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Unholy Alliance "the Aftermath Rise Of The Elder"

Forgotten Wolf

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"PM me if you want to join"


It had ben 7 long years sence the Deth of Aisha and the wind of change had taken its course Razile had gon to fight the elder god and hadnt spoken to sessh sence the final battle Everyone went thair sepret ways and Sessh returned to Rin who is now 17. Ah and un still travled with sessh life seemed to be going fine everything was buitful the powers once again ballanced with Sessh controling all his fathers lands again and the other powers were still in check.an outlook at the castle shows it is intrenched into the side of a mountain with trees leading up the outside and around it to the top of the mountain. the castle its selfe was in sort of a cup shape when cut in half, the bottom of the castle was much farther out than the top the castle was at least 40 stories tall witch each story from the bottom up getting smaller. and the balcony at the top extended out at least 20 feet over looking the kindom. Sessh loked over his kindom humans and demons working together wasnt somthing he wanted but it was the only way to hold his kindom childen played in the fealds and Rin was talking with some boys below his balcony. Sessh sat at his throne and looked to the sky A dark cloud was aproching he could sence it somthing was comming somthing dark somthing possesed and tormented a power that he had never felt before. He called to Rin and she came up to his keep.


Sessh: Its not safe you need to leave now.


Rin: lord Sesshomaru whats wrong?


Looking very concerned

Sessh: I have aoways vewed you like a daughter I need you to leave now.


Rin had known Sessh all her life and could tell he was searious so she packed here things and had an escort to a castle belonging to his brother. Rin had allerady ben walking for over an hour she looked back at the castle ans saw a dark cloud settling over it. Sessh had resigned into his keep. a loud crash outside called him out a man was standing thair he was about 6 feet tall his nose was normal sives and smothed at the end. he was waring a white cote and blue pands and had a Buster sword it was a clear blue. his hair was short and white.


Sessh: who are you


Flowen: I am flowen and a old friend of yours failed and now you are wanted dead.


Sessh drew the tokojin and flowen swond his buster sword unleashing a huge wave of energy destroying the top of the mountain and sesshomaru vanished in the light all that was left was a smoking pile of rubble at the top of the castle.

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Raziel: W..Where am I? What is this place?


Raziel awakens to find himself in the middle of a beautiful garden of flowers. He looks around and sees nothing but blue skies, flowers, and a singly tree next to a crystal clear pond.


Raziel: What is this grotesque place.


???: This is eternity.


Raziel: Who said that? Whos there?


???: Fear not, I am a friend.


Raziel: I have few friends and I know none would be caught dead in a place like this.


???: Well only the dead may enter here.


Raziel: If I am truly dead then this is not where I should be. I have done horrible things during my existance and this is not the kind of afterlife I should have.


???: Raziel, you can't even pass to the after life without complaining.


Raziel: This is not the afterlife its some kind of illusion.


Kain: Release him at once.


The sounds of a sword can be heard along with the screams of whoever was talking to Raziel. Raziel then finds himself lying down against an altur with a dead sorcerer in the corner and Kain standing over him with his sword drawn.


Kain: Raziel are you alright?


Raziel: I believe so. Whats going on here?


Kain:After you were struck down by the Elder God he had one of his minions control your mind and bring you to the physical realm and seal you in this tomb.


Raziel: Well I thank you for releasing me but I must go. I have urgent news for Sesshomaru.

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Darla was walking twords what seemed to be a fork in the road some bum was sitting on a stump thairhe had a long beerd that was almost like a broom the way the wind moved it across the dround he was a man of about 50 and He seemed to be eyeing her up.


Darla: Excuse me whare can I find lord Sesshomarus castle?


Bum: you can find half of it to the path on the right the other half couldnt tell you.


Darla felt very uncomfertabol aroun him so she immeaditly went down the path without asking what he ment by that she continued down the path and the woods seemed to come to a dead end. Darla Looked around a little tham mutterd to herselfe "yay another sex upsesed hobo." Darla looked back up the path to see 3 men standing there TheBum and to other muscle bond rejects with mohawlks.


3 Men: Look aron you, you cant get away.


Darla began to laph

Darla: you know.... o screw it FROZEN TUNDRA!


the ground froze around her in an enlarging circle by the time the men tried to steep back they had allready ben cought by thr ice and were frozen solid. Darle walked up to them and punched the bums head off and walked away. "looks like it was the other way. After traviling on foot for a few hours she came across a ranch in a valey. It was a little place with many fenced in hources Darla had no money but thought it wouldnt help to ask. she walked up th the door witch ahad a awning overr it and a wood pile to the right of the door. She knocked and a Woman opend the door she was in her 70s she had white hair and was kinda fat. When darly explaned what she was doing the woman decided to give her a hourse. on her way out she looked back to see the old woman chopping the wood and many other chors ahead og her Darla felt a little bad and went back she helped the woman finish her chores and afterwards they were sitting at her table.


Old woman: Darla thats your name yes?


Darla: yes that is my name.


Old woman: and you are serching for lord Sesshomaru? well, sadly lord sesshomaru hasnt ben himselfe the last few days he seemed upset. and roomers of an attack ploth on his castle has this hole kindom shaking in its boots.


Darla: if lord sesshomaru needs help than i will go to him it is the least i can do for all his acts in the past.


Darla got on the hourse and rode twords the castle looking back at the old woman waving her goodby. At this time it was night and Darla had arived at the castle to see it smoking and red at the top see it smoking and red at the top that Bum must have known but that must have ben some attack for it to stay red for this long she didnt ever recall Aisha ever making an attack anything like this. But thair not far from her a demon stood its wings poped out and turned around looking at her they were both locking eyes i pitch black only by the light of the smoldring rock could they make out the outlines of eachother.

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Darla: What have you done to Sesshomaru's castle?


Bakuryu: *Sigh*


Darla: Where is Sesshomaru? Answer me demon!


Bakuryu: Anytime a human sees destruction with a demon around they always acuse the demon.


Darla: Don't try to denie your crimes. I'm not easily tricked. BLIZZARD!


Bakuryu created a dome of fire around himself and melted all the spikes of ice.


Bakuryu: If your really wish to fight me than so be it!


Bakuryu pulled out Bewilder and swong the collosal sword at the ground sending a shockwave directly at Darla.




Darla froze the ground stoping the shockwave and expanding ice beneath Bakuryu who using his quick reflexes took to the air before the ice got to him. Darla then formed a sword of ice and Bakuryu put Bewilder away and drew out sanga and yasha. Bakuryu then dove at Darla but before he connected he was hit by a strange force and thrown through the air.


Raziel: Both of you quit it now.


Darla: Another demon! Are you here to assist your friend?


Raziel: Yes, but that demon your fighting is not the friend I'm here to help.


Darla: What are you talking about? Who are you?


Raziel: I am Raziel and I am an old friend of Sesshomaru but apparently I escaped too late to warn him of the Elder Gods plan. Bakuryu please lower your weapon even if you do attack me from behind you won't kill me.


Bakuryu: How the hell?


Raziel: I know who both of you are. I also know you are both here to speak with Sesshomaru. Now that we all know our friends are let us be off to find where the Tensaiga has sent Sesshomaru this time.


Bakuryu: Can you explain just what is going on here?


Raziel: We don't have much time I'll explain on the way.

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"Darla,Raz, and Bak walking)


Darla: so you know sessh? that means you must be one of the people who helped to defeat Aisha, I knew i herd your name once befor.


Raz: Well, I may not be as well known as sesshomaru but I can tell you that dosn't reflect my strength.


Bak: your telling me, what news did you bring for sessh anyways?


Raz: first to warn him about Flowin who was allready here it seems, Secound involves the very fabric of reality itselfe the Elder god....


Darla cuts in

Darla: Elder god?


Raziel: The elder god is master of the wheel of fait and he controls all destony, sence i live outside of destony it is best you stick near me. well as I was saying the Elder God is serching for mages who know of some ancient art that was un named giving the user the power to ulter the fabric of space an time opining a doorway to the spectral relm.


Darla and Bak froze and looked at Raz.

Raziel: oh no dont tell me both of you?


Darla/Bak: yes.....


A few hours pass and Darla gets very tired seeing that it is around 4 am now. So raz and Bak make a fire and camp site in a small circluar opning in the woods you can see out a clearing of trees to the stars circling around them.


Darla: one thing that confuces me?


Raziel: yah?


Darla: If the elder god controls fait and sent flowen after Sesshomaru knowing you wouldnt be arund to help him. wouldnt he have known that Sessh wouldnt die, so why waist the time?


With a look of shalk on his face.

Raziel: I cant beleave I didnt see this befor I destroied his destony.


Darla: what do you mean.



(Flowen and Eldr god meating)


Flowen: Elder why did you send me on such a meaning less task I do not see sesshomaru anyware in here and I know you didnt absorb him what is the meaning of this!


Egod: SILENCE! Aisha was never soposed to die. Sesshomaru was dead and wasn't ever going to get in my way again. But thair is aoways the edg of the coin in Kains words. On one side we have sesshomaru get absorbed by me, on the other he could have stayed with his father in that castle of his. But Raziel steeped in and brought Sesshomaru back to life, now he is outside of m power.


Flowen: so in other words we have 2 that are now free and are altering everything you set into motion.


Egod: everyone and everything they now interact with will be changed forever, but with Sesshomaru out of the picture for the molment I want you to go find Darla and Bakuryu. no doubt Raziel has allready found them but I doubt he can take you on alone.


Flowen: yes my lord.




(A girl bathing under a watterfall)


to the side is a beach and her cloths are sitting thair pink bellbottom pants, a pink tubetop and a blue vest, not far from that is a Huge buster sword 10 feet in length single edge, hanging over the handle are red nunchucks. the girl herselfe has blue hair that extends to her sholders her eyes are a normal length appart they are blue she stands 5 feet tall and waring on big looped earing on her Right ear.



Muddering to herselfe

"I wish I had a big strong man to kill things for me"


Lights fill up the sky and a huge blue orb hangs over the watterfall and somthing falls landing near her with a big splash. And sesshomaru flotes to the surfac unconshious.


".......YAY THAIR IS A GOD MY WISH HASE COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, maybe is should put some cloths on before he wakes up."





(no one tuch this part with sesshomaru I want to finish it)

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[Raz,Bak, and Darla entering a town]


Raz: I hate being in towns. I always have to where all of these robes to disguise myself.


Bak: Ha ha too bad your not like me. I can just hide my demonic appearance.


Raz: Yes, well thats cause your a half demon.


Darla: Could we just get the information we came here for and get out.


Bak: Whats your hurry?


Darla: I sense something very evil walking these streets.


Raz: Yes, I sense it too thats why we're here. I recognize this evil.


While walking past a tall man in a cloak Raziel reaches out and grabs the man by the back of the neck and throws him into the street.


Raz: What are you doing here.


???: Your getting stronger Raziel. Perhaps soon you will be strong enough to make my wishes come true.


Darla: Is he with the Elder God?


Raz: Well he is mostly responsible for what I am but he is not the Elder Gods underling. He is something more evil.


Bak: The Devil?


Raz: No, its Kain.


Kain: Raziel I'm surprised at you, traveling with a human again pitifull.


Raz: Enough kain, I came here looking for assistance.


Kain: What could you possibly need me for?


Raz: You have many contacts within many tribes of demons, I need you to help me locate Sesshomaru. He was attacked and his sword teleported him away but we don't know where.


Suddenly a blur of a man lept from the ally and right past Raziel who lept back and kicked Kain clear. after the man had landed a pillar next to raziel began to slide to the side. It was cut clean by the man.


Raz: Thats a very sharp sword you have there.




Raziel then anticipating an attack grabed the physical form of the Soul Reaver off of Kain and in an instant him and the man were already clashing swords in the middle of the street. After about ten minutes of them sword fighting the man jumped back and sheethed his sword.


Dran: My name is Dran, I have been in search of one with awsome swordsmanship so I may become their student. I would like you to be my master.


Darla: You attack him then ask him to be your master even though you know nothing about him.


Raz: Yes, that is curious. I will tell you now once you see what I truly am you will rethink your request.


Dran: I know exactly who you are and sort of what you are. Your are Raziel and you are a demon that has assisted Sesshomaru in defeating Aisha so you must be a powerful warrior to be a close friend of Sesshomaru.


Raz: Well if your alright with all that I will train you but in return I will expect you to assist us with defeating the Elder Gods most recent minions.


Dran: Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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max: wander in the mountains onto a hidden pathway to the grave of his demon and puts rocks on it to represent flowers

[flash back]

[4 years after aisha died] a demon is walking twards a villager about to kill him then gets shot by five arrows the demon cries in pain and the villager runs away to saftey the demon turns around and spots max too late, maxes demon bites off one of the arms and max high in the sky falling right on the demon "WIND CUT" the force of the slash cuts away at the scales, max then quickly mounts his demon, the demon grabs and crushis maxes demon and hits max to a hut

max:"you are going to die you piece $hit NOW DIE" *makes wind seperate the demon to tons of pieces* but some of the blood got in maxes eyes, because of the speed the blood entered his eyes the blood and because it was demons blood it burned a cut in his eyes to the point of blindness

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"Sesshomaru lieing on the beach near the watterfall"


Sessh: uhhh


????: hellow my cute dogy.


Sessh: who the hell are you?


????: I am yuki, at least I think I am but I might not be but you can call me Yuki.


Sessh:yah ummm why am I naked?


Yuki: well you were wet and wounded so i patched you up and ur cloths are over thair.


Sessh: I hav to go I am sorry I can't stay.


Yuki: nonononononono!!!!!!!!!!! I wished for you and you are here If you are going I AM COMMING WITH YOU!


Sessh: I don't think that is a good idea.




Sessh: ooooookkkk.........


Sessh stood up than fell over plowing his face into the sand. Yuki ran up to him and lifted him back up and helped him into his cloths and they walked twords a familer scent with Sesshs arm around Yukis neck hanging over her.

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Dran:First of all i would like to thank you for letting me be your apprentice.


raz: you are welcome but right now we are in serch of information on what happened to sesshomoru.


Dran: i dont believe anyone in this town knows anything about what happened. perhaps we should check the town in the north i heard rumors of people....


Just then a lage crash came from a building. apparently a burgular was theving and got caught. just as the owner rasied his sword the burgur grabbed a knife and slit the owners throuth.


Raz: go and prove that you can be my aprentice


Dran: but i only fought a couple times in my life and im not very good at it


Raz: just go and try well help you if need be


Dran walked over to the thief who had just got up and grabbed his sword


Dran: give back the stolen items or i will fight you


Burglar: Ha Ha Ha go back to your mommy boy


Dran: dont call me a boy. youve had your chance time to get punished


The burglar charged dran and in a slice knocked dran down and stole his sword


Burglar:nice sword ill kill you and keep it thanks


in a blink of an eye dran lept up,grabbed his katanas of his back and sliced the burglar in two


Dran: keep your hands off my dads sword


Raz: good now we may go to the north to see if any information is there.

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max:*decends down the mountain in a minute* and starts wandering on the road passes a sigh that says "you are entering a kingdoms land tresspassers will be chaptered and tortured to death" he can't read it even with wind so he contiues

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[Raz, Darla, Bak, and Dran traveling to the town to the north]


Darla: I'm bored. How much farther is it?


Raziel: I'm not sure how much farther it is. If you want entertainment don't look at me perhaps Bak and Dran can keep you occupied until we get to the town.


Bak: Does anyone else smell that?


Dran: I don't smell anything.


Raziel: I don't have a sense of smell but I do hear what sounds like a gaint insect.


The trees in front of them come crashing down and a gaint scorpion demon lands in front of them.


Scorpion: I'm here for the ones with the power of the ancient arts the rest of you may leave.


Raziel: I guess your boss didn't tell you anything about who they are traveling with huh? Dran test your skill.


Dran: Against him? Are you crazy?


Raziel: Have confidense in your skills or you will never become a sword master.


Dran drew his sword and stepped up to fight the demon. The demon began slashing at him and Dran struggled to defend against the attacks. The demon swong his tail down at Dran who tried to jump back but the stinger got him in his leg.




Raziel and Bak then charged at the demon while Darla grabed Dran and took him to a safe distance.




A white frost covered the wond on Dran's leg.


Darla: You should be ok now I have to go help the others.


Darla ran over and began to attack.


Darla: ICE O!


The demon hit her with his claw and she ended up head over heels and hit a tree then fell on her head. When that happend Bakuryu paused and looked at her then got hit himself by the demons imense claw.


Demon: Just you and me now little man.


Raziel: I can't believe the Elder God would send you here and not tell you about me.


Demon: Why? Who are you?


Raziel: I am Razie the reaver of souls.


Demon: WHAT!?!?


Raziel then lept into the air and came down on the demons head with the Soul Reaver and sliced the demon in two. When the others came over to the body where Raziel stand they noticed him holding the cloth around his face open and sucking the air above the body.


Darla: What are you doing?


a moment went by before Raziel answered.


Raziel: I'm eating. I feed on the souls of my victims.


The sound of a twig snaping draws everyones attention there stands a gaint wolf and a small dragon.


Bak: More demons?


Raziel: No, these are friends. Wing its been a long time. How have you been?


(The next person who posts about the group has to be Black Wing Zero. Introduce your new character to the group and maybe say what Wing has been doing since Aisha died 7 years ago.)

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=D thanks


Wing: hey there Raziel i rebuilt my home with some of my friends since Aisha died and i found this Dragon in the forest i got a few scratches from him since he thought i was an enemy >.>


Chaos: heh...sorry Wing


Wing: its ok


Raziel: so whats his name?


Wing: Chaos


(ugh i cant think of anymore things so you guys continue it =)

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Dran:is this one of your friends raz???


Raz:yes he helped us defeat aisha 7 years ago


Dran: this guy no way


Wing: i may be small but i can still pack a powerfil punch;what about you your just a child.Raz why is he with you

Raz:because he is my appentice


Wing:WHAT!!!why would you want to train him


Dran:Dont you be making fun of me im trying to be as good as raz to get my revenge.anyway since your a friend would you like to accompany us to the northern town??

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Off Topic: Dragon...Wing is like 13 years old now hes not small anymore (oh god i forgot what age he was in the first unholy alliance)


Back to story:


Wing: sure so where yah guys going


while they were talking Chaos heard something


Chaos: um guys? whats that?


Demon: who dares enter my lair....


Wing: huh?


Demon:hehhehe....you will die now Wing...


Wing: how do you know my name


Demon: im an old rival of yours....


(Check the sign ups you will see a new char: Valkirian)


Wing: Valkirian? i thought you were dead!


Valk: hahahha you thought wrong my little friend


Wing: im not little!


Valk: you see when my house blew up i managed to escape through my secret door


Wing: you...


Valk: ha how pitiful..


Chaos: what did you call wing?


Wing: dont get involved in this Chaos


Chaos: ok


The fight began




Valk: i doubt it YAAAAAAAAAH!


Wing jumped in the air but missed Valk, Valk was cheating by using a special ability which makes the opponent miss so when Wing Missed Valk sliced through his stomache


Wing: aaaaaaagh!...


Valk: hehehe...i told you i would win this time...


Valk: i'll see you next time...


Valk dissapeared all a sudden


Everyone: WING are you alright?


Wing: im fine...just..ugh..bring me to a doctor...ugh...


Little do they know that Wing was infected by Valk's poison fur when valk slashed wing his fur touched wing.

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(Sessh and Yuki)


Sessh: see this is why i travil alone.


Yuki: o its not that bad.



They show an away vew of yuki and Sessh over the side of a clif with yukis buster sword jamed into the side of it, and both of them sittin on it with about 300 feet below them.


Yuki: well how do you want to get back up?


Sssh: Ah and un! (im not putting a profile because he wont be used much just know its a 2 headed dragon that can fly)


Sudonly Ah and UN popws up from below them and Sessh jumped on.


Sessh:ok...... hop on.




Grinding his teeth

Sessh: just get on.


They rode ah and un to a nearby village and went to lie down together near the southern entrence whare they fell asleep. with AH and UN watching over them and the village a little studerd.






Flowen was heading twords Raziel when he senced that Sessh was nearby and decided to finish him befor Raziel and his group arrived at the city.


(just wait till Raz posts to git to the city you guys can do stuff between traviling and getting here)

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max is walking with his wind khan out to "see" suddenly he shatters arrows shot at him


max: I see you


???:... (frightened) y-you ha-have n-no eyes


max: ever herd of wind


???:*takes out of sword* "lets fight to the death" a 1 hour battle starts max killing the other person but his wind khan was hit down a small cliff



max:(to himself)"great, now what I can't close my wonds and I can't do a thing with out my wind khan" 2 hour passes and he reaches some town, it was a town that was just massacurd by the same person that he just killed


max: "ANYBODY THERE" then finds a sturdy wall to rest and wait for anything helpful while bleeding fast

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(Sessh and Yuki sleeping)



Flowen had just arrived at the Town and was checking the streets for them it seemed that the dark clouds that followed him were alive in a way how they moved across the sky. Lightning hit all arount 1 very large bolt woke up Sessh and Yuki. Flowen was standing not 2 feet from him holding his buster sword tword them. Yuki jumped up and took out her nunchucks and mauled Flowen knocking him to the ground. He kicked her off and turned his sights to sessh who was stil lieing thair unabil to get up. Flowen was ready to attack as he swong his sword but Yuki jumped back up ran twords him and Dropkicked him in the head diverting the blast into the woods clearing out everthing for muiles around and cracking the ground around them no one could stay on thair feet. Flowen Grabed yuki by the neck and Skueezed cutting off her breth. SessHes eyes turned red and he stood up with bons cracking and blood running down his shire he took out the tokojin. Flowen threw Yuki into a wood pile and picked his sword off the ground The two swords met and the Tokijin glew a bright blue as the pushed Flowens buster sword back. flowen once again unleashed his ultmat attack ans sessh split the wave in two. Flowen and him staired eachother down Sessh had lost allot more blood now it was all over him and a puddle was forming on the ground. Flowen saw this oppertunity and attacked again Yuki jumped between them sacerficing herselfe to save sesshomaru. Now fuled by suck anger the tokijin becane brighter and the wind began to pick up Sesshomaru glew a bright red and Bat wings sprouted from his back he became like a werewolf with sharpclaws he grew 2 feet taller and histail sprouted. Flowen didn't want to wait for the transformatin to compleet so he attacked again but it was to late Sessh cougt his sword and threw it to the side, he punched flowen in the stomic knocking the wind out of him, flowen reached to his side and drew hid dagers cutting sesshes stomac open. Sessh fell back and used the Tokijin to throw Flowen back into a house. Sessh got up with his last bit of strenth and took out the Tenseiga and attacked the demons from the spectral relm." hopfully that was enough to save her, I hpe flowen dosn't see this." Sessh burried Yuki under the lages and passed out on the ground near her. Flowen got back up holding his arm it was broken by sesshes last attack. By this time sessh was back to normal and no one stood in Flowens way.

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15 Minutes Later


Chaos: Wing looks...hey whats this in his stomache?


Raz: ! Chaos dont touch that...its poison...how did...wait a sec



As Valk slashed Wing, Valk's Poison fur touched Wing!


Chaos: how did..


Raz: ...you couldn't sense it? Valkirians Fur is Poisonous...


Chaos: What?


Dran: we must not waste time Wing is hurt badly we must travel faster or else he will die


Raz: ...right!


Chaos: i have a bad feeling about this...


Dran: what?


Raz: Chaos is right...i sense another demon..


Dran: !...yeah...i can sense it too...its a...


Chaos: a what?


Raz: Flaming Golem Demon




Raz: dont worry i can handle this...Chaos, Dran! Go!! i can take care of this...


(i will let Dracolord finish this post)

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Flowen: well sessh I have to say it has ben fun but I am not going to kill you.....yeat. I would rather have you meatthe elder god face to face.


Flowen picked up sessh leaving the tokijin and the Tenseiga on the ground. A few hours later some people ran over and unburried yuki she was somewhat conshious at this time.


Villiger: Are you ok?


Yuki: whare is sesshomaru....uhhh


Villager: the guy that was with you? well if you mean him he was taken by that Flowen guy.


Yuki looked at Sesshes swords than to a villager, "Get me some cloths" the villager returned with some shirts Yuki wraped the swords in the shirts and fasend them to her belt walked over to her nunchucks picked them up and put them away. She than looked at the dark clouds leading away from her to the north.


A tear ran down her face

Yuki: I saved him he saved me....... and I would gladly do it again.


Yuki began walking away from the villigers who were stunnned that she was up and walking. Not long afterwords Bak chaos Dran and Darla showed up at the town. and began badgering the villagers.


Darla walked up to one of the villigers who was fixing a hole in his house left by Flowen.

Darla: what happend here


Villager: two deamons showed up here not long ago and fell asleep over thair, I beleave Sesshomaru was one of them, well him and a yung lady. Well a few hours later Dark clouds started forming over the city and A man named flowen showed up and beat both of them. Sesshomaru was taken and his lady friend went after him.


Darla: witch way did she go?


Villiger: follow the clouds.

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[Raziel in the forest standing before a flaming golem]


After the others had gotten clear Raziel prepared for a harsh battle with the golem. Imidiatly Raziel took to the air knowing that flight was his advantage over the beast. The golem grabed a tree, which burst into flames at its touch, then through it at Raziel like a spear. Raziel easily dodged it and launched a barage of energy blasts from the spectral Soul Reaver. The golem was knocked back and Raziel took this chance to land on the golem and stab the reaver into the golems chest. Raziel then cramed both hands into the hole he had just made and began to tear the golem in two. As the golem cracked flames spewed from within and finally the golem blew up and sent Raziel flying into a tree and being impaled by one of the branches.


[back in the town with Bak, Darla, Dran, Wing, and Chaos.]


Bak: We must go after the clouds as fast as we can.


Dran: But we have to wait for Raziel.


Darla: Theres no time for that we have to go now while Bakuryu can still pick up the scent.


Dran: Then I'll go back to find Raziel.


Bak: Whatever. Darla, Chaos lets go.


Chaos: I'm going to stay here to make sure that Wing recovers ok and that Raziel and Dran return safely.


Darla and Bak took off after the clouds.


Dran: I'll be back soon.


Dran left to find Raziel.


[The Elder God and a man standing in the shadows.]


Elder: This is perfect. Flowen has the two mages with the ancient arts headed right for him and Raziel is all alone. Everything is going according to plan.


????: Yes master I can see why you are the controler of fate. Even without the power to control Raziel's destiny you still manage to anticipate how he will react to events and trick him into doing what ou want.


Elder: Leizar I believe its time you made an appearance.


Leizar: yes my lord.


Leizar then vanishes into the air.


[back with Dran and the site that the golem was killed]


Dran: No, this can't be. Raziel, no, you can't be dead. You're too powerful of a swordsman to die. Everyone I begin to look up to is killed first my parents and now my teacher.


Raziel: Too bad I'm not perminantly dead.


Dran turns around surpised and frightend to see Raziel standing behind him.


Dran: B.. b.. but your dead. Your body is hanging on that tree. How are you here if your dead body is there?


Raziel: I don't have a body of my own. I possess the bodies of the dead and lucky for me there was a dead bum in the bushes over there. Actually I think he was alive while I was fighting and had a heart attack.


Dran: Well Wing and Chaos are waiting for us in town but Bakuryu and Darla went after Flowen who has Sesshomaru.


Raz: WHAT!!?? Flowen has Sesshomaru?


Dran: Yes.


Raz: Its a trap he took him as bait he wants Bakuryu and Darla to follow. We have to hurry.


Raziel then jumps behind Dran and wraps his arms around him.


Dran: What are you doing?


Raz: Don't squirm.


Raziel spreads his wings and makes a large flap to lift them off the ground as fast as he can. He begins to fly in the direction of the town to let Chaos and Wing know their safe.

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Yuki: 2 hours behind 2 hours behind, I will not let him get away. Tree!


Yuki jumped on the tree and used it like a trampoleen bending it down and launching off of it continueing this pattern for about 20 minutes untill she finally cought up with them. she dove at Flowen tackling him tont to ground and sessh fell off flowens sholder into a tree, This time drew her buster sword witch was far to heavy for her so when she swong at flowen she lost control and sent the sword flying throhgh 4 trees but by stroke of luck one of the trees hit Flowen. and knocked him down. Yuki ran over to Sessh and woke him up Sessh was imbarsed that he needed to be saved but he was happy that Flowen was out for a few secounds. Sessh stood up and began to servay the situation. "If flowen works for the elder god and was created directly from him and Raziel wasnt involved in this fight that must mean that this is a setup but flowen dose seem to be unconshious could my being here have alterd this fight or was it all part of a greater plan?"




Sessh: no its a trap I sence raziel is on his way we have to stay away from him but wait I sence 2 others comming they must be involved in the trap we need to kill them befor raz gets here or it might be to late lets go befor Flowen gets back up.

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When Raz and the others came back to town the hospital was on fire


Inside the hospital:


Chaos: oh my wing is heavy..ugh...


2 minutes later


Dran: i hope their ok


Raz: hey! i see them


Chaos: hey guys...


Dran: is wing ok?


Chaos: yeah...but hes still in bad shape


Raz: Chaos is there another town near by?


Chaos: uh yeah its right next to where i live follow me!


As they went someone was spying on them..


Valkirian: drat that dragon! oh well maybe next time...


(off topic/edited post: oops...)

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D arla: someone is comming look thair it is hide.


Bak: no point he is wounded i can take him and that girl myselfe.


Sessh took the tokijin from Darla and clashed swords with Bak, not knowing they were allies. Darla and Yuki than wenb at it Yuki with her nunchucks and Darla with her Ice sword.


Bak: what the hell how is that puny sword taking all this abuse.


Sessh: made from a demon fang you want to hold it?


Bak: I hate Demons its time for you to die.


Sessh: you are a half deamon are you not?




Bak swong at sessh many times hitting trees and almost Darla a few times. Sessh was easly dodging such a large object. Bak was getting fustrated over how someone could be this strong he had never ben defeated befor and he wasnt about to let that happen. Darla and Yuki went at it with Ice chps flying everyware shards hitting cloths andd the ground many sticking in trees a few strk them in the arms and face. Yuki knocked Darlas legs out got around behind her and started strangling her with her nunchucks.




Sessh: ok..


Sessh stoped moving as Bak swong his sword once more sessh used the tokijin and deflected the sword to throw off Baks ballance just as sessh was about to stab him. He picked up a scent he reconised and instead of pearcing him with his sword he used his fist and knocked the wind out of bok and pushed him to the ground than ran over to Yuki and madd her releace Darla.


Bak: what are you doing?


Sessh: you know wing?


Darla: (calfing) y.....e.....s


Sessh: look he knows me if you are with him than you must be on a common quest.


Bak: your looking for Sesshomaru?


Yuki: he is Sesshomaru.


Darla: well that explanes this, wow what happend to you?


Looking a little pale

Sessh: him.


Everyone turned around to see Flowen standing thair with his Sword on his sholder. Yuki and Darla attacked together but flowen seemed much stronger he droped his sword cought Yukis nunchucks and fliped her over him and as she was comming down he than bloked darlsa sword with his arm and punched her in the face throwing her behind Sessh and Bak than as Yuki was comming down he jumped up and kicked her into a tree. Sessh and bak looked at eachother and they knew this was not looking good.


Flowen: I see hiding my power didnt help I was hoping you would kill eachother.


Sessh: But the elder god controls fait why wouldnt he have known this would have happend?


Flowen: by all means Sesshomaru you should be dead, think about that.


Sessh got the hint and looked at his allies.


Sessh: everyone leave.


Bak: no you will die.


standing up holding her back.

Yuki: Sessh I still have the tenseiga.


Sessh: Look guys I have cheeted Deth enough with that sword, and I shouldnt even be here it desturbes the natural order of things as for my wounds I have ben in worse spots than this.


Bak walked over to darla and picked her up puttingn her over his sholder, Yuki walked up next to him and they all understood Sesshomarus Wishis and walked away down the path from with they came. a few minutes later Many explosions from up the path rumbled the ground but as suddon as they began they stoped.


(Elder god)


Elder god talking to himselfe.

E god: See little sesshomaru you may have eluded my control but you had no Idea that it was all a trap, all a game of chance and lucky for me you are so predictable, Raziel cant save you he has his own problumes and your friends wont come back for you I have forseen it. All the peaces have fallen into place.

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