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Episode #041 - Are You Smarter Than a Slime Timer?

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Join the Dragon Quest Trivia entourage, as our host @Plattym3 takes us through a rigorous series of game-show inspired Dragon Quest trivia in using Kahoot! All submissions came from you guys, and a couple from me, which I completely forgotten I'd submitted, and thus hopefully answered correctly. Spoiler alert: If we count them as separate contestants, I did slurprisingly better than @Woodus and Woodus2!

Speaking of Woodus, the YouTube version he put together captures the Kahoot questions so you can read along while you listen! Thanks Woodus! Keep track of your score and see how you Slime stack up against our contestants!


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I really didn't think I would do as well as I did, and I didn't study the question database I sent Plattym3 that he could pick questions from.

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All submissions came from you guys,

I mean, by definition "submissions" came from someone

I wrote about a third of them.
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