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The Battle Of Xanth


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Once inside the city Zell takes the group to the Inn.


Zell: I have to go find someone I need to talk to. All of you may explore the city but be careful some people don't really like outsiders. Meet back here tonight I will have a surprise for you.


Zell walked off.


Irvine: Well I dont know about you two but I'm going to explore.


Sami: I'll come with you.


Irvine: How about you Duo.


Duo: Nah I'm just gonna hang around here for a bit.


Irvine: Ok.


Irvine and Sami walked off.


Duo sat around the inn still trying to wrap his logical mind around all that has happend. He steps outside thinking a walk might help clear his mind. After walking for about ten minutes he sees an elf mixing something in a pot.


Duo: So whats this your making? Soup?


Elf: ha ha ha. No its a potion to fight the dark ones.


Duo: A potion? Right....


Elf: Yes its a fulmanating potion. It explodes on impact.


There came a loud pop sound out of the pot and smoke began to billow out of it.




The elf tosses the pot into an open area and there a large explosion. Rocks flying everywhere and dust pooring down the street. A large stone pillar not far from them cracked from the force and began to fall into a group of people most of them moved but a small girl was knocked over and couldnt escape. Duo began to run to help, his armor coming out as he ran. He makes it just in time to catch the pillar giving the girl enough time to run. The ground beneath Duo then collapsed droping him into a lower level of the cave.


Irvine: What the heck? Something just droped from the upper level.


Sami: I hope no one was hurt.


Irvine: Lets go find out.


They come up on Duo who was laying in a pile of rubble unconcious. They carry him back to the inn.

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sami: "so what happened?"


duo: "an elf made a potion but the elf messed up and the potion exploded near a crowd of people and I saved a littel gril from being crushed"


*out side the inn where the colum fell*

there is alot of comation



another person: *with unconshins tied up elf that made the potion* "THIS IS THE CAUSE OF THE EXPLOTION"


a demon in dark armor appears


demon: "CALM DOWN" "Now what happened"


same person: "that idoit elf messed up on a potion and caused an explotion"


demon: "is that the elf?"


diff. person: "yes"


demon: "fine I'll take it to the base" takes the elf to the military base ready to be burned alive

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Three men stand in the shadows two waring black clokes the other Îs waring a Black shirt with blue strips going twords his chest from both sides that turn to points his hair is white, a blue cape, and black pants, his eyes seemed so much differnt a cloudy white devoide of any emotion just an empty soul who is a slave now. Troa was now a slave to the darkness his powers had grown to fast alowing his judgment to become clouded and the darkness in his heart to take control and causing him to lose everything he once had, now a slave to an unknown force possably the leader of the whole army just a Pawn to him Troa is sent to make an example of a village and draw out his old allies to show what happens to people who meddle in the affairs of his army.


One of the hooded men look at troa and Troa looks at him


Hooded man:Troa you wanted to protect people now you will just be an engin of destruction you now have a target go when you are ready we are sending a squad of our elete troops to take them down because if that fool Zell suceeds in showing them how to use thair powers like we have trained you It might be the end for us.


Troa looking back with that same expressionless face sends a shiver down his spin. when Troa speaks his voice sounds dark and destorted like listening to A minion of the Devil himselfe.


Troa: you should have no fear of them all I need to do is take them all on one at a time and I know just who to crush first, tec boy and his mec If I can take him down they will only have low class wepons and unmasterd powers. Just the right time for your men to strike.







(this post will be any time you guys want my character to jump in Draco being te person I am going to attack will be the only one to allow me to come in. I hope no one has a problume with this if you do plz pm me and i will be happy to make any changes that need to be done)

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"I don't feel like postiong in the comments to but will someone post I really don't want to flood this topic because we don't follow the 1 week rule....



Troa looked around the base and than went to sit down watcching a rather large screen of hunts and battles currently in progress on Xanth I looked like they werent just after the people from they went by and ignored most of the hiding people what were they doing just ooking for goods to steal or somthing?


????: Troa what are you doing.


Troa looked behind him to see a rather large man who had many metals of honor and many he had never seen.


Troa: whatcing your war effert.


?????: o and by the way my name is General Odd


Troa: Sir do you really think it is wise to attack the planit with such force this could cause solersystem wide chayos and create many enemies for you and your homeworld.


Odd: I am not in chargre of the militare I just command a portion of the men I have no say in attacking a place or not I just have my orders on what to do and I find the best way to execute those orders.


Troa: so you are aginst the war?


Odd: yes but I must protect my men if that means we have to fight than we will.


Troa: have you ever thought of joining them?


Odd: no but arnt you under the control of the commander?


Troa: you cant control nature GEN Odd I am still free and I see through the lies.


Odd: so why don't you go back and join them?


Troa: They dont know me they are just a bunch of freeks.


ON the screen a very large creature is killing a platoon of low class troops it looks to be a Dragon. Troa Gets in a transport and takes off ariving on the scene to late all are dead the dragon getting ready toi attack stops in its tracks and looks down at Troa and walks twords him.


Troa: why are you doing this.


Dragon: I could ask you the same thing Druid!


Troa: I have a good reason, go now I dont want to have to kill you if I don't need to.


Dragon: you have fallon far from the light you do know that.


Tro: like i said Dragon be gone.


Dragon: I was asked to lure you out here by someone and give you this.


The dragonnheld out his had and in it was a red sword with a silver blade that was dubble the length of Troas arm, and was somewhat curved back, near the handle thair was a hook that etended a few inches back, the thing that formed the hook looked like a dragons win witch extended to the tip of the sword with the end of the win forming the back of the sword. (If I find a picture I will send it in.)


Dragon: This is for you altho I now do sene good inside you, I do not know if this is the right choice this sword was crafted from elder dragons ment for a druid the wolf druid I know that is you. I think it is not wise to give this to you but orders are orders the path is set for you now you need to chose the right one I can see you slipping into darkness.


Troa watched as the Dragon flew away he than turned and went Down a path turning his communator of he was heading twords and old rundown town known as lock.

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Later that night Everyone met back up at the Inn and Zell finaly walked into the pub doors with a large book in hand.


Zell: Ah good to see everyone is here.


Irvine: Yes we are here what is this surpirze you spoke of?


Zell: Its right here in my hand.


Duo: You are surprizing us with a book?!?


Zell: Its not teh book but what is inside of it that is the surprize.


Sami: What is in the book?


Zell: Well its going to teach each of you how to use your magic forces.


Duo: Oh yippie more magic garbige.


Zell: Duo my child if you never beleave in it it wont work with you.


Irvine: Come on man just give hima chance.


Duo: OK fine whahtever. Teach us oh great book.


Sami: This is going to be SOOO fun hehehe.


Irvine: Will it not take years to learn everything.


Zell: Normaly, but since you all have been in tuth with your magic powers and have useed tehm in there weekest forms we can work on the basics and as you go on learn more.


Irvine: So its going to be like on the feild training ok.


Zell: Well lets get started. Duo me and you will work togeather first.

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Zell and Duo walked outside in the night it seemed so peaceful a flikkring light flew across the sky.


Duo looked over to zell with a half smile.


Duo: a shooting star.



Zell looked at Duo and seemed to be veary upset by the sight of it.


Zell: that is no star but a warrior that has lost his way and is losing all humanity a strong at hart yung man but sees not the true path layed out befor him.



Duo with a look of shock on his face puts his heand on zells sholder and boldly asks a question.


Duo:Iis him ism't it its-----



Zell cuts in not wanting to upset everyone comming out of the Inn behind them.


Zell: of no concern you need not worry about this.



(than my last post takes plase)


Troa had finally arived at the village the sight of all the destruction snamed somthing inside him he fell to his knees and began to cry for the first time in years.

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Yelling it seemed so far away..........






no it was close.................









what is it.............







Wake up!













Troa jumped to his feet heart ponding it was as if some unseen force had woken him up for a reason.



Troas eares twitched and he took in a breth of air through his nose.


"A yung woman is afraid of somthing i can smell her fear"


Almost as if he could fly he jumped in a criscross motion up a 2 10 story buildings going from wall to wall, after reaching the top he focised on the screams and jumped across rooftops till below him he saw 3 people running, a yung woman and two men chacing her.


(cut to ground with the girl)


the girl fell on the cement cutting her arm om some glass.




The two men souronded her.


"o look shes on the ground and spred her legs to."



Troa communator went off. It was Odd he lookd upset.


"Troa get ur ass back up here we have a big problume"


Troa has no look of concern but somthing is hurting inside him.


"Troa whats wrong we need you now!"


Troa looked back down at the girl and his eyes went back to normal red he began to scream the men looked up at him just in time to be decapated by razer sharp thorn bushes. troa looked back to odd.


"Im bringing a friend I hope you dont mind"


Plants came bursting out of the buildings forming steeps down to the ground the girl was in shook and why wouldnt she be. on his way down troa looked at odd.


"ODD you know what im not comming back I think i can do better alone than with the millitary I meay be in an act of treason for both lides it looks like im a lone wolf so fairwell fo good odd."


ODD drope to the ground he was dead. someone he had never seen came over the screen.


"your dead you pathidic druid"

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[back with Zell and Duo]


Zell: Ok Duo lets try it again. Now focus. C'mon you can do it. Just like I told you.


Zell is attempting to teach Duo how to use his powers using the books information.


Duo: Damit! I can't do this. You want me to light this bulb with my mind? Its not possible.


Zell: Thats because you still refuse to believe that you have the power. I told you that to use it you have to believe in it stop being so logical. Ok we've been at this for an hour, take a break and we'll try again.


Duo: (To himself) I can't believe I'm even humoring this psyco. Theres no such thing as magical powers. I think Troa had the right idea when he took off.


Zell: Ok lets try again now.


Duo: Forget it old man I quit.


Zell: What?


Duo: I'm done playing your game now if you don't mind I'm gonna get going now.


Zell: Very well I will make the portal for you to leave.


Duo: What with your "MAGIC"? which I still think is a load of crap. You can keep your portal I'll find my own way home.


Duo then goes into the inn gathers his things and begins to leave.


Irvine: Wheres he going?


Zell: He claims he is giving up on his training and is going home.


Irvine: But don't you need to make the portal for him.


Zell: Yes but he refused my help.


Sami: So what will he do?


Zell: He'll learn his powers on his own and hopfully return to us.... and if luck will allow he will be in one piece.

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Troa: you killed odd, no matter I will come for you when the time comes.


The strange man had no fear in his eyes. Troa took his communator and smashed it on the ground than began stomping on it. the girl seemed trmotized by the experaince and why wouldnt she be.


Troa: you are safe now.


The girl just staired blankly into his eyes she seemed now like an empty shell.




Troa took her in his arms, she blushed. the girl was the same hight as Troa had blond hair and green eyes she was waring a blue blose and red gens torn down the side.


Troa: its ok.


She started to start choking the air out of troa in fright.


Troa: looks like your out of shock, what is your name....?


She looked into his eyes blankly again.


Troa: o forgive me my name is Troa.


A smile came over he face.


?????: I........ am..... Scarlet.


Troa: well clover can I give you a lift to someware?


Scarlet: My home is gone and I have no ware to go, you dont have a vicol.


Troa lifted her onto his back.


Troa: thats the ride I ment if you cant go home what say you come with me?


Scarlet: Its not safe can i come with you?


Strangly Troa smiled and what is stranger is what he said.


Troa: of corse its not like I have any friends of family left.

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[Duo walking through a forest]


Duo: I can't believe how gullible those other fools are. They actually believe what the old fart was talking about.


Duo came to a clearing in the forest and wasn't paying attention he triped over a root and rolled down a hill. He then smashed into what appeared to be a concrete wall.


Duo: Well that was fun.


Duo rose to his feet took a look around him and noticed the wall was actually a building at the edge of city. Duo started walking down what appeared to be the main road.


Duo: This city looks abandoned.


???: Hey boys look what we got here.


Six thieves come walking out of an alley.


Thief 2: Looks like a warrior.


Thief 3: Thats no warrior its too thin.


Duo: Oh great, a primative species. I guess I'm about to break a law of my planet.


Thief 1: What law might that be.


Duo: Interfering with an undeveloped culture, but I guess yours is too stupid to survive anyway so I'll be doing you a favor.


Thief 4: hey boss did he just call us stupid?


Thief 1: The only stupid person I see here is the tiny warrior trying to be a big man while outnumbered by guys twice his size. We were just gonna steal from you but now we have to teach you a lesson.


Duo: I'm in a good mood today I don't think I'll kill you, just humiliat you.


Thief 1: Get'em!


The thiefs then charge at Duo swords and axes raised. Duo leaps into the air and lands on the shoulders of one of the thiefs in the back and pistol whips him in the face. Before the thief hits falls Duo does a backflip off his shoulders and drop kicks him into the other four thiefs. The four remaining thieves get up and suround Duo. Duo unsheaths his sword and stabs it into the ground, he then unhooks the sheath from his belt and gets ready for an all out fight. The first thief to attack leaped at Duo and smashed his ax at the spot where Duo was standing. Duo slid under the thief and hit him as hard as he could in the back of the knees with his sheath. The thief fell fast and another thief jumped over him and tried to stab Duo but Duo rolled to the side and hit the thief in the back of the head knocking him unconcious. The three thieves still concious began a vicious attack swinging their weapons wildly and never came close to hitting Duo. Duo ducked under one of the slashes and hit one of the thiefs in the gut with such force it knocked him out. Duo then grabed his sword from the ground slashed at the side of one of the building turned put his sword away and smiled at the two remaining thieves.


Thief 1: Why are you smiling you still have us to defeat.


Duo: Your already defeated you just don't know it yet.


The wall behind Duo falls and lands on the two remaining thieves. Duo looks down the road to see more thieves on their way.


Duo: Damit I'm not in the mood to do more fighting.


Duo then activates his armor and flys to the roof tops.


Duo: I need to conserve fuel so I guess I'll just jump from roof top to roof top.

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(somewhare in the city Troa and Scarlet are walking)


Troa looked over his sholder to scarlet who had fallen asleep she looked so peaceful he thought did he really want to join the millitary to protect his homeworld if he was infact killing others. He never got the hole story of why this planit was under attack zells story holds some trouth but it just seems strange that one race would attack a planit directly why not just blow up the planit but they are using groundforces. Why it just dosn't add up. scarlets eyes slowly opend.


Scarlet: t..r..o..a.


Troa: yah?


Scarlet: some people are hurting.


Troa: what are you talking about?


Scarlet: I saw them attacked im my dreams, bandits they ambushed someone.


Troa: is the person dead?


Scarlet: no he beat them.


Troa: your a phykick?


Scarlit: no sometimes I have thies dreams, and premonisions.


Troa: look everything is going to be ok.


Scarlet: I trust you troa.

Sounds of roots snaping and rocks hitting the ground eco down the streets.


Scarlet: its him the man who beat the thives.


Troa: what how do you know,and wait its Duo.


Scrlat you know him?


Troa runs twords the sound of gunshots to see a ship come through a building just infrount ho him and hit the ground at his feet. Scarlet looked stuned again.




Scarlit: huh? waaa..... what happend?


Troa : ill tell you later stay here:


Troa let Scarlet down against a building than went to confrount Duo. As soon as troa turned the corner Duo had allready shot but in the bling of an eye the pavement poped out of the ground shealding him and Troa jumped over it and landed face to face with him.


Duo: your still here, what happend to you, your hair and cloths are differnt.


Troa: the last few months have ben hardd on me, is that phyco zell still leading u?


Duo: yah he is still feeding us that Bullsh1t about powers.


Troa:Let me show you somthing Duo.


The ground between them split in two a plant poped up and grabed Duo. another formed a platform of vines that Troa steped onto they rose 40ft into the air the plant that had Duo turned him to face troa. Troa knoded and the plant let down Duo.


Troa: we have powers don't denie your powers Duo I can teach you but you need to trust me.


Duo: are you crazy


Troa: don't make me drop you duo, and I ill make sure you hit the ground, without your powers you are nothing.


Duo: you saw what I did.


Troa: your power cells are low what will you do when they run out?


Duo: "grunt"


Troa: you have those powers for a reason.


Duo: ok Troa you win this round.


Troa lowerd them to the ground and Scarlet came running around the corner.


Duo: o and who is this yung flower?


Scarlet: "blushig and wanking over to Troa" uaaaa troa


Troa: this is scarlet.


Duo: a lovly name.


Scarlet: well who are you?


Duo: my name is Duo.


Troa: scarlet ur hands are cut badly here take my gloves.


One of the gloves droped to the ground and Scarlet bent over to grab it, Duo grabed her in the but. She jumped up and backed up into Troa.


Scarlit: this pervert is your friend.


Troa: not really, Duo if you want to live till morning you wont tuch her again.

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Irvine: Old man are you going to just let him leave like that ?


Zell: Yes he needs to go out there and learn own his own.


Irvine: So now you only have me and sami, how are two people going to save a whole world?


Zell: Faith, .....Now Irvine it is your turn to be toght your powers.


Irvine: Sami you stay wright here if your not in this rom when we get back by god i will hunt you down and bring you back my self.


Irvine turned and folowed the old man out the door.



After about 30 minutes Sami Started to get a little ancey. Then a small little kitty walked by and out teh door and Sami ent chacing after it.

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[On the city roof tops before Duo met up with Troa]


Duo was running across the roof tops of the city deep in thought about all that had happend since he arrived on Xanth.


Duo: It is strange how I got here and in that town Zell took us to there were people doing something wierd but it can't be magic. Is this all some kinda hoax set up by someone I beat in the arenas? Maybe someone that was upset by their defeat and wanted revenge? If so theres no telling who might be in on it.


*Crash* Duo ran into something.


Duo: OW!! What the heck who put a tree on top of a building.


The tree fell over from the force that Duo ran into it. It fell over the side of the building and louds sounds of smashing metal came from below.


Duo: Oh No! I hope no got hurt.


When Duo looked over the side he saw an alien ship laying in ruin under the fallen tree and another one taking off and arming its weapons to destroy Duo. The ship fired its blasters at Duo and he lept off the building and activated his armors Boosters. Duo drew out his blasters and began firing wildly at the ship but its shields deflected every blast.


Duo: Dam! There has to be a way for me to destroy this thing.


The ship continued to blast at Duo and Duo continued to shoot back while dodging all the ships attacks. Duo then took aim on the ship with his grenade launcher and let two rounds fly. They were both direct hits and when the smoke cleared there wasn't a scratch on the enemy ship.


Duo: What the hell is with their technology, its invinsible.


The enemy ship fired at Duo again and this time he attempted to block it with his energy shield but the blast was too powerful it through him backward through a building. The ship hovered outside the hole in the building waiting to see if duo was still alive. After a few moments Duo came crashing through the side of the building oposite the one he was blasted through. He stabbed his sword through what appeared to be the ships boosters and grabbed hold. He then spun the ship around and around and finaly let it go and watched it fly through a building and turn to rubble. He drew out his blaster once more and shot at troa coming around a corner only to have it blocked by pavement being lifted by gaint plants.

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Troa Duo and Scarlet found a building to rest in.


Troa thought about it for a few minutes than decided to ask troa a question that could prove benefical for them.

Troa: Duo if you want I can teach you.


Duo gave troa an angry look it was obvious he wasnt buying it.

Duo: all I see are lights and tricks.


Scarlet was starting to git a little angry in Duos attitude.

Scarlet: he has powers.


Duo: he is a fraud after hearing that crap Zell fed us he figured he could trick us all into beleaving, they are probly in league with eachother.


Troa rising up out of his chair and slaming his fist down on the table.


Troa: you need more proof I should kill you now!


a smile came over Duos face as his aromr came around him.


Duo: nothing would please me more than to see you squirm.


Scarlet looked upset and began to cry.


Scarlet: why must you fight arnt you friends?


Troa laphed.


Troa: we were never friends.


they than lunged at eachother and locked hands, Troa stuck his foot out and triped Duo than slamed his fist into the ground whare Duos face was. The biggest problume for Duo was his power generator was dammaged so troa had no problume overpowering him but for some reason troa wasnt using his powers just his normal strength. Troa grabrd Duo by the throte and pushed him against the wall. Duos eyes lit up and thunder started shoothing out from all around. Duo took Troas hand off his throte and punched him through the oppsit wall near Scarlet who was in shock. Duo was amased at his powers and became blinded with it and tried to kill Troa. Duo was standing over him with his gun in troas face charging it up. Just at the last possable secound a purple aora surronded him and threw him back into the wall again. Troa jumped to his feet and Drew his sword given to him by the dragon and just as Duo was getting back up Troa put huge scar across the armor and sent Duo through a window and into the streets. The power Duo ha was now gone.


Troa and scarlet steped on the sides of Duo. and Troa began to laph.


Troa: now do you beleave.


Duo began to laph as well.


Duo: yes but I tried to kill you.


Troa smiled.


Troa: yah thats a side affect of going to far to fast, I need to go back to zell and talk to him I sugest you go back to Zell as well I dont have the time to terain you.


Duo: o i have two questions for you first how did you master your powers in such a short time and whys your hair,eyes and those scars?


Troas smile left his face and he looked to the ground


Troa: it was a horrabol expearince the training that they put me throught was like torchure.


Duo: secound that purple aroa?


Troa: yah what was that?


Both of them looked at scarlet.

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Rand shook his head and began to mutter under quick breaths.


"I'm never going to find anything in here. That Gnome guide must have been playing games with me."


Rand ran his hand across a stone wall inscribed with several runes. He sighed, as he took another glance at the extensive underground ruins arrayed through the open doorway.


Several dozen smooth cut stone pillars ran all the way from the ground to the cavern ceiling, arrayed among an intricately laid stone road running from the cavern entrance to a large elongated pyramid structure. Two large block-patterned walls built into the cavern walls, stood to each side of the elongated pyramid. An archway entrance could be seen in the middle of both walls, flanked by a set of giant statues of Dwarven warriors wielding axes and shields. The cavern entrance was flanked by two giant statues of a crowned king with a flowing beard. Several figures could be seen walking around the temple-like ruins, and as Rand squinted his eyes, he could make out pointed and round ears on the figures.


"This must be a Dwarvish version of Angkor Wat. However, what are Elves doing here? I thought they were nature lovers and loved being outdoors, and not in dusty and dark caverns? Perhaps they are the Elvish refugees that the Dwarven guard I met a while ago spoke about."


Rand turned his focus back to the rune inscribed hallway inside the pyramid structure. Rand tried reading the runes once again but to no avail.


An Elf entered the stone corridor as Rand kept trying to discern the runes. The Elf approached Rand, with a slight smile.


"Human, do you need assistance with reading the ancient runes? I know a scholar who is well versed in reading runes. Perhaps your mind needs assistance in this endeavour."


The Elf took several steps backwards as Rand stood up, not realizing Rand's actual height.


"Kind Elf, I require no assistance. It is far more rewarding to learn something on your own, rather than having it given to you. I learned plenty in my lifetime through this adage. I will be fine."


"Human, suit yourself."


The Elf walked back through the doorway, as Rand crouched back down to read the bottom runes on the wall. Several runes were shaped like hieroglyphics, depicting pictures of objects or actions, while other runes resembled Japanese or Chinese symbols. Yet other runes were a striking resemblance to Norse and Roman writing. After trying and failing to decipher the runes several more times, Rand decided to go deeper inside the temple, passing through several hallways and elegant stone staircases.


Rand began muttering once again.


"I asked the guide if there were any special or unique places in the city or anyplace nearby. He mentioned this temple, so I thought I'd give it a try. Perhaps I can find some answers in legends, myths, or sacred places. After all, legends, myths, and religions have some basis in fact. Perhaps I can find something to help me figure out how to teleport myself back home. There's always a way in and for doing everything. Bianca and everybody back home must be worried about my 'disappearance' when I didn't show up for that Mag-Lev trip."


Rand found himself at an area with runes laid on the floor in a circle. Two archways led out of the oval room at the northwest and northeast corners. A long section of wall between the two archway exits appeared to be straight, with etched pictures on it.


Rand sighed as he closed his eyes. Abruptly, he felt a tingling sensation in the back part of his brain as if it was placed on a vibrating stereo speaker. Rand shook off the brief instanteous feeling and then opened his eyes. Rand walked up to the etched pictures to take a closer look. However, his hand began to tingle, and as he reached out, the wall began to shudder and vibrate. A long and neat line appeared in the exact middle of the wall, and to Rand's shock, the wall dissipated to reveal a third doorway. He approached the doorway, and it opened automatically.


"Automatic doors? Just like back home! This must be some sign of advanced technology here in this world of magic. What could this mean? A way back home perhaps?"


Rand entered the doorway, and once Rand passed the doorway, it slid shut without noise. To the outside observer, the etched pictures reappeared as if the doorway never existed, and the room regained its stone temple look as it has for thousands of years.


Rand saw nothing but darkness, but after a brief while, the corridor brightened. Rand gasped. The corridor was made of something Rand never expected.



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Irvine: Old man are you going to just let him leave like that ?


Zell: Yes he needs to go out there and learn own his own.


Irvine: So now you only have me and sami, how are two people going to save a whole world?


Zell: Faith, .....Now Irvine it is your turn to be toght your powers.


Irvine: Sami you stay wright here if your not in this rom when we get back by god i will hunt you down and bring you back my self.


Irvine turned and folowed the old man out the door.



After about 30 minutes Sami Started to get a little ancey. Then a small little kitty walked by and out teh door and Sami ent chacing after it.

contiued form the quote






zell: then go in the woods and bring back a dead wolf or bear


[in the forest]


sami: it is soo dark




sami:...(turning slowly)


a wolf: *tries to bite her head off*


sami: *swings the wind khan* the wolf bites the sword and the sword shatters in three pieces but foe some reason the wolf was in to pieces and blood splatered every where


[out of the forest]




zell: it is an elemental sword not a warriors sword, now swing the bottem section of it many times


[5 min later]


sami: the khan is like new


zell: wind restored it, want to know how you killed the wolf


sami & irvine: yea


zell:when you waved it the wind khan made a sharp wave of wind


note: I might add more might not

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O by the way I will add scarlets info in the signups as should all extra characters be added by the creator. Odin also could you get us a boss so we now how to post to not screw up your plans?




(Troa, Duo, and scarlet picking up from last post.)


Troa looking excited.

Troa: ha, well that is amusing so why did you even need help from the bandits earlyer?


Scarlet blushing.

Scarlet: well, my master forbid me to use my powers creatures such as them, and well I saw you looking down from the building.


Troa looking ever more cearious.

Troa: well why did you look so petrified?


Scarlit walking up face to face with him.

Scarlet: Its not every day you see a Druid, and even more so you dont see one anything like you.


Duo becoming very jelice.

DUO: now hold on!


Troa looked at Du in such a way that he knew Troa ment busness.

Troa: this is no time to fight we need to find zell and drop you off than i need to go find a certon dragon and have a word with him.


Scarlet became extreamyl over joyed

Scarlet: the zell the one with the restence?


Troa: yes why do you ask?


Scarlit: I am a big fan of his work I can use my powers to help us find him.


Duo: well in that case get on my back and hold on tite.


Troa looked to the ground smelled around wiggled his ears a little than took of running through the city and into the forest around it. Scarlet pointed in the same direction it seemed zell was clos enough to sence with Troas nose.

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[Duo running through the woods with Scarlet on his back]


Scarlet: Can't you just fly us there?


Duo: Actually at the moment I'm trying to conserve on jet fuel. I have an unlimited source of power for my armor but not my fuel.


Scarlet: Oh, ok.


There is a few moments of silence.


Duo: I... I'm sorry.


Scarlet: For what?


Duo: For being so rude since I met you, I'm sorry.


Scarlet: Its ok you thought we were all trying to trick you. You believed I was toying with your brain so you did the same back.


Duo: No, its not ok! I can't make excuses. I did it thats all that matters, all I can say to apologize is that I will earn your forgivness. I will make it up to you and I know exactly how.


Scarlet: What are you planning on doing?


Duo: Easy, I will master my powers and do everything I can to save this world. Well on another thought, about how much farther is he?


Scarlet: About another couple miles.


In a few seconds they come to a clearing with a huge lake.


Duo: Just my luck. Well I guess we should start our hike around.

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"Troa running through the woods"


The trees seemed to form a canapee over you not letting much light in. The leaves were a dark green to show that summer had just started and all seemed quier Troa finally had some time to think. would he go back and face whoever killed ODD or would he stay with zell all thies thoughts swriling through his head coused him to zone out and along came a lake !!SPLASH!!. Well to Troa the cold cristle clear watter felt good so de decided to swim to the other side witch seemed to be about a halfmile in diamator. he could see objects peeking up over the trees. They were buildings of somesort it was a town Zell had to be thair. after reaching the other side of the lake troa found that the whole side was filled with a dark brown wet clay acting of somesort of quick sand the climbed out of the watter on to the beach coverd in it. A pack of volves lingerd nearby they were very large and white thair ears were pointy with lond snouts and blue eyes they stood 2 1/2 - 3 feet tall. They were laphing at him.


Troa in a playful mean voive.

" shut up!"


The wolvs s$#!&ed

"you can understand us? The Druid the dragon spoke of!"


Troa amased at his popularity

" I wish I had this much attension back home" (with a smirk)

"But sadly I must be going i have to find someone by the name of zell"


"the wolvs: well you tell that basterd to leave us alone or we will come for him, not long ago some little girl he was working with killed a member of our pack."


Troa looking a little sad for them

"Ill see what I can do fairwell"


Troa sliped into the woods scraping the clay off of him than it finally hit him, they know the dragon!.

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well I guess im dubble posting not to worry I think someone will post.


Troa turned around and went back to the lake the wolvs had allready left. He than went running back twords zell. it was not long befor he came to the treeline to find zell standing thair with Irvine, and Sami. Troa slowly emerged from the woods. Everyone looked stuned. Irvine ran up to him.


"Troa what are you doing back?


Troa looked into his eyes

"I would rather not say i need to speek with zell kindly steep aside.


Troa walked up to zell.

"troa you are back as I knew you were destond to.


Troa started to grind his teeth

"IF YOU KNEW WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME I WOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS! no I don't beleave in this destony crap zell you only had faith in my return because you needed me to be here but what you couldnt have forsaw was my fully developed powers in such a short time. This is thanks to the people attacking you and thair time chamber. but enough of that I am here to tell you I found Duo and he noe knows of his powers no thanks to you. Zell what you dont understand is you cant afford to lose any of us It just will plane and simpol cause your deth. you need all of us here. Duo on a girl named scarlet ore on thair way please dont try to train them you know as well as I do now that Duo is a special case that needs to lern himselfe."


Irvine walks up

"are you sayinf he is stronger than me?"


Troa looked a little angry at this remark"

"look each of our powers was designed to counter somthing that the army has but we just dont know yeat, as for who is strongest thair is no strongest in relative terms but some of our powers have advantages over others.and no I am not saying that Duos powers are better than yours"

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Just Out side of the planets sight a huge space cradt went into obit and looked on to the heros shoting with some sort of beam and they all disapeared sending them all to a diferent planet but not to there home. now that the all seperated and the planet was free from any one who could save it they sent there there people to it to take it over............................now with the anger bulit up in them they all decide to find a way back to take control back of Xanth

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