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Dragon Quest X Stuck at Login Screen Message

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I was wondering if anyone ever experienced getting stuck at this screen right when the game launches, and it never doing anything else? This happens after logging into my account on PC in the launcher. Google Translate says it's saying "Create a save file on the main unit..... Please do not quit the software." But it never does anything else. I can log my account into someone else's PC and on the Nintendo Switch version but I'd really like to run the game on my own PC. I tried uninstalling, deleting the folder in Documents and reinstalling, and i still get the error message. If anyone had any other suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

dqx menu error.jpg

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This is what google translate says


Create a save file on the main unit ... Please do not exit the software.


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Thank you. If anyone else ever has this issue, what fixed it was, playing thru the offline intro with a new easy mode character, creating an online character from that profile, then quitting the game. After that, now I'm able to login to the game on my previous profile with no issue.

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