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I've been playing this for the last week or so and I don't know how to obtain/farm eggs. I know you can get them on the wifi store, but I'm on Citra and I don't think there's anyway to connect to buy some(Going to be hacking my 3ds soon but would like a method to farm until I can move my stuff over). So are there other ways, and if so what other ways are there? Also don't need help on white eggs I know you can buy those from a regular vendor xD

Thanks in advance :)


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At least for DQM2, I believe the mermaid monster masters in the Tower of Mistletoe have a low chance of giving you a rainbow egg if you beat them.

Meanwhile, the mad mollusks near where Orligon/Stalagosaur usually sleeps have a low chance of dropping eggs.

Again, I haven't bothered to test them out in the game, so I may be a bit off.

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