for any emergency.





form 2 NA at this time.

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Name: Chaos

Race: Dragon

Age: 7

Weapons: Dark Claw,Dragon Scales, Metal Tail, Burning Spikes

Element: Darkness

Description: Cute lil Dragon who got abandoned by his family, he may seem weak at first but when he fights he kicks butt ;)


and my second character is from the first unholy alliance: WingSlasher as you all know ;)

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Age: she is about 253 but looks 20.


Race: Dog Deamon


Description: blue hair that extends to her sholders her eyes are a normal length apart, her ears are on the top of her head much like a dog. her eyes are blue she stands 5 feet tall and waring on big looped earing on her Right ear she Is a yung Dog demon who is waring pink bellbottom pants, a pink tubetop and a blue vest.


Past: unknown she has amnishia


Personality: compleatly insane anything she dose usually gets someone hurt, if you have a conversation with her you will probly lose a few brain cells.



Buster sword:A sword that is far to large and far to heavy for her to control but she had it when she lost her memories so she keeps it.


Nunchucks(sp?): they are red and metal nothing really special but she has such skill with them that she could rival Sessh with his Tokijin.




(will fifish later i have to go)

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We need at least one more person to join this story. This is mostly because with most stories at least one person gets board and stops posting and I would like to have at least 5 people still posting near the end of the story.

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Name: Valkirian

Race: (same as Wing)

Age: (Same as wing)

Weapons: Deadly Claws, Posion Fur, Steel Tail,Sonic Speed Robotic Legs, Mega Armor

Description: A Very Deadly Wolf Demon he has been Wing's rival since he was born he has tried to kill wing many times but it seems he does not have the strength but he is so stubborn he will just keep going even if it costs him his life!

History: Unknown

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second character

Name:seiva[pronounced ci-va]






Backround:She was born into a life of luxury and fortune.Even though she was happy seiva felt as if something was missing. when she was old enough she persuaded her friends to accompany her on a journey.While travling she hear rumors of a king missing.Whe she heard this she felt some sort of connection to this king and wanted to find him. after convincing her friends they set out to find them. while travling they came apon evil demons;after a long fight the demons knocked seiva out and kiddnapped her friends. when seiva woke up she saw an old man stading there but not her friends. when she asked ehat happened he explained that they were kidnapped and sent to another dimention by the eldergod

So now see sereches for the king and a way to help her friends.

Description: although see looks 21 shes actually 16.she is 5'6' and has deep red hair. she has one green eye and one blue.she is bult like a normal 21 yr old

Weapons: Twin Dragons; A pair of nunchucks which over tims gave seiva the ability to weild magic

Armour: Celtic Shield; a suit of armour that was passed down seivas family for generations. Many magicians are after it because it is said that it increases magic power.

Shield:Serpants kiss; Also passed down for generations. this shield is mysteriuos and not much is known about it


White fire: This magic generates as much heat as the sun, it is also 100 brighter which means only the user can see it, if allies look at it they will temporarily go blind.

Black lightning:A black as space if used at night it is invisible to see, this spell will kill in an instant if concintrartion is high

Dragons kiss: heals a person to full strenth; it also closes wonds and returns stanima

Eturnal Darkness: this spell foreces an enemy through a wormhole full of knives whihs shreds them to pieces

???: unknown speel, it does one of three things; it anilates a person,Heals them with god like cabibilities, or will do nothing and fail. [not used often]

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Well Raz doin told me i had to start in here sorry those of you in Xanth my comp died and so i just got it workin again :) but right know as Raz and knows im racked with school and work so im more then willing to work in other stories that do not requere me to be incharge. oh and im bringing back odin and i will post my other char later in the storie

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Name: Princess Ailish Of Illumina

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Occupation: Imperial Princess and Mage.


Description: Ailish is about 5’6” with blue hair, tradition of royal imperial princesses. She wears the armor of her Guardian Spirit. She is weak bodied but has the magic to back that up.


History: Ailish was born in the kingdom of Illumina and raised in the royal court of Queen Lusica the First. Lusica saw to it that Ailish dedicated herself to the stud of magic, but as Ailish reached her teens, she began to rebel more and more against the dictated of the queen.

Ailish has an inquisitive nature and an irrepressible personality that can shine bright enough to light up any room, but she is also spoiled and naïve. Her lack of experience in the real world is evident once she is out of the security of the royal court. She is Beautiful, vivacious, and has a kind heart that is at odds with her royal upbringing. Her most remarkable asset, however, is her tremendous magical ability.


Weapons: Royal Scepter witch sends a rapid burst of magic.



Witches Kiss- able to heal those around her.

More to learn

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[Raziel's Character]



Name: Fiend

Race: human/demon

Age: Unknown

Place of birth: Hell


Basic info: well, my character was born in hell, and he has hell powers(like Spawn), he basicly has everything that Spawn has, and better, example: he can control his chains that can fly out of his torso, he can leap many miles in the air, he has super streangh, and more that i will fill you in later, my character is Lucifer(Devil)'s son. Lucifer called him called him Hareslavar Eskin Grah(it means: The hottest Flames of hell)(Fiction: they say if anyone outside of hell said his true name will be instantly sent to hell and be burns and tortured for eternity), but many millenias past, and soon forgot his name, and gave himself a name: Fiend, Fiend has never been in earth or any other place outside the fire walls of hell.


Powers: Fiend has super streangh, chains of hell, he can merge with practicly anything(showen in the movie Spawn merging with a motorcycle), he can leap up in the air about 50-100 miles in the air, he has rapid healing(Spawn in the comics got shot with 3 tanks and it only hurt him for a sec, then he regenerated, Fiend has hell fire that he can shoot out of his hands or eyes(showen in the movie of Spawn, the green fire), and a little more i have to look up.


overall Fiend is a much more powerful version of Spawn, he looks like Spawn's costume, but he never shows his face to anyone.

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Name: Janos Audron

Race: Noble Vampire

Allinment: Neutral Evil

Age: Unknown


History: Janos Audron is the first Vampire ever existed in the legacy of kain stories, he was created by God itself, he is a noble vampire.


Features: Janos Audron has blue skin, black/white hair, glowing green eyes, large angel wings, in a white vest that have lines of scarf things that start from his shoulders and come down to his feet, a gold belt, and greyish black pants.


Powers: Janos Audron can do anything that a normal vampire can and can decurse another vampire into was it was before it became a vampire, and of course Janos Audron can touch water, and fire, anything everything that a human can, Janos Audron can make Vampires and practicly anything thats living into a Noble Vampire(blue skin, green eyes, and large angel wings, and the immunities to water and such things listed above, except for decurseing).


Information: Janos Audron is the head of the Noble Vampires and Kain is the head of the Normal Vampires, but of course Janos Audron is the leader of Kain, not like Kain ever listens to Janos, but anyway, Janos is the most honorable and most respectful Noble Vampire, unlike the the Normal Vampires, Noble Vampires can live off of water instead of blood, but they drink blood once every so often, Noble Vampires have there own blood, Noble's can have sex with humans and other female Noble's to reproduce, but if they have sex with humans, they produce normal vampires, Noble's are born leaders of there land Nosgoth 50,000 years before they found Kain. Now Janos is traveling accross the skys searching for a reason.

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Name- Vealan Shadowsoul

Race- Unkown but looks almost like a dark elf

Age- Unknown could be millions of years old

Birthplace- Plane of Hate


History- He was once a member of a great race from the plane of hate. his race was destroyed since then he has sought his revenge wich he obtained after geting legendary artifacts scrolls items wepons and robes to enhance his power to get his revenge which he did. he was known as a god among a lesser race who worshiped him.. now extinct im afraid.. he killed them as a reward for their services and was feared by everyone until 1 day he lay in his tomb in an eternal sleep undisturbed.. if he was ever to be awaked again it is fortold he will bring destruction to all who opose him.. so the legend says... so pretty much hes a bad ass evil guy :D there alot more about him but its alot n im lazy n tired at the molment heh.. so if u wanna know more let me know ok?


His Description- He is built strong very strong but doesnt have the gigantic look about him. he wears Robes darker then the shadows. He carries the "Staff of the Shadowed Soul" He has long pure white hair. Hiis voice is sootheing, so much that it can put u to an eternal sleep if u listen to him long enough.. it can charm any woman into eternal love calm any battle. he has 1 book its huge he hides it under his robes somewhere dont know where the hell he does but by the looks of it it must way over a ton literaly he pretty much wears alot of black with the exeption of his pure white hair. His eyes are a Dark Purple the dark comes from his dark soul.. the purple is from his mother... which is another long story itself so so combine they make dark purple and evil looking purple he has a dark aura always floating around his long skinny fingers as if the magic is courseing throught his fingertips ready to explode at any molment


Robe Description: Its a dark ass robe heh... it has runes on it words of magic perhaps could be something else but only he can read them any one who might try will go insane if they tried.


Staff Description: The Staff of the Shadowed Soul has a long black obsidian base the top holds a demonic looking hand called the hand of god it looks as if it has been darken and tainted with evil within the hand is a black crystal looks as if it is the abyss itself. if anyone trys to touch his staff the staff itself being an intelligent item will suck the soul of the user into the orb upon the top of the staff. the staff is almost the master of the Shadow Fury dragon which is his mount when he doesnt feel like teleporting. the dragon is rarely used and he usally sends the dragon on errond quests


Book- it contains everything he knows and isent the full source of his power but most of it... it is deathly cold and can freeze ur heart... so sends a shock to ur heart stoping it.. like when u get a shiver.. a cold ass 1 i suppose. he somehow casts a spell on it to shrink it able to stick it in his robes


Powers- His powers are truely unkown hespent most of his time studying magic and dark arts alone in his chambers being twisted by his powers the voices screaming in his mind as he relives his races demise.


Other: His life force is immortal he does not age he will not die unless killed by something else. It is truley hard to kill him he has alot of defenseive spells along with offensive but yes... he can die but its pretty damn hard to kill him... trust me i tryed

and i lost against myself... sad huh? BUT YES HE CAN DIE LET IT BE KNOWN!


The dragon- hes an idiot thats why he doesnt use him unless hes lazy.. he guards the tomb only to let the worthiest past into his masters tomb to awaken him



Current- He is now in a deep sleep which he can be awakend from but.. only those who are brave enough to venture into his resting place which is guarded by the shadow fury dragon can have hopes of awakening him but it is not sure wether he will ally or foe the person who awakens him




Jesus this is alot.. im sry but if theres error god screw that.. time to sleep my hands hurt owww!!!

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