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Oh look, a confused DQX player~

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Hey Dragon's Den users (Dragonistas? Denizens? Yeah, Denizens.), newbie here. I'll be poking around the Dragon Quest X threads from time to time, hunting down answers to the plethora of questions that language barriers tend to pose. Might even post a comment or two.

I play a lot of Dragon Quest (Sometimes I even beat them! ... maybe just the first one...), fail to speak Japanese (not sure which is worse; My literacy, or my speech), and cook a decent meal. I watch anime as a hobby, collect video games as an obsession, listen to music, read the occasional book, and avoid going outside. Classic shut-in.

I'll be going into DQX playing as either しずけさ or ぎもんふ, probably playing a sword'n'board tank (my go-to for most RPG's), or a support class of some sort. 

Nice to meet you all,

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Welcome to the Den, hope you enjoy it here :)

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Classic shut-in.

You'll fit right in!

Haha, welcome to the Den, our own little happiest slice of the Internet.
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