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Unholy Alliance "the Aftermath Rise Of The Elder"

Forgotten Wolf

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(A deram)


Dreams seem so far away....... and yet so close they are twists and truns you can never see whats next. you could live happly or live a nightmare, A castle Stands tall and proud run by vampires, Kain and his generals Razile and his brothers. Flashes of light siblings torn appart, a large sheet of rock over a world pool. Vampires cast into it for the most grosom and painfull deth imagionable. A brother stands alone Kain casts him away down into the abis all watter from all sides seemes to be pulled downwards into it many watter falls to the same place. Raziel is falling past it all into the water his body destroied..........Deth.......... But not deth it is a reberth. Raziel lies thair in a deep dark cave the cealing had a spout of watter comming from it only getting halfway to the ground.


A voice deap and dark.

????: Razile wake up.


Razile: who is that?


????: I am your savyor.



"what the hell was that" Sessh waking up and saying out loud.


Raziel is sitting on a lague near him by the fire.


Sessh: Raziel your here?


Raziel: yah dog girl over thair smelled a rotting courpse so Odin came and found me and brought me here.


Raziel: Sessh I have some very desturbing news.


Razile reveals the physical form of the soul reaver and the tokijin again Glowes red.


Razile: your kidding me.


Raz and sessh put thair swords away. both stuned, Yuki and Odin looked over.


Sessh thinking of somthing to get that off thair minds.

Sessh: lets go find the others you told me about Darla.


Yuki: no we need to get you to a hosptial.


Sessh: grint* I dont need humans to save me.


Yuki: plz do it for me.



Yuki: Odin can u carry him?


Sessh: I dont need your help everyone go away!


Yuki: fine!


Sessh: Everyone leave me alone!


Sessh got up bones cracking and walked 20ft to a stream and fell into it passing out again. The same immages raced through his head but this time through Raziels Eyes he seen him slay his brothers and fight kain, He seen raziel meat yanos aldren and about the powers of the soul reaver. many things flashed through his mind.When he awoke he was in a bed and Darla nad Yuki were by his beadside. Yuki was more on the bed sleeping.


Sessh: Damn I passed out again didnt I.


Darla: Yah Raziel walked away because he got pissed of with you and yuki fighting. Odin picked u up out of the water.


Sessh: well, I would have much rather Died.


Darla: Yuki sees somthing Inside you somthing she cant explane I think she loves you.


Sessh: Thats to bad.

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As Odin and the others set down stairs Odin thought that this would be a good time to tell everyone of the Elders Plans So he went up stairs and told everyone that he needed to meet with everyone to tell them some important Information…After about ten minutes everyone made there way down stairs and together Odin Started…


Odin: I know that we are not at %100 but we will need to be and soon. The Elders are planning on opening a gate way between the Spectral realm and physical realm. That is why, Max, that Raz got so freaked you can open it and close it.

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A strang voice fills the air

"You sleep to much"


Sessh Is in a dark world its Nozgoth he is back at the abis, a werewolf is thair he had wings and was hovering over the wordpool and Sessh was on the rock ledge looking at him.


Sessh: who are you!


????: my name is Devon, let me explain you and you alone hold the power to find the Elder Gods true core his weak spot.


Sessh: Who the hell are you?


Devon: well, you know my name Devon...... I fell in love with aisha when she was human, little did I know she would be tainted by a beast. She became power houngey leading me and marious into a trap. now we are in the control of the elder god.


Sessh:how are you talking to me?


Devon: well, just because he has my soul dosnt mean he can compleatly control it, sadly like flowen my time is faiding, I am here to tell you this place is the key just think about it.


Devons soul faded away leaving Sessh alone looking into the worldpool.



as night fell yuki darla and Ras went upstairs to watch over sessh the others went to tend to Dran. Odin sat in the lobby alone taking up half the floor. Outside someone aproched. Sessh woke up so see everyone asleep Yuki, on his bed again, and darla in a chair. Raz was sitting on a windowsill looking outside. Sessh walked over to darla and put her on one of the other beds. he than walked up to Raz and put his elbows on the windowsill and loked out into the woods.


Raz: Your healed?


Sessh: enough to walk but im out of combat, Raz do you know of a place called Nazgoth?


Raz: Why?


Sessh: o nothing.


Raz: I know it was my home for many years and whare I became this and first meat the squid.


Sessh: ok, well I wont dig any deeper into ur past.


Raz: theyr all so stupid.


Sessh: why?


Raz: when you were sleeping Odin told the others of the Elder gods plan and they dont seem to cair.


Sessh: his plan?


Raz: oh, I didnt tell you The elder god plans tu use max Darla, and Bak to open a portal to the spectral realm to get his armies here.


Sessh: Yah, I was thair i seen those leagons of Deamons.


Sessh and Raz continued to talk about past adventures and many things. Odin woke up and all lights were out but somthing cought his eye the light of the moon reflected into his eyes by an Item outside. Looking closer he saw a sword and it was drawn. Odin walked outside and Drew his sword and looked around and saw nothing whoever it was had allready fled that location. Yuki woke up and Sw sessh at the window with Raz she walked up to them and they decided to go outside. They meat Odin at the Door and all went to sit on the portch. Odin was still very uneasy. Sessh started to sniff around a little and Drew his sword tried to stand up but he waas to strained to muster the energy to get back up. Raz looked at him and odin and could tell somthing was wrong. Yuki was reaching for her chucks, A sword come down over her head and Raziel Jamed the soulreaver into the wall above her head Stoping the sword about an 1/2 inch from her head. Odin and Yuki stood up.


Odin: Its you little man.

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As yuki Odin and Raz engaged in battle Sessh stumbled to his feet again and walked inside. a two Dark figures appeard in the room and were standing between him the other room and the door outside. Sessh could not tell who they were one had a red aora about him and the other Green they steeped closer to him, he reached for his sword but he didnt have it must have left it in his room. Thair aoras clashed with his foring a sort of mist a haunting voice filled the air sending chills up ur spine as the 2 steeped to the side and fused together.



in a very deep dark tormented voice that seemd to fill the room.

???: You are all alone sessh-o-maru



Not the least bit of fear in his voice.

Sessh: So thats why you wanted to open the portal, not just for your armies, but for this as well.


???: so you know who I am do you, you know nothing of me.


Sessh: look at the foolish Squid has to take 2 bodies to form the pirfect beast part werewolf part Draken.


E God: you are somthing elece I now know your purpice in life and I cannot let you forfill and I canno't let you suceed.


Sessh: I to know of my true purpice.


A portal opend behind Sessh.

EGod: Go in now or I will kill you now and leave your head for Yuki.


Sessh just turned his head and started waling away.

Sessh: haha. Stupid squid I am not stupid if you could have killed me you would have done it allready close your portal.


Sessh turned around and looked at the portal.

Sessh: I will fight you when you are ready to fight me face to face, ohh and send flowen my regards.


Sessh walked upstairs woke up Darla when they went back downstairs he was gone and all you could hear was the fight outside Darla went our ot join thair friends. Sessh than looked at his feet feelt than to the fireplace across the room he didn't know what was wrong but He just didnt feel right somthingwas hurting inside, not a sicknes but his soul was crying out for somthing. The others were still asleep and Odin came through the door with a half smile on his face showing off a new sword but it quickly turned to a frown as Razile was carying Yuki back inside she was badly hurtbut not dead. Darla cam in soon afer holding Sephiroths head.


Darla: hay raz i got a present for yah you want it frozen?

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Sessh sat in his bed with yuki not far and Darla watcing over her Everyone elece was downstairs. Raziel had just came walking up and saw sessh focised on a picture on the wall.


Sessh: who soild call that art.


Darla: looks fine to me a butifull watterfall.


Sessh: watterfall yah...... Everything in the picture is dead.


Darla: what aree you talking about?


Raz: *under his breth* no your kidding me.


Sessh: about what?


Raz: damn ears of yours.... its nothing, well I thought you should know that guy Dran I told you about is recovering nicly, and you?


Sessh: thies are but flesh wounds, my pride is still intact.


Darla: Pride, Is that why you never give up? and you go in battle against all odds?


Sessh: a little more than that.


Sessh pit his hands behind his head and stood up looking at yuki, she still had the Tenseiga. He decided it was best that way, but the Tokijin would stay with him. on the wall not far from hir hung a crystle blue sword clear and sending off a strong aora. Flowens sword hung thair. Sessh walked up th the window and /raz walked back downstairs, Sessh opend it up and jumped to the ground, Darla just decided to take his bead. he than proceded to walk further into the town poverty and famon had strkiken his kindom after Aishas deth when the takeover begone. now the moon was full you could see setting just past the old windmill, the sun was in the middle of the fans that stretched out from it. Sessh also noted that the mon was an exceptional bright red this night and for some reason it made him feel much better.


Sessh: the blood red moon.


not far was a graveyard, sessh decided to take a walk through it. most of the graves were made 7 years ago but somthing struck him as odd, thair was no scaircrow just a tentical shrivled up on the ground and a bukit of ink hanging from a brantch. Things looked so much differnt now. mist started to fourm and a man in robers steeped from the mist into the light of the moon. All you could see were red beeting eyes looking apon you.


Sessh: you, ht one with the Green aora.


????: Marious is my name.


Sessh: so marious what is this.


Marious: me and Devon hav given you a gift, we were blind but now you see.


Marious vanished as misteariously as he appeared. The mis faded and the graveyard looked as it had. the Frount gate was slightly openbut the top hindge was brokin it had rusted over time. as sessh was leaving he saw atop one of the building in the graveyard. as he was leaving he saw ontop abuilding in the graveyard a charing of a gient wined beast being consumed by what seemed to be jient tenticals. so many things went through his head he put his back to the gate and staired at it till sunrise. Darla had come looking for him.


Darla: are you gona look at that vampire all day.


Sessh: you dont see it?


Darla: see what?


Sessh: nothing lets go back.


Darla and sessh began thair walk back to the inn the sun was just over the hurizon warming up the earth. Sessh coverd his eyes as Darla embraced it jumping around shooting ice spears into a fountain in the road. Sessh sat on the Edg of the fountain as Darly stood not 2 feet from him frzing water from the foundtain and throwing the ice at buildings. When Darla was finally done it was about 9am and they finally returned to the Inn.

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[This will be short because im addin a character.]


???:Excuse me mister, can i have some assitance


Villager: sure what do you need


???:my name is seiva and i need assitance on locating a king named sessomaru.


Villager:I heard rumors that he is in aa inn not too far north from here and...... where'd she go

Before the villager stoped talking seiva sprinted out of the yillage to go to the inn. when she got there she saw a bunch of men surronding the house.

Seiva:whats going on here


???:none of your bussisness now DIE!!!

before he swung she jumped over the man and next to the door and started poundind furouiosly.


[open to any one]

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(apon thair return to the Inn)


Sessh: a nother human squable


Darla: hay, she might be killed.


Sessh: Darla your cold harted why not just kill the man shouldnt be to hard for a sorceress of your calaber.


Darla shot a spear of ice into the mans hand pearcing it and sticking in to the post the Hourse was tied to. Darla walked slowly twords the man as the Doors to the in sprong open and Raz and Odin came storming out to see Darly forming a sword of ice and Decapate the man.


Odin: Darla whats wrong with you!


Sessh: leave her be it looks like shes having fun.


????: witch one of you is lord Sesshomaru.


Odin: who wants to know.


Sessh: shut it Odin I do not hide, I am sesshomaru.


(im not sure what you want to say Dragon so here you go)

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Seiva:My nameis seiva and i have come to find you and ask for your help


Sessh:Why did you searh of me if you dont even know me


Seiva:Ill tell you later, but right now i need your help on defeating the elder god and saving my friends

Sessh:well we have to defeat him anyway so.......


Seiva: thank you for your help.One more thing do you think i can travel with you?

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Odin: Well It seems that we are stuck here for the time being. I have a few lose ends I must go take care of and if any one would like to come along you are more then welcome to join me but it might get a little bit rough out there…So if anyone one wants to go tell me now.

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Yuki Sessh and the others all were standing around odin as he asked if anyone was to come. Sessh looked him in the eyes and than walked past him out the door and sat on the side of the house. Earyler when Seiva sessh noted somthing strange about her she said she had seen the elder god he knew very well you cant see the elder god, only raziel could or so he thought. It may have ben the fact that she has the spell he seeked so despretly. Soon after Sessh Darla and Odin walked out they were looking at the Inn waiting for anyone elece to steep forward. (anyone who wants to join him just say it in ur nedt post). a few minutes later They left and Everyone elece went back inside except for yuki who was cudding with Sessh on the side of the Inn. Sessh didn't seem to mind her anymore but he was fearfull she would leave him. for the first time in his life he felt true love. A few days later Sesshes Dreams continued Oin and party still not back Sessh decided thair was somthin he needed to do the dreams were very clear now and he had to act on them. Sessh went to talk to Raziel.


Raz: yah what you want.


Sessh: witch way is nozgoth?


Raz pointed East.

Raziel: 50 miles or so that way.


Sessh: the abis right?


Raz: yah the castle is thair it is hard to miss.


Sessh: hum


RAZ: what are you planning?


Sessh: nothing im going back to bed.


Sessh and yuki went upstairs to go to sleep, around 3am sessh left the Inn heading to Nozgoth and the origin of his dreams. It was l long hard jurny over the mountains but sessh finally reached the castle it seemed to be built rait into the mountain. Sessh walked down the path leaking away from it to a huge dropoff from a ledge with a worlpool at the bottom water seemed to come down from all sides into it.


Sessh: this is it this is the place.


Flown came up behind.

Flowen: you have found this place so that means you now know whair he resides?


Sessh: yes the eldergods core lies here.


Flowen: Well, this means I might finally be saved.


Flowen walked back twords the castle motioning for Sessh to follow him. they followed a path just to the right of it into a large vally. Flowen and Sessh staired eachother down Flowen than morphed into his true form(will post in signups before i continue this.)

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whem odin left raz went over to see how dran was doing. while checking him over he noticed something very strange.

Raz:oh no


Seiva what is it


Raz:dran has been infected with a horrible diesiese[sp]


Seiva:so what is it im sure i could pay for the antidote


Raz: there is no antadote im afraid hes going to die


just as he said this sentence raz remembered something. as seiva went to tell eveyone the news raz reached down and got into drans pocket


Raz:i hope this works

raz pulled out the stone glyph and began to use it on dran........

[dracolord needs to finish this]

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(Flowen and Sessh)


mist filled the Air sessh noticed the once lushis medow was now dead trees fallon over and river bone dry skelitons all over. Flowen was shrouded in gray mist you could only see a deformed face and a tear run down his cheek.


Flowen: Tell me what do you see?


Sessh: nothing but destruction.


Flowen: you have the sight to that is why the Elder god wants you dead.


Sessh: what do you mean?


Flown: to anyone but you Raziel and that strange girl this place would seem butifull.


Sessh: we have the gift of true sight?


Flowen moved around in the mist and drew his sword you could onlt see a shrouded immage of it dew to the mist. Sessh Drew the Tokijin.


Flowen: I see you no longer have the Tenseiga.


Sessh: I no longer wish to cheet deth it has a new master now.


Flowen: a fools move, look at your sword you see those 3 aoras. Blue,Red, and Green you know 2 of them but what is the third do you know.


Sessh: No, not exactly I figured it was my fathers.


Flown jumped into the air now you could see some of his body he was at least 60ft tall with 4 legs he was blue and balck all over. the sword come down over Sessh.(his sword was so big that sessh looked like a flee to it.) sessh jumped to the right and roled bairly excaping. flown jumped back out of sifgh into thefog, a blury ornge light started to form it was getting bigger than it was shot at him spitting the mist as it went twords him making a hole in it for a short time befor it closed back up. The orb of green light came at sessh with such force hw as throwen into the mountain from witch they enterd and was inbeded into the rock. flowen than walked closer his blured immage just made it harder to see exactly whare he was even if he was 60ft tall. he put his sword away than pointed his left arm at sessh and began charging another blast, he shot sessh tried to block it with the Tokijin the sword compleatly decinagrated(SP?) but it took the blunt of the attack all that was left was the handle. shees pulled himselfe off the mountainwall and stoon at flowens feet aith nothing left to give but somthing in the remanes of the Tokijin told him to press on. He jumped up meeting with Flowens face and eas floting thair a few secounds befor flowen raised his left arm and lwt off another blast. But this time it compleatly vanished, a sprile of 3 lights spun around sesshes hand the 3 aoras. Sessh made one quick swing foring a vacume clearing the mist, he than cut off Flowens left arm with one attack. Flowen seemed very happy.


Flowen: now do you understand.


Sessh: Yes it belongs to raziel everything is so clear now.


Flowen: well you will need to kill me another day Devarious awaits.


Sessh: what!


Flowen: you know dont you, damn Devon what did he tell you..... it dosnt matter you will have your work cut out for you not dealing with me. oh and your fathers old enemie is back you should go to your friends before he gets thair.


Sessh: your kidding, Damn you.


Flowen: me or them I am sorry Sessh.


Sessh ran as fast as he could jnowing the jurny would take far to long.

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Raziel holding the stone glyph pulled out three other glyphs. The fire glyph, the force glyph, and the water glyph. First Raziel used the magic of the stone glyph to turn Dran into stone temperarily, he then used the water glyph to fill Drans body with water and boiled the water with the fire glyph to boil away the poisons. After a few moments Raziel used the force glyph to force all of the water out of Drans body and used the stone glyph to turn him back to normal. (for future referense the glyphs are coins that when held give the user the power of what ever element the glyph is. Stone = power to turn things to stone, fire = shoot fire, ect.)


Raziel went down stairs to tell everyone that Dran would be ok but while telling them Raziel heard a strange noise outside. No one else heard the noise except for Yuki and the two ran outside to see what it was and a moment later everyone followed.


Raziel: What kind of foul creature is that?


Yuki: What the hell?


Ryukotusei: I am the all powerful Ryukotusei and I will be your destroyer today.


The demon was a gaint dragon like creature but Raziel could tell from his aura that he was no ordinary creature. (If anyone watches Inuyasha you probably have seen this beast.)


Ryukotusei fired a large blue orb at the inn and luckly Bak being a Draken knew a powerful barrier spell to protect the inn with. Yuki jumped through the air and slashed Ryukotusei's chest with her buster sword and there wasnt even a scratch. Ryukotusei smashed Yuki to a wall knocking the Tensaiga to the ground. Bak tried his sword but to no avail Ryukotusei punched at Bak missing and hitting the ground sending the Tensaiga flying and stabbing Raziel and pinning him to a wall. Raziel grabbed the sword to pull it out but a strange light began spreading from the sword and consuming Raziel. Raziel felt a strange feeling just before lightning spread through his body. No one could see what was happening due to the light being so bright.


Bak: Whats happening?


Wing: I've never seen him do this before.


Just as the light began to fade Sesshomaru arrived to see Ryukotusei had already begun his attack. When Sesshomaru saw Raziel he could do nothing but stand in amazment with everyone else.


Raziel: What? What is everyone staring at?


Sessh: Bakuryu can u make me a mirror with your ice?




Sessh: Darla!


Bak: Oh right! one sec.


Bak came back outside with a mirror and handed it to Sessh. Sessh walked up to raziel and showed him the mirror.


Raziel:............ I... I can't beleive it! I have flesh!


(Sessh can continue the battle with Ryukotusei.)

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As dran awakens he hears a noise outside.when he looks he sees a gigantic dragon pummiling everyone.dran picks up his sword and walks toward the window.

seiva:This guy is tough i dont know if we can defeat him.


Raz: i am weaker in this form so that is a posibility.


Seiva:what are we going to do


just then a figure jumps from the roof and slashes the dragons gut leaving a huge gashin his belly but the figre loses his sword which stuck right by the dragons heart. in the light they see that it is dran.


Raz:Good, now we might just win.

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Sessh: bah, Raziel did your new form make you dumber to.


Raz: what the hell is your problume.


Sessh: just because of such a scratch we wont win.


Dran: Give me some credit.


Sessh: I never liked any of you, I want to see ho long before he kills you.


Raz: so you went to Nozgoth didnt you.


Sessh: yah, I seen some desturbing things, ohh by the way you are the cause of all this.


Raz: wha....


Ryukotusei let out a huge shockwave from his mouth Sessh jumbed back hopping many times along the edg of the blase untill it faded. By this time everyone had come out of the inn. Yuki droped her sword and went back inside on up on the roof jumping into the air holding Flowens sword and came down on Ryukotuseis head the sword was knocked back and Ryukotusei formed another blast getting a direct hit on yuki.


Raz: Ok try to hit it whare the pearcing Dran left is.


to himselfe.

Sessh: that will never work only one way.


Raz Bak and dran all went at one time as sessh sat and watched Raz was hit with the energy blast from his mouth Dran got punched into the inn and Bak got hit by his tail at the same time. seiva was now stairing down the beast alone Sessh still watching as she was pownded into the ground. Ryukotusei than came after him, Sessh slowly walked up to him.


Sessh: who is stronger you or flowen?


Ryukotusei: Flowen,


Sessh: ok looks like I might need them a bit longer, o by the way this is for yuki.


Ryukotusei: a broken sword?


Sessh: watch you pathidic dragon.


The handle of the tokijin lit up and sessh cut off 2 of his fingers and as he is falling back down he kicked the sword father in but is blasted with Ryukotusei energy blase and fades from sight.


Sessh: finish it guys.


Ryukotusei turns around to see all the fighters on thair feet with minor wounds.

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Odin: Okay Darla it looks like its just you and me…we have to make our way to the lost portal its deep in the mountains. From there we will be sent to the realm of shadows and find the portal to a place called Illumina, I have a friend there she is what we need she is skilled in the magic she studies. I just hope that her quest is complete I can’t ask her to leave her own home to help us if there under attack.


After riding for several days they reached the cave entrance and entered to a place that had not been seen in their world for over 2000 years.


Odin: Don’t worry this doesn’t hurt any.


Darla: Ok?!?!?


Odin took Darla’s hand and they walked onto the plat form. Just then it light up a bright blue and they disappeared in to what seamed thin air. With in seconds they arrived to a place filled with death…The Shadow Realm.


Odin: Now lets find the portal to Illumina the navigation stone shard I have will show us a window of were it the portal leads.


As they walked around Odin told Darla about Ailish and how he has known the family for years, he also told of how they had a long lives.


Odin: Ah! Here it is the portal just out side the castle. Lets go find here.


They enter the portal in the same way and disappeared again and ended up in a country like area with the smell of seawater and flowers in the air.


Odin: Ok Darla this way to the castle.

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All the sudden theres a everyone feels an earthquake and in the middle of the groud opens a large crack and lava starts to poor out of the crack


Raz looks down as the lava slowly reaches his feet, and in a heart beat; a chain bursts out of the lava and grabs Raziel by the throut and and smashes him down on the ground, the clouds in the sky group together; makes the area pitch black....


Raz: what is gods name is this!?!?


Raziel can't see anything but he uses his blind sight to reach for his katana and slide it in one of the holes of the chain and brakes the chain, Raziel stands in possision for combat even though he is blinded by the darkest shodows.


???: Raziel.....


???: flesh in thy witch not should be......


Raziel: what?!, who are you, show yourself!


Chains fly swiftly towards Raziel, but Raziel manages to dodge them, and one flys towards his faces, and in a blink of an eye Raziel slices the chain in half


Raziel: do not play games with me


and just then slowly green eyes open from the darkness


Raziel: who are you, how do you know me?


???: *in a deep strong voice* i have been watching you Raziel, watching and learning.....


Raziel: enough of this, you will tell me who you are, or i will make you suffer


???: No, you wont...


three chains grab Raziel katana and turn it agenst him, the chains slide the tip of the blade below Raziel's chin


???: Death is not a issue for you, you will come back the minite i kill you, for thy will not.


???: share your blood, vampire


about 12 chains rip in to Raziel's torso and suck the blood out of him, Raziel falls down in pain, torture is an issue for you, vampire


returns Raziel wth hell blood witch grant him the power to.......


???: Channal the gift inside you, and you will be what has been told about since the dawn of time.


???: I have Fiend, son of Lucifer.


the darkness disappears, and Raziel see's what he really looks like

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Darkness all around, just floting thair. A strnage image aproching, its flowen.


Flowen: so you went and got yourselfe hurt pretty bad did you.


Sessh: whare the hell are we?


Flowne: well someone decided to mess with the fabric of time and space, witch when that happens I am granted certon powers by the elder god.


Sessh: I despize you, hay whats wit you guys bringing back the dragon anyways?


Flowen: well first we tried to kill you with your father, that didnt work. well long story short wqe are running out of strong demons.


Sessh: oh I get it the elder god can only grant you so much power otherwise he could have killed us all along.


Flown: yah, Im not killing you yeat just because well, I have really no need to plus If I were to attrack you before you got to the elder go It would insure his victory.


Sessh: so your telling me this why?


Flowen: because we are just toying with you trying to play you like a puppit.


Sessh: you cant you dont control me.


Flowen: that maybe so but we an still manipulate your movements, what you do.


the darckness faded away and sessh found himselfe on a piller in the middle of the town usually used for rituals or fun seeing who could stay up longest. looking back at the battle a new person had arived and seemed to have crawled out of the pits of hell. Sessh thought this a good a time as any to see how yoki was doing, she did get hit pretty hard. The dragon wasnt his prim concern at this time. as he jumped off the piller Ryukotusei riprd the sword out of his chest spewing blood all over. and threw it at Dran.

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as they fought Sessh made a descison to go fight flowen and the elder god alone, If they didnt beat that dragon they didnt deserbve to help him. He picked up yuki and waqtche as the warrors fought with the dragon,he walked away west twords Nozgoth.


"ah and un!" sessh yelled out "good to see you are still alive.

Sessh jumped on ahand un with Yuki and they went to Nozgoth it only took a few short hours by air. and thair was Flowen just south of the main entrince standing waiting.


"Sessh you have come"says flowen, with a smile on his face.


"Let this battle free your soul" Says sessh.


The two draw thair swords and flowen goes to his final form.

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max:(from the sky) came crashing down wounding a arm badly landed then made ggs sword come down and hacked away more at the dragon"seliva assist somehow"



max: just a side note I see with wind


the dragon was blinded

max:leap high in the air and lifts ggs sword above his head "GODS THUNDER" the sword became electrale and the area suddly became windy the electricity combined with the sharpnisses of ggs sword enhanced by wind cut the dragon in two pieces, killing it

max:(to self)"what sent that dragon here"

seliva: what was that?

max:the sword that was my fathers great god passed down to me when he died

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"its over" says sessh


he draws his sword and him and Flowen battle sessh dodges every attack he jumps up off the ground to meet with Flowens cannon, flowen shoots and sessh $#!&s the attack in two. His sword had new powers never dreamed of before. Flowen brought his sword down on sessh buu a quick dodge and he jumped up on the sword ran up it and cut flowns face wide open. he fell back into the mountain side. sheeh fell the opposit way landing on his feet. Flowen got back up and walked twords Sessh brought his sword up for an attack. sessh jumped up and cut his sword in half, now flowing infrount of flowens face.


"I free you"


Sessh took one final swing cutting flowens head clean off his sholder. Sessh enterd nozgoth and went to the ledge just above the abis and jumped in.

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The watters twisted and turned his body, It seemed like an eturnaty in which he was there. No air, much pain but it was woth it. Finally from what seemed like years he emrged from the vortex. In a cave much like the vison he had long ago the cave was clammy with cone shaped rocks from the celing which was at the least 20 ft up. ond not 10ft from him was a light, and tenticals all around. It was the ener god and his core. Sessh Drew the Tokijin charged it up and was ready to attack.


E god: sesshomaru, you have pased every test I could have given you it is time now to strike me down. but be warned this world will never be the same and not because of my passing.




Sessh cut raight through the light and the webing of tenticals that protected it The earth shook and the cave began to colaps. He ran as fast as he could not knowing whare the eaxit would be after little more than a minute he came to a portal it was blue and white in the middle. He steeped through knowing it was his only hope. Everything went black for a time than he came to, what he saw was in disbeleaf. The elder god was right the world would change but not because of his deth.


Sessh: how long was I in that vortex?!?!?!


The world he knew was gone and a new one had surfaced.




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