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The Battle Of Xanth


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Basicly everyone start out at your Chars home planet the day that thye are chased down and forced into the magic gateway. After everyone makes there first post. I'll Post again what happens once we are all together. DON'T Take it any further then your Char freaking out about where he is i have a plan for everyone meeting up and hearing about why and how they got there. Well thats about it.

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As Irvine is finishing up his latest personal project the rest of his co-workers leave.


Worker: Yo Irvine we're headin for for the day.


Irvine: Okay guys I'll lock up when i done.


worker: Okay man have a good week end.


Irvine: You too.


Irvine Then takes three 9mm clips out and loads them up. Then he slides one of tehm in to his new weapon. He then cleans up, Leaves the weapons shop. Irvine then makes his way down to the Millatry Firing range. As Irvine makes his way there he notices two men dressed in dark suits following him. Irvine starts to pick up his pace. As he gets toe the range he turn to see teh men nowhere.


Irvine: Well maybe I was just being Stipid.


Irvine then draws his new weaon from his side. It looks like your basic medevil sword with what looks like a 9mm for a handle, the berel goes to just before the tip of sword.


Irvine: I think I'm going to call it a Gunblade.


Just then Irvine saw the 2 men again.


Irvine: Excuse me wht are you doing here on the base, my I see your pass?


The 2 men did not reply.


Irvine : Did you not here me? If you don't show me your passes I'll call the MPs.


The 2 men close in on Irvine. Irvine not really being the type to pick a fight with 2 to 1 odds makes a bee line to a near by live fire training range with severle place to duck and hide.


Irvine: Lets see if they can find me here.


The two men come up about 20 feet from him and pull out what look to be hand guns one fires at him sending what looks to Irvine as a burst of light.


Irvine: What manner of technolagy is this? Who are these people Surrian?


Irvine then started to back up taking a firm grip on his Gunblade.


Irvine: If im going to go down by GOD im going down fighting.


Just then Irvine triped and fell in to a whole but he never hit ground. It seemed to him that he just kept falling until ....BOOM!!


Irvine: What the Hell is this where the hell am I?


?????: You are in Xanth.


Irvine: Xanth? Wht part of the compond is that?


?????: Your no longer in your world.


Irvine: What ever just tell me how to get back to my car.

?????: follow me the others will be here soon.


An old man walks up and motions for Irvine to follow him.

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[The mech arena on the planet Sarm]


In the arena there are two robot looking warriors battling. One is about 15ft. tall the other only 7ft. tall. The larger mech seems to maneuver sluggishly while the smaller one seems to operate flawlessly. The small one draws his sword and takes on the larger mech with out firing a shot from its guns. The larger mech however is bombarding the small mech with everything it’s got but not a single bullet hits. The small mech leaps in the air and slices at the large one. After the small mech lands on the ground behind the large one it doesn’t seem that he did any damage to the large one until its right arm and some vital wires on its neck fall to the ground and the large mech drops to its knees.


Announcer: Its over, my god it’s actually over. Duo and his small mech Frost have done it again. Duo is victorious.


After the match Duo picks up his reward money and heads to the training area. On his way he notices two men wearing dark cloths that seem to be following him but he just passes it off as paranoia. When he goes into the mech fighter only area and they follow him he knows he’s not being paranoid but they are actually following him. He turns to the two men and walks up to them.


Duo: I’m sorry you two but you have to leave, this is a restricted area. You don't look like press. Are you fans? If you want autographs you can get them after the press conference tomorrow like everyone else.


The two men look at each other then back at Duo and pull out some strange looking weapons. Duo activates his mech armor and crashes through the wall next to him and heads for his armory truck with the two men firing off strange energy weapons at his backside. When Duo finally reaches his truck he gets on his Frost uplink parts and jumps out of the truck just as a strange vortex opens up beneath it and him. He gets sucked into the vortex and seems to fall for hours even though only a few seconds had passed on his internal clock. Finally he hits ground in the middle of a forest. He has never even seen a real tree in his life.


Duo: Where am I? *looks behind him* Oh man!! My truck is ruined!!!

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sami was in traffic

sami:"$hit, again, that is the 3rd time this week"

she notices two cars between her one man in each car get out

sami:*opens the door so that it smacks the on to her right*


sami:punches man in neck then starts running to any apartment when she gets to the nearest one a warp hole appears and drags her in it

sami:"where am I?"


???:"look(childs voice)mommy"

???:"another one landed here, the myths came true"

people are appearing from warpholes from other worlds, soon they will learn their fate

there is a knock on the door


???:*hids sami behind under the table* coming

the city ruler(cr) is full armor

cr:antthing fall in the area?

???:no, nothing fell

???:(to sami after cr leaves)"you OK?"

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Kurama gets up being drawn to a unknown location by an unseen force. He knows not what lie at the end of this path but he has a very bad feeling about it, voices in his heat telling him to turn back but he just cant do that he wants to go back to his ship and his friends he doesn't want any part in this he just wants to go home. Whatever force responsible for bringing him here will surly send him back with a little persuasion or so he thought.




PS. sry the post is a little short but I wanted to put my characters feelings in here.

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A bright sphere of light and fire shone upon a landscape of gleaming steel and glass towers. An endless rippling of blue and green could be seen in the distance while several metallic objects of various sizes were either floating or skittering around, through the ripples. Several towers of steel stood hundreds of meters above the ground, daring to defy Mother Nature and gravity. Thousands of miniscule objects scampered and zoomed around at the distant ground level, through mazes of stone and asphalt. Existence suddenly turned black, as if it never came into being, then a fraction of a second later, it reverted to its previous state.


The view swerved around to a silvery mirror set in a spacious wall, stretching over fifteen meters across and three meters tall. The mirror revealed a man seemingly in his late twenties or early thirties, with black hair and brown eyes. A beep could be heard behind the view, and existence disappeared once again only to be replaced by a new one, albeit with subtle differences. Dust particles were rearranged, while cloud wisps shifted postions.


The view focused on a maghony wood table, with a laptop on top. A hand reached out, and the laptop blinked to life. A message flashed across the screen.


"You have an Incoming Message, dated May 22, 2057 at approximately 2:18 PM Eastern Standard Time."


A nondescript young woman in her twenties appeared on the monitor.


"What is it, Bianca?"


"The first Tricela Mag-Lev train is now ready for its maiden voyage from here, Boston, to Chicago, and ultimately arrive in Los Angeles in the first Transcontiental Mag-Lev ever built. It is waiting at South Station, and the crew is awaiting your arrival to begin the trip."


"Thank you. Inform the crew that I shall be arriving shortly."


"Yes, sir. Have a pleasant trip, Rand."


Rand closed the message node on his laptop, then walked towards the mirror. He touched a panel next to the mirror, and then the mirror slid aside with barely an audible click. The alcove became illuminated, revealing several various coats.


After several minutes of rummaging through his wardrobe for a light summer business suit, Rand reached for a metallic object approximately one and half meters long. He muttered to himself.


"Never leave home without this katana. It seems to be the only constant in my life, from the day I woke up in a grassy field in southern Sweden."


Rand touched the panel again, and the mirror reverted to its original position, eliminating the closet from the prying eyes of the outside world.


Rand left his office, and walked past Bianca with a smile and a nod. He walked through an hallway with tiled floors and a narrow carpet with Swedish designs running through the entire hallway. Rand finally reached the elevator, and touched the lower panel.


The elevator doors opened noiselessly, and Rand stepped in without a second's thought. However, as the elevator doors closed, Rand suddenly became slightly uneasy.


"Something doesn't feel right."


The elevator began to accelerate without any sensation, using the latest in electromagentic technology. The elevator counter began to display odd symbols, then just for a millisecond, Rand felt his body becoming highly charged, as if he was experiencing multiple static electricity discharges. It became pitch black inside the elevator for several seconds, then just as suddenly, light returned.


The elevator doors slowly opened to reveal an entirely different enviroment than what Rand expected.


A cavern.


"I must be daydreaming again."


Rand pinched himself to ascertain that he was indeed dreaming. The enviroment did not dissipate as Rand expected. He looked at the elevator display, and sighed.


"Great. The elevator display is entirely blank."


As Rand reached for the elevator panel, it flickered for a moment, then dimmed.


"So the power's out for the elevator. I see I have no choice but to enter this strange cave. What is a cave like this doing in the middle of Boston anyway?"


Rand stepped through the open doors with a sense of apphrension.

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Somewhare in the outermost reaches of space whare time seems to stan still One man is about to have hils life turned upsidedown.


Troa and his team are investigating a disturbance on the planet Crim. The inhabatence of the planet seems to have just vanished. His team arrives to find a serious problem.


Troa: they said this planet was recently attacked......


Soldger 1: well, what of it?


Troa: look around all this stuff is rusted and crumbling, the plants are over running this place.


Soldger 1: something is seriously wrong here.


Troa: All men out of the ship.


All of the Troops ran out of the ship and looked around.


Troa: look here is the situation we have ben set up by someone and I will not risk being shot down If their are Rpgs in the area fan out and search the city kill any military perineal you see we cant take any chances. The men spred out along the city in 12 groups of 4. Troa returned to the ship to find out what had happened. He tried to call back the the origin space station for help but with no luck. He than walked up to a large screen with red dots presenting the location of his troops. One of the groups stared to fade, until all 4 dots were gone. Troa turned on his commentator.


Troa: what's going on out there?


????: haha you troops are weak and you are to you will all die soon enough.


Soldger: we are under attack.... ahhhhhhhh


Troa: everyone return to the ship at once.


Soldger: ohhh no what the hell ahhhh.


The dots seemed to vanish rapidly until only 2 remained. Two men came running out of the city being chased by two hooded men. Troa drew his cult45 and began shooting. they returned fire with some sort of laser weaponry. Troa just barley dodging the shots lost his balance and fell into a wall. His troops ran to his ade and began shooting the sound of gunfire ecowed down the streets and the ground began to shake. Troa knew something was coming and he didn't want to stick around for it. The two hooded men were surly being hit by the gunfire but weren't affected. they just walked closer and closer eventually Garbing the guns out of the troops hands and throwing them far behind. They than garbed the Troops bt the neck and snapped it. They turned their sights to Troa who had just reloaded his pistol and shot one of them square in the head but the bullet just bounced off. One of them charged at troa to find he was no ordinary human. They locked hands and The hooded man began to lose his grip. But by a cheep shot the second one cane up along Troas right side picked up a brick and smashed it over his head. Troa dazed by this but not dead sliced one of them in the face with his claws cutting the armor and ripping his face open. The hooded men drew their guns once more and shot Troa one in the shoulder and the other in the neck. He had no choice but to run but his vision went blurry and he got light headed and fell over. the strange thing is the fall felt like an eternity and he didn't hit pavement he hit water and sank into it. With his last bit of strength he swam to shore and passed out.


Back on the battle fielt the ground opend up and A huge michend poped out A door opend and a man steped out.


????: Did you kill him?


Hooded men: no sir.

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Irvine and the the old man walk for about 20 minutes they come to an edge of a forest. The old men walks in as if he knew where he was going.

Irvine: Hey man why you going into there.


Old Man: The others are waiting.


Flint enters woods

Irvine: What others? man I dont kknow what your talking about.


Old Man: Your Other team mates.


Irvine: What are you talking about team mates?


Just then the to men came up to a Totaled truck.


Old Man: Now this is something I have never seen.


Irvine: It looks something to be a van.


As the 2 got closer the back door swung upon and Duo loked at the two in great surprise.


Duo: Wow its great to see you 2 i need some help.. Where am I and whats going?


Old man: Your in Xanth and I pulled you here to help me I will explain when we get teh rest of them.


Irvine: What the Hell are you?


Duo: Well Im human but im a Technologicaly enhanced human.


Irvine walks over to him and starts to closely examine Duo.


Irvine: what is this metel strip here?


Duo: Well its my armor.


Irvine: Where are from and what date?


Duo: 1534 a.f. but you cant go by that we are from diferent planets.


IRvine: Ahhhh Yes that explains it all. well you must tell me more about the technoligy that you have.


Old Man: He can tell you all you want to know on the way to get the others.


duo: But what about all my stuff.


Old man: I will send a few of my people to get it all for you.


The two talk for what seem only a few seconds when they came up to a girl sitting in the middle of a small feild smelling some flowers.


Old Man: Now this girl is here is odd she is from a small planet simuler to your Irvine in a few years and she has study the art of magic. She has become a great student in magic however she does not know how to use it.


Irvine: Thats a joke< magic is for little kids and fary tales.


Duo: I use to beleave in mgic..back when i was three.


Old Man: Well gentalemen welcome to a fary tale.


Sami: Wow! more people, is this place not the most beautiful place that you have ever seen?


Old Man: Yes dear that is what it might seem, but you will see that its not.


Sami: Seem? Look around you its paradise.


Old Man: Not for long if we dont get everbody together and stop "It".


Irvine: "It" What are you talking about?


Old Man: In due time. we have 1 more to gather and then i will full explain.


Now with the group grown to 4 they move out to get the next member. As the old man lead the way the three follow shorty behind him talking and tellabout them selfs. As they walk they started to here rushing water.


Sami: Oh thank god im soo hot.


Sami then took off running to the sound. She disapeared just over the hill.


Sami: OH MY GOD!!! Guys Hurry up I Think This Guy Is dead!


The rest of the group then ran up to to sami and there laying on the rock shore was a man.


Irvine: Is he dead?


Duo: No, I am reading life signs faint but he is alive.


Old Man: My timing was off i was sapost of get him unharmed like you all. Duo you think you can carry him i know a safe place were we can stay to night and I can tell you all why i pulled you here.


Duo: Sure thing


Duo gentely pick up the man and started to falllow the old man. They all walk about 10 more minutes untill they came up to what looked like an old gohst town.


Old Man: There is an old INN here it is safe there.


They all made there way into the in and they all relaxed except Duo who was tending Troas wonds.


Troa: AAAh W..Wh>>Where am I?


Duo: YOur guess is as good as ours hehe.


Troa: who are you ?


Duo: well I'm Duo and that is Irvine ,and the girl is Sami, and the Old Man is....Wait we dont know your name.


Old Man: Most in these parts call me grandfather but my name is Zell.


Sami: Im hungry, is there anything to eat.


Zell: Yes go look in the kitchen there should be some smoked meet and bread in the pantry.


After they all got there fill of meat and bread Zell told them to come close.Duo helped troa to his feet and they all sat close to him.


Zell: The reason i pulled you all here is that we were a peaceful land until men like you sels came and started attack re towns. They let some live to tell the rest of us that if we did not leave this planet that we would all be killed. For the most part most of the people fled to our under ground towns in the mountains, but in due time they will be discover and killed as well. As you all know you are experts in your field that is why i brought you here we need your help on getting these men out of here.


Troa: WHy should we?


Zell: You dont have to its your chose. Just tell me you want out and i will send you home.


Irvine: So those men knew your plans?


Zell: Yes, but we re not sure how.


sami: Why dont you all just leave like they ask?


Zell: We dont have the tech that you all have.


Duo: Well with what i have stored on my hard drive im sure that we can find the thing need to make a ship for you all to get off this rock.


Zell: We can just leave this is our home I have lived here 115 years and we will not just give up....If you all dont want to help i will just have to find others that will.


Irvine: You can count me in. If this was my home i would feel the same.


Sami: Me too this is going to be such fun.


Troa: These men killed my men you beter beleave I'm going to kill some of them, But unloaded My 45 on one of them and it didn't even enter their flesh.


Duo: Yes this can be a chance for me to teach teh people here new things.



Zell; That is why you four are to work to geather and find a way to defeat these people.


The group started to talk amungst them selves for about an hour and they all went off to there own rooms to relax and sleep for the night.

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Duo lays awake racking his brain about this enemy that isn't effected by bullets.


Duo: (to himself) They looked human how is it that they can't be harmed by bullets. They must have some kind of shielding. Perhaps energy weapons can hurt them but I don't think anyone here has any. Dam! Why didn't I ever equip myself with at least a laser sword?


In one of other rooms down the hall Duo can hear Irvine fiddling with something metal. He sits silently listening to this for several minutes then goes back to trying to figure out all of this recent events.


Duo: (still to himself) I want to help these people but I don't know if I can. I could use my knowledge to build these people some effective weapons but that would take months and from the sound of things they will be lucky if they have weeks. I guess I should just rest now and hopfully in the morning with a fresh mind I can work with the others to find a solution. One way or another I will help these people.


Duo finally falls asleep but in his sleep he tosses and turns, dreaming.


He sees a spacecraft filled with some kind of creature that he could not see for some strange reason. His dream takes him to the bridge of the ship and on the monitors he sees symbols that to any normal man would look like just scribbles but in reality they were a high tech computer language. Even with Duo's extreme knowlegde of computers he could only read a few of the symbols but he memorized all of them to see if anyone else would have any idea what they meant. Two groups of symbols that really stuck out to him meant "Universal Domination". His dream then takes him to another place where he sees five warriors fighting an army of dark figures but again he is unable to see who any of the people are. One of the warriors seems to be throwing its enemies through the air without even touching them. There was an invisible force picking them up spinning them around and finnally tossing them through the air. Another warrior was using some strange kind of guns that fired of projectiles like Duo has never seen. Before he could see the others he was awakened by a loud noise from the other room.


Duo: Was that gunfire?!?!


He ran to the other room to where the sound came from and found Irvine covering his head with his hands. Irvine looks up at Duo and the others who came running when they heard the sound and spoke.


Irvine: Sorry! I was working on one of my guns and it went off. No harm done.

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Everyone looked at eachother than to troa who was out of bed.


Flint: what are you doing out of bed?


Duo: yah he is right get back in thair you are hurt.


Troa: ha you all wory to much and Damn could you keed it down That really hurt my ears.


Duo: come to think of it whare are your ears?


Sami: whats under that hood of yours I never got to see.


Sami reaches for Troas hood, Troa grabed her hand praticly crushing it.


Sami: ahhhhhh


Troa: I am so sory pleas forgive me, I didn't mean to.


Sami: it's ok.......


Duo thought he saw somthing strange under Troas hood but thought it was better to wait till Troa was ready t talk about it.


Duo: ok everyone lets not lose sleep over this its getting late I seguest we all go to bed.


Troa had allready left befor anyone even went to bed. Looking out his window Troa was thinking back to what had happend to all his friends, They would have gotton first shot but those two men were to strong even for him. Bullets bonced off but his claws got through....... why and how coud that happen? Troa walked outside the town and went out into the forest to a pond. the pond was Isloated mostly with trees all around it the only thing that could get in was the moonllight. He sat on a rock on the side of the pond. He looked at his reflection and fell asleep on the rock facing the watter.

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After finally falling asleep it seemedlike only minutes till Zell went around and woke everyone up. The smell of food dilled everyones rooms and we were quick to get down stairs to eat.


Zell: Does anyone know where Troa is?


Irvine: I have not seen him since last night.


Duo: He can't be far from here.


Sami: He id kind of weired.



Zell: Okay everyone we can't eat till we find him.


Duo: I'll go find him.


Duo turned and walked out of the Inn And went off to find troa.


Irvine: I hope he finds him soon I'm starving


Zell: well to day we are going to make are way to the millatary head quarters that we have set up.


Irvine: So you do have a millatary.


Zell: Well if that what you wanna call. It's more like all the younger men of the area.


Irvine: You hve to millatary? What did you do for protection.


Zell: Wht would we need to be prtected from.


Irvine: do you not have any enemies?


Zell: We have not had an enemy for over 2000 years, until now.


Irvine: Do any of teh men you have together have any tranning?


Zell: .....No


Irvine: Oh great this is ging to be fun.


The group continued to talk while Duo as out side looking for troa. Just when he thought that he would never find Troa ,he looked into a some what wooded area and saw him laying there by a pond.

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Duo searches through the forest for Troa. He finally finds him sitting on a rock by a pond with his hood off.


Duo: (to himself) Are those… DOG EARS?!?!


Troa: Yes, they are and you can stop hiding in the bushes I know your there.


Duo: What? How did you know I was here?


Troa: Your battery lets out a high pitch buzzing sound.


Duo: So it was like a dog whistle, that’s amazing. Well I’m curious, how did you get like that?


Troa: A genetic experiment. Now I want to ask you something.


Duo: Shoot.


Troa: Why is it that you don’t seem to be frightened or disgusted by my appearance?


Duo: Sorry to answer your question with another question but why would I be?


Troa: Have you looked at me?


Duo: Maybe I should ask have you looked at me? I have metal strips sticking out of my skin all over my body. Also I have a metal circle as big as a quarter behind my ear. We both have things about us that normal people would find disturbing.


Troa: Well at least I know there are some nice people in this universe. After those scientists my father sold me to turned me into this people laughed at me and called me freak, they were afraid of me. I just kept telling myself that it was worth looking like this so that I would have the strength to help my people. I couldn’t even stop two of those… what ever they are and they killed my entire crew. I’m useless against them that is why I have decided to return to my home.


Duo: Well the others are waiting for us we can talk more about this after breakfast. Lets get going. And... I hope you will reconsider.

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A solitary man exited a large hole in a cavern wall, with several streaks of dirt and dust smeared over his clothes. Meanwhile, the man muttered to himself quietly.


“This isn’t right. Modern holographics cannot maintain such a high quality three dimensional enviroment. The most advanced holographics can display holograms in mid-air to display text and images, but not with full interactivity.


This can only mean one of three things.


The first possibility would be that I’m dreaming. However, the experience upon my five senses is far too vivid for a mere dream. On the other hand, I’ve been having several of these ‘Hyper-dreams’ where I dream about certain people or places, and experience hours or even days in just a fifteen minute daydream. These ‘Hyper-dreams’ provide more vivid sensual experiences than regular dreams.


The second possibility would be that somehow there is an undiscovered cavern complex under Boston. But this raises the question of who or what built the elevator shaft to extend to these caverns, and even so, why wasn’t any of this reported or made known? Also, the extensive digging during the Big Dig should have provided clues or indications of these caverns, especially given the size of them. However, no indications of these caverns were found whatsoever.


The third possibility, which is very remote, is the stuff of science fiction. I could have been teleported to an unknown location, away from Boston. There are no teleportation technologies on Earth yet, and why would extraterrestrials, if there were any, decide to teleport me, and not a world leader or someone ‘important’?


I must find my way to the surface, and only then, will I be able to get a bearing and figure out what’s happening around here.”


Rand slowly made his way through another cavern passage, sidestepping several small pits, boulders, and piles of unidentifiable objects. As Rand approached the next intersection, he kept walking straight for several minutes. He came upon a dead end, with some sort of wooden door embedded inside the rock.


A voice called out from the general direction of the door.


“Are you a friend?”


Rand decides to play along.




“Very well. Your sword indicates that you are a warrior.”


“Are you in need of assistance?”


“We need any fighters that we can spare. Welcome.”


The door shimmered for just a moment, then slid open.


Rand entered the door, to be greeted by another tunnel. He looked around in an attempt to locate the origin of the voice, only to find a rather short fellow standing to his left. The fellow had a beard, a metallic helm, and a large axe.


Rand pictured Gimli the dwarf from the renowned Lord of the Rings trilogy. The diminutive fellow spoke up again.


“Go straight down this tunnel and you’ll discover the Dwarven city of Telk’nor. You will encounter several Human and Elvish refugees, as hard times are upon us. I must remain here, vigilant against monsters that might attack.”


As Rand began to walk down the tunnel his mind was in utter chaos.


“Monsters? Refugees? Elves? Dwarves? What the hell is going on here? I know I’m not in Boston anymore, that’s for certain.”

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Back In Xanth Irvine, Sami, and Zell finish up setting teh table and sit down to start breakfast when Duo, and Troa walk back into teh room.


Troa: Hey everyone i have something that i need to talk to everyone about after breakfast.


Zell: Ok! well lets all eat we need the energy for our travils of the day if we keep a good pace we can be there by sun down.


After the group finished eating troa pulled tehm all into the lobby.


Troa: Well i have thought about this and i ahve decided that i would like to return home. It seems that i am useless against these creatures. If i can help i would like to just leave.


Zell: I respect your choice but if you would come with us today so that you could at least let me explain a little more of why each of you are here i would highly aprieshiat it.


After a few minutes of thinking Troa agreed to it and they packed up and headed out.....After about five hours of walk through forests feilds and hills they started up a much lager hill almost mountain sized.


Duo: Why is it that you brought us here all the way out here?


Just then the came to teh peak of teh hill and there in the vally 5-6 towns or what use to be towns lie in total ruin.


Zell: You see this? This was the once peaceful Evergreen Vally. But after they showed up they started to rape the towns one by one.


Duo: So why is it that you brought us here out there?


Zell: Well it was safer i didnt want to have those men know here you were so i spred you out and far away from the towns.


Duo: Oh i see so it was for safty.


Zell: Yes, now we need to keep moving we have still yet four more hours to travil.


So the group contiued on there hick to the under cities of Xanth. And Zell started to tell everyone why each was there.


Zell: Irvine, You are the greatest in your field in figureing mathmatics in millatary weapons, aswell as creating things such as your Gunblade, But there is more to you then even you know. Have you ever wandered were you get these ideas?


Irvine: Well most of the time they just come to me.


Zell: Ahhh. yes but they dont just pop up out of no were you create them out of raw steel and matirials.


Irvine: Yes that is what i do.


Zell: Whast if i told you that you had the pwoer that if you wanted to you could creat things simply with your mind.


Irvine: I would say your a crazy old man.


Zell: Well we will see who is crazy. Not only that but you can also change teh physical make up of things such as turn a sold rock into a liquid and back again in any shape you wanted.


Irvine: You're not crazy your just plain MAD.


Zell: Chuckles..... theres more you can also slow objects down not peaople but such as rushing watter a falling tree and fired weapons.


Irvine: I will bealve you when i see it, but to tell you the truth that is all imposable.


Zell: Ok you will.


Zell then contiued with telling everyone else abilaties.

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Zell looks to Troa and a smile comes over his face. Everyone looks at him.


Zell: Troa you know your gift all to well


Troa:what do you mean?


Zell: have you ever seen how paths just seem to open to you and you are never alone it almose seems like the trees are talking to you guiding you.


Troa: well yah thetas how I escaped from that well a very bad place....


Zell: Troa your our little druid.


Troa: o I get the joke, but how do you know about that?


Zell: you think I would have you brought here and not know anything about you.


Troa: no I guess you wouldn't.


Zell than tells everyone elece their powers. (I just gona finish my part in the story for a few months) They return to the Town later and as night passes everyone falls to its calm soothing scilence. an earie feeling fills the air as two men stand outside talking, one puth his hand on the others sholder and looks sad but understanding. A bright flash fills the air and one of them vanishes.




(Back on troas home Base)


Troa: I am back.



Spotlights and clicks fill the air as a 5 men come running in and held their guns to his head.


MP: Troa you are under arrest for crimes aginst your country.


Troa: o $#!&....

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[this happens during sessh's post]


Zell: Duo, you too have abilities yet are unaware of them.


Duo: I have to say I'm with Irvine on this. Your trying to tell me I have magical powers? What am I gonna pull a rabbit out my butt?


Zell: Pull a rabbit out of your butt? What help would magic like that be? But no you have much different magic than that. Have you ever wondered why you seem to be a natural at using any item that has electrical current running through it?


Duo: Not really I just figure it comes that easy to everyone.


Zell: Well how about how your really tough tournament matches seem to get called do to a storm? Its not coincedence its the fact that your fury can unleash countless amounts of voltage that causes electrical storms to be drawn to you. Even if you don't realize it you have power over electricity.


Duo: So what am I a living battery then?


Zell: Oh no you are much more than that you can use this electricity as both a tool and a weapon. If properly trained in the magical arts you will be able to focus your control of electricity into many deadly forms. Of course that is not the only element I can train you to control but that is all I can do is train you to control elements. I made sure to bring a variety of types of potential sorcerers and sorceress to balance your group. Irvine the enchanted smith, Troa the druid, and then two elementals one which is you with power over elements related more to brute strength and the other, Sami, with more agile and creative forms of elements.


Duo: So I can control elements? Ya sure buddy I think you need to find your self a good psyco therapist.


[burn I left it open for you. Your character is the other elemental.]

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zell:and you, sami you have total contral over wind partical control over fire and smal control over water you had this scinse you were born you never realized this


sami:what are you talking I could never do any of those


zell:you could never harnes the magic,




zell: you need this *makes a white sword* it called a wind khan with this you will be able to truly start your magic training


irvine:arn't mages sposed to weild magic items like canes or staffs


zell:that was before magical or elemental sword were made


zell(to sami): take these *makes two fire sword shorter then the wind khah*

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Well,the stupid school cpus wont letme post in the comments but I just wanted to tell everyone I am droping out of the story and most likly will not return I am sure some of you are happy with thies recent turn of events.


PS: Sthepen King books suck in my eyes.

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Hahaha I got limited tome on here so here I go (yes I will stay in the story)



Troa was taken to a dark room witch he thought was soposto intemadate him or somthing but it was no use because he had exlent night vison. he saw two men stang infrount of him waring all black probly thinking they would blend in. to his right was a big glass wall witch he knew people were listning from the other side. The wall began to open and a bright light shined in his eyes. Troa closed his eyes thinking it wouldnt help to open them. after 6 long hours of interragation and brutal torture he was thron into a cell and attacked by his fellow inmates for crims he didn't commit.

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Don't say anything about a tripple post the rest of you are to lazy to post expecally Draco who is just sitting at his house doing nothing.


Troa aworke to the sound of raind hittingthe floor next to him his sheets became soacked thair was just aGrid of bars for a roof the Door out was sealed air tite. The ran began to fill the room and thunder shook the earth around him. He was now cold and wet shivering and staring down at the drops of watter splashing in his eyes. The watter now as at the side of his bed, The moon was glowing with a yellow aora and I seemed to make Troa happy to see it one last time. The wattwe was almost to the roof now and Troa was taking in every last breth of air he could. 5 minutes passed and troa passed oun in the watter. A huge explosion blew out the door and a large section of the wall. Troa was choking on the watter in his lungs and some blood came up with it. The loud speaker hasd a light under it that usually glew a bright green but now it was red and the loud speaker came on.




Troa ran down the hall stumbling around leaning on the walls he peaked around a corner to see the same two men who had attacked him befor slaghtering all the gurds. to the Right of troa an expermental hi tec cyborg came braking through the wall and began to to battle with them. The cyborg was in the engeneering bay whare most of the inmates never returned form witch most likly ment that the Engeneering bay was also a weapons testing site.Troa watched as the cyborg shot green energy balls out of its right arm. The two men dodged every shot an than tore the android limb from limb. Troa ran out of the proison through the hole the android had made. outside lights filled the air as dropships landed and more of those hooded men steped out of the ship, but strandly thies were being killed they seemed to be a lower class soldger or somthing. Troa ran behind one of the anti aircraft guns in the courtyard. the only thing left to do was to get throught the mane gate witch was jammed. Suddnly troa got an Idea and as one of the drop ships came down Troa jumpoed on the AA gun held his claws to the operators throte and told him to stop shooting untill the Drop ship was just about to land. The drop ship came down 10 feet from the ground and than was shot on Troas command. The ship went out of control smashing the gate down troa than killed the AA oppreator and ran out of the Prison camp but he wasnt free yeat because the prison camp was part of a very large military base.

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Post number 4...... man im gona have to kil you guys.




Troa looked back to the camp watching the troops getting slaghterd. than somthing tuched his sholder it was a hand. One of the clocked men was behind him.


Troa turned arount with a look of shock in his eyes.


Troa: "What it's you"


The clocked man had a very angry look on his face like he had somehing agenst Troa.


Hooded man: "You have two options join us or DIE!


Troa began to smile.


Troa: "Ill take the secound option."


Hooded man becomming more Inraged.


H man: "your deth is at hand you pitiful alien skum"


Troa knoded his head than looked to the mone again and started to smile. He than looked back to the hooded man they locked hands and hat a test of strength.


The hooded man began to smile as well than said somthing to troa that made hit re think his retuen home.


H man: "you come home thinking all is fine thn your one people betray you lock you up and try to drown you is that what you really want.


The hooded man than over powerd Troa throwing him to the ground than began to speak again.


"Join us The man you spoke to tells you that we tried to take thair planit from them. wen it was our homeword they stole from us long ago we just want it back. you have much power hidden from you join us and we will help you realise that power."


Troa than looked to the moon again and looked to the ground.


"I wanted to protect all life plants and animals if joining you will help me do this and retake your planit I will gladly accept your offer, but be warned I wont let you pushe me around when my powers are realised."

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Before all that happend to troa the group continued on there have to the under ground city were what lil forces they had together was geting ready for teh battle of theres lifes. the group walked threw a dence forest teh come to a cliff wall .


Duo: theres nothing here old man


Zell: your eyes deseve you look again.


just then zell brushed his hand over the rock and a door way formed


Duo: wow what is that a halagram of the cliff to hide the door way?


Zell: halagram no son its magic.


Duo: Yea okay old man what ever you say.


Irvine: you know i think this might all be try i was thinking about what he said and it does kinda make some since.


duo: oh great teh only person that was on my side just turned


they all walked throught the caves and finaly came up to another huge door. Zell knocked on it and a small hole opened up.


Door Gaurd: Oh! zell its nice to se you made it back ok!


Zell: Yes and i broght some driends with me.


door Gaurd: Oh well im sure you all would like to come in and eat something.


Irvine: You people sure are about some eaten.


The from inside the door a loud grinding started and dust fell as teh door opened up.

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