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Dragon Quest II (SWITCH) Review

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Dragon Quest II (SWITCH) Review


This review will be pretty short and sweet. I’ve found that writing reviews after finishing games has given me a nice sense of closure and an opportunity to give some thought to what I liked and didn’t like. 


For this review, I’m going to try to balance knowledge of the fact that this game was originally released a very long time ago with the fact that it has been remade and I need to maintain somewhat of a contemporary standard for proper comparing and contrasting. Spoilers, if any, should be very light.


The premise of this game is fantastic and more fun if you’ve played the first DQ/DW. Basically, the main player is the descendant of the original DQ hero. The world once again is taken over by an evil being and you need to track down some fellow heroes to take him down. 


Moving around is fun and easy and the graphics are smooth and bright. The game begins quite linear then TOTALLY opens up. I give the game lots of credit for this as it wasn’t super common at the time of original release. This is what truly makes an RPG fun in my opinion. However, there is little to point the player in the right direction. Initially, I found this frustrating. Upon cooling down from my frustration, I took a deep breath, reminded myself I’ve been spoiled by current games, and I took off exploring. I began taking notes on hints that people were giving me and directions to take in deeper and more confusing dungeons. 


Once I accepted the open-nature of the game, I had an absolute blast exploring, battling, and figuring out what the heck to do. 


Combat was cool. Old-school turn based with a Warrior, Mage/Healer, and a dude who could do both. Strategy played a decent role if you were in a tough area, but leveling enough could almost always overcome strategy in battle. 


Last complaint is I wish I could carry more items at once. The game dealt with this a little by allowing storage of items (and Money) at a bank, but it was a pain here and there. Had to dispose of a lot of things. 


Other than that, Dragon Quest II was a solid RPG, a Solid remake, and a fun game overall. Took me about 18ish hours to beat. 


Final score is 7.75/10

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