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DQotS Global version - Preservation efforts

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Hey guys, some folks at the Den's Discord server and I have been working on some preservation efforts for the English / Global version of the game.

Edit: Gotta mention the good work Woodus put into datamining the character art, which i have used for the videos i link later in this post 😋 Check out that thread too!

We have different projects:

  1. Screenshotting the Compendium, the 3d models for the weapons and armor are the big priority here. More on this later.
  2. Adding as much Compendium info into a spreadsheet. English is the biggest priority, but getting the Chinese, Spanish, French and German names for every compendium listing would be awesome.
  3. Recording Season 1 the main story, the story from the last few available events, and the fiend fights we've done on the server.

The Drive

The Drive is where we store the screenshots. I try to organize them by compendium order and in folders, sometimes adding the following suffixes:

  • _d: this means "details", usually showing the stats the gear has at max evolution.
  • _r: indicates "recipe", for gear that can be crafted, alchemized or awakened.
  • _b / _g: these mean "boy" and "girl", only used when some piece of equipment changes drastically between genders and we have both screenshots.
  • _trait: self-explanatory, used for traits exclusive to 1 weapon.

We currently have 3d viewer screenshots of most gear. The majority of the missing stuff, we do have screenshots of, but without the compendium number because the screenshots were taken from limited time banners........ and banners and the crafting/alchemy/awakening refineries do not show you the compendium number, at all.

The following spoiler contain a list of the things we are currently missing, that we are aware of:


(Note: we indicate Alchemy by adding next to the piece's name, and Awakening by adding + next to it.)
(Updated Jun 16th)


  • Sacred Lord's Knife ---- (Already provided by Mitsukara!)
  • Nightmare Edge
  • Holy Gale Dagger
  • Nightmare Staff ---- (Already provided by Mitsukara!)
  • Gaia's Staff
  • Golden Dragon Spear +
  • Sacred Lord's Spear
  • Holy Gale Spear ---- ( @mieljust got this! Still not up on the Drive, however.)
  • Tantegel Spear ---- (miel can get this! Still not up on the Drive, however.)
  • Golden Dragon Axe +
  • Sacred Lord's Claws
  • Firebrand Claws
  • Sacred Lord's Rod
  • Nightmare Rod
  • Golden Dragon Whip ★, Golden Dragon Whip +
  • Nightmare Fan
  • Boulderbash ---- (Already provided by Mitsukara!)
  • Firebrand Fan
  • Golden Dragon Hammer ★
  • Sea Serpent Hammer
  • Midenhall Hammer ---- (Already provided by Mitsukara!)
  • Golden Dragonservant +
  • Sea Serpent Boomerang
  • Cannock Boomerang ---- (miel can get this! Still not up on the Drive, however.)
  • Revelation Key Gear: God (Fan), Empyreal Serpent (Staff)


  • Pirate's Hat ★
  • Revelation Key Gear: God (Turban), Empyreal Serpent (Helm)

Missing TOPS

  • Faerie King's Raiment Top, Faerie King's Raiment Top ★ ---- (miel just got these! Still not up on the Drive, however.)
  • Revelation Armour: God (Tunic/Attire), Empyreal Serpent (Armour)


  • Gaiara Armour Bottom ★ ---- (Already provided by Bluestar!)
  • Celestial Robe Bottom
  • Faerie King's Raiment Bottom ★ ---- (miel just got this! Still not up on the Drive, however.)
  • Revelation Armour: God (Tunic/Attire), Empyreal Serpent (Armour)


  • Captain's Shield ★
  • Archfiend Xeylon Shield
  • Revelation Armour: God, Empyreal Serpent


  • Nera's Ribbon ---- (miel just got this! Still not up on the Drive, however.)
  • Nera's Earrings ---- (miel just got this! Still not up on the Drive, however.)

We might be missing gear we do not know of, so please check the folder for yoursel!

Inside the following spoiler, you can see a couple screenshots from the weapons and tops folders.



Inside the next and final spoiler for this part, you'll find the link to the drive. If you can collaborate on this project, please contact me or @Bluestar! Please check the Example folder to see the kind of screenshots we need, thank you!

The Spreadsheet

In this spreadsheet we try to add as much text as possible. We add number/name for each piece, then it's main stat at max evo (for example, 155 in the case of the Falcon Blade), it's secondary stat if it has any (Agility +25 in this case), its rarity, what it's effective against, it's main skill(s) and subskill(s), trait (if any), flavor text (if any), it's effect and use (food/items). For crafteable gear, we also add a list of ingredients and production time (if any), and for sigils we have a list of the possible bonuses.

On each page, we plan on adding the Spanish, French and German names for each listed thing. Chinese names would be great too, but we do not know Chinese and it has a completely different scripture system, so sadly this will be hard for us to do. This multi-language sideproject is low priority, but would be very appreciated if we pulled it off.

In the next spoiler you'll find the link to it, and a screenshots of the Weapon's page. If you want to collaborate on this, let me or Bluestar know!

The videos

This is more of a personal project on my part, but im trying to record the story mode of DQotS! Not much to say about it, i rename my characters to Player, Sister and Brother, then do story replays and record them, with auto-advancing text.

I have 4 playlists: Story, Events, Fiends, and Heroes. The later focuses on the heroes we have seen during our Fiend Nokturnus and Estark runs! And that includes a certain heroine from DQ10! I'll embed the DQotS playlists i uploaded to youtube in the next spoiler :)

  • Story playlist. Includes up to Chapter 8 right now. Might record the sidequests's story if i have time.
  • Events playlist. Only includes the latest DQ5 rerun, and the two permanent events. For HGD, i started fighting the bosses on legendary for some challenge.
  • Fiends and other fights playlist. Basically the fights i did in multiplayer, both in the Dragon's Den server and a spanish fan server. Includes some defeats, and some solo content (Divine Challenge).
  • Heroes playlist. These guys show up when fighting Fiend Estark and Fiend Nokturnus. Missing the heroes of 3, 4, 6 and 9. Maybe 11 too, but im not 100% sure he is in.


Check the last 3 spoilers to grab the links to what the folks at the Dragon's Den Discord Server worked on these last few weeks :)

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mitsukara provided some weapons!
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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for the double post, but i wanted to announce i finished uploading the main story videos over the weekend, and i'm currently uploading the sidequest stories, which i decided to do after @Pendymentioned he liked Cuthbert's sidequests in the latest Slime Time 😋 For the sidequests, i intend to do each continent in one or two videos; i will probably finish uploading them in the next couple hours.

Once again, thanks to @Woodus for the datamined artwork!

Here's the main story:

And the sidequests will be here:

Funny story time: I wanted to to rename my characters Player, Sister and Brother for these videos (I could have gone with Harte, Sand and Aqua, aka their default names too but i didn't). However I kept renaming them to their regular names when we did multiplayer in the server... and then forgetting to get their video name back before recording more. You can actually see my 3rd character's name in the last three story videos 🤣

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Posted (edited)

Thanks to the folk at the Discord server, we are now only missing some weapons (most are very new), 1 gacha bottoms, 2 full Revelation key sets of gear, and 1 archfiend first clear reward!

Here's the updated list of missing stuff:


Weapons by series:

  • Nightmare: Edge (Dagger), Rod, Fan.
  • Gaia's Staff.
  • Golden Dragon Awakened: Spear, Axe, Whip, Dragonservant.
  • Sacred Lord: Spear, Claws
  • Firebrand: Claws, Fan
  • Sea Serpent: Hammer, Boomerang
  • Revelation Weapons: Almighty (Fan), Empyreal Serpent (Staff)


  • Revelation Armour: Almighty, Empyreal Serpent


  • Revelation Armour: Almighty, Empyreal Serpent


  • Celestial Robe Bottoms
  • Revelation Armour: Almighty, Empyreal Serpent


  • Archfiend Xeylon Shield (LOL)
  • Revelation Shields: Almighty, Empyreal Serpent.


  • None that we know of!

(Note: We do have Sea Serpant Boomerang and GD Awakened Spear in Spanish, and can get the Celestial Robe Bottoms in that language too)


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formatting, updates to the list
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Wow, great work. I will look at what I have in both of my games and see if I have any you are missing.

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Posted (edited)

Cool! I just updated the list
Btw @Woodus I think have 3 bosses that you might be missing in the monster list, they appeared in the later half of the Divine Challenge. These 3: (two were/are available as key bosses)


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Been unsuccessfully fighting him in Joker 3P. Dimensional Dragon they translated it as. d8c9ca60589b37eca6d02e476d01385a.jpg

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I checked, unfortunately I didn't have anything you guys were missing :(

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21 hours ago, Woodus said:

I checked, unfortunately I didn't have anything you guys were missing :(

No worries, it was all rare, very new gear. I should have screenshots from the banners they were from, somewhere in Bluestar's Drive folder. Won't have their numbers, but the models and details should be there.

On 7/1/2021 at 12:00 AM, Plattym3 said:

Been unsuccessfully fighting him in Joker 3P. Dimensional Dragon they translated it as. d8c9ca60589b37eca6d02e476d01385a.jpg

They always make this guy very strong, good luck!
Apparently its DQotS name is a reference to a Chinese legend:    Fuzanglong      or Fu-ts'ang-Lung, the dragon of hidden treasures.

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We might be able to photoshop numbers onto them if we find out where they go!

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We do have every Global-exclusive piece of equipment and weapon, so getting the number would be the only issue since we can get stats and the 3d model view from the Japanese version and Japanese wikis like game8.
If we get the items we did not get in GL, we might be able to guess their GL compendium number by contrasting their position in the JP compendoum relative to gear we did get in GL. For example, i'm guessing the Empyreal Serpent Staff would be number #189 in GL because of its position relative to Gotha Staff in JP.

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