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New Dragon quest 10 player seeks help!!! Menu text error and Gamepad setup (Also introductory post)

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Hello everyone,

I'm Jram23.

I am first of all so excited to be able to play this game! A quick story about me. I got into Dragon quest back in 2016/2017. I've played DQ6 through 9 and DQ11. 

I was curious about 10 because it was like it didn't exist in stores in the US.

I found out around 2018 of January that it is an mmo that is released only in Japan. 

Around the summer of 2018 I bought the All in one Physical copy of DQ 10, just as a collection piece but maybe one day to start it up with a VPN. I gave up on that because there were too many good games coming out.


Fast forward to two nights ago, I was in the mood to watch a DQ10 stream on Twitch. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there was no one live and this lead me to search up a playthrough on youtube.  Having not keeping up with recent DQ10 news, I was happy to see youtubers post updates about rumors of localization for this game. A wonderful gift surprised me in one of these videos. As of recent (2019) Square has lifted the IP ban for USA players. 

So ya'll know what I had to do. I ran to my pc, downloaded DQ10. I was read to start my new journey!  So yeah I am trying to figure all this out and I'm super excited to play this and what not.


So here comes a problem I encountered.

After the download, I was able to find a guide on here about the Configuration menu (translation guide). I wanted my Gamepad to work on here. I use the steam controller and it works in the game! BUT, the analog stick moves the camera, the D-pad just has me auto run. I can't do much with the buttons A, B, X, Y . I think A or B just makes me jump. Bumpers don't do anything either.

So here is where the Online config guide comes in. I click config and the menus are all question marks . Where it should be saying like Gamepad settings , there's just question marks ("??????") 

I don't know if this is a error in the downloads and if I should uninstall the game and then redownload it and if anyone else has encountered this or has a solution? please let me know!


Plus if anyone can direct me to a guide to setup gamepad, I wouldn't mind some help!


Much appreciated,



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I know the ???? has something to do with the language settings, but it has been so long since I messed with 10 I don't remember sorry. If you are located in NA and have a switch you can play it that way as well (NA doesn't have a regional IP block)

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@forte343 No I have not.


@Woodus That could be it honestly! I did install it on the switch. It's really nice. I'll figure out the language settings for the pc. Sounds like the solution.



Thank you both 

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