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Minirant - The cost of the original cartridges.

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To open a discussion on this...

Some of ya'll remember that I prefer emulating titles. DQ on the whatever makes it best, yo! But. BUT.

I see on the various Facebooks groups that the original cartridges for DQ4-6 are horrifically priced, usually 50$ USD and up. I saw one for $120!

Why don't folk just play DQ4-6 on mobile? They're priced premium, sure, but they are WORTH IT, touch controls nothwistanding!

(( Keep in mind I am a lightspeed champion on a couple mobile titles. 😜 I'm biased. ))

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I'd never pay, but I put little to no value on physical items. I sell whatever I can whenever. I don't collect anything. So let those people pay scalper fees, I won't!

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