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Unholy Alliance "the Aftermath Rise Of The Elder"

Forgotten Wolf

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(off topic: Wing zero if you could change the person that talks in your post from Bak to Dran that would help cuz Bak was with Sessh)


[On a trail to Chaos's home town.]


Raz: I'm sorry but I must leave.


Dran: Well as your apprentice I am coming with you.


Raz: No, you would only slow me down, and besides these two need help.


Dran: So you no longer going to teach me.


Raziel walks up to dran and grabs on his shirt and one of his katanas. He then rips a chunk off the shirt and puts the blade of the katana against Dran's shoulder.


Dran: What are you doing?


Raz: I am getting some of your blood on this cloth so that Sesshormaru can track you down for me.


Dran: So your coming back?


Raz: I gave my word that I would teach you the skills you need to avenge your parents, and I am a demon of honor I always keep my word.


At that Raziel cuts Drans arm enough to draw blood and whipes it with the cloth. He turns fast and speaks.


Raz: I have something for you.


Raziel flips a coin over his shoulder and Dran catches it.


Raz: Its called a glyph and when you hold it up and call out its element it makes a dome that can be used as an attack or a shield. The one you hold in your hand is the glyph of stone.


Raziel takes off through the woods with incredible speed.


[sessh fighting Flowen]


Sessh: Why does the Elder God want me dead?


Flowen: Ha ha ha ha you actually believe this was about you?


Flowen looks behind Sessh and Sessh then realizes his true target.


Sessh: Your after those two? But why?


Flowen: You can ask the Elder God when I send you to him!


Flowen raises his sword and brings it down as hard as he can on Sesshomaru. When the sword hit the ground it made an imense explosion and when the smoke cleared Sessh was laying on the ground to the side and raziel was standing to the other side.


Sessh: Raziel why did you kick me out of the way? I'm supposed to be dead but thanks to you I've defied my destiny.


Raz: No Sessh you were only supposed to die because the Elder God rewrote your destiny, he feared you would kill Aisha. I know what your true destiny is and I will make sure it happens.


Flowen: I guess I'll send you to our master as well. Now Die Raziel!


Flowen charges at Raziel who leaps out of the way with ease but multiple explosions came from the sword and chased Raziel. The explosions caused much smoke and dust. Sessh heard many more explosions but could not see what was happening. When the smoke cleared Flowen was leaning on his sword and there were two Raziels standing before him.


Sessh: Am I seeing double?


Both Raziels: Hey who are you? I asked you first! Stop copying me! I'll killl you imposter!. Your the imposter!


Sessh: SHUT UUUP!!!


Both Raziels look to Sessh.


Sessh: I guess I'll have to find out who the imposter is.


Sessh:*to himself* Why me?

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max:*hears foot steps* "reviel your self"


???:you don't rember me? max


???:you are comming with me *causes thunder to hit max burning close the wonds and knocking himout*


???:*takes max to a near by hut outs puts maxes wind khan that he grabed from the cliff* "your friends will come and save you, evently then they will die by your own sword"

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dran chaos and wing make it to chaos house

Dran:take him inside ill stay out here and keep watch



mean while an omonious figure watches them from in the woods.when chaos and wing wet inside it attacked.

???:Wheres raz


Dran:why do you want to know


??:so i may take him to my master


Dran: hes not here but your not going to get him


???:why not


Dran:because ill stop you first


???:ha ha ha just try you fool


before dran can unsheth his sword the monster attacks slices gash in his side and leaves

Chaos: dran whats going on...oh no Dran


[ i left this open for black wingzero]

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(darla bak and Yuki walking)


Yuki: is she ok?


Bak: Yah I beleave so but well she did git hit pretty hard she is only human you know.


Yuki: getting hit like that would have stoped me.


Bak: I know you are woried about Sessh, look I will take Darla to the others you can go back to him.


Yuki: Really!?


Bak: yes, go to him.


(Sessh Flowen, and the Twin Razes)


Sessh: I know how to solve this.


both Raz: How?


Sessh: simple, what would you do if I killed the elder god?


Raz1: I would be happy because my quest would be finally over and I wouldnt have to deal with that oversized squid.


Raz2: well, I would kill you and eat your soul.


Sessh: looks like you win?


Raz1:What no.


Sessh Stabes him with the tokijin a tare in the Demension opens and Razile is pulled through with him. Flowen walks up to Sessh picks up his sword and laphs but dosn't attack him.


Flowen: your destond to die here Raziel is the only one who cant be seen by the elder god you your path is prewriten to die here only due to Raziels interfearince have you lived this long, I will let you in on a little seckret this power you have seen is only the tip of the Iceburg thair is nothing you can do.


Sessh: how could someone so noble have fallon so far from the light.


Flowen: you know me?


Sessh: well my father did he told me of ur many exploits and how crazy you were he told me you had the power to see an unseen evil one that everyone was blind to, the Elder god wasnt it you knew about him and you went to stop him You were truly a grate human.


Flowen: I remember your father and I now remember you the Elder god fabracated my memories long ago, but I do want to tell you somthing The tenseiga was made because your Father knew the Elder gods power when the Tenseiga was made. It was made to give you another chance. but it was also mad to keep you in line If your heart was ever tainted by evil like mine is the tenseiga would let you die, Its choice to let you live was the compashion you scow for others even if you don't realize it.Look I don't want to kill anymore you know what needs to be done and I wont just let you win, I love to kill to cause pain but I cant live with myselfe this isnt me.


Sessh: I understand Flowen I guess it is your time if I dont kill you now I promis you one day I will put an end to this.

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After being pulled through the strange rift Raziel stands and looks around to find himself within his fortress from when he was one of Kains vampire generals.


Raz: How did I get here?


Evil Raz: I brought you here. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Leizar.


As he said that his skin color went from blue to a dark black.


Leizar: I am an exact replica of you except without the defaint personality. Unlike you I obey my creator.


Raz: So this is another foolish attempt to control me made by the Elder God? Sorry if I don't hang around but I got better things to do.


Raziel went to walk out the gates but when he walked out he suddenly got turned around and walked right back in.


Raz: What kind of magic is this? The outside is exactly like the inside!


Leizar: There is no outside. We are no longer in the normal world. The Elder God made this place just for us.


Raz: I'm sick of you and your voice. I wonder if your insides are just like mine? Lets check to find out shall we.


Raziel lept through the air at Leizar but Leizar vanished and raz just went right through and hit the wall behind him.


Leizar: Oh yes the other special thing about this realm is that here I am god. I can do anything here.


Raz: I've kept fighting against worse odds than this so I'm not gonna give up now.


Raziel stood up and charged once more at Leizar. This time Leizar didn't teleport instead he summoned a black wraith blade that looked identical to Raziel's Soul Reaver. The two clashed swords for what appeared to be hours but unknown to Raziel time passed much more quikly here for in the real world it was only a matter of moments.


Leizar: Don't you see you can't win?


Raz: Your a terrible duplicate.


Leizar: What? I'm a perfect duplicate.


Raz: You lack one trait that is the reason I am who I am and that is honor.


Leizar: Honor is over rated.


Leizar held his hand in Raziel's direction and Raziel went flying into the wall. The wall seemed to swallow Raziel's hands and feet, trapping him.


Leizar: Now to answer your question, lets open you up instead though.


A spear off the wall raised into the air and pointed at Raziel. Leizar sent the spear flying directly int he center of Raziel's chest.


Raz: Ahh!


Leizar: I don't know why you keep fighting, You've already lost. Your friends are already dead.


The surroundings changed right before Raziel's eyes to show a scene with a demon in a burning village and Dran, Chaos, and Wing lying dead in the streets. The village then changed again to a tower with Bak and Darla being forced to open a portal to the underworld and Yuki in chains beside one of the Elder God's demon lords. He then saw Max in a hut beheaded with a shadowy figure holding the Wind khan above him.


Raz: No, these are all lies. This can't be real.


Leizar: It is very real and the worst is yeat to come.


The surroundings changed once more to the forest where Raz left Sessh. Sessh was on his knees in front of Flowen who was about to strike him down.


Flowen: There is no one that can help you now so just give up, join the Elder God and you will be spared.


Sessh: Alright, you win, I will join the elder god.


The scene then vanished so that everything around Raz and Leizar was nothing but darkness.


Raz: Ha ha ha ha ha


Leizar: What do you find so funny?


Raz: I might have believed what you just showed me except for the fact that Sesshomaru would never join the elder god. He would take his own life with the Tokijin before he willingly joined the elder god. Also he will not lose to flowen.


Leizar: Hmph, well not all of that was fabricated, but they are the paths of destiny for all of them as punishment for joining you. Each of their fates have already begun heading in that direction. You are powerless to stop any of it especially since you will never leave this place.

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Sessh: well flowen I guess it is time.


Flowen: the paths are layed out befor you, you make your own future as do I but it must end soon. You have a job to do.



Sessh and flowen face off but flowen looked to whare the Tenseiga was and Sessh had given it to yuki. "Are you sure you will do this without ur fathers swords?" "I can manage" Sessh Drew the tokijin and held it out horazontal. Flowen Drew his Buster Sword and held it strait out with 1 hand so it was up to sesshes face. Sessh hit his sword moving it to the right than went in close to Flowen swon his sword but Flowen used hit sword like a polevolt and pulled himeslfe over the attack comming back down behind sessh at least 10 feet away. sesshes cuts opend up again and he was bleeding.


Flowen: sessh you are injerd?


Sessh: because of you earyler.


Flowen walked up to sessh slowly.

Flowen: I want this to be a fair fight.


Flowen took out his dagers and wounded himselfe in all the same spots as sessh. In shalk sessh finally understood the torture and anguish the elder god had brought apon this man and he was determon to win and set him free.


Sessh: Flowen, you are truly an honarble man.


And with the twin streams of blood meeting between them the fight began again. flowen unleashed his shawlkwave ov energy sessh jumped ogg a tree llke a sprinbord to get over the blast and came down with h9is sword directed at flowens head, Flowen raised his sword and blocked it and as sessh landed he booted him in the head, he than used his sword like a bat abut he was to slow and sessh got under it and stabed him in the chest with the tokijin. the tokijin began to glow strangly and flowen weakend Sessh quickly pulled the Tokijin out and looked at it. It was acting like the soul reaver, and what abot his transformating it was strange. Sessh put the tokijin away, Flowen droped his sword for he could not hold it any longer. Thew went hand to hand for little over an hour. Yuki cam up to see them engaged in a pwoer struggle but knew it was between them somthing in thair eyes told her to stay back.

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Flowen and Sessh eye to eye beating the hell out of eachother right hook left hook the fists were flying every witch way flowen and Sessh were evenyl matched blow for blow. Sessh was deturmond to kill Flowen, and flowen saw it comming his fait was in Sesshes hands it was all comming together. Flowen blocked a right hook by sessh and punched him squair in the nose sessh took a few steps back than came running in full force "Poision claws!" pearcing his hands through flowens chest and out his back.


Flowen: you have freed me, thank you. one last thing I can leave you with is a friend of yours has returned to this relm, Go back to the tower he will be thair.


In a clowd of smoke he dissapeared. Flowen was to wounded to save himselfe and his sword was still sitting on the ground. Yuki ran up and embraced Sesshomaru, Sessh fell over with her holding him up he was so out of it he couldnt stand or talk he just needed to rest. He was sitting next to a tree with yuki for 20 minutes befor he stood back up. Him and Yuki looked at flowens sword. Sessh Told yuki to get it, flowen left it for a reason and they werent about to leave it thair, after telling Yuki that he was heading back to the tower he used his claws to leave a message in stone for anyone who was looking for him saying he was heading to the onix tower, as for Raziel sessh never really woried about him but this time it was differnt buy now Bak and Darla had allready made it back to the town, Sessh was torn between leaving raziel and finding an old friend, he finally made his decision, He told yuki to go to the tower find whoever was thair tell them who she was and lead them back here it was only a days jurny both ways from here so it wasnt very long. Sessh took off one way and Yuki the other. Many hours later Yuki came across a very large Demon looking man he was standing in the rubble of the tower.

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As Yuki made her way up to the rubble she wundered what this huge thing was. Just as she got close anoff to really see him he turn in a flash and had his sword at her neck.


????: Who are you and how dare you think you could sneak up on me.


Yuki: I am Yuki i was sent her by sessh.


????: Sessh .......hm seems fate would have it........I am Odin i was there in the fight with Aisha. It seems that we are to come to gether again to fight an even more powerful force.


Yuki: Odin I have heard things of you, are you not a god your self?


Odin: Yes it is true i was once a good but about 2030 years ago Aisha stoll my powers and sealed me deep under ground that is were i met those whom defeat aisha and that is when i became a god again, i would love to tell you more but i must go to sessh and tell him of the gods plans.......How far is he ?


Yuki: half a days walk.


Odin : i dont have the time i know some one who can help use


Odin then pulled out a horn much like the one Raz carries to call apone Odin. Odin blew it and with in just a few seconds a huge hourse galiped to them and bowed its head and nuged Odin. odin clim up and look at yuki..


Odin : oh yes give me your hand we must hurry.


Odin reached down and wraped his whole hand around her lower arm. hold on hun this i going to be a ride to remember.......Hya hya


Just like that they road as fast as the wind to Sessh.


within 4 hours they came up to were Yuki left Sessh.


Odin: I thought you sad he would be here.


Yuki: this is were i last saw him.


Odin: Then we shall wait he will return. there is much i must tell him.

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max:*secertly awake, stabs the shadowy figer in the head killing him but is still tied up* "gess ill have to wait"


max:*heres a person waking up* "come here"


villiger: ok *unties max*


max:*still drained from the fight could I stay here*


villager:"as long as you like"

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Leizar: So how do the spears feel? Here have another.


Leizar sent a spear into Raziel's leg. Now Raziel had seven spears sticking out of him.


Raziel: When I get down from here I'm going to tear you apart limb from limb.


Leizar: I've told you already, I am a god here, I cannot die.


Raziel: I never said I was going to kill you, just rip you to shreds.


Leizar: I'm sick of your voice, I guess I'll just have to shut you up.


Leizar sent another spear at Raz and this one went right through Raziel's mouth.


Raz: *to himself* I can't take this pain. I wish I would just die already so I could go to the spectral realm. Wait! Thats it. *out loud* ha ha ha I found a flaw in your plan to defeat me.


Leizar: And what might that be.... You just talked. But how?!?


Raz: Your right we are exactly alike in every way including the power to control this realm.


All the spears in Raziel vanished along with the wall Raziel was fused to.


Leizar: No, this can't be! I'll just have to destoy you.


Leizar then created a large sword and slamed it down on Raziel.


Raz: Too bad for you I'm immortal here just like you. Also I will let you know now neither of us can win here.


Leizar: We'll see about that.


Leizar then created thousands of arrows and sent them all after Raziel. Each arrow stoped in mid air and burst into flames. Raziel created and orb of electricity and sent millions of volts surging though Leizar. The two went on for hours seeing who could create the best attack but in the end Leizar finally accepted the truth of Raziel's words.


Leizar: You'r right neither of us can win this fight.


The Elder God's voice boomed throughout the realm.


Elder God: Leizar, return to the under world we have a problem.


Leizar then opened a vortex and steped through.


Raziel: I guess I should make a vortex and get out of here too. I have no idea what I'm doing so I hope I don't end up in a volcano or somthing.


Raziel then opened a portal and steped through.

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Sadly Sessh never made it to the Town whil he was running he was attacked and knocked out, he was so wounded he couldnt even fight back this shadowy figure had 1 devil wing and along thin sword, his hair was long and white he was in all black.(Ill put his proflie up with flowens later today). (Bak and darla at the town)


Darla was just comming to with bak sitting next to her.


Darla: what happend?


Bak: you got your ass kicked by flowen.


Darla: what about sessh and yuki?


Bak: well sessh stayed to fight flowen alone and Yuki went back to help him not 10 minutes later.


Darla:ohh is sessh ok?


Bak: I dont know he hasnt come back yeat.


Darla: o thair he is i see him over thair.


Bak: no thats not him.*stands up draws his sword.


?????: Hahaha You 2 are comming with me.


Bak charged at the strange man slaming his sword down on him only ketching his hair. by the time bak had time to react the man was alltrady behind him with his sword on his throte.


Darla: no way.


Bak: why you WHO ARE YOU!


?????: none of your busnes just know the Elder god wants you.


Bak: take me you only need one of us leave her alone.


?????: well, I need both of you your combiled power could hold the gats open for a long time.


Bak: Darla RUN!


????: shut your mouth.


Striking Bak with the blumt side of his sword in the neck back was knocked out, the amn than ran faster than the eys could see and got infrount of darla darla made an Ice sword and struke him with it ban braking it over his head he stumbled around a littlew holding his head, Bak got back up and bated him with his sword into a tree. The man than pulled himselfe off the tree and walking twords him with his sword dragind on the ground on his right side making a line in the dirt. His sword quickly came up and using it like a spear he put his right hand on the back and holding it with his left hand he thtust it at bak. Darla quickly made a shild of Ice between them, than cast blizzard hitting him with mant shards of ice. He fell back than Ran up to darla pumched her in the stomic than an uppetcut getting her down and out. back became blinded with rage and swong with all his might at the strange man. in the nick of time the man used his sword as a shield and stoped the blade from pearcing him but he was still throwen by the force of the attack. Bak was still stuck in the recoil from the attack that he was wid open for an attack. when the man came in for the kill a cloud of smoke formed between them and he hit somthing very big feeling like a brick wall. It was Odin standing between them Yuki next to him with flowebs sword in her hand.


????: I know flowen failed but he left his sword... and who the hell are you.


Odin: none of your busnes *drawing his sword.

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because max had the power of wind at his hand and the hosptality of the village instead of 95% of the villagers dying only 60% died


max: "I should thank you for your help"


villager "you helped us out by reviving some of the people, espacly some warriors and merchants"


max: "i'll be moving on then, it is a good idea to make towers for your archers, better ranges"


max:*travles for several hours then slepted on top of a tree for the night*

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Odin: So you think you can come along and attack my ...friend?


????: That is the job I was sent to do.


Odin: Oh yes by the Elders right?


???? : Yea basically.


Odin that’s funny you choose the side HAHAHAHA.


Odin brought is sword up ready to attack. With a nod of the head the two engaged in battle during the battle Odin showed is cool by every time dud attack he would ask a question...


Odin So what’s your name kid?


Then Odin pushed him back getting ready for the next attack.


Sephiroth: Names Sephiroth but its no matter to you, you'll be dead soon.


Odin: HAHAHAHA!!!...........Would you like to know who I am???


Sephiroth attacks at Odin.


Sephiroth: Yea sure I like to know whom I kill.


Odin counters his attack and side steps him making him run by. Then Odin Turns.


Odin: The names Odin Kid learn it so when I leave you just barely alive so you can crawl back to you master and tell him who did it to you.


At that moment Sephiroth froze in his tracks.


Sephiroth: Odin the God of War and controller of lighting.... The very same who help kill Aisha...The same whom chose to spend immortality on earth with the people he cared more about then his own place with the gods...


And for the first time you could see the corners of Odin’s mouth curl up in to a smile as he left is sword to make his first strike on the offence. The low even though Sephiroth blocked it sent him flying back and hitting a tree...


Odin: (In a deep yell) GET UP YOU PUPPIT!!!!




Sephiroth staggered to his feet and shuck it off


Sephiroth: Ok you wanna play


Sephiroth jumped into the air high over Odin’s head and swung his sword down with great speed. Odin looked up and grabed the blade and stopped Sephiroth leaving him hanging from the sword.


Sephiroth: LET ME DOWN!!!


Odin: Ok (with a half chuckle)


Odin then brought his ark back and threw him into the same tree as before.


Only this time Sephiroth wasn’t so quick about getting up. He slowly got back up and Odin walked over to him knocked him to his back then placed the tip of his sword into his neck…


Odin: Ok Puppet run along and tell your master what he is dealing with. Oh Yea Puppet don’t mess with MY people.

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max: *thinking back to the war that he partipatied in*(this was alittle before the land knew of aishas power and destruction, and when she was alive)


max(just joined a rider divison):"where are we going?"

commander:"to fight another kingdom, CHARGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

all of the solders charge at the highest speed popsble

???(from enemy castle):"FIRE!" thousands of arrows are launched killing half of the rider division

???(enemy castle):"send out the solders" three times as amy enemys as there were riders came out, 5 minuts later max, the commander and 3 others are in the enemie castle in shackles. a ramdan solder comes

e.solder:who should get tortured to death

e.solder2:first(interputs)"lets take thier honer of being in a division" *takes a wooden tag from each of them

e.solder:*walking twards max* "maby he should die"

commander:"he just joined, I lead one of the massacers of one castle which we now have under our control"

e.gaurd:"I have final say here take the leader and do what you want, but we did'nt lost even a fourth of that divison so I feel like sparring" "you there"*to max* "you are free along with that solder"


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(Elder god and Flowen)


Egod: Flowen you have disobayed me for the last time.


Flowen: I would rather die than kill again.


Egod: but, I know you crave the anguish you cause to others thair screems of pain.


Flowen: yes, but thair was a time I Remember that I to was On the side of good I foght you and I may have lost but you couldnt stop me from reaching your core than, but when I reached it I just couldnt kill you back in Nosgoth. when Kain had no Idea of the trechury you would cause I am sure if he knew than he would have surly put an end to you.


Egod: Kian cant do anything alone he is like a puppet as are Raziel and his friends but thair is one that you seem to relate to why?


Flowen: you mean you the all powerful elder god dosn't even know I ask you why are you so powerless over me that you cant even see whats in my mind hahaha I could have killed you that day but I was weak.


Egod: flowen I know why you know him I have his father rait here inside of me. I just found it amusing that you thought you could rezist me.


Flowen: do your worst I will never leave this place again I will stake my life on it.


Egod: thats to bad your life is in my hands.


The room began to light up revaling a cave of somesort with a vortex of water leading halfway down the room. Flowen was pinned to the wall by squid tenticals. He began to change.

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In Chaos's House...


Chaos:i hope their ok im gonna get somthing to eat....


As Chaos grabbed something to eat a shadow whipped by...


Chaos: ! what was that...oh no...Raziel...


When chaos came back raziel was gone!


Chaos: oh no im too late!!!


(Im gonna let Draco finish this post)

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slipping away.





Not my time is it....................




I have so much more to give....






someone is aproching so familler.







I cant let the Elder god win GET UP!




Sesshes eyes opend slowly with dirt in his mouth a frog was looking him in the face croking. His hair had morning dew in it "how long was I out" he thought. "what happend?" Sessh got back on his feet spitting out dirt. Wondering why he wasnt dead and whare he was. The trees were not in any paticular order It looked like woods no path just woods a forest maybe? "AH UN" Sessh yelled out. no responce well that was expected. Sessh looked around again the sky was blue the sun was just rising but somthing seemed off but he couldnt tell what it was. The tokijin glew a bright red rather than its normal blue. Everything around him went black and Someone walked up it was Flowen.


Trying to keep a level head

Sessh: whats going on.


Flowen: You were picked up by some of the mages working for the elder god when you were knocked out.


Sessh: mind manipulation....


Flowen: look at ur sword.


Sessh: yah I saw.


Flown: I cant stay know this that is the key out of here, If you stay to long the strain will kill your allready weakend body.


Sessh: why are you helping me?


Flowen: you made a promis and I am making sure you get to forfill it.


Sessh: I see, do you know if Darla and bak are safe.


Flowen: Odin showed up 4 days ago and helped them they still havn't found you.


Sessh: ok, ill get myself out of here your help is no longer required.

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After Odin Let Sephiroth go Odin, Yuki, Bak and Darla search the area looking for Sessh with no luck.


Odin: We will make camp here Sessh knows this is were he last was and will return here.


Bak: NO we must go out and search further he is out there some here dieing.


Yuki: Bak I trust Odin’s Judgment I think we should set up camp here its safe and this is the last place Sessh was.


Darla: But what if he is hurt really bad.


Odin: Ok fine we will wait here and I will send my horse out looking for him.

But it is safer for us to stay together here.


The group finely agreed and Odin set his horse out looking for Sessh. They all pitch up a camp area and waited 4 days for Sessh to return when Bak started to grow up set.


Bak: What good is it to just sit here and wait he is prolly dead by now.


Odin: No it is not his fait do you not under stand that.

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Sessh knew that the Tokijin was the key to get out but why it didnt make any sence. but one thing puzzled him, if he was locked in his own mind why was his Tokijin glowing and why was his mind doing this. How would he get out? he than looked at the tokijin again. But why hadnt wasnt he dead yeat surly if they found him unconshious they could have easly killed him.


to himselfe

Sessh:Wait, Flowen didnt mean to use it as a key litterly.


Sessh stabed himselfe with the Tokijin The mages took him out of thair trance trying to save him. When sessh came to he grabed the tokijin from the floor near him and killed the mages leaving blood on the walls of the shack they had broght him to. He than tried to stand up but he coundn't. he started to sniff around A few miles off where yuki, Bak, Darla and Odin. Yuki must have ben asleep otherwise she would have smelled him. only thing sessh could think of was to make sort of a flayr so he used all the power he could muster and slashed the tokijin in a slanted motion upwars making a stream of blue light into the night sky it was so bright it illumnated the surronding ariea in a blueish aora. Sessh than fell over backwards into the cabon and srgued over.


Sessh to himselfe

Sessh:I hope they saw that, otherwise I might Die here.

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As everyone lie asleep Odin sat up looking up at the stars remembering the times when the world was at peace.


Odin: (in a whisper) In all my many years I have seen everything and now if we don’t succeed I will witness the end of everything.


Just then in the night sky a flash of blue lit it the world in a beautiful blue color.


Odin: (whisper) Ok friend I’m coming.


Odin jumped to his feet and started walking as he blew his horn and his horse came running behind him and with out stopping Odin jumped on to his horse and started riding to where the light came from. Odin came to the top of a small hill and just on the other side was a small cabin like building Odin jumped off his horse and went in to find Sessh lying there half dead. Odin picked him up over his shoulder and mounted his horse and in a half gallop headed back to camp. When he got back he laied Sessh down and started to see hat all was wrong with him. Just then the sun started to peak over the earth. Everyone started to wake up having no clue that Sessh was back…

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as the sun came over yuki you could see her eyes slowly open she stretched and saw Odin standiong not far from her. she slowly got up Bak and Darla wer leaning over looking at somthing and Odin was mending the fire.


Yuki: ok I have had enough of this ODIN!, we are going to find him and we are going now!!!!


Bak: um yuki.


Yuki: not now!!!!!!!


Odin: thair is no use to go looking for him now.


Yuki: o a big man are you no need to go look for your friend, what you think he is dead, no my god he cant be deaad NO!!!!!!!!!!


Darla: Yuki come.......


Yuki cutting in,

Yuki: shut up im tslking here!


Odin: no i mean thair is no reason to look for him because....


Yuki cuts in again.

Yuki: ok, ok you want to fight Ill kick your ass, comon bring it I can take you with 1 hand.






Yuki walked over frustrated, when she saw Sessh lieing thair she praticly mauled him, chocking what little life he had left out of him, Darla and bak were trying to pry them appart with no luck. odin walked over and Grabed yuki by the back of the neck and pulled her up into the air and dangled her next to his face.


Odin: are you trying to kill him or somthing he needs to rest.


Sessh waking back up again.

Sessh: Odin we need to find everyone we can I fear we are all in grave danger


Bak: well I do beleave we left the other here but they must have left thair is a town to the south but it was destroied another one lies to the southwest not far. they might have gone thair.


Odin: a good a place as any to start.


Yuki still dangling.

Yuki: you can put me down now


Odin: oh sory.

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max: *wandering in a open field* "this is where I fought ounce"

two zombies with a sword and armor poke out of the ground

zombie1:charges at max

max:*blocks slash and slashes the zombie in pieces* then quickly slashes the second zombie in pieces

zombie1 and 2:get back together this time twice as large with bigger swords both charge at max

max: using wind he herd firmillier voices that were far away (him self)"odin, but he died seven years ago, could he have come back?" blocks a attempt by a zombie to kill max but breaks the sword again, but his wind khan was sent flying. max then strated to run, in five seconds he ran out of wind to see but still ran the zombie: slashes at max cutting his back open

max:AHHHHHH! then falls, avoids being cut in 2 with another slash and starts running again

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[A frozen lake in the mountains North of Nosgoth]


Raziel's portal opens and he falls out.


Raziel: Ow, that was a rough landing. I wonder where I ended up?


Raziel looks over the lake and sees nothing but snow and ice. He then turns around to see a large statue of a vampire with angel like wings.


Raziel: Yanos Aldren's keep!!!


When he entered inside it was empty other that a box in the middle of the room.


Raziel: Could it be? Can it really be in there?


Raziel opened the box to find the physical form of the Soul Reaver. (Theres more than one cause of all the times its traveled through time.) Raziel took the sword and went to the window he then lept up onto the ledge just outside.


Raziel: It should be about a four or five day flight from here to get back to Sesshomaru. I just hope I make it there before anything bad happens.


Raziel then leaps off the ledge and takes flight. Four days later he arrives at the forest where he left Sessh.


???: Damit! I won't let you kill me. CYCLONE!


Raziel: Is that.... No it couldn't be.


Raziel dove into the trees to find Max being chased by two gaint zombies.


Raziel: Holy Hell it is him and it looks like hes in trouble, what else is new.


Raziel then leaps down between Max and the zombies and swipes the Soul Reaver through he air sending a strange green wave of energy at the zombies that seemed to have no effect but seconds later the zombies collapsed.


Max: Whos there?


Raziel: Oh c'mon you remember m..... What happend to your eyes?


Max: I got wounded a few years back while fighting a demon. Now who are you?!


Raziel: I'm Raziel. I hope your memory isn't wounded.


Max: Raziel? Is it really you?


Raziel: Yah. So your still fighting demons even though your blind?


Max: Yes, using vibrations in the wind I can see with my sword. By the way I droped it around here while fighting them, do you see it anywhere?


Raziel: Oh ya there it is stuck in a tree I'll just grab that for you.


Raziel got the sword for Max.


Max: thank you.


Raziel: Well I'm gonna continue my search for Sesshomaru, he should be around here somewhere, your welcome to join me if you like.


Max: Yah that would be a good idea. I'm kinda worn out from running, there seems to be alot more demons out and about lately.


Raziel: (To himself) Why would the elder god be after max... Unless. (Out loud) Those dragon spirits that gave you your power wouldnt by chance have givin you a spell known as the Ancient arts and can open a sacred door did they?


Max: I believe so, Why?


Raziel: God Damit.

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